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Angie Stanton




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Vanguard Management


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Cover by:

Steena Holmes


All characters in this book are fiction and figments of the author’s imagination.

Twitter: @angie_stanton


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For Faith Black.

Thanks for pulling me out of the slush all those years ago.





“Shave it all.” Adam ran his fingers through his loose brown curls.

“You want me to shave off all your hair?” Peter, his older brother, held the electric shaver in his hand and looked at Adam’s reflection in the mirror. “You know your fans are going to riot when they find out.”

“Aw, they’ll learn to love the new look, when they eventually see it. The point is that I don’t want anyone to recognize me at camp.”

Garrett, his oldest brother, chose that moment to walk in. “It’s bad enough Peter’s chasing after Libby like a love sick dog. Now you’re acting like a twelve-year-old and going to summer camp. Shoot me now.”

Adam grinned, unruffled by Garrett’s words. “It’s not just any summer camp, it’s the Gallagher Institute’s arts camp and there won’t be any twelve-year-olds there. Just high school kids.”

Garrett leaned against the doorframe. “I get it. You want to pretend you’re a nobody and blend in. Good luck with that,” he said in his condescending tone.

Peter tossed the shaver from one hand to the other. “Are you ready, or what?”

“You really think cutting off your trademark hair, the thing girls go crazy for, is going to keep them from recognizing you?” Garrett asked. “And what’s so bad if they do? I thought you loved the attention.”

Adam pushed his bangs back to check out how he’d look without his mop of hair. “It’s photography camp, not a rock concert. I can’t exactly spend two weeks with girls screaming every time they see me and begging for my autograph. I need to blend in.”

“Plus,” Peter turned to Garrett, “no one would ever expect Adam to be at a camp in northern Wisconsin, especially without you and me and a small entourage. People see what they expect to see: a nerdy guy with a bad haircut and no personality.”

Adam shook his head. “Nice. Thanks for that. You gonna do this, or do I have to go ask Dad?” He couldn’t wait to see how different he would look.

“Relax, drama queen. Sit still and let’s do some damage here.”

Adam perched on the stool in front of the bathroom mirror. Garrett looked on with a frown.

Peter examined Adam’s hair. As he turned on the shaver and placed it at Adam’s hairline, Garrett said, “Give him a Mohawk.”

Peter slid the buzzing razor through Adam’s hair. Adam grinned as the locks dropped to the floor, revealing a two-inch strip of short hair. He reached up, felt the soft patch and grinned. “Awesome.”

Garrett shook his head. “I can’t believe you’re really doing this. Does Mom know?”

“No. Sometimes surprises are best,” Adam said.




Chapter 1


Marti rolled the window down and inhaled the fresh scent of the north woods as grandma slowed the car and drove the long narrow road that led to camp.

“It even smells like fun,” Grandma said.

“I can’t believe I’m finally here.” Marti leaned her head out the window and let the light breeze blow her long hair. She breathed in the of pine, moss, and wildflower-scented air. Two weeks away from her summer job at the Garden Centre on a dream vacation. She couldn’t wait to be surrounded by other kids who loved photography as much as she did.

They drove around a bend to a glimmering blue lake with trees leaning over it like ice cream melting over the side of a cone. A sandy beach dotted with kayaks, canoes and small sailboats anchored the camp. A log cabin-style lodge nestled on one side and a sidewalk traced the edge of the lake on the other. Small cabins peppered the lakefront for as far as she could see.

Grandma parked in a handicapped spot and hooked her special parking placket over the rear view mirror. They looked at each other and grinned.

“You’ll have plenty to take pictures of, I can see that already.” Grandma nodded toward a young guy walking out of the main lodge; a couple of cameras crisscrossed his chest on long straps. He had an easygoing gait and his head bounced as if he were listening to music inside his head.

“Grandma! You are such a cougar.”

“Oh, he’s a few decades too young for me, but not for you.”

Marti shook her head and rolled her eyes. But she loved that woman with all her heart. Grandma was everything to Marti: she took care of her, made sure she enjoyed the best opportunities and listened whenever life got messy.

“I’m just saying,” Grandma winked.

They exited the car and went around to the trunk. Marti collected her rolling bag packed with enough stuff she could stay for six months. Grandma picked up the camera bag, handed it to Marti and looked back at her new favorite target, the guy. He was talking to another guy on his way into the lodge. He said something and they both laughed.

“He’s a cutie. You better make your move right away. You don’t want some other girl to snatch him up.”

“Oh my god, Grandma! It’s a good thing there’s not an extra cabin or I could see you staying to check out all the guys!” But Grandma was right. Even from a distance Marti noticed his handsome face. He wore a permanent smirk as if he just heard something really funny, and his eyes seemed to dance.

Marti and Grandma made their way toward the lodge. At the edge of the sidewalk, a pile of suitcases and bags was heaped next to a sign that said “Registration” with a painted arrow that pointed to the lodge.

“Looks like you can leave your bag here while we go in,” Grandma said. Marti parked her bag at the edge of the pile.

The boy Grandma had been ogling walked out of the lodge and headed over to a bag near Marti’s feet.

“Hi! You here for photography camp too?” he asked with an inviting smile. His hair, cut super short, showed off his great bone structure. She’d like to take a few pictures of him!

“No, actually, I’m here for orchestra camp,” Marti responded with a straight face.

“Really? That’s a mighty small violin.” He smirked, eyeing the camera bag over her shoulder.

“It’s a really small orchestra.” Marti arched an eyebrow.

“Is that so? Then I guess I won’t have to worry that you’ll keep me awake at night practicing.” His eyes, a combination of amber with flecks of rich brown, connected with hers in a silent duel.

She fought back an excited smile. Marti didn’t want him to know that he’d gotten under her skin. She didn’t come to camp to meet guys, but heck, that would be a bonus.

“Marti, you shouldn’t tease this young man. Now be polite and introduce yourself. This is Marti, and it looks like you’ll be getting to know each other, because you were right. She is here for photography camp.”

“Nice to meet you, Marti, I’m Ada… uh, AJ.” For an instant, she saw something flicker across his eyes but then he smiled, his happy self again.

AJ picked up a large duffle and slung the bag over his shoulder. “I guess I’ll be seeing you around. Nice chatting with you.” He flashed Grandma an infectious grin and headed off for the path leading to the cabins.

“Oh, he’s definitely a keeper,” Grandma said. “He’s got spunk. I like him.”

Marti watched him amble away. Camp kept getting better, and she hadn’t even registered yet.

Inside the lodge, a huge stone fireplace anchored the main wall.
Woodcarvings, bird feathers and a few too many animal antlers for her taste covered the rest of the walls. Registration tables were set up in front of the fireplace with college-aged staffers checking people in.

“Hi! Welcome to Camp Hiawatha,” a perky blonde with a messy ponytail said.

“Hi, I’m Marti, Marti Hunter.”

“I’m Melody. Did you bring your paperwork?”

“Right here.” Grandma dug in her purse and pulled out an envelope with the camp forms and handed them to Melody.

“Perfect.” She looked them over and checked her list. “Your cabin is Firefly.
Here’s a camp map. At the next table you can pick up a nametag. Dinner is at 5:30. If you want, you can take your grandmother to see your cabin before she has to leave.”

“Thanks,” Marti said.

Once outside the beautiful lodge, she hugged Grandma. “I still can’t believe you let me come!” She always dreamed of going to camp and this place looked so awesome.

“You deserve it, honey, but are you sure you didn’t want to go to some Rock Band camp?” Grandma waited for her reaction, a concerned look on her face.

“Don’t even say that!” Marti’s dad, Steven Hunter, was the lead guitarist for the band Graphite Angels. Marti knew that Grandma still worried that Marti would want to follow in his footsteps and join a band. “Grandma, not funny. Never!”

“Just checking. How do I know you won’t change your mind and wish you were back inLA. and not Wisconsin? There is so much flash out there, and our life is pretty ordinary in comparison.”

“What is all this about?LA. was like five years ago, and you know I hated everything about it.” Especially her wasted excuse of a father. “There’s nothing that could take me away from you… except for camp.”

“Good, because I’d have it no other way. You are the sunshine in my life.” She squeezed Marti’s shoulder.

They arrived back at the car. Grandma rested against it.

“Are you okay, Gran?”

“Oh yes, I’m fine. Just a little winded. It’s all this excitement and fresh air. I’m not used to walking so far anymore. I’ve gotten lazy.”

Marti glanced at the sidewalk to the lodge, which wasn’t really that far. “Maybe you better get back to the doctor.”

“I’m two steps ahead of you. I have a check-up on Monday.”

“Good,” she said, satisfied, but then thought again. “There isn’t anything wrong, is there?”

“Of course not. You concentrate on making new friends and having the best time ever.” She brushed a lock of Marti’s hair off her face and lovingly tucked it behind her ear.

“I will. Do you want to come see my cabin?”

BOOK: Snapshot
4.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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