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Arms around his shoulders and legs clamped around his waist, she lifted up then impaled herself slowly on his massive girth. This time he was the one to groan, his eyes rolling back in his head.

The brush of a hard chest against her back and lips against the side of her neck announced Camden’s return. She murmured in welcome and tilted her head to allow him better access to her neck. God, his kisses felt good. Especially the little nips and nibbles he was dropping along the line of her shoulder.

Fingertips stroked down her spine, and she shivered, reveling in the sensation. How had she gotten so lucky? Two men, built like this, who could fuck like gods, at her beck and call?

Camden’s fingertips reached the crack of her ass and paused as she stilled. An unspoken question crowded into the cubicle with them. She nodded, driving herself down on Rennick’s cock again.

Anticipation filled her as Camden’s fingers slid down between her ass cheeks, the feel of something cold and slippery making her catch her breath.

Lube. Where the hell had he gotten that?

Her ability to breathe came back in a quivering rush as he smoothed the cool gel down her crack. A circle, then a press that was gone almost before she could register it. Then again and again, smoothing the lube into the tight ring of muscle.

The sound of a bottle being squeezed reached her ears. More coldness dripped between her ass cheeks. He rubbed in small circles again then, when she pushed herself down on Rennick, the tip of Camden’s broad finger breached her ass.

Wynter swore, torn between the need to lift up and impale herself on Rennick’s thick cock and the desire to pause and concentrate on the feel of Camden’s finger sliding into her ass.

The men made the decision for her. Rennick’s big hands palmed her ass cheeks, parting them at the same time he lifted her up until only the head of his cock was still in her pussy. As he drove her back down, inch by pussy-filling inch, Camden pulled out, only to work more lube into her ass as she was lifted again. She groaned as they worked her up and down, Camden adding another finger to gently stretch her ass. He worked more and more lube in until she was panting, her entire body quivering with need.

Just as she thought she’d have to beg, he pulled his fingers free. She moaned in disappointment, missing the feeling of fullness. Rennick lifted her and stopped, holding her still as Camden shifted position. The head of his shaft pressed against her, against the tight opening.

She held her breath, body taut with anticipation. She’d done this before. Liked it. But he was big…much bigger than her previous lovers. Slowly he pushed against her ass. She bit her lip, a fiery ache riding roughshod through her body as the pressure increased and then, with a pop, the tip parted the tight opening and slid inside.

Camden swore by her ear but carried on, thrusting his hips back and forth in tiny movements, working his way deeper inside the tight clasp of her ass. He was thick, she didn’t think she could take him all, but he’d prepared her well, the lube letting him fill her completely.

She felt the nod as his hips met her ass, and Rennick released his hold on her hips. She cried out, the pleasure mind-blowing as gravity impaled her over the bigger weredog’s thick cock, until he was lodged all the way inside her.

Rennick murmured something, kissing her temple tenderly, but she didn’t catch it. The need to move roared in her ears, but where to go? She was trapped between them, her pussy and ass throbbing as she was stretched and filled more than she’d ever been before.

The pair got the message from her aborted movement, little more than a shove and a squeeze of her internal muscles. They began to move, one pulling back as the other filled her, and she was lost. Tension rolled over and through her, her body tightening to the point of pain as dark desire opened a deep chasm beneath her. They fucked her in concert, filling both holes over and over until finally, she could take it no more.

Her scream echoed off the tiled walls as her body shattered into a million pieces, each one reflecting explosive pleasure back to her core as she came hard and fast around them. Her body shuddered and quivered, the muscles inside her clamping down over both men’s cocks.

Masculine groans and curses filled the air in counter-melody with her moans. Their thrusts sped up, but she didn’t care. She was too focused on her own pleasure. Each hard thrust sent her spiraling out of control again. Another climax rocked her, stealing her breath. With a harsh growl, Camden thrust against her and stiffened, his cock pumping as he came deep in her ass. Rennick lasted a heartbeat longer, and his bellow of triumph as he slammed into her a last time and came almost resembled her name.

Wynter shivered and smiled as she rested against one lover’s broad chest, while the other rested against her back. She was exhausted but content, safe in her men’s arms.




Chapter Six


Trouble, when it came for them, exploded into the room in the form of armed commandos brandishing rifles and stun guns. Camden was snatched out of sleep, scrambling over Wynter and collapsing on the floor, the blankets they’d been wrapped in tangled around his legs. He staggered to his feet next to Rennick. Both men’s claws punched through their skin as they prepared to defend their more fragile mate, lying in the bed behind them.

Camden snarled as the red beams of laser sights stabbed through the darkness and more shadowy figures piled into the room. What the fuck was going on? None of this made sense. The enemy was insectoid, yet the men surrounding them were human. They were on a Coalition ship, they were Coalition forces themselves, so why were their own trying to take them down?

“No! Stand down!”

Wynter’s shout was lost beneath the sound of stun guns sparking. Laser mesh flew through the air, and the two weredogs split, desperately trying to avoid the shimmering nets and still cover Wynter. But it was no good. There were too many nets, and no place to go.

One caught Camden in the side, flipping to wrap itself around him like a clingy lover. The first touch stole his breath away, short-circuiting his nervous system and sending him into spasm. He grunted as he hit the deck, glaring at the men crowding in around them. The brain was willing, but it was hard to fight back when all your muscles wanted to do was shimmy and shake on the floor.

Rennick lasted longer. With a howl of rage, the bigger weredog surged forward. Half shifted, he was an awesome sight. More dog than man, he stood on his back legs to tower over the soldiers. He snarled, lips curled back to reveal vicious teeth that matched the claws at the ends of human-like fingers. Intelligence sparked in his eyes as he slashed at the nearest one, claws glittering as they raked the air. But he wasn’t trying to kill. Instead he flung commandos left and right before they could get a net on him, sending them crashing into the bunks and walls of the barracks…but not killing them.

Soldiers streamed through the gap where Camden had fallen, but Wynter wasn’t having any of it. Trapped in the bunk, she used the enclosed space to her best advantage, keeping the men at bay with heavy kicks.

A soldier managed to get behind Rennick, staggering back from the wall the weredog had thrown him against, with stun gun still in hand. The net was spent, but the weapon could still deliver a belt that would incapacitate most. Camden tried to shout a warning, but his jaw was locked up. As he watched, the soldier shoved the muzzle into Rennick’s back.

There was a click. Rennick howled as the energy poured through his body and locked his spine in a hard arc. Wynter screamed and tried to scramble from the bunk to get to them, but a quick belt from a stun gun behind the ear dropped her to the deck, unconscious.

Anger exploded through Camden, the snarl rumbling up from the depths of his soul and spilling from his lips. His gaze flicked from the fallen form of Wynter to Rennick’s bigger shape. The Vesuvian’s body dropped to the deck plating, jerking and twisting as he shifted back to human while dead to the world.

“Get them locked down, even her. I don’t care if she
Admiral Daniels’s daughter,” The sergeant in the middle of the black-clothed troops limped toward the door. “She’s got a kick on her like a Trevorian pit pony. Damn near broke my fucking leg.”

Camden’s eyes opened wide as the words sank in. Wynter was Daniels’s daughter?
. That had been why he couldn’t access her files. There was no way he could get past the current admiralty security measures. Give him a couple of months working on them and yeah, but right now it was no can do.

Camden was jostled as the soldiers dragged them and slapped mag-cuffs around his wrists. His breath escaped him in a rush as they turned the stun net off, and his body relaxed. Fuck, he felt like he’d been run over with a troop transport. Every muscle in his body screamed for rest. He ignored it, managing to walk from the barracks as the other two were carried. All the time the thoughts churned over and over in his mind.

Why hadn’t Wynter told them who she was?


* * *



Rennick came awake with a roar, flinging himself from the corner of the cell where he’d been lying up to his feet. Camden stood a half second later and was forced to duck as Rennick’s claws rent the air where his head had been.

“Fuck it! Ren, it’s me,” he said quickly, sliding in behind his newly awakened partner and pressing himself against Rennick’s back. He wrapped his arms around Ren, his mouth by the bigger man’s ear. “Shh, I got you. We’re safe.”

“Ugh.” The tension drained from Ren’s body, and his claws disappeared back into his hands with a fleshy snick. “What the fuck happened?”

He smoothed a hand over Camden’s on his chest and looked around. “Where’s Wynter? Fuck…if they’ve done something to her!”

Camden dropped a kiss on the back of Rennick’s neck, leaning in with a sigh to draw comfort and strength from him. Even knowing how tough the bigger man was, he’d still worried when Rennick had taken a while to come around.

“Wynter?” Camden’s voice was light, but he couldn’t hide the faint trace of bitterness. “You mean Wynter Ferris…?”

Ren shot him a look that clearly indicated he thought Camden had taken a blow to the head. “Yeah, unless there’s another Wynter you want to tell me about?”

“How about Wynter Daniels?” Camden watched Ren closely, only to get a blank look in reply. Nope. Not even a small flicker of realisation. “Daniels is Wynter’s maiden name. She took Ferris when she got married.”

Rennick twisted to look at him, surprise written large on his features. “Huh? She’s Daniels’s daughter? And married? Since when? She’s got no marriage bands on her finger.”

Camden shook his head and let go so Rennick could pace the cell. Vesuvians didn’t like enclosed spaces, and the room was small enough to count as enclosed to the big weredog.

“No, she’s divorced now, but she kept her husband’s name. Doesn’t use Daniels anymore.” He’d been listening to the Admiral’s team chatter when they’d dumped him and Ren in here. “Seems Wynter and Daddy Dearest have been at odds for the last couple of years. She’s got some kind of protection order, which means he can’t track her like a normal soldier.”

“Oh shit. Ferris. I
the name sounded familiar.”

Rennick paused his pacing at the other side of the cell and ran his hand through his longer-than-regulation hair. It always grew out of the standard-issue short back and sides within a week.

Camden frowned. “It does?”

“Yeah.” Rennick crossed the cell in three strides and sat down on the single, hard bunk next to Camden. “About ten years ago they’d put us in with some human troops. Just standard bods, nothing special. Their CO was a total prick though. Thought he was something because his father-in-law was a commodore. Even his own guys thought he was a fucking idiot, and we all pitied the wife. All he waffled on about was how her dad had promised him a fast track up the promotions ladder if he could keep her under control. Bastard wasn’t happy with that though, he was screwing anything female that looked at him twice.” Rennick shook his head. “No woman deserves that.”

Camden kept very still, his temper simmering. He had a feeling he knew where this was going, but he kept quiet. Rennick rarely spoke this much, not all in one go, but when he did, there was always a point to it.

“We had a party when she ditched his ass. Fucker deserved it. Two months later they sent us out to the Suvarian Reaches, and he got shot. In the ass. Literally. They medevac’d him, and that was the last we saw of him. Medical discharge as far as I know.”

“Let me guess. His name was Ferris?”

At Rennick’s nod, Camden hissed in anger, resisting the urge to bury his fist into the wall beside them. “Fucker! How dare he treat her like that?! I’d like to knock his teeth down his throat. Fucking would too if he hadn’t…” He paused. “Shot in the ass, did you say?”

Rennick nodded, a small grin playing at the corners of his lips.

Camden looked at him directly. Shot in the ass meant one of two things. “Was he retreating at the time?”

Rennick shook his head and grinned.

“Oh fuck. You didn’t?” Camden chuckled, amusement replacing his anger. “That is perfect! Served him right.”

Rennick had shot their mate’s ex-husband in the ass, years before any of them had ever met.

That was just poetic justice.


* * *


Wynter groaned as consciousness flooded through her in a flash, kicking her in the back of the head for good measure. The antiseptic smell told her that she’d wound up in the med-bay again. No surprise there…except she couldn’t remember going back into battle after the bug attack and defense of the lower-ship corridors.

Lying back against the pillows, she didn’t open her eyes right away. Instead she tried to sort through her memories. What had happened? She didn’t feel the burning, muscle-deep pain that indicated she’d been shot…nor the hit-by-a-starship, all-over body ache that could signal she’d been caught in an explosion. Again. What was that? Four times now? One day Lady Luck was not going to be on her side.

BOOK: Seducing the Sergeant
10.51Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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