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I ran my hands over his back, feeling his smooth skin beneath my palms, my heart picking up pace.  His lips wandered down to my cleavage, inching closer to the hand that was continuing to torment my aching nipple.  Somehow, he managed to capture the strap of my chemise between his teeth and slowly dragged it down and off my shoulder, exposing me to him.  His other hand moved to the corresponding strap and gently slid it off that shoulder, pulling the entire top down to my waist.  Sighing, he nuzzled his cheek along my breast bone. 

“You are so beautiful, Mimi.  Your skin here is like silk beneath my lips,” he whispered, his breath a specter dancing over my flesh, raising goosebumps as it traveled the length of my torso.  My nipples tightened into little beads of need, begging for the touch of his mouth.  Amazingly, he didn’t make me wait, as his hand cupped the soft flesh of one breast, plumping it up.  His lips closed around the tip with a swirl of his tongue.  I couldn’t help myself as the need rose inside me.  My traveling hands wandered more frantically, kneading and squeezing the muscles of his back, as he took a deep pull of the tiny bud in his mouth.  My body writhed beneath him, hips grinding against his involuntarily, seeking to fan the flame between us.

Vance pulled back, making a tsking sound.  He took hold of my wrists and pinned them to the bed next to my head.  He gave a little shake of his head and said, “You need to be a good girl, Mimi.  I’m taking my time with you, and you are going to soak up every ounce of pleasure I give you.  Now, behave.”

I closed my eyes and tried to still my mind to let him take control over my body.  It was hard.  I wanted to touch and squeeze and feel him, but I realized in that moment, I wanted to do it on my terms, not his.  He intended to spoon feed himself to me, in tiny doses, and I had to appreciate every morsel I was given.  With that realization, I relaxed and resolved to give myself over to the moment and all that Vance was offering.

He resumed his attention to my breast, licking around the nipple, and down the underside of it, tracing its shape as if committing its contour to memory.  He returned to its center, and took the whole areola into his mouth and sucking deeply on it as his hand came around, squeezing more firmly that time.  His other hand let go of my wrist, fingertips trailing down the length of my arm, before settling on my neglected breast, palm down.  He pressed down with his fingertips and began caressing the flesh in a circular motion, all around the circumference of my breast, everywhere but the center.  My skin was fabulously sensitized, the peak straining upward, yearning for the relief of his touch.  His index and middle finger scissored around it and pinched ever so slightly sending a bolt of electricity straight to my swollen clit.  I couldn’t help it, my hips bucked up against his and I moaned in response.  He dragged his mouth across my chest and sucked deeply on that nipple once, before licking his way down and over my ribs to my abdomen.

I cracked open my eyelids and watched as Vance drew my nightie down my body, instructing me to lift my hips so he could remove it from me altogether.  I watched as he caressed the skin of my belly as if he had never seen one before.  He stroked and petted it, pausing to plant sweet kisses along my hip bones.  His hands glided down over my hips to my upper thighs, caressing and squeezing the flesh.  His lips and tongue followed the path his hands had made, teeth scraping and nipping little spots as he went along.  My skin was so alive it was tingling everywhere and I was so wet with need, I could barely stand it.  My teeth were on edge from want.

I felt his fingers trail back up the insides of my thighs and although I did my best to stay still, I couldn’t stop myself from squirming slightly under his touch.  If he didn’t continue on his path upward, I would go mad with the desire he built in me.  At last I felt his gentle touch on the top of my mound, before lightly tracing the dampened fabric between my legs.  Gradually, he added more pressure, parting me beneath the material, until his fingers were right up against my pleasure center.  I cried out loudly when he connected with the swollen nub, partially in pleasure, partially in relief, and my hips pushed back against him of their own accord.  His hand moved back and forth, just rubbing against my clit in a lazy rhythm.  Enough to ease the ache a little, but nowhere near enough to quench the fire that was burning me up.

“Shhhhh…,” he hushed softly, as his fingers wrapped around the sides of my underwear and slid them down my legs.  With surprising swiftness for Vance, since before now, it seemed like the man didn’t know how to do anything quickly, his fingers returned to my throbbing pussy and resumed their leisurely caress against that bundle of nerves.  I looked down to find him staring at me again, not my face but my body.  He seemed fascinated by the sight of his hand touching me there, the glistening moisture coating his fingertips, the sound of his slow strokes against my wetness.  He bent closer to watch more intently I think, but then his tongue darted out and licked long and slow, from my entrance all the way to my clit, in one big swipe.  It took everything I had not to clamp my legs around his head and grind my pelvis against his mouth, I was so yearning for satisfaction, but instead I forced myself to open my body wider to him.  I pushed my legs as far apart as they would go, pulling my thighs toward my chest at the same time.  Vance looked up at my face for a moment and smiled broadly, before returning his mouth to me and giving another very thorough lick.

I should have known Vance would do this differently than all the other men I’d been with, just as he’d done with everything else.  He didn’t go straight for my clit and suck on it like there was no tomorrow.  No, instead, Vance licked every part of me as softly as a butterfly’s wings, paying attention to every single part.  He circled my clit with his tongue, danced over it, occasionally, I’d feel a very light scrape of his teeth over it, but never once did he suck on it, or bite it or anything anyone else had ever done, or even that I’d read about in books.  It drove me absolutely wild.  I couldn’t thrash about on the bed like I wanted to, because that would break our connection and stop him from propelling me to heaven.  I whimpered and moaned uncontrollably, as he continued to torment me until suddenly a burst of pleasure rushed upon me in an unexpected gust of feeling so strong, I was completely overwhelmed by it.  I screamed his name as my consciousness flew through space, and I was blinded by a rush of color speeding past my vision.  Vance’s hands gripped my hips and he finally pulled my clit into his mouth, sucking ever so gently, sending a new round of spasms through my body.  The pleasure was so sublime, I didn’t realize that I’d twisted my fingers into Vance’s hair and was clutching the strands for dear life.  As I came back down, my body suffused with an all-encompassing feeling of bliss, I slowly unclenched each of my muscles and took a shuddering breath.  I had never had an orgasm so intense, so powerful, and so sudden, rush over me like that.  Normally, it was a slow building experience, like a spring coiling tighter and tighter inside me, until it could no longer withstand the tension and broke free, unleashing its force in a shockwave through my body.  This… this was like a freight train I couldn’t see coming, barreling down on me, knocking me over and running me into the ground.  Holy hell, if more of this was what I had to look forward to, I didn’t think I’d survive.

Vance kissed and nibbled his way back up my body, resting his hips in the cradle of my quivering thighs.  I tasted myself on his tongue as he kissed me deeply, searching my mouth with a hunger he had denied himself until now.  It was obvious his previous iron control on his passion was beginning to thin as his hands traveled over my flesh with less finesse and more urgency.  We became a tangle of frenzied body parts, frantic hands, writhing torsos, twisting legs.  His hands gripped the hair at the side of my head as his lips continued to eat at my mouth, devouring me.  I dragged my fingernails down the length of his back as I caressed his legs with the soles of my feet, before bringing them up to hook my toes in the waistband of his boxer briefs, pulling them down over his hips.  He immediately moved to assist me, raising his body off of mine and pushing them the rest of the way off.  His body was coated in a fine sheen of perspiration and the soft lighting in the room made his skin glisten.  My gaze wandered over his form, down his toned chest and abdomen until it finally rested on the magnificence of his heavy cock jutting up between us.  Instinctively, I reached for it, wrapping both hands around him and squeezing gently.  I watched in fascination as a pearly drop of pre-cum beaded at the head before slowly dripping down onto my fingers.  Sliding my thumb across the tip, I smoothed the remaining fluid over the crown, swirling it around and around.  Vance threw his head back onto his shoulders, taking slow, deep breaths as I began to slide my hands up and down the thick length of him.  Tearing my eyes away from the beautiful sight of his hard cock in my hands, I looked up to watch his face as I touched him.  His eyes were pressed tightly together, and the muscle in his jaw flexed as he gritted his teeth.  I increased my pace just a little bit faster, determined to test the boundaries of his control.  He tortured me endlessly, wasn’t it fair that I played just a little bit? 

Vance’s hips began to work in tandem with the pace of my hands, thrusting sharply forward with each down stroke.  He groaned loudly as I squeezed harder, his voice coming out slightly choked.

“God, Mimi.  I wanted to go so very slow with you this first time, but I can’t wait any longer.  I need to feel you.” 

He pulled out of my grasp and dropped down on me, kissing me with an abandon he had not previously permitted himself.  His hands roved over my body and hooked around my thighs, spreading them wide beneath him.  He placed himself against my center and I barely had enough time to gasp out, “Vance, condom.”

“Right, right.  Sorry,” he muttered.  He jumped off the bed, grabbed his wallet from his pants and pulled a foil packet out, papers and bills spilling from its folds as he did.  He dropped it to the ground carelessly as he returned to the bed, tearing the packet open with his teeth at the same time.  He knelt between my spread legs and rolled the latex on his rigid length, which appeared to have doubled in size since I last looked at it.  Once it was safely in place, he covered my body with his again, sliding his hands beneath my hips, angling them towards him.  He placed the head of his cock at my slippery entrance before meeting my eyes.  Despite the urgency we both felt before, the brief interruption slowed things down a bit, and Vance was back in control.  As we gazed at each other, he slowly slid into me inch by inch.  It was slow, it was intimate, it was a moment I would never forget as long as I lived.  For the first time in my life, I knew what they meant when they said you became one with someone.  Every part of me was fused to Vance as our bodies joined together.  Nothing had ever felt more natural or more right.  It was as if my body, my soul, my heart were a home for his.

He seated himself fully inside me and held there, both of us treasuring the moment when he filled me completely.  It didn’t take long however, before baser instincts won out and our bodies were forced to move with each other, thrusting and withdrawing, giving and taking, clawing and writhing.

Vance moved his hands from under me to brace himself on his forearms as I wrapped my legs around his waist.  I clutched his shoulders desperately as he moved his body against mine.  He didn’t simply pound his hips into mine.  Vance made love with his whole body.  His chest slipped up and over me, a smooth caress of his skin against my sensitized nipples, the hard ridges of his abdomen massaging the flesh of my belly, his pubic bone pressing and grinding against my clit in the most delicious way, as his phenomenal cock filled me again and again and again. 

“Mimi, your pussy is heaven.”  He breathed into my ear.  “I didn’t think anything could be better than tasting you, but fucking your sweet little cunt is like magic.”

His dirty words set my blood boiling that much higher, my passion soaring into the stratosphere. I couldn’t help twisting beneath him, aiding him in reaching that spot deep inside me so his cock stroked over it repeatedly.

“Oh, Mimi.  Is that it, right there?”  He asked, as the head of his cock kept passing over that sensitive spot.  I nodded in response, biting my lip, as he did it again and again.  Without warning, he punched his hips forward, hitting directly into the nerves clustered there, and I instantly fell apart in his arms.

Just like last time, this orgasm bore down on me in stealth.  No steady build up, no climb to the peak, just a sudden shove off the cliff into a sea of ecstasy and I was instantly drowning.  I was vaguely aware of my own cries echoing off the walls of the room, but I was far too lost for any conscious reasoning.  In my bliss, I devoured any inch of Vance’s skin that was within reaching distance of my mouth.  My lips, tongue and teeth traveled the terrain of his face, neck and chest, kissing, licking, sucking and biting.  I became particularly fascinated with one of his nipples, and when I bit down, Vance thrusted hard between my legs and cried out in a long groan.  I felt him pulse within me, emptying himself in hot spurts.  He collapsed on me, breathing harshly against my neck.

After his breathing slowed, he raised his head and looked down at me.  He smoothed the hair from my sweaty face and smiled softly.  “Wow.”  He mouthed at me with wide eyes.  I couldn’t help but giggle. 

“Yeah,” I whispered back.  “Wow.”

He rolled off me with a dramatic sigh and we both stared at the ceiling quietly for a time, allowing our heart rates to return to normal.  The silence was comfortable, but I couldn’t resist breaking it after a little while. 

“So, we’re going to be doing that again, right?” I asked.

BOOK: Shattered Perfection
9.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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