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This story is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, places, and incidences are either products of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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I want to dedicate this book to all of you who believed in me.  Writing seemed like such an impossible dream, but you all had faith in me even when I had none in myself.  I can never thank you enough for sticking with me, for supporting me, and encouraging me. 

Chapter 1

“What about anal?”

Nyree scowled at the Keeper her picture chart named as Rohmulus. The same Keeper who refused to let her steer the conversation to something less embarrassing.  In a group of mostly uncivilized males, this particular male was becoming something of a pain in the ass.

As part of their temporary stay at StoneCrow, Monroe had demanded that the Ruling Keeper, Fatal, order his men to avoid any and all contact with females.  A wise choice, as the thought process of Keepers when it came to women was “See. Take. Keep.” The hell with the woman’s thoughts on the situation.

Nyree was the one exception to the “No Women” rule. A highly-trained Skinwalker Sentry in her own right, and one of only a handful of humans in their elite group, Nyree had busted her ass to earn respect and make her way. Her efforts didn’t go unnoticed, and it wasn’t long before her commander, Remy McCabe, pulled her in for a special assignment. As a human, and therefore not seen as a threat by the highly aggressive Keepers, she was in a unique position to try to meet what was rapidly beginning to appear was an impossible goal. Civilize a group of uncivilized Keepers and conduct their Sentry training. Piece of cake.


Now, she was starting to regret the honor Commander McCabe had bestowed upon her. An “honor” she was now beginning to see was rather dubious in nature.

This first day of training was scheduled as a meet and greet, a way to help the males begin to understand this new world they were living in.  Having previously lived in a cave in the Philippines, they were primitive at best, though “barbaric” seemed to be a better description. She was warned that the Keepers were encouraged to ask questions, any questions, and she’d been cautioned that none of them had ever had the opportunity to speak freely with females here in States. 

Nyree entered the classroom on the main floor of the estate house on her own. Knowing the Keepers habits, it had taken quite a little tap dance, but in the end, Commander McCabe had agreed to let her go in without backup—mostly because the ruling Keeper, Fatal, would be in attendance and had promised to control his men.

For forty minutes, she’d answered questions put to her ranging in subject from the Skin Walkers, humans, food, and weapons.  It wasn’t until the inquiries turned to the great mystery of American females that things flew out of control.

Nyree scowled at Rohmulus, considering what she knew of him. The man—correction, Keeper—was her polar opposite.  Where she was small and delicate, he was large and forceful.  Her dark eyes, black hair and deeply tanned skin clashed with his impossibly light eyes, light skin and hair so pale it was nearly white.  Where the Skin Walkers Nyree knew could shift forms to nearly any type of animal, Keepers actually emitted a single animal as a separate entity from themselves.  They called them Soul Sentries, and Nyree knew that Rohm’s Soul Sentry was a massive polar bear.  A bear that happened to have a better demeanor that the Keeper himself if rumors were to be believed.

Watching her closely, he crossed his arms over his thick chest with a frown.

Nyree felt heat stain her cheeks.  “Excuse me?”

“What.  About. Anal?”  Rohm made a show of enunciating each word, his eyes taking a leisurely stroll down and then just as slowly back up her frame.  He angled his head in clear challenge.

Heat from his appraisal had her tugging at the collar of her crisply tailored shirt.  It was hard to focus on being objective when he looked at her like that, but she knew there was no true interest behind it.  He was trying to make her feel uncomfortable, and she couldn’t let him succeed.  Nyree cleared her throat and lifted her chin.  “What…what about it?”

“Do women like it?”

She gave a curt nod.  “Some do.”  She’d hoped that would be the end of it and quickly looked away, but knew she was wrong when Rohm leaned forward, resting his hands on his knees. 

His eyes narrowed on her in clear challenge.  “Do you?”

  She wanted to tell him to fuck off, but knew he was intentionally goading her.  If she backed down from this, he’d win, and she refused to let that happen. It couldn’t.  She was attempting to cement her place in a position of authority.  Like a fool, she opted to match him.  “I could.”

There was suddenly a glint in his eyes.  “Could?”

“I’ve never…”

He cut her off.  “So, you’re a virgin?”

“No.” She shook her head, narrowing her eyes on the pain in the ass who was making her day more difficult every time he opened his mouth.  Damn, this was getting way off track.  “I didn’t say that.”  She rubbed her palms on her thighs in agitation.  “Look, we aren’t talking about me, specifically.  We’re talking about women in general.”

“You’re a woman,” he pointed out.

“I’m aware.” She frowned, giving him a dark look.  “But all women aren’t the same.  Some like anal, some don’t.  Some like missionary, some don’t.  Some like oral, some don’t.”

“Do you?” he challenged.

“Again, we aren’t talking about me.”  The more he goaded her, the more she could feel her nerves tightening, her cheeks reddening.  She wasn’t one to take shit from anyone, and this Keeper was calling her out.

“Do you?” He leaned forward in his chair as he asked again, his eyes going to her crotch.  “Do you like a man’s mouth on you down there?”

Some of the Keepers laughed, other’s narrowed their eyes on her, waiting for her response, and Nyree’s hard-fought control snapped.  She slapped her clipboard onto the podium beside her, stepping forward until she was standing directly in front of Rohm, forcing him to sit back and look up to make eye contact.  “Fine.  I’ll play it your way.  You wanna know about me? Here it comes.  I like a male who takes charge.  When we go to a restaurant, I don’t want him to wait for me to pick a table for us, he should do that.  He should also open my door and pull out my chair.  Yeah, I’m tough, but he should treat me like a lady.  Always!  As for sex.”  She bent a little at the waist, leaning over Rohm.  “I don’t like anal, but am up for everything else except for pain.  I don’t mix my pain with my pleasure.  I get enough pain in my daily life, I don’t need or want it in my night life.  But I don’t mind it a little rough.  Tug my hair, slap my ass, hold me down while fucking into me.  Sometimes a lady likes a man who takes what he wants.”

Nyree was so focused on Rohm she didn’t notice the Keepers who slowly rose to their feet.  No, her attention was fixed on Rohm, more specifically the tick in his jaw as he frowned up at her, his full lips set in a grim line. His almost clear eyes darkened and his brows speared down.  Apparently, he hadn’t expected her to meet his challenging questions in quite the manner she had.

“As for oral.”  Nyree stopped, making a show of licking her lips before leaning back to glance down at Rohm’s lap as he’d done to her earlier.  Two could play his game.  “There’s nothing I love more than a man foregoing his own pleasure to give me mine.  A hot, wet tongue sliding through my slit…”  She didn’t notice the low rumbling that started in the room. “There’s nothing more pleasurable.  Especially when a male is experienced and knows what he’s doing.” 

She crossed her arms under her breasts, lifting them with the motion, intentionally torturing Rohm now.  His eyes flicked to her chest then back to her eyes. 

“The problem,” she continued, “is that most men don’t know what they’re doing.”  She lifted a hand, sucking two fingers into her mouth before popping them free and holding them up, wiggling the wet digits with a naughty grin at Rohm.  “More often than not, I take care of myself and let me tell you…”

She didn’t get to tell him anything.  In her periphery, someone lunged at her, causing her to jerk back with a startled gasp.  Rohm’s arm shot out like a bolt, and it wasn’t until he’d shoved the other Keeper back and quickly stood just in time to catch a second Keeper who lunged for Nyree from the opposite side that she realized they were trying to get to her!

Shocked, Nyree backed up quickly, only stopping when her back hit the wall behind her, quickly taking in the sight of the full room.  Rohm was fighting off two Keepers, and beside him, Hero fought off two more.  Behind them, several more eyed her intently, and even further behind them she saw Fatal standing by the door shaking his head as he eyed her in clear disappointment. As if she’d caused this.  Taking a fighters stance, she eyed the Keepers.  Had she caused this?

“GO!” Rohm bellowed.

“Wh-what?”  She glanced at him, then back at the Keepers still fighting to get to her.

“GET OUT!” Rohm bellowed, and the command had Nyree turning to climb over a toppled chair and racing for the door.

Loud crashing sounded behind her, but she didn’t stop.  She rushed for her quarters, slamming the door behind her, locking it with the deadbolt and leaning on the door as she struggled to steady her breathing.  “Damn it,” she breathed, sliding down the door. 

She’d lost her focus and had caused a riot with her verbal sparring match with Rohm.  It had been amateurish, and to make matters worse, she’d done it in front of the ruling Keeper. 

Her head fell back, knocking on the door with a clunk.  Rohm was making her fuck up.  
No, you are fucking up, period. Don’t blame it on him.  He called you out and you let him!
  She shook her head, then dropped it to fall into her hands.  She wondered if Fatal would keep her on now.  How could he?

A knock at the door startled her, and she crab-walked away, eyeing it nervously.  “Who…who is it?”


The one word, said in a menacing tone, sent shivers down her spine.  She jumped to her feet, walking to the door where her hand hesitated on the knob.  Should I open it?  She had no idea who else was on the other side with him.  What if…

As if reading her mind, Fatal snapped impatiently, “It’s just me.”

Nyree opened the door, peeking out the crack before pulling it all the way open and allowing the ruling Keeper into her room.

Fatal gave her a dark frown before clasping his hands behind his back and pacing to the window. “Quite a show.”

She didn’t know what to say, so she opted for silence as humiliation washed over her.


“Let’s discuss the difference between a Walker and a Keeper, shall we?”  He continued to pace in front of her, his clear authority reminding her of Monroe StoneCrow, the Dominant Skin Walker. His authority might carry the same weight, but that’s where the similarity ended.  Monroe was undoubtedly a dangerous being, but the menace that Fatal exuded had her eyeing the door, wondering if she shouldn’t make a run for it.

“I’ve been told that Walker males exhibit much more control where the female of the species is concerned.”  He stopped pacing to stare at her.  “My Keepers and I believe that a female is meant to be taken.  Your words today indicate you believe the same.”

“Sir, I didn’t…”

Fatal didn’t let her speak.  “Monroe has decreed that during our stay here, we must abide by his rules where females are concerned.  I’ve convinced my Keepers that you human females don’t see aggression as desireable that you don’t want to be taken hard.  I’ve told them you don’t want to be taken at all.”  His eyes narrowed on her.  “Your words today contradict what I’ve told my Keepers.  In their eyes, you’ve made yourself viable for the taking.”

She shook her head, stepping back.  “I…”

Fatal followed her.  “If one of them had gotten to you today, you’d be claimed now, Nyree.”  He canted his head.  “Is that what you want?  Do you wish to be mated to one of my Keepers?”

Her back hit the door and she breathed, “No, Sir.  That’s not what I was trying to do.  I was…”

He sniffed, turning away as his lip curled.  “I know.  You were goading Rohmulus.”

“He was goading me!”  

Fatal smiled and it was terrifying.  While his lips curled up, his eyes grew darker, and there was no humor there.  “He was pushing you.  You pushed back.  Keepers aren’t Walkers, Miss.  You shouldn’t have stood up to him.  You should have cowed.  You should have let him push you.  You should have known your place.”

“Why?” she snapped.  “Why would I permit that, Sir?  I am not weak. And my “place” is as a Skinwalker Sentry, not a piece of property!”

“I know.” He gently shoved her away from the door before opening it, stilling halfway out to glance over his shoulder.  “And that is why they now want you.  You’ve shown them your mettle, and they are eager to match it.  Your partner will protect you, and I suggest you stick close to him.  Rohmulus is stronger than most, but he is not invincible, and he cannot be everywhere at once.”

“Rohmulus?  He can’t be…”

“He will be your partner throughout training.  It is done.” 

Fatal left Nyree standing gape mouthed, staring at the door. 
!  She’d really done it now.  Monroe had warned her that Keepers were volatile.  It’s why she’d been assigned the job instead of a Walker male.  He had specifically requested a human female.  A human Sentry, and she was the best there was at StoneCrow.  She’d wondered why he hadn’t sent a Walker female, and now she knew why.  They were too aggressive, and that’d only incite a riot among the Keeper men.  A riot, just like the one she’d incited earlier, and damn it all, she couldn’t help but be angry at Rohm for it.  How was he supposed to be her partner, supposed to have her back?   He aggravated her, provoked her. And if their first meeting was anything to go by, he clearly despised her.

BOOK: Skin Walkers: Taken
2.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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