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Mercoeur, duc de

Mercoeur, duchesse de

Metternich, Princess

Mirapoix, Madame de


Catholic Church and
children of
deaths of
duties and hardships of
husbands of
on king's death
married to monarchs
necessity of
perks of
poverty of
power and political aspirations of
public contempt for
see also maîtresse-en-titre; specific mistresses

Modena, Mary of


Monaco, Princesse de

Monceaux, marquise de

see also
Estrées, Gabrielle d'

Mons, Anna

Montagu, Lady Mary Wortley

Montespan, Athénaïs de

Montespan, marquis de

Montez, Lola

Montijo, Eugénie de

Montmorency, Charlotte de

Montmorency, duc de

Montmorency, Françoise de “Fosseuse,”

Montpensier, Anne-Marie de

Mortemart, Athénaïs

see also
Montespan, Athénaïs de

Munk, Kirsten


Nancy, bishop of

Napoleon I, emperor of France

Napoleon III, emperor of France

Nemours, duchesse de

Normandy, duke of

Noyer, Madame de


O'Murphy, Louise

Orkney, duchess of

Orkney, earl of

Orléans, Philippe d'

Ormonde, duke of

Ornano, Philippe Antoine d'


Palmer, Anne

Palmer, Barbara

Palmer, Roger

Parabère, Marie-Madeleine de

Parabère, Monsieur de

Parker-Bowles, Andrew

Parker-Bowles, Camilla

Pedro, king of Portugal

see also
Pedro, prince of Portugal

Pedro, prince of Portugal

see also
Pedro, king of Portugal

Pembroke, marchioness of

see also
Boleyn, Anne

Pepys, Samuel

Perrers, Alice

Petersfield, Baroness

see also
Kéroualle, Louise de

Peter the Great, czar of Russia

Philip II, king of Spain

Philip III, king of Spain

Philip IV, king of Spain

Philippe, duc d'Orléans

Pitt, William

Plantagenet, Geoffrey

Poisson, Jeanne

see also
Pompadour, marquise de

Poitiers, Diane de

Pöllnitz, Karl von, count of Saxony

Pompadour, marquise de

see also
Etioles, Jeanne-Antoinette d'

Pope, Alexander

Portsmouth, duchess of

see also
Kéroualle, Louise de

Praslin, duchesse de

press, free

printing press

Protestant Church, Protestantism

Puyguilhem, marquis de



hardships of
kings and
mistresses and
purpose of
see also specific queens


Racine, Jean Baptiste

Raime, Mademoiselle


Ray, John


Reresby, Sir John

Ricci, Marie-Anne de

Richard I, king of England

Richelieu, duc de

Richmond, duchess of

Richmond, duke of

Rietz, Wilhelmine

see also
Lichtenau, Countess

Robert the Devil

Rochester, Lord

Romans, Mademoiselle de

Romsey, Lord

Royal Marriages Act of 1772

Rudolf, Crown Prince


Sainte-Beuve, Charles-Augustin

Saint-Simon, duc de

Santi, serving woman of Archduchess Johanna

Scarron, Françoise

Schratt, Katharina

Schulenberg, Ermengarda Melusina von

Sedley, Catherine

Serguidi, secretary of state of Tuscany

Settlement Act of 1701

Seven Years' War

Sévigné, Madame de

Sèvres porcelain factory

Shakespeare, William

Shand, Camilla

Shand, Major

Shore, Jane

Simpson, Ernest

Simpson, Wallis Warfield


Josepha with
Louis XV with
Mary II with
mistresses nursing monarchs with
scars from
Schulenberg with

Sobieski, John, king of Poland

Sophia Dorothea, queen of Prussia

Sorel, Agnes

Soubise, prince de

Soubise, princesse de

Spencer, Lady

see also
Diana, Princess of Wales

St. Albans, duke of

Staatliche Museum

Stainville, comte de

Stanhope, Philip Dormer

Stuart, Frances

Suffolk, duchess of

see also
Schulenberg Ermengarda Melusina von

Sully, duc de



Taisey-Châtenoy, marquise de

Talleyrand, Charles Maurice de

Teschen, princess of

Therese, queen of Bavaria

Tournehem, Le Normant de

Trundle, Guy

Tuscany, archduchess of


Uriah the Hittite

Ursins, Jean Juvenal des


Vaillant, Marshal

Valerie, Archduchess

Valois, Marguerite de

Vatel, François

Ventimille, Madame de

see also
Mailly, Pauline-Félicité de

Ventimille, Monsieur de

Verneuil, marquise de

see also
Entragues, Henriette-Catherine de Balzac d'

Vesci, Eustace de

Vetsera, Maria

Villiers, Elizabeth

Villiers, George

Visconti, Primi



Wadsworth, Mary

Waldersee, Count Alfred von

Waldersee, Countess Mary von

Walewska, Maria, Countess

Walewski, Anastase, Count

Walmoden, Amelia von

see also
Yarmouth, Lady

Walpole, Lord Horace

War of the Austrian Succession

Warwick, Daisy, Lady

Wilhelm II, kaiser of Germany

Wilhelmina of Prussia

Willem, crown prince of the Netherlands

William, Frederick, prince of England

William, Prince.
Wilhelm II, kaiser of Germany

William, Prince of Wales

William I the Conqueror, king of England

William III, king of England and Scotland

William IV, king of Great Britain

see also
Clarence, duke of

Windsor, duchess of

see also
Simpson, Wallis Warfield

Windsor, duke of

see also
Edward VIII, king of the United Kingdom

Wycherley, William


Yarmouth, Lady

York, duke of



Zorreguieta, Maxima

I am inexpressibly grateful to many individuals for their encouragement and assistance.

My late mother, the artist Louise Herman Donahue, nurtured me with creativity, encouraged my curiosity, and bequeathed to me unforgettable love and laughter. She gave me the priceless gift of dreaming, a gift that forever remains with me although she does not.

My father, journalist Walter Focke Herman, proud of his medieval royal ancestors, inspired me in my earliest years to love history. Sitting at his knee I first heard the screams of battle, smelled the smoke of burning castles, saw the pageantry of royal processions. To him I am also grateful for his hawkeyed editing of the manuscript.

My sister, Christine Merrill, an artist of rare talents successfully living her dream, prodded me constantly—often to my great annoyance—to live mine. I don't believe I would have completed this project without her stubborn but loving insistence that I do so.

Many thanks to Susanne Becerril, Karen Griswold, and Helena Hoogterp for their unceasing encouragement and support of this project and its author.

I am particularly grateful to my good friend Leslie Harris, proprietor and designer of Noblesse Oblige Renaissance costumes, for getting me into the spirit, and the corset, of a royal mistress. Wearing one of their gorgeous but restricting gowns
has sharpened my understanding of their gorgeous but restricted lives.

I am astonished at the patience of my wonderful husband, Michael Dyment, who listens to my nonstop chatter of kings and queens, of mistresses and royal bastards, and tolerates my elaborate court costumes at countless events without showing a shred of embarrassment.

Clearly this book would not have been possible without the diaries, letters, dispatches, and memoirs of the past, nor indeed without the dozens of biographies and histories written by modern authors reporting and interpreting the original sources. To all writers—past and present—upon whose work I have heavily relied, and who are listed in the bibliography, I am deeply grateful.

And lastly, to make sense out of the chaotic events of the past, the historian must view them through a particular philosophical prism. For this I am immeasurably indebted to
A Course in Miracles,
a work of keen psychological insight and great spiritual power.

About the Author

was born in Baltimore, Maryland. She studied journalism and German at Towson State University and languages in Europe. For eight years she was associate publisher for North America for NATO's
Nations and Partners for Peace
magazine. She is married and lives in McLean, Virginia, where she writes history from a woman's perspective.

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BOOK: Sex with Kings
6.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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