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Seeking Justice

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Seeking Justice


Rita Lawless

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Rita Lawless

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Chapter One


Sometimes, when she was in the country, Justice wondered why she'd ever opted for city life. Today was one of those days. She'd been driving for hours when she realized she was looking forward to leaving behind crowded highways and driving into the heart of Texas Hill Country. It had been ages since she'd enjoyed a drive this much. Of course, part of the reason could be from the anticipation of what was waiting on the other end.

Sex. Good sex, with none other than Zander McMillian. At least she hoped that was waiting for her, since Zander didn't know she was coming to Bluefield, Texas. Zander's grandmother, Miss Agatha, had suffered a heart attack two nights ago while preparing for the city's annual Bandit Days, had summoned Justice.

Justice's first stop would be to check into the hotel, then go to the hospital to visit Miss Agatha. Normally she would go straight to Zander's ranch, but since she didn't know what was happening, she wanted to play it safe this time. When the robust woman had called last night, Justice had been stunned. Her best friend, and Zander's sister, Emily Pearson, had called to tell her of the grand dame's attack and assured Justice that her grandmother would pull through.

The booming voice that had come over the telephone lines the night before backed up that assessment. But, Miss Agatha, as she was known in Bluefield, had been very demanding in her request… no, her demand.

"You get here tomorrow," she'd said to Justice, "I have things I need to say to you in person, and I'm not getting any younger."

When Justice had pushed for an idea of what Miss Agatha wanted to say, the woman had said something about finishing things that should not be left undone. Before Justice could ask if the older woman was taking about her relationship with Zander, which was just fine in the friends with benefits stage, Miss Agatha had hung up.

Justice knew better than to ignore the summons. She'd packed a bag enough for a week, and informed her neighbor she would be gone for a while. Since summer vacation had just started, Justice had two and a half months off to do with as she would. That was part of the benefit of being a school librarian—having the summer off. Visiting Bluefield, seeing Miss Agatha and Emily, and getting laid by Zander would be a good start to her free time.

She had about two hours to go. She thought about calling Zander, or Emily, to tell them she was coming, but she decided against it, opting instead to see what was what with Miss Agatha, before letting her friends know she was there.

Her resolve dissolved as she negotiated her way through the Austin traffic. It might be a good idea to contact one of her friends first, to see if they knew what their grandmother wanted. With that thought in mind, she instructed her hands-free phone to dial Emily's number. After four rings, the call went to voice mail.

Muttering a soft expletive, Justice left a message, letting Emily know she was on her way to Bluefield, and asking her friend to call her back as soon as she could. She then dialed Zander's number and this time, she hit pay dirt. When he answered, Justice's knees went weak.

"Good afternoon, naughty girl," Zander said. "Are you calling to schedule a spanking?"

"Zander stop," she admonished him, even though her insides immediately went wet. Still, how many times had she told him not to start calls like that until he was sure where she was?

"After your ass is nice and red, I'm going to take you hard," he said, ignoring her plea. "In case you don't know it, that means I'm going to fuck you until you can't stand up."

"Zander! I'm in the middle of Austin traffic. I don't think distracting me with thoughts of sex is a good idea."

"Sex is always a good idea," he said, seductively. "I hope the fact that you're in Austin means you're on the way to Bluefield."

"I am." She slammed on the brakes to keep from hitting a truck that had just cut her off. "Miss Agatha called. She wants to see me."

"About what?"

"I'm not sure. I had planned on getting a room at—"

"Hold it right there," Zander said, his tone stern. Justice could hear the wind, and the mewing of cattle in the background. She imagined him on his horse, working the livestock on Bluefield Ranch— named for the abundance of bluebonnets on the land. "If you're coming in town, you're staying with me. You go to that hotel, and you won't like the spanking I give you."

"I always like it when you spank me," she said. She followed the signs that led her to the road towards San Marcos. From there, she would turn south toward Bluefield.

"Not if I'm punishing you," he said. "I mean it, Justice. Don't check into the hotel. I've got that big ol' house all to myself since mom and dad are out of town. It will be nice to have some company. Especially company I can screw in the hot tub."

Justice couldn't help but smile. The sprawling ranch had three houses, the original house, where Miss Agatha lived, the family house where Zander now lived with his parents, and a newer house, where Emily now lived with her husband and twin sons. Justice had teased Zander about living with his parents at age thirty, until he reminded her that they were gone more than eight months out of the year. They had started to travel when they'd retired. That left him alone in the huge house.

"Where else are you going to fuck me?" Justice's nipples tingled at the idea.

"Since we'll be alone, I'm planning on using every room there is. While I was doing laundry the other day, I imagined you sitting on top of the machine during the spin cycle. I wonder how many times the vibrations will make you come. Or maybe I should bend you over it while it's spinning and slap your ass at the same time. That'll be intriguing to see."

"Zander," she whispered.

"Are you wet, darling?"

"Just thinking about you makes me wet," she said.

"Good. What time do you think you'll be at the hospital?" She heard raised voices in the background. "I've got to go. Visit Miss Agatha and then come to the house. Why don't you wait for me in my bed,
naked. If I get there first, I'll return the favor."

The phone went dead, and Justice hit the off switch. The traffic hadn't lightened up any once she'd left Austin proper. She mentally kicked herself for not taking the toll road, when would have been faster. But she'd missed the exit. Now she would have to pay the consequences.

As she drove, she thought about being naked in Zander's bed, waiting for him. Their relationship had been a long one: officially for five years, and several years before that unofficially. He'd mentioned marriage at one point. But the M word always scared Justice. Her mother, a buckle bunny, had flitted from one rodeo boyfriend to another while Justice was younger. She couldn't even tell Justice for certain the identity of her father.

"He was dark headed. I think his name was Brad," her mother had said once when Justice was about ten. "I remember he was husky, and he passed it on to you, obviously. Heavens knows you didn't get that weight problem from me."

When Justice was five, her mother's boyfriends had turned into Justice's stepfathers. By the time Justice had turned thirteen, her mother had gone through four of them. Marriage, she had told Justice, brings nothing but heartache. It was best to avoid it.

"The only person you can count on, honey, is yourself." Her mother's words always rang in Justice's mind when she thought about putting a ring on her left hand. She couldn't even provide Zander a good history of her family. Who knew what lay on her paternal side? How could she pass the unknown on to her husband and any children they might have?

After her mother's fifth husband, Justice had been sent to live with her grandparents in San Marcos. They were friends with the McMillians, and Justice and Emily had become fast friends. Her sexual relationship with Zander hadn't started until she was in her early twenties and the way it started scared her. She'd let him seduce her after he'd done an eight-second ride and taken the purse in a rodeo.

She'd been a virgin, and he'd been sweet and gentle. Still, fear that she would turn into her mother scared Justice enough that she had lashed out at him the next morning, and they hadn't talked for a year. But after college, when she'd stood up for Emily as she married Brice Pearson, Justice and Zander had hooked up again.

This time, Zander had talked to her beforehand, telling her that if she ran from him the next morning he would hunt her down and give her a spanking that she would never forget. They'd had sex, and Justice had run as far as her apartment in Dallas. Zander had followed, and when she'd opened the door, he made good on his promise, taking her over his knee and giving her a spanking that still made her shiver.

Somehow, it had formed a bond between them, and he told her that he wanted to have a relationship with her— a true one, that would one day turn into a permanent thing. Now, at age thirty, she worried he would give up on her inability to make a decision, and stick to it.

Justice was so busy thinking about her relationship with Zander, that she almost missed her turnoff. This time, it was she who cut off another vehicle as she veered toward the exit. The blare of the horn and the flash of the other driver's middle finger made her yell out, "Sorry!"

She drove under the underpass and headed south. As she made her way through the streets, which turned into a two-lane rural highway, she thought once again about Miss Agatha. She was the type of woman who could take control of any situation and come out on top. That's
why Justice had been so shocked when Emily had called to say her grandmother had suffered a heart attack.

"The doctors say it was mild, but they're keeping her in the hospital for a few days, just to be on the safe side," Emily said. Miss Agatha was getting up there in years at the ripe old age of seventy-seven.

Emily had said she'd been worried that something else had happened, and the doctors had not told them on Miss Agatha's orders, but they assured her that wasn't the case.

It took Justice less than forty-five minutes to get from San Marcos to Bluefield. Justice checked her watch. It was a little after four, and now that she didn't have to check into the hotel, she decided to make her way to the hospital first. In the small town, it wasn't hard to find. Justice had always been shocked Bluefield
a hospital.

Once inside the building, she stopped by the reception desk for directions. She found the door open, and couldn't help but take a step back when she saw how frail Miss Agatha looked as she slept.

"She's just had a sedative," a nurse said from behind her. "She'll be asleep for a few hours. You should come back tonight."

Justice turned to see a middle-aged woman in scrubs. The nurse smiled, and Justice did the same. "How is she?"

"Ornery," the nurse said with a grin. "I wouldn't doubt that if the Grim Reaper showed up for her, she'd tell him to get the hell out of her room and he would."

Justice laughed. "I'm sure you're right. She's always been a handful."

"Very true," the nurse said. "Shall I tell her who came by while she was sleeping?"

"Tell her Justice was here and I'll be back tonight."

The nurse nodded. "We'll see you then."

* * * * *

Zander McMillian finished brushing his horse before he lifted the animal's legs and checked all his shoes. Everything looked fine. He released Bandit into the pens with the other horses and checked to make sure Ron had put out enough feed and hay. Bandit made his way toward a hay pile, and Zander turned toward the house.

The row of pickup trucks told him most of the ranch hands were still there, even though it was almost six. Chase hadn't said anything to him about keeping the staff late, but then again his
foreman handled things as he saw fit, and generally didn't inform Zander if men were working late. They had the cattle to take care of and the stud business to keep going. Both things made the Bluefield Ranch well known in these parts. Bandit was one of the horses that put them on the map, in the horse breeding business, that is.

Bandit had been one of their best stud horses, siring nine of the horses currently being used as ranch workers. He'd also made friends with lots of lovely mares across the area, spreading his seed and building up ranch stock. But now, four of Bandit's sons had taken his place in the breeding business, and Bandit had been gelded. He didn't seem to mind being out in the field, and Zander knew he couldn't ask for a better horse than the one he rode every day.

As he neared the house, Zander checked the drive for Justice's car. He didn't see her parked near the front, but as he rounded the side to head toward the kitchen, he saw her parked next to his truck. A smile crossed his face, and his cock immediately hardened. He couldn't wait to bury himself between her thighs. But first, he was going to give her a spanking for showing up and not letting him know she was coming. Not that he didn't enjoy the surprise, but he would have liked the chance to be prepared.

BOOK: Seeking Justice
4.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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