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“Two nights ago I was too chicken to do this,” she whispered, looking him straight in the eye. “But now I’m not.” Rising up on her toes, she pressed her mouth against his.

For a second he remained still before his lips warmed and he began to kiss her back, folding his arms tight around her and thrusting his fingers through her hair. This time there was no hurry. They exchanged soft kisses, exploring each other with their lips, tasting, licking, nibbling. He felt so good, tasted so divine, she wanted so much from him. She traced her hands over his shoulders and neck, the short hairs at his nape tickling against her palms. This man she had known all her life, yet now she was making so many discoveries – like the delicious curve of his spine, the salty tang of his skin, the smooth firmness of his pectorals, and the way he gasped when she touched her tongue to his nipple, his response exciting her even more.

“You little devil,” he muttered, his face flushed as she teased him some more. Both his palms closed over her butt, bringing her pelvis into close contact with his. Warm fingers slid beneath her damp bikini bottom to explore her curves.

“Kiss me some more,” she said, and he obliged. With the length of his body plastered against hers, she could feel every inch of his torso, his hips, his thighs. As the kissing grew hotter, so too did the bulge in his board shorts, the thrust of his erection against her belly filling her with an indescribable sensation of power. That she could arouse this man to such a state so quickly thrilled her and also scared her.

His fingers skated up the length of her spine before gripping the knot holding her bikini top together. Moments later he tugged the fabric free. Balmy sunshine enveloped her bared breasts, followed quickly by his hand. Air caught in her throat as he stroked her lovingly, his knuckles brushing back and forth across her nipples, making them stand to attention. When he lowered his head to suck, he lit a fuse of lust which streaked through her body. Desperate for him to suckle her more, she arched herself against him so urgently they began to topple over. Just in time he caught her before lowering them both to the ground. With his lower body pinning her down, he continued to caress her breasts with his hands and mouth until her brain began to spin from hyperventilation.

She pushed her hands beneath the waistband of his shorts to find his buttocks cool from his swim. In contrast, the front of his shorts pressing down on her felt hot, his engorged groin nudging into the apex of her thighs. Dear God, she thought hazily, I’m about to have sex on a beach with Dion Chan. No doubts, no questions, no holding back. It seemed as inevitable as the tide.

Dion must have had the same realisation. Lifting his head from her breast, he stared down at her, his breathing laboured, the smouldering arousal in his eyes so electrifying it caused her to lift her hips and thrust against him.

“Sweetness …” He gasped, a bead of sweat rolling down his brow. “I don’t suppose you brought a condom with you?”

“Oh … no.” Her hormones yelped in protest. No, she couldn’t survive if they didn’t consummate things soon. She’d go mad, mad with lust if they stopped now. “Dion, I – I’m
going crazy here.” She rolled her hips again, felt the tip of his penis burn through the thin layers of cloth and a responding wetness flood the dip between her thighs.

“Uhn.” He groaned, briefly closing his eyes. “What about me? I’m not exactly sane myself. But if we don’t have a condom …”

“You could just, uh, y’know, ease yourself in.” She licked her lips desperately. “I just want to feel you inside me. We don’t have to move or anything.” She couldn’t believe what she was suggesting. How had she suddenly become such a raving sex addict?

He groaned again. “You know that’s not going to work. Don’t tempt me, please.” He swiped the back of his arm across his perspiring brow, the cords of his neck straining under the tension. He gazed down at her a while longer, then burst out, “Oh, fuck, I can’t stand it any more.” With lightning speed he hooked his fingers into her bikini bottoms and pulled them right off. She let his knees spread her thighs wide apart. His hands traced the shape of her mound, his fingers brushing her pubic hairs before seeking the moistness in her folds. Kneeling over her, he bent his head, his mouth following where his fingers probed.

A strangled gasp hissed from her lips. Did he know she’d never had sex this way? Her fingernails clawed at the sand. Everything was molten hot – the sand beneath her, the sun above her, Dion on top of her, and most of all his mouth. His tongue was searing as he lapped at her, penetrating her, opening up new pathways of desire she’d never experienced before. Her body responded instinctively, her back arching to give him greater access, her fingers tousling through his hair, her hips rising in time to his licking and sucking.

Through the thudding blood in her ears came a vague pulsating noise from elsewhere. It sounded mechanical, and it was getting louder. Dazed, she lifted her head to see an enormous white boat rounding one of the headlands. It was one of the dolphin watching cruisers, and it was packed to the gills with sightseers as it prepared to motor past their beach.

“Dion … Dion …” she panted.

“Don’t worry,” he muttered. “I’ll get you there.” His tongue returned to her.

The boat throbbed closer. Her flesh started to turn to jelly. Cameras winked in the sun, and people pointed at them.

“N – no.” She squeezed his shoulder. “Uh, there’s a boat full of people passing us. We’re about to make the six o’clock news.” He lifted his head. She wanted to scream in frustration.

“Bugger.” Dion picked her up in his arms and staggered behind the straggly bushes, where he collapsed onto the sand, laughing and heaving for breath. “That was close.” He chuckled, peering through the bushes to check the progress of the dolphin-watching cruiser before glancing back at her. She was stark naked, sand stuck into every crevice, her body still roaring for the pleasure he’d promised her. “Sweetie, we’ll have to take a raincheck on the
grand finale. That’s the eleven o’clock tour. We have to get back. I’m going to be really behind my prep work today.”

“Oh no. It’s all my fault.” With a grimace she remembered her father urging her not to monopolise Dion’s time. She couldn’t even offer to help him because she’d be useless in the kitchen, and she knew he wouldn’t be asking his parents or hers for help. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have led you astray.”

“I’m not sorry. I’m glad you’re leading me astray for a change.” Reaching out, he cradled one of her breasts in the palm of his hand. “Let me repeat, I’m very glad.” His husky voice and caressing fingers sent a tremble through her veins. Oh boy, if he didn’t stop fondling her breast she was going to jump him again. He dropped his hand reluctantly, as if he’d read her mind. “Come on, let’s find your bikini.”

The bed squeaked in protest as Toni turned over for the umpteenth time. She just couldn’t get comfortable and sleep was far away even though it was almost midnight. Her mattress was too lumpy, the sheets too scratchy, the night too hot, the crickets too noisy. Sighing, she ran her fingers through her hair. No, she couldn’t lie to herself. The only reason she couldn’t sleep was because a certain hunky cook had taken over her entire being. After Dion had hurriedly dropped her off she’d been restless all day. Her mother had exclaimed at the amount of sand stuck in her hair and all over her body. She’d spent ages in the shower, but she imagined there were some grains lodged in her forever, a memento of her kayak trip with Dion.

The memory of the sun, the sand, and Dion driving her to the edge made her roll over, her hot limbs tossing about. She needed him, needed him desperately to finish off what he’d started on the beach. And soon, or she’d be climbing the walls. Nothing else would do. When would they get another chance to be alone before she had to head back to Sydney? The prospects didn’t look good. Tomorrow was her birthday, and her parents had planned a daytrip to Newcastle. In the evening they were going to dine at the Happy Palace, and the day after that she was driving back to Sydney. No time to rendezvous with Dion, especially given the necessity to keep it secret. And really she had no business distracting Dion at such a critical time. He needed to focus on the restaurant, and already he’d stumbled a little by turning up late today. All because of her and her inconvenient urges.

Flinging the sheets away, she sat up and turned on the bedside light. Not much had altered in her room since she’d last lived at home. The same white furniture, blue speckled walls, groaning bookshelves, good luck charms she used to collect. In some ways she was as unchanged as this bedroom. She was still finding her way in the world, still plagued by anxieties and doubt, still looking for love. Was Dion the answer to that last question? Or was she making a huge mistake? The sexual chemistry between them was scorching hot, but it was also dangerous because it clouded her judgement. She’d thought she’d found her soul mate in Nick, and look how that had turned out. Maybe she was repeating the same error with Dion.

No, Dion is nothing like Nick. Nothing
. That unmistakeable fact hammered through her confusion. She knew Dion inside out
. But he’s changed too. He’s not the same person any more
. That too was undeniable. Groaning, she swung her legs out of bed and rested her bare feet on the cool wooden floorboards. She’d never get to sleep now.

Her mobile phone on the nightstand beeped. Her stomach muscles tightened as she saw Dion’s name pop up on the screen.

“Hi,” she said cautiously.

“Hey chuckle berry.” Like his voice, she’d heard his nonsense pet name for her often before, but suddenly they both made breathing difficult.

She attempted to sound matter-of-fact. “A bit late for a phone call, don’t you think?”

“You’re not asleep.”

“How d’you know that?”

“You just turned on your bedside light a moment ago.”

“Uh, you’re outside?”

“I’m parked across the road.”

The back of her neck began to tingle. “How did it go at the restaurant tonight? Did you get everything prepared on time?”

“I don’t want to talk about the restaurant right now.”

She waited, then, knowing the conversation was going to get tricky, said, “What do you want to talk about then?”

“Well …” His voice expanded like warm syrup. “For starters, tell me what you’re wearing right now.”

She glanced down at her Bugs Bunny T-shirt and three-quarter length pink cotton pants. Her usual comfy sleepwear. She hadn’t counted on a midnight caller. “Oh, well, let’s see. Tonight I’m wearing a black lace teddy.”

He swallowed audibly. “A lace teddy?”

“Mm. Low cut.” She rolled out a purr. “It’s so warm tonight I didn’t want to wear much.”

“Come to the window.” His voice roughened. “I want to see you.”

She gulped. This call was rapidly getting out of control. “Uh, better not, someone else might see me.” She waited for him to respond, but instead all she heard were rustling noises followed by the sound of heavy breathing. “Dion?”

From outside her bedroom window she heard shrubbery being stirred and footsteps approaching. “I’m by your window,” he said. “Climb out and come back to my place.”

“My parents are sleeping just across the hall!” she whispered fiercely.

“You’d better hurry up, then. Open your window, or do you want me to break in?”

She peeked around the curtain. From the garden below Dion gazed up at her, hands on hips, looking like he was about to scramble up the wooden lattice nailed to the wall.

“Wow, that’s some sexy T-shirt you’re wearing.” His eyes widened. “I don’t suppose the black lace teddy is hiding under Bugs Bunny?”

Pushing the window open, she leaned over the sill. “This is silly,” she hissed. “What’s gotten into you?”

“Come on, it’s an easy jump from there, and I’ll catch you, promise.” He held out his arms towards her. “I have a surprise for you back at my house.”

Not hard to guess what that surprise might be. The idea spiked her body heat even higher, and she knew there was no point trying to resist. “My parents are early risers. You have to get me back before six at the latest.”

“Yeah, sure, now hurry up before the neighbours call the cops.”

Before she could reconsider, she swung her legs over the windowsill and jumped down into Dion’s arms. He caught her and squeezed her tight, his grin gleaming in the moonlight. “That’s my girl.”

Her breasts tingled from the contact with his chest. He smelled pine-fresh, as if he’d just stepped out of a shower. He must have washed and changed after shutting the restaurant.

As he set her down, a twig snapped beneath her heel. “Damn, I forgot my shoes. I didn’t even bring my keys!” She’d been so eager to leap into his arms she’d forgotten everything, including her sensible side.

He reached up and slid the window until it was almost shut. “Don’t worry. When I bring you back I’ll boost you through the window. As for your shoes, you won’t be needing them.” With that he scooped her into his arms and carried her back to his SUV.

Dion followed after Toni as she entered his house, his gaze pinned to her figure.

“Oh, this is a nice place.” She glanced around his open-plan living and dining room. “I’ve never been here before.”

He dropped his keys in a bowl on a side table. “I moved in last year. Thought it was finally time to get my own place instead of sharing. It’s not very big, but it suits me.”

The accommodation consisted of one large, all-purpose room, which ran the full width of the house, a big main bedroom, a tiny second bedroom, and a bathroom. Nothing fancy, but that’s what he preferred, and the views through the trees to the water were spectacular. Glass sliding doors leading out to a balcony lined one entire wall. The room was furnished with a leather modular couch, a big TV, a stereo, a teak coffee table strewn with magazines and videos. No flowers or cushions or coasters. A real bachelor’s pad, he realised.

“I like it,” Toni said, spinning around a final time.

In her Bugs Bunny T-shirt and bare feet, with her face scrubbed and her hair all tangled down her back, she looked like a teenager. A teenager about to settle down with a bowl of popcorn and a late-night movie. His throat tightened. “Wait here. I’ll be back soon.”

BOOK: Short Soup
8.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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