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Alexander, illegitimate son of Napoleon I

Alexander II, czar of Russia

Alexander II, king of Serbia

Alexandra, queen of Great Britain

Alfonso IV, king of Portugal

Alfonso XI, king of Castile

Amerval, Nicolas d'


Anne, queen of England

Anne-Marie, cousin of Louis XIV

Anne of Austria

Antin, duc d'

Antonio, kidnapped “son” of Francesco de Medici

Argenson, marquis d'

Arlington, earl of

Arquien, Marie d'

Augustus the Strong, elector of Saxony and king of Poland

Ayen, duc d'


Balzac, Henriette-Catherine de

see also
Entragues, Henriette-Catherine de Balzac d'

Barry, Stephen

bastards, royal



Battenburg, Louis

Béarn, comtesse de

Beaufort, duchesse de

see also
Estrées, Gabrielle d'

Beaurégard, countess of

see also
Howard, Harriet

Becu, Jeanne

see also
du Barry, Marie Jeanne, comtesse

Benedict, brother of Maria Walewska

Berkeley, George

Bernhardt, Sarah

Berwick, marshal duke of

biographies, contemporary

Bismarck, Otto von, chancellor of Germany

Black Masses

Blomberg, Barbara

Bloody Mary.
Mary I, Tudor, queen of England and Ireland

Boileau-Despréaux, Nicolas

Boleyn, Anne, queen of England

Bonaparte, Mathilde

Bonaparte, Napoleon.
Napoleon I, emperor of France

Bonnivet, Admiral


Bose, Caspar

Brancas, duchesse de

Brissac, duc de

Buckingham, Lord

Bulwer, Edward Robert

Burford, earl of

Burnet, Bishop

Byron, Lord


Capestrano, prince of

Cappello, Bianca

Caroline of Ansbach, queen of Great Britain

Caroline of Brunswick, queen of Great Britain

Castel, Viel

Castiglione, Virginie di

Castlemaine, countess of.
Castlemaine, Lady

Castlemaine, Lady

Castro, Inez de

Catherine, sister of Henri IV

Catherine de Medici, queen of France

Catherine of Braganza, queen of Britain

Catholic Church, Catholicism

on adultery
Catholic League
Catholic Panic
Charles II and
on divorce
Henri IV and
Kéroualle and
on Pompadour
during Renaissance
Settlement Act of 1701 and
in Spain

Cavour, Camillo

Caylus, Madame de

César, son of Gabrielle d'Estrées

Charles, duke of Richmond

Charles, illegitimate son of Charles II

Charles, Prince of Wales

Charles II, king of Britain

on brother
Castlemaine and
Catherine of Braganza and
Catholic Church and
children of
Davis and
duke of Monmouth and
George I on
gifts from
Gwynn and
Kéroualle and
Louis XIV and
Mancini and

Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

Charles VII, king of France

Châteaubriant, dame de

Châteauroux, Madame de

Chesterfield, Lord

Chevalier, Etienne

Cheverny, Dufort de

Chevreuse, duchesse de

Choin, Emilie de

Choiseul-Romanet, Charlotte-Rosalie de

Choisy, abbé de

Christian IV, king of Denmark

Churchill, Arabella

Churchill, John

Church of England

Clarence, duke of

see also
William IV, king of Great Britain

Clarendon, Edward

Clarendon, Lord Chancellor

Clark, Mary Anne

Cleveland, duchess of

see also
Castlemaine, Lady; Palmer, Barbara

Cleves, Anne of

Clifford, Rosamund de

Coislin, Marie-Anne de

Colbert, Jean Baptiste

Colyear, Sir David

Condé, prince de

Condé, princesse de

Condé family

Constanza, princess of Portugal

Conyngham, Lady

Conyngham, Lord


Cosel, Madame

Courtin, Honoré

Cromwell, Lord Thomas

Croy, prince de


Danby, Lord Treasurer

David, king of Israel

Davis, Moll

Delacroix, Caroline

Deleau, Anne

Deloraine, Lady

Denhoff, Maria Magdalena von

Diana, Princess of Wales


Dieskau, Mademoiselle

Dolguruky, Katia

Dorchester, duchess of

see also
Sedley, Catherine

Draga, queen of Serbia

du Barry, Guillaume, comte

du Barry, Marie Jeanne, comtesse

Duclos, Charles

du Mont, Monsieur

Duroc, Marshal


Edict of Nantes

Edward, Prince of Wales

see also
Edward VII, king of Great Britain; Edward VIII, king of the United Kingdom

Edward III, king of England

Edward IV, king of England

Edward VII, king of Great Britain

see also
Edward, Prince of Wales

Edward VIII, king of the United Kingdom

see also
Windsor, duke of

Elbeuf, Princesse d'

Eleanor of Aquitaine

Eleonora, daughter of Francesco, archduke of Tuscany

Elizabeth, empress of Austria-Hungary

Elizabeth, empress of Russia

Elizabeth Charlotte, duchesse d'Orléans

Elizabeth I, queen of England

Elizabeth II, queen of Great Britain

Entragues, Henriette-Catherine de Balzac d'

Eric XIV, king of Sweden

Esher, Lord

Esterle, Madame d'

Esterle, Monsieur d'

Estrades, Madame d'

Estrées, Gabrielle d'

Etioles, Jeanne-Antoinette d'

see also
Pompadour, marquise de

Etioles, Le Normant d'

Eugénie, empress of France

Eulenberg, Count

Evelyn, John


Farnham, countess of

see also
Kéroualle, Louise de

Ferdinando de Medici, archduke of Tuscany

Fielding, Robert


Fitzjames, James

Foix, Françoise de

Fontanges, Marie-Angélique de

Francesco de Medici, archduke of Tuscany

François I, king of France

Franklin, Benjamin

Franz Josef I, emperor of Austria-Hungary

Frederick II “the Great,” king of Prussia

Frederick III, elector of Brandenburg

Frederick William, Prince

see also
Frederick William II, king of Prussia

Frederick William II, king of Prussia

Frederick William III, king of Prussia

French Revolution


of Kéroualle
of Montijo
of Pompadour


gambling debts

Gazzi, doctor to Archduchess Johanna

George, prince of Hanover

see also
George II, king of Great Britain

George I, king of Great Britain

George II, king of Great Britain

George III, king of Great Britain

George IV, king of Great Britain

George V, king of Great Britain

George VI, king of Great Britain

Godfrey, Colonel Charles

Goncourt, Jules de

Grafton, duke of

Great Fire of London

Guibord, abbé de

Guise, Madame de

Guise, princess de

Guise family

Guzman, Leonor de

Gwynn, Nell


Haakon, crown prince of Norway

Hall, Jacob

Hamilton, duke of

Hamilton, George

Harald, king of Norway

Harry, Prince of Wales

Hausset, Madame du

Henrietta, mistress of Augustus the Strong

Henrietta, Princess

Henri II, king of France

Henri III, king of France

Henri IV, king of France

Henri of Navarre

see also
Henri IV, king of France

Henry II, king of England

Henry VIII, king of England

Hérouard, Dr.

Hervey, Lady

Hervey, Lord

Hitler, Adolf

Hoiby, Mette-Marit Tjessem

Hôtel de Soubise

Howard, Harriet

Howard, Henrietta

Howard, Mr.

Hoym, Madame


Hungerford, Sir Edward



inbreeding, royal


Isabella the Insane


James, duke of Monmouth

James II, king of England

Jermyn, Harry

Johan, king of Sweden

Johanna de Medici

Johanna of Austria

John, king of England

Johnson, Brimley

John the Imbecile

John V, king of Portugal

Jordan, Dorothy

Josepha, Princess

Joseph I, Holy Roman Emperor

Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor

Josephine, empress of France

Juana the Mad

Juan of Austria, Don



Karin, queen of Spain

Keppel, Alice

Kéroualle, Louise de

see also
Portsmouth, duchess of

Kielmansegge, Sophia Charlotte


death of
miserliness of
queens and
see also specific kings

Kiss, Nicholas von

Königsmarck, Aurora von

Koninklijk Museum


Lady of Beauty.
Sorel, Agnes

La Fare, marquis de

La Ferté-Imbault, Madame de

La Fontaine, Jean de

Laking, Sir Francis


Landsfeld, countess of

see also
Montez, Lola

Langtry, Edward

Langtry, Lillie

La Tournelle, Madame de

see also
Châteauroux, Madame de

Lauragais, Madame de

La Vallière, Louise de

La Voisin


Leczinska, Marie

legitimatization of children

Leopold II, king of Belgium

Le Parc aux Cerfs

letter writing

Lichtenau, Countess

see also
Rietz, Wilhelmine


Lorraine, chevalier de

Louise-Françoise, Mademoiselle de Nantes

Louis XI, king of France

Louis XIV, king of France

on adultery
Charles II and
children of
Choin and
on death
Fontanges and
Kéroualle and
La Vallière and
libido of
Ludres and
Maintenon and
Marie-Thérèse and
Montespan and
Philippe, duc d'Orléans and
sister-in-law of
Soubise and
Visconti and

Louis XV, king of France

Charlotte-Rosalie and
children of
du Barry and
Mailly sisters and
Marie and
Pompadour and

Louis XVI, king of France

Louvois, minister of France

Lubomirski, Madame

Lucia, mother of Antonio de Medici

Ludres, Madame de

Ludwig I, king of Bavaria

Ludwig II, king of Bavaria

Luyne, duc de

Lytton, First Earl of


Mailly, comte de

Mailly, Madame de

see also
Mailly-Nesle, Louise-Julie de

Mailly, Marie-Anne

Mailly, Pauline-Félicité de

see also
Ventimille, Madame de

Mailly-Nesle, Louise-Julie de

see also
Mailly, Madame de

Mailly-Nesle, Marie-Anne

Maine, duc du

Maintenon, Madame de


of Charles II
discomforts of
of François I
of Louis XIV
of Louis XV
of Louis XVI
maintaining the position of
necessity of
nobles on
noblewomen as
other mistresses and
qualities of
see also specific maîtresses-en-titre

Malmesbury, Lord

Malta, order of

Mancini, Hortense

Mansdotter, Karin

Mantua, duke of

Marguerite de Valois, queen of France

Maria, queen of Castile

Maria Anna Christina, princess of Bavaria

Maria Louisa, empress of France

Maria Theresa, empress of Austria-Hungary

Marie, queen of France (m. Charles VII)

Marie, queen of France (m. LouisXV)

Marie Antoinette, queen of France

Marie de Medici, queen of France

Marie-Thérèse, queen of France

Marlborough, duke of


marriage, royal

Mary I, Tudor, queen of England and Ireland

Mary II, queen of Britain and Ireland

Mashin, Draga

Maurepas, comte de

Maurice, Count de Saxe

Maximilian II, king of Bavaria

Mayenne, duc de

Mazarin, duc de

Mazarin, duchess of


Medici, House of

Medici, Marie de


BOOK: Sex with Kings
12.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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