Silverblood Demons (Daughters of Darkness Book 1)

BOOK: Silverblood Demons (Daughters of Darkness Book 1)
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Book One in the Trilogy


Daughters of Darkness


A Novel


Wrought with Courage and Spirit


Turhan Halil


‘Wicked’ Cover Art and Design

Crafted by Laura Gordon




I am supremely grateful to all the demons that have prodded, pestered, and startled me awake during countless nights of peaceful slumber. Without you, this book wouldn’t have been created. Oh and to the one that actually whispered to me,
you know
who you are right . . . ? Thanx!


No part of this book may be reproduced, or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, photocopying, mechanical, recording, or otherwise, without the express written permission of the author. If you choose to ignore this legal directive, you will be subject not only to human litigation but also to the antipathy of my demons, and you
want that, ya know what I mean?


Published by Turhan Halil 2014

[email protected]




The inspiration for this story was borne from the personal experiences of millions of victims across this planet, including that of myself, and has been plaguing humankind for millennia. Succubae and Incubae visit the targets of their demonic sexual lust while they are completely vulnerable, in a semi-state of sleep. Perhaps you are one of the unfortunate, or should I say, fortunate? That have been taken advantage of by these dragons of Hell.




While Satan and two of his daughters, Halcyon and Solace, were embroiled in a distant battle to overthrow his reign as ruler of Gehenna, a third daughter, the Great Demon-Dragon Sarine, Succubus of the highest order ‘Filia Diaboli Sarine Centum’ and her hordes, were to stand in front of the young women who were to give birth. When they did give birth, they were to devour the young womens hearts, and set their Cambion offspring free. Sarine has spoken, but, there are whisperings of a prophecy of the ancients, that there exists a savior, the wearer of the Eftalpha ring. Born to be a victim, Amber defiantly refuses to succumb to her evil destiny and along with the rest of the children of Gaia, we should all pray that she succeeds.




Chapter 1

A Bagel Shop and a Bookstore

Nightmares about Monsters and Demons, or Dragons as they are sometimes called have plagued me since I was a three year old boy. Sometimes, even when I wasn’t sleeping, I’d see dark figures standing in doorways or something flitting at the peripheral vision of my eyes. But as fast as I could turn to catch them, somehow they would always elude me.

As the years went by the nightmares became increasingly malevolent. To escape my antagonist I’d often have to somehow, while sleeping, propel myself back into the real world by shaking myself awake. I still do that to this day. I’m twenty three now, but for the last few years my nightmares have also included an erotic twist.

Instead of always being terrifying, sometimes they’re so sensually provocative that I
want to wake up
. Finally the dream I had this evening was so intense, that I decided to not only find out the truth, but more importantly I wanted to know
this was happening to me.


I was startled out of my sleep when the tall sheer curtains in my bedroom suddenly rippled and made a snapping sound as an unexpected gust of wind had just blasted through them and the familiar colors of the room turned an ominous gray. It was as though there were storm clouds swirling around me and truth be told, I was a little afraid. I didn’t want to get up. It meant placing my feet on the floor and I didn’t know if something was going to grab my legs from under the bed. Then something else began to happen, a welcome feeling was overtaking my body, a familiar feeling, and I let
take control.

Straddling herself over me, she placed her strong hands on my chest and held me down as the moist
hot tip of her tongue teasingly licked my neck. But as she sent me to heaven and back, her playful bites began
hurting me a little.
Moments later our bodies tingled with sexual excitement and I began pulling her even tighter against my loins, it felt so good, it was almost
. Then with her intoxicating breasts pressed hard against me, she slid herself up like a Cobra until her hips were raised above my eyes. Arching her body back, softly but
almost menacingly
, she commanded, “Take me . . . now.” We slithered seamlessly together like two snakes dancing the ritual of lust and she was underneath me and with my body still feeling the magikal sensation of
I snapped out of my sleep . . .
it had happened again, but this time the dream was so intense, that it left me emotionally and physically shaken.


Looking over to my left, the side my girlfriend Enya sleeps on, I watched her breathing lightly, she wasn’t awake. We, didn’t just make love, but I did,
with a mystikal lover that seduces me when I seem to be at my most vulnerable. A vulnerability that sometimes leaves me paralyzed with the fear of demons suffocating me, or a pseudo reality that casts me into a tailspin of unbridled passion, like nothing you can
experience in this world.

It was after midnight when I got out of bed and I was still coming back down from the high of the incredible sex that we had just had and wondered whether I should feel afraid of the spirit, or if I should just feel lucky. I reached into my fridge, grabbed a cold drink and sat on the couch. Not wanting it to be over and with my eyes closed I tried to relive every delicious feeling, but Enya called out from the bedroom.

“Hey honey! Are you okay?” My girlfriend’s pretty voice had coaxed me out of my semi induced trance and I called back to her, “Relax, I’ll be back in a minute babe!” But this couldn’t go on any longer, I had to do something, anything that would help me understand why this was happening to me.

I decided to research this the next day at the members-only bookstore on the corner of sixth and Catacomb Ave. The proprietor, my friend Kat, has a huge selection of books and artifacts that deal with the occult and spirit related themes and I haven’t seen her in a while, plus weird stuff happens there, so it’s always fun.

It was the morning after the nightsex before and my girlfriend had already left for work. She takes the car on Fridays because she’s usually wrapping up a project at the studio and would most likely be late getting home. So after a quick shower I took out my Triumph motorcycle and went for a ride over to the Wicked Bagels shop three doors down from Kat’s establishment. My ex-girlfriend saw me before I walked through the door and was already getting my coffee poured.

“Morning Sin-dy! Can I get a couple of those bagels?”

“Only if I can get a big hug first,” Placing the bagels in a brown paper bag she drew a broken heart on it and walked around the counter.

“You know, I’ve
got a crush on you Kylar,” It felt wrong, not being with her any longer, but somehow I managed to smile and hugged her, thing is, we broke the three second rule by around . . . a lot. It still felt special, like we never broke up,
or is that what I was wishing?

“Seriously, I do,” she said. “But anyway, say hey to Enya for me, and tell her to call me, we need a girl’s night out.”

“Only if you get her back within twenty four hours,” I replied. “Not like last time.” Inside of me what I really wanted to say was,
How about us? when are we going to?
But I didn’t.

“Get oughtta here Kylar,” she teased, as she sneakily squeezed my butt. “You know what I’ll do to you if . . . ”

After saying goodbye to Sin-dy, I made my way out of the bagel shop and headed toward the bookstore. Sin-dy has come a long way. After a soul sapping and vicious breakup with her last boyfriend of two years who shot her in the upper chest, “
Because no one else can be with you
.” She had the area around the wound tattooed with an image of a Goth angel, holding a bloody sword inscribed with the words
Nunquam Iterum
, (Never again) I really like her, she’s a tough chick and we could have still been together if it wasn’t for my being so damn insecure.

Having arrived at the bookstore I walked up to the front door which is fashioned to look like an ancient sarcophagus cover. I had to place my face into the built in opening and kick the door lightly with my foot three times, yeah, it’s
really kookie
. It seemed there was no one there but somehow the door creaked open so I walked inside.

Something hit my face and startled me, “Hey Kylar, pick that up and bring it over here, I wanna show you something.” Looking down I saw the object that had just hit me, it was a little velvet pouch with four leather rings inside of it.

“Did you bring my Super Sin-namon bagel?” She smiled, and kinda acknowledged the hyphen in Sin-dy’s name. Kat has known about my feelings for quite some time and I think she wished that I’d get back together with Sin-dy, yeah, like that was likely to happen again…

I handed the velvet pouch along with the bagel to Kat and as she bit into the bagel she spilled the contents of the pouch onto a gargoyle themed chessboard. What’s strange is that it seemed as though the chess pieces
moved away
from the contents of the pouch.

“Here’s what you’ll need Kylar.”

“Need? What do you mean?”

The hairs on the nape of my neck began to stand up
, How does she know why I’m here? And, what I’ll need?

“Well if you wanna get going, you have to have a way of getting in and believe me if you’re crazy enough to go on this journey you’ll need all the help you can get, take this.”

Kat handed me a crystal pyramid and I could see a rainbow of colors dancing inside of it as though it was possessed with a life of its own, She then leaned forward and with her lips against my ear, whispered, “
When you get there, seek out Sceleris, she’s an Alter-Witch and can transform into the female version of anything.

Not expecting any of this and before I could gather my thoughts together she pulled away. “Follow me.” Walking over to a pile of rolled up scrolls that were covered in cobwebs and dust, she started unrolling and rerolling several of them and finally picked out the one she had been searching for.

Kat looked at me above the scroll, that by this time she’s holding up and turning around as she tries to see the right way up to look at it.

I finally got to descramble everything that had just happened and blurted out, “Wait a minute, how the hell do you know why I’m here and why do I have a weird uneasy feeling that you’re not going to make me feel happy?”

“Here.” Kat was pointing at a place that looked to be a wasteland of ice mapped out on the scroll, which she has now spread out on a large old trunk. “You know, you only have about a week to book your flight, ten days max before the ice builds up and then you’ll have to wait until next year and by then it may be too late.”

“Too late for?”

“Wait, sorry, you’re right. Let’s take a time-out, you and I, have to talk

Pulling up two chairs, she set them on either side of the trunk. “Please, sit down Kylar, I have something to tell you and you’re dead right, it’s not
going to make you feel happy.”

I started thinking it was time to leave and maybe come back another day, maybe when Kat was
was . . .

“Do you remember last time you were here, around a couple of months ago and you felt a chill, as though someone was brushing against you?”

“Yeah, you told me it was probably just a draft from the open . . . ” Suddenly I felt my hairs stand on end again.

“Well at the time I didn’t want to spook you, but as you can see.” I finished her words. “There are no windows !?”

“Yes, but there is something, someone, that
trying to reach you and I’m not talking about someone that lives
this planet, it’s someone that lives
this planet.”

“Come on Kat, what’s going on?!”

“What you felt wasn’t a draft, it was an attempt by
of your daughters trying to make contact from,” she paused, looking uneasy, then quietly said, “From . . . Hell.”
“Okay, that’s it, I’m leaving and if you try to stop me I’ll never buy you a Sin-namon bagel again!”

I stood up and started to make my way to the door, but the room was revolving and every time I tried walking away from her, she was right in front of me.

“Wait a goddamn minute, what’s going on here?”

“Stop Kylar, please, come back and sit down, I promise that you’ll want to hear this.”

Once again she gestured toward my chair and pulled it out a little further making it comfortable for me to sit down. “Well I guess I can’t leave anyway, how’d you do that whole room spinning thing?” Kat reached across the trunk and cradled my hand with both her hands and this time there was a look in her eyes that commanded my attention, so, I listened.

“There is a phenomenon that happens to some people and no one can explain how you’re chosen or why,” she took a breath and continued. “In some respects, demons, much like humans, have all kinds of personalities, some are more evil than others and some are very sexual and I know you already know that.”

“How do you know−?” She continued to talk right over my question.

“When you have a sexual encounter with the Succubae, the female demons that lust after male humans, the results can be just like having sex with a human.”

“What do you mean just like−?”

“They can get pregnant.”

I started to get what Kat was trying to tell me. She said earlier that “One of my daughters.” was trying to contact me,
what I felt that made me shiver, not a draft, it finally dawned on me that Kat was saying that a demon gave birth to my daughter, no . . . my daughters.

By this time my mind was spinning with incredulous thoughts of where she was trying to go with all of this. I tried anticipating what she was going to say ahead of her speaking out her comments but it was all too crazy for me so I continued to listen as she continued to speak.

“You have three daughters.”

“No, no way!”

Kat put her finger up to her mouth. “Shh, time is slipping away. You have four leather rings, each of your daughters has to wear one because it has a lock of hair from one of their mothers woven into them. The hair will act like a key that the gates recognize and will allow you to pass through and bring your daughters back home with you, the fourth ring is yours.”

She could see in my eyes that I had a thousand questions so she squeezed my hand and kept talking, there was even more urgency in her tone as she went on to say, “There’s more. A group of demons renowned for their scientific acumen, have managed to alter time and space. To you, that means your daughters have aged physically and mentally three times faster than they would have here on Earth, two of them are already teenagers.”

“Kat?!” She ignored me.

“Take this map, there are three entrances to your destination, study it carefully before you go on your journey.”

I noticed to the far right side of the map the initials ‘M.R.’ were burned into the parchment, so I wanted to ask her about them, but the air in the bookstore started to take on a stench, like death. Kat sensed other things that I couldn’t and knew she needed to tell me more
something stopped her. By this time the bookstore was rattling, books were falling off the shelves, the light fixtures were swaying and my heart was beating hard.

BOOK: Silverblood Demons (Daughters of Darkness Book 1)
7.84Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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