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“Shit…are you hacking in?” he asked then hushed when she shot him a sharp look.

“Not precisely. Just using a particular access code. One with higher clearance than mine.” She grinned as the pad went green and the door slid open. “In, quickly. Before someone sees us.”


What are you playing at, girl?

Wynter ignored the little voice in the back of her head as she waited for Camden and Rennick to pass her before taking her thumb off the pad. She slid through the closing door quickly and smiled at the two men in the semi-darkness.

“These barracks are on readiness state. So there should be hot water and plenty of it. Unlike ours after that lot are done,” she said softly, walking past them toward the shower rooms. She didn’t mention that she’d locked the door as well, just in case. And considering she’d used one of her father’s high-level access codes, no one in their right mind would try and get in.

Which meant that she had privacy, room, and the two men all to herself.

Both men groaned with relief, turning like automatons toward the showers. She didn’t blame them. They were all covered in bug gore, and the stuff freaking stank. She fell in step behind Rennick, his claws clicking against the tiles as he walked in, fur and all, to stand directly under one of the showerheads. The look he gave her was so pleading that she smiled, then reached out to activate the shower.

He wuffled as the spray wet his fur. This was a weredog barrack, so the water was saturated with self-foaming shower gel and activators to clean fur and skin without the aid of hands.

“Ugh, should’ve shifted myself,” Camden complained as he stripped off as quickly as he could. Wynter copied him, shimmying out of her clothes and boots just as fast. Anything to get the gore-soaked stuff away from her skin. The T-shirt stuck to her back. She grimaced as she pulled it over her head, the fabric peeling away with an unpleasant, gloopy sensation.

Camden groaned from the opposite stall, his head thrown back as water cascaded over his lean, hard body. Suds slid down his muscled torso, the activators drawing swirls and circles on his naked skin as they cleaned.

Wynter paused at the sight, hand over the button to activate her own shower. Fuck, he was gorgeous. Hard muscles under satin skin, weredog strength and stamina. Her exhaustion faded as the memory of their encounter in the film room came rushing to the fore. If they hadn’t been interrupted, then yeah…she knew where that had been going.

Heat lodged itself low down in her stomach. Stepping into the shower, she activated it and sucked in a hard breath as the needle-fine spray attacked her skin. The shower gel foamed up, and the activators started to scrub at her skin with what felt like rough, little tongues. She bit back a moan as a clump of bubbles trickled over her breasts, and her nipples tightened into hard, little buds, as though begging for attention.

Closing her eyes, she tried to ignore the sensations as the suds attacked her hair. She’d never been this sensitive before. It was no good though. The suds crawled over her body, paying attention to every scrap of skin, before they slid between her legs. Wynter bit her lip, pressing her thighs together as the abraders rubbed over her clit and sent sparkles through her veins. She would not come just because of the damn shower gel. That was absurd.

The heat of another body warned her a second before Camden stepped into her cubicle. She snapped her eyes open to look up into his, seeing a heat and need that mirrored her own in the blue depths.

“I know you’re tired.” His voice a low murmur, he crowded her back against the tiled wall. “But you look so fucking hot, I can’t help it. I gotta taste you. I didn’t get the chance before…”

His lips covered hers in a long, slow kiss that fired her blood more than the stimulation from the shower. He nibbled and licked, testing the seam of her lips before she granted him access. His naked body pressed against hers. The long, hard length of his cock rubbed against her belly as he thrust his tongue into her mouth. Explored the softer recesses within until she moaned.

The soft pops and cracks from the next stall were almost lost under the spray of the showers but made sense when Rennick joined them in human form. Camden moved to allow his partner space, turning Wynter away from the wall so that her back rested against Rennick’s broad chest.

His lips descended, marking a trail along the curve of her neck, at the same time his hands closed around her breasts. Rennick’s hands were large and strong, fingertips agile as he rolled her nipples between them. Camden broke away with a gasp, sliding to his knees in front of her right as Rennick pinched.

She whimpered, the sound loud over the surge of the spray as the showers switched to clean water. It felt like thousands of pins hitting her already-sensitive skin. Rennick slid an arm around her waist, half lifting her as Camden stroked his hands up her thighs. Why hadn’t she noticed what big hands he had before?

He parted her legs and looped them over his broad shoulders so that she was caught between the two men. Trapped and subject to whatever they wanted to do to her. She didn’t care, as long as it involved getting one or both cocks inside her. Wriggling, she tried to put space between herself and Rennick to reach around and touch him, stroke that long, thick prick she remembered from the tryst in the shower that she’d spied on, but he stopped her.

“Your turn will come, little one,” he growled by her ear. “Let us do this.”

She didn’t get time to nod assent. Camden’s hot breath washed over her clit a moment before he swept along her pussy lips with his tongue. Like Rennick, he didn’t mess about or tease her. Instead he zeroed in on her clit ruthlessly. His tongue flicked and danced over the tiny bundle of nerves, back and forth. Never slowing or stopping.

Meanwhile Rennick alternated gentle strokes and massages over her tits with hard tweaks and pulls of her nipples that had her gasping, then moaning in pleasure. She closed her eyes, leaning her head back on Rennick’s strong shoulder as the two men wrung pleasure from her. They drove the tension in her frame higher as the fiery ache deep in her cunt intensified.

She needed something, anything, filling her. Right. Now.

Her hips rocked, riding her clit against Camden’s clever tongue, and he chuckled. His hands cupped her ass, fingers curled around onto her hips to stop her moving. A moan of frustration slopped from her lips.

“Easy, sweets. We’re gonna give you what you need,” Rennick muttered by her ear, pausing to nip at the lobe. “You have to do something for us first though. Come for us. Come all over Drew’s tongue and show him how sweet you taste.”

The rough words did it for her again. She cried out as she went over the edge, falling into a pleasure-filled abyss. Camden growled and held on tight, latching onto her clit and suckling her while she came. He drew out her pleasure while she shivered and bucked in their hold.

“Oh God, she tastes fucking great.” Camden moved to stand up, his hands hooked beneath her knees.

“Told you.” Rennick’s voice was smug between kisses as he adjusted his hold, one hand sliding down between her legs to test her wetness. The resulting groan rolled through his chest to her back.

“Fuck, you’re hot and wet. Part your legs, babe, let Camden get inside that sweet pussy.”

Wynter couldn’t frame an answer. Instead she turned to claim Rennick’s lips as the other man lifted her legs. The broad head of his cock pressed hard against the entrance to her cunt, and then he started to push inside her.

Pleasure pulled a whimper from the depths of her lungs as his thick shaft stretched her. God, he was huge. Long and thick. Could she take him all? She wasn’t quite sure now as he pushed deeper, the sensation almost bordering on uncomfortable. It was a deep, burning pressure as he paused to suck in a breath.

“Fuck. Too tight.” His expression twisted in concern, but Wynter shook her head. They’d come this far; she wasn’t going to back out now. Not when they were almost there.

Lifting her hands, she grabbed one of Rennick’s and pulled it down across the front of her body. He grunted, but got the message. Large fingers slipped down lower, seeking the hard button of her clit.

Biting her lip on a moan of pleasure, she looped her arms up and back around Rennick’s neck. The movement altered the angle of penetration, and Camden slid another half inch inside her.

“Ohhh…” he muttered. “God, yeah. That feels so fucking good.”

His hands tightened on her ass, holding her still as he pulled back, then surged forward again. And again. With each retreat and thrust, he worked himself a little farther inside her as Rennick played with her clit.

Then he was fully seated, her pussy throbbing around the full length of his wide cock. Her sheath ached at being stretched wide, but she didn’t care. She’d never been so filled before. It felt fantastic.

Camden paused and looked down at her. “You okay, sweets?”

She nodded, frustration rolling through her. Her hips rocked, and the ripple of pleasure at the delicious friction shimmered over her skin.

“Yes, fine. Now just fuck me already, will you?”

Masculine chuckles filled the small cubicle.

“I think she’s digging it,” Rennick muttered. “Better do as she says.”

Camden pulled back, and it was game on. Neither man gave her time to think as Camden powered into her, setting a hard and fast pace as Rennick played with her clit and breasts. She gasped and moaned, unable to stay still as Camden took her in powerful, long strokes. Each one rocked her back against Rennick, the bigger man absorbing the force and holding them still, anchoring them.

It didn’t take long. Within minutes, tension built in Camden’s body, the cords in his neck standing out as he drove into her.

“Fuck it, I c-can’t…not gonna last much longer,” he bit out, closing his eyes as his thrusts increased and became less coordinated.

Triumph rolled through her as he struggled for control. His shaft jerked within her. So close to the edge. With a wordless sound of encouragement, she tightened her pussy around him and grinned as he swore.

A feral light shone in his eyes. He leaned down, taking her lips in a quick kiss before he slammed into her a last time and stiffened. Throwing back his head, he snarled, his cock pulsing deep inside her and bathing the walls of her pussy with come.

“Fuuuck,” he ground out, forehead against hers as he panted, still buried deep inside her. “That was good. You’re…amazing.”

“Not so bad yourself, sunshine.” Wynter smiled, her body still humming from her earlier release and riding the edge of tension from the good, hard fucking he’d just given her. “Although I’ll want a repeat performance later, just to be sure.”

“Oh, don’t worry. You’ll get a repeat all right. More than one.”

He grinned as he pulled from her, his prick still as stiff as a flagpole. She’d heard that about weredogs. That they could fuck all day and all night, no matter how many times they came. A neat evolutionary quirk she sure as hell appreciated.

“My turn,” Rennick growled, turning her as soon as her feet hit the ground. He swooped in like an avenging angel, backing her up against the tiles as he took her lips. His hard tongue swept into her mouth, knocking aside all her defenses as he claimed her. And it was a claiming—the hard pressure of his lips leaving her in no doubt that she was now his.

The shower in the cubicle next to them snapped on, but she couldn’t concentrate on that as Rennick pushed her hands above her hand. Her fingers brushed against the support for the showerhead.

“Hold, and don’t let go unless I tell you to,” he ordered, hands already sweeping down her body.

She bit her lip and closed her hands around it. She held on for dear life as he swept hard kisses down her throat to her breasts. He closed his lips around one nipple, sucking and flicking the hard nub between his teeth, and she suppressed a whimper.

“Don’t.” He surged back up her body, parting her thighs with a hard knee. “I want to hear you scream as I fuck you. I want to hear my name on your lips when I make you come.”

She almost came there and then but managed to hold it all in. Grabbing her leg, he hauled it up over his hip. She had less than half a second to register the presence of his cock head against her pussy before he drove into her.

The swift penetration stole her breath. He was longer and wider than Camden, but the fucking she’d already had, as well as her own excitement, meant that Rennick slid into her easily.

“So tiny and delicate.” The big weredog groaned as he rested his forehead against hers. When he pulled back, he searched her face, guilt in his eyes. “I didn’t realize how much. I didn’t h-hur—” He paused, as if he couldn’t bring himself to say the words. “Did I?”

She rolled her hips in response, and heat flared, burning the guilt away. “No, you didn’t. But if you don’t move, I might hurt

“Bring it on, baby.”

The grin was fleeting, a quick flash of white teeth as he pulled out and shoved back into her. It was hard, rough, and she loved it. Leaning her head back against the tiles, she rolled her hips again, pressing her pelvis against his and trapping her clit between them. Pleasure burst through her when she released the pressure, stars behind her eyes as a moan fell from her lips.

Rennick swore. Catching on, he did it again, his big hands controlling the roll of her hips at the end of each stroke to trap and stimulate her clit. Taking her harder and faster than Camden had, but with no less care. He was a bigger man, stronger, and she knew that either of them could break her in two if they wanted. Yet their touches were gentle, even if their lovemaking wasn’t.
Being careful with her
. Her heart melted at the thought.

Then it wasn’t enough. The thick slide of his cock in her cunt wasn’t hard enough, fast enough. Groaning, she pushed against him. She needed more. Needed everything. Needed to come again.

“Let go, little one. I got you.”

She did as commanded and released her death grip on the shower. Another whimper of utter pleasure rolled from her as Rennick turned to lean back against the tiles, his legs spread. The shift in position changed his angle inside her.

BOOK: Seducing the Sergeant
2.46Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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