Sex and Your Job Search 2013: A Guide to Scoring Your Dream Job

BOOK: Sex and Your Job Search 2013: A Guide to Scoring Your Dream Job


Introduction: Why is Sex in a Job Search Book?


Chapter 1: There Are Plenty of Fish in the Sea
There is Hope in the Job Market
Chapter 2: Finding Your Dream Date
The Dream Career
Chapter 3: Hiring Managers Act Like Hot Models
How You Should Approach Them
Chapter 4: Where the Hotties Are
Social Media and the 12 Best Ways to Find a Dream Job


Chapter 5: Preparing To Get a Date
Resume, Cover Letters, and Interview Bling
Chapter 6: Preparing for a Date
What to Wear and Other Important Stuff People Are Embarrassed To Talk About
Chapter 7: Getting the First Date
Scoring a Job Interview


Chapter 8: That Was a Great Story
You’re So Interesting
Chapter 9: Seducing Your Date
The “Bases” of the Job Interview
Chapter 10: Popular Behavioral Based Questions
And Great Answers
Chapter 11: Excellent Answers
To Surprising & Inappropriate Questions
Chapter 12: “Don’t Stop!”
Wrapping Up Your Interview
Chapter 13: Finishing Touches


Chapter 14: Home Run
Scoring a Job Offer and Negotiating Salary
Chapter 15: What the Hottest Dates Look Like
Hot Careers of the Future

Conclusion: Your Success Story


About the Author

Mo Money

“That was amazing!”

“You just blew my mind!”

“God, that was incredible!”

I truly believe an interviewer will say those words about you (in a professional sense, of course) if you follow the advice in this book.

That’s because satisfying an interviewer and scoring your dream job is a lot like dating and sex. And you’ve been thinking about them your whole life, right? See, you are much more of a job-hunting expert than you thought!

So, how is the job search like sex and dating?

• Your friends can set you up (networking)
• You seek out your perfect match online
• You break the ice (with a resume)
• You keep the conversation going (via a cover letter)
• You schedule a date (interview)
• You get dressed up
• You share your best stories
• You show your interest in them and ask good questions
• You thank them for a wonderful time

This book takes you step-by-step through the process of finding your dream job in an entertaining and educational way. It highlights the most current job search and interviewing methods, including behavioral based interviewing, values based interviewing (new), and situational interviewing. These interview techniques are used at top companies, including Amazon and Google.

Along the way, you’ll learn what’s worked for other job seekers through numerous Success Stories. And what hasn’t by way of true and embarrassing job-search Funny Mistake stories. We’ll begin by looking at the job market overall, and by the end of the book you will have crafted Seven Interview Go-to Stories that any employer will love, based on the Seven Universal Skills. I will also reveal the Three Values that every employer wants to see in someone they hire, and that you’ll tie into your Seven Stories.

The interview section is broken down into four parts that I call the “Bases of the Interview.” What gets you to first base with your interviewer is a great Introduction. Wowing an interviewer with your background, work history, and education gets you to second. Getting to third is all about satisfying the interviewer with Seven Go-to Interview Stories. And if you hit a home run, well, you’ve scored—one or more job offers!

To get you hired fast, we will review where the hot careers of the future are. We will cover new insights on resumes, networking, and social media tools such as LinkedIn and Facebook. And I will demonstrate the Interview Wingman Cheat Sheet Method that was taught to me by several directors and vice presidents earning between $100,000–$250,000 a year. Even if your mind goes blank, you will be able to rock the interview.

This book will equip you to:

1. Get your dream job
2. Have greater job satisfaction
3. Live the life and buy the things you want
4. Be happier at work and at home
5. Have greater confidence and self-esteem
6. Learn how to read people better
7. Earn hundreds of thousands more over the course of your career

I’ll freely admit that I wasn’t always an interview expert. When I first interviewed for an entry-level human resources job eleven years ago, my mind froze and I wanted to jump through the window and run away screaming like Homer Simpson would. I feel your pain.

However, for the past eleven years, I have worked in HR for a 14,000-employee university medical center in California. I was chair of a committee that rolled out a behavioral and values based interviewing program. I am a Master Certified Interview Coach and teach administrators and hiring managers how to interview. I was even asked to critique our CEO’s interviewing skills. And I wrote this book while working full-time (40-60 hours a week), so this is the most current and real advice out there. I hire on average one person a day and am not semi-retired or a “consultant” like other job-search book authors.

During the thousands of interviews I’ve conducted, I have seen too many people panic, get nervous, and freeze up. I’ve tried to make this book like the best date you have ever had—memorable and relaxed.

So, whether you are unemployed, underemployed, overworked, or live at home, I am confident that after reading this book and applying the advice, you will find your dream job. I’ve seen it work over and over for hundreds of successful applicants. There’s no reason the next person to find their dream job can’t be you!

For those of you who already have interviews scheduled, please read Chapters 8-13 immediately. Doing so drastically increases your chances of rocking your interviewer’s world.

Sex, dating, and the job search have a lot in common, as we talked about in the Introduction.

Let’s begin with the playing field.

A great analogy for today’s employment environment can be taken from the film
The Princess Bride
, one of the greatest romance, comedy, and adventure movies of all time.

The Princess Bride
opens with a beautiful young woman named Buttercup and a farmhand named Westley. They fall madly in love. Westley heads off to seek his fortune so that he may marry Buttercup. In the process, he’s captured by the cruel Dread Pirate Roberts, who steals all of his fortune. At this point, all seems lost for him and Buttercup.

Five years pass and, believing Westley is dead, Buttercup reluctantly agrees to marry (spoiled trust-fund baby) Prince Humperdinck. At this point, neither Westley nor Buttercup have much hope of being reunited and rekindling the love affair that had only begun to blossom.

Like Westley, you might feel hopeless, desperate, and discouraged. This Recession has shattered the dreams and fortunes of millions. Some have lost almost everything, while others, like Buttercup, have made compromises they normally wouldn’t have, just to get by, and are extremely unhappy.

But there’s hope for you, even in this economy, and I’ll tell you why in a moment.

The Princess Bride
continues, Westley makes the best of his situation and befriends the Dread Pirate Roberts through his sincerity. Roberts sees potential in Westley and eventually offers him the job of Dread Pirate Roberts.

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