Read Sleeping Cutie's Two Daddies (reluctant taboo sleep sex erotica) Online

Authors: Riley Rourke

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Sleeping Cutie's Two Daddies (reluctant taboo sleep sex erotica)

BOOK: Sleeping Cutie's Two Daddies (reluctant taboo sleep sex erotica)
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Sleeping Cutie’s Two Daddies

Taboo sleep virgin defloration and ménage erotica

by Riley Rourke




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Sleeping Cutie’s Two Daddies





Slapping my required-unless-you’re-insane
flip flops against the tile leading to the dorm bathroom always
made me giggle a little. A lot of things do, I guess, but that’s
one of my favorites. I tend to head down at weird times. I like to
shower in the middle of the afternoon, right around lunch, whatever
– when most of the girls who live in this place are off doing other

Why? I’ve got a confession.

I’m a virgin.

Yeah. Seriously. I’m A twenty-one year old
college girl who hasn’t ever even let a guy get to third base. And
no, before you ask, I’m not some kind of weirdo. I just...well, I
never found the right guy is all.


Laughing at the echo, I pulled open the door
to the common shower room and put all my stuff on the faded blue
shelf outside the stall. That’s one of the best parts of girls’
locker rooms, or bathrooms or whatever. We all get separate stalls.
Guys? They get to stand in a big circle and shower while they all
stare at each other’s dicks.

Oh lord, Gia. You’re blushing because you
thought of a bunch of naked guys soaping up. How ridiculous are
There I stood, blushing, alone in a bathroom.

Like I said. Virgin.

I’m such a virgin it hurts sometimes. My
girlfriends will watch porn or whatever and laugh about it, or talk
about their boyfriends and the stuff they do when it’s supposed to
be lights out and I just can’t handle it. I get all red-faced,
giggly, and ridiculous. But that’s what happens! I can’t help it.
We’ll go out for a beer, although I never drink any, since you’re
not supposed to have any alcohol ‘even in your belly when you come
back to campus’ here at St. Mary’s.

See? That’s me. I’m such a dork I follow the
rules that
nobody ever follows
. But hey, that’s just me.
Anyway, the girls will get talking about all the stuff their
boyfriends do to them and I do a whole lot of blushing. At the same
time though, I feel things that I feel bad about, no matter how
much everyone else talks about how good it feels.

One time, I let Brad Preston stick his hand
under my shirt, and the way his hand kind of rasped over the mauve
fabric of my bra made get really hard. I knew
that happened when it was cold, or I got wet or whatever, but that
was the first time someone else made me feel like that. And of
course, as soon as he did, I made him quit and didn’t call him for
a week.

Back to the shower thing – why do I go in the
middle of the afternoon when no one’s around? Well...

That afternoon was just like the rest of
them. I went to morning mass, finished my two Thursday morning
history classes and started to have my
. I got out
of my little shower shorts, and tight t-shirt I loved to wear, but
only when I was pretty sure I was alone because it was
embarrassing the way guys looked at me when I wore
it. Then, as soon as I figured the shower was hot enough and I
stepped under the water, the drops hit me on the chest.

Little beads of water ran down my between my
breasts, past my navel and slid around my
down there
. I
loved the way it felt. The wet trickles circling me, and how when I
put one of my legs up on the soap dish, how the stream of water
massaged me in my special place.

Starting to make sense why I take my showers
in the middle of the day?

I closed my eyes and ran my hands through my
hair. Heat from the water splashed all over my...well...what is
there to be embarrassed about? The water caressed my belly, ran
down between my legs, and tickled the sensitive nibs on my tits. I
always liked that word. It makes me feel so naughty to say, or even
think, but I like the way it sounds.

“Does it feel good when I put my hands on
your tits?” A soft, vague voice echoed in my mind. My fantasies
never really had faces but they always had a voice, and it was
always the same one. It’s weird, but in these little daydreams I
have when I touch myself, I always hear my step-dad Ben’s voice.
It’s even weirder that I don’t feel bad about it at all. Of all my
dumb hang-ups, that doesn’t even register. It’s just a fantasy, you
know? Ben would never actually
anything like what I
imagine. Never in a million years.

“Mine too,” I fantasized. Two men.
was enough to get me blushing again. Having a fantasy
about my daddy? No big deal. But
guys? Yeah, that was
crazy. “Does my little girl like her other dad’s hands on her tits?
On her big, round, tits? These nipples are so hard, sweetie. So, so
hard. Do you want me to suck on them?”

The new voice belonged to my
step-dad. It’s a long story. My mom was pretty rough on herself
when she was growing up. Of course, she did her ‘growing up’ after
I was born. Ben was the first guy she hitched up with after my real
dad left, and he did a lot of raising me while my mom did a lot of

“Yes,” I whispered into the empty shower.
“Suck my tits, and...oh that’s good...”

I slid my hand between my legs and stroked as
I pinched my nipples.

“You like how my fingers feel?” The second
voice, which belonged to Drake, my mom’s current husband, asked in
a whisper. “You want me to put them in you?”

I bit my lip and slid my middle finger in my
hole. The water had a little surge of heat, like it does some times
that accentuated the burning I felt deep in my center. I’d wanted
this for so long but just never found the right guy.

But, at least in my imagination, I’d found
two of them. At the same time.

Gia, you dirty girl
. I couldn’t help
by smile as my finger slipped all the way in and I cupped my hand
around myself, grinding my palm against my clit.

“Oh, feels so good,” I whispered. My voice
bounced off the shower walls. I heard a noise outside the bathroom
and held my breath, but it was nothing. Just someone going down the
hall. Closing my eyes, visions of my two daddies returned. Both Ben
and Drake were fit guys – my mom would of course tolerate nothing
less, but Drake was a life-long swimmer. Really lean and trim,
where Ben was a weightlifting guy; big and bulky and muscly. I
couldn’t decide which type I liked better, so I guess my mind made
up its own solution.

“How about this?” Imaginary Drake said. I ran
my hand along the outside of my thigh to simulate his
on me. Just the thought of the word made me giggle

“Yes,” I moaned. I slipped another finger
right in beside the first and started turning them in slow circles
in opposite directions. God did it ever feel good. I wanted to
do this so bad that it hurt sometimes.

It wasn’t that I was embarrassed about the
other girls talking about their boyfriends. Not really. It was that
I was ashamed at how
I wanted to do all that stuff. I
was just too shy. Too damn shy.

I pushed hard with my palm, making it go in
the same little circles my fingers did, and couldn’t help but grunt

“I think our baby girl wants my cock, what do
you think, Ben?” My two fantasy daddies exchanged a glance and I
reached down to find that both of them were big and hard and
standing straight up.

A third finger went inside me. I started
dragging my fingertips along the front of my sex, right over a
little place that made me wiggle with pleasure. In and out, a
little faster, a little harder, I pumped my hand as the water
bounced off my erect nipples and my breath tightened in my

“Do you think she wants one?” In my
imagination, Ben paused to kiss my neck. In reality, my knees were
starting to go a little weak and I was beginning to shake. “Or do
you think she wants both?”

Immediately, I got a deliciously naughty
vision of me on top of my daddy Ben, his dick so deep in me that it
hurt, and Drake standing behind me, his hands kneading my tits, and
his rock hard cock pushing on, no, no, it couldn’t be. I’d
never even
of someone doing that, but...

I slipped the tip of my thumb inside my
puckered ring as my pussy started to squeeze at my others. Even
that tiny bit, just the tip, sent pleasure snaking up my back. The
muscles in my core all flexed up at once, and then, just as I urged
my thumb a little deeper, I bit my lip to keep from screaming.

The water on my chest, my knees wobbling,
of my private places sucking and squeezing my fingers,
I was so close. I held my breath until my lungs burned, then just
as my shoulders began to shake and my muscles all relaxed at once


My phone was vibrating against the shelf. My
mind got all fuzzed up, and visions of my two beautiful dads turned
into a vision of my phone falling to its death on the tiles of the

I threw the towel around my waist and
snatched my phone off the shelf right before it took a

“Hello?” I grabbed it and answered before
looking. When I glanced down to tighten my towel, I realized that I
had a bright red flush all over my chest.


Holy – it was Ben!

“God I’m glad you answered. Listen, I hate to
do this on short notice, but you know I’ve got Kyle this weekend.”
Kyle’s my half-brother.

“I don’t really keep up, but sure? What’s
going on?”

He took a deep breath. “If you’re not busy, I
have a big favor to ask you.”

“How did I know?”

“Because you’re a genius!” He laughed. “Look,
I’ve got-”

“Let me guess. You’ve got something you have
to do and you want me to come over and babysit?”

“Er...yeah. Kinda.”

I didn’t mind. I liked doing it actually, and
hanging out with Ben was just a bonus to spending time playing
kid’s videogames and pretending I was doing it for Kyle. But after
the session I’d just had in the shower, I had a couple of naughtier
thoughts. Of course, nothing would ever happen. They were just dumb

“Kinda? How can you need me to ‘kinda’

In response, he just laughed. “Can you help
me out? I’m seeing someone you might not expect me to –”

“It’s fine,” I cut him off. He was dating.
He’s a good, single guy. He had a right to find some happiness. I
didn’t need to butt in. “Whatever you’re doing is your business.
Yeah, of course. I don’t get out of work until about eight or so.
Is that okay?”

“Perfect. You sure you don’t want to know who
I’m going out with?” He asked.

“Nope. Your life, your business. See you at

He said goodbye and hung up. While it
true, I didn’t want to get all in his business about his
love life, after the fantasy I just had, there was a fleeting
moment when I imagined it all coming true. Me babysitting for a few
hours, then him coming home with my other dad, and both of them
seducing the little girl they raised. Wooing me and doing all the
wonderful, naughty, fantastic things that my friends talked about
their boyfriends doing.

I shook my head.

It’ll never happen. Never in a million,
billion years. Just not possible.

Still though, none of my friends ever talked
about a threesome. Well, except for Bridget once. And it was an
like this. My insides burned just thinking
about it. I had to stop. It was never going to happen, anyway, and
the only thing that nursing the fantasy would do was make my four
hour shift at the video store




unbearable, but only because I
had a visit from not one, but three of my ‘favorite’ customers.
“Guy who asks for new release list” and then stands there as I
recite them was followed by “guy who rents a pile of dirty movies
and hides them under a regular movie”. After the two of them, I
thought there was no way “guy who hits on me” was coming in, but he
most certainly did.

Anyway, as soon as my shift was over I headed
to Ben’s house.

The drive took about a half hour, which
included a stop off at an ice cream shop on the way because work
and I had no idea what sort of a mood Kyle was in.
Five year olds have a lot of them of course, but most involve some
level of screaming. When I showed up, Ben was just closing the

BOOK: Sleeping Cutie's Two Daddies (reluctant taboo sleep sex erotica)
6.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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