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Leaning back into
him, Holly closed her eyes as his palms rubbed up and down her body, cupping at
her tender breasts. His cock slipped from her and he chuckled as she made a
noise of disappointment.

“Don’t worry,
darling, I’m not done with you yet.” Cum dribbled down her leg and Daniel must
have noticed as he unbound her hands and turned her to face him. “Let’s get you
cleaned up.”

Holly sucked in a
sharp breath as she came face to face with his bare chest. He lifted a brow as
her cheeks coloured while she took in the sight of him. His muscled torso was
the same tanned colour as his face and a light sprinkling of golden hair
trailed down the his cock. A cock which, by the looks of it, was far from
satisfied. Already it was swelling under her gaze. She licked at her lips,
remembering the taste of it.

“Do you want to get
cleaned up or do you want to suck my cock?” Daniel asked with a smile.

“I-I…whatever you’d
like me to do, Daniel,” Holly replied meekly.

“Let’s get you
cleaned up first. I want to see your beautiful pussy all lathered up. Maybe
I’ll let you suck it later.”

“Thank you, Daniel,”
she murmured as he led her to the adjoining bathroom.

He escorted her into
the shower as if escorting her to a ball, rather than cleaning his spunk off
her and Holly couldn’t resist smiling as she considered his very English
etiquette. He was every inch the charming Englishman. Except he just happened
to enjoy beating her poor skin crimson.
Will my skin ever recover?
wondered as she studied the marks that still lingered.

Stepping in beside
her, Daniel closed the door and Holly’s chest constricted as that wall of
muscle bore down upon her. She peered up at him through her lashes as he leaned
over and turned on the shower. Sighing as the warm jets poured over her
battered and used body, Daniel watched her carefully.

Reaching across for
the soap, he looped an arm around her back and hauled her flat against him, her
hard nipples prodding his chest. “I didn’t expect to find a sub as perfect as
you in a place like this.”

Before she could
respond, he dove down and kissed her hungrily, making her head spin. The hand
with the soap in trailed over her back and buttocks, thoroughly lathering every
part of her. He paid particular attention to her arse, sweeping it over her
anus and occasionally probing it, making her gasp.

He must be getting
me ready for his cock.
But any trepidation she felt was gone as he brought up the soap between them
and rubbed it vigorously over her breasts and thighs. Then he pressed the soap
into her hand. “Clean me.”

Holly eagerly
obliged, soaping his back and taut buttocks as he turned around for her. She
didn’t miss an inch, determined to do the very best for her Dom.
Her Dom?
Holly shook her head as she admired his arse. Her Dom for one night only.
Afterwards, she would be long gone. Her heart ached already…

Daniel turned around
and she cleaned his chest and thighs before getting down onto her knees and
paying special attention to his cock and balls, working the soap into them
until his length was as rigid as it could be.

She stared up at him
as the shower splashed over their bodies, dripping over her face and hair. She
didn’t care. As he looked down on her, it was as if nothing else mattered. Not
even her uncle and her shitty life.

Keen to feel more of
his solid shaft, she worked more lather over it until he hauled her to her
feet. “You keep doing that and I won’t last long enough to sink my cock into
you again.”


“Don’t be, Holly.
Don’t ever be sorry for servicing your master.”

Your master? Did he
feel it too? Or was she just a quick fuck in a line of many, many others?

She gave him a gentle
smile. “Ok, Daniel.”

Abruptly he shoved
her back against the tiles, pinning her there with a hand on her soapy cunt.
His fingers worked quickly to make her bud swell and within seconds, she was gasping
and scrabbling for purchase against the tiles.

“Is your pussy sore?”

Holly nodded.
“Y-yes,” she managed to grind out during breaths.

“Shall I make you

“Oh, yes. Yes, please.”

“Good.” His thumb
circled her sore clit roughly as two fingers plunged suddenly into her swollen
and delicate heat. He curled them round, working at her G-spot as the rough pad
of his thumb worked brutally at her nub, the soap doing little to smooth the
sensation. “You’re amazing when you come,” he added.

Holly gripped onto
his shoulders as her legs threatened to collapse and his determined hand
brought her to the brink, the tenderness of her sex mingling with the pure
bliss that his fingers sent through her. He observed as the flush shimmered
through her body and she somehow managed to keep her gaze on his, aware this
was what he liked. Her mouth fell open in a silent ‘Oh’ as she crested, the
climax stealing her breath entirely.

He tapped at her clit
with his thumb until she was entirely spent and her over-sensitive bud flinched
under his touch. Mercifully, he released her and rewarded her with another kiss
before opening the shower door and helping her out.

Wrapping a fluffy towel
around her, he tugged one over his hips and then turned his attention to drying
her. He rubbed thoroughly at every inch of her until her skin prickled and then
he patted damp her hair.

Holly frowned.
“Shouldn’t I be doing this for you, Daniel?”

He shook his head
with a lopsided grin that made her heart skip. “No. It’s my duty to look after
you, just as much as it is yours to look after your master.”

There it was again.
Her body softened into him, as if mirroring the softening of her
heart. No one had ever looked after her. Not even her hippy parents. How nice
it was to be taken care of for a change.

When he was satisfied
she was dried, he led her over to the bed and pressed her down onto it. Daniel
tugged at her nipples until they were as tight as possible before spreading
apart her legs and eyeing her swollen cunt. He swept a finger over it as he
admired it and she flinched. It was so sore, so inflamed, but in spite of this,
a fresh surge of arousal trickled out at his touch.

“Raise your legs,” he
ordered as he pushed her legs back, “and hold onto them.”

Drawing in a shaky
breath, Holly nodded and hooked her hand under her knees, drawing her legs back
and displaying herself for him. He collected up her cream and drew it down over
her puckered hole as it flexed under his touch.

Chewing her lip,
Holly watched nervously. It was easy to imagine submitting her virgin hole to
him when in the throes of pleasure but now…now she couldn’t see how she could
possibly fit that rock hard cock in there.

He pressed and teased
at her hole, coming up every now and then to draw more of her juices down and
then finally a finger slid in. Holly gasped as he sank his thick finger in past
the knuckle and her hole clenched around it.

Carefully he drew it
in and out, and she could feel sweat beading on her lip and her body straining under
the new sensations. It was far more invasive than his thumb and her body had
been too consumed by pleasure to take much notice at the time.

“Are you nervous?”

Holly opened her
mouth and then clamped it shut and nodded.

Daniel tilted his
head with a grin and studied her. “I like taking anal virgins,” he said matter
of factly. “It’s not so  much the tightness but the little sounds and the look
on their face as they feel your cock sliding in their hole for the first time.”
He prodded forwards for emphasis, drawing a strangled groan from her. “I can’t
wait to see your face, Holly.”

His finger left her
and he climbed off the bed and opened the drawer in the bedside table. Holly
observed him, admiring the ripple of his muscles as he moved easily. Her heart
may have been hammering with apprehension but apparently her body couldn’t get
enough of him.

Yanking out a bottle
of lube with a triumphant grin, he settled back onto the bed. “Can you put your
legs behind your head?”

Holly nodded
unsteadily. “I think so.”

“Do it please.” He
eyed her as she pressed her feet against the bed and her cheeks warmed as it
opened up her arse completely. “Can you stay like that?” he asked.

“I don’t know.” It
was not exactly comfortable but she was pretty flexible.

Leaning over her,
Daniel tugged loose the restraints attached to the brass railings and, with a
rip of Velcro, closed them around her ankles, keeping them pinned next to her
head. Her breathing hitched and she struggled to draw in air as reality hit in.
He was going to stick his cock in her virgin arse. What the hell had she done?

“Holly, stop it,” he
said sharply.

“S-sorry,” she
stuttered out as she attempted to calm her breaths.

“I mean it, Holly.
Breathe. If you don’t, you’ll be whipped again.”

His sudden threat
snapped her out of her panic and she found she could breathe more easily once
more. When he seemed satisfied she wasn’t going to pass out from fear, he moved
back between her legs and began smoothing in the silky lubricant.

Holly focused on the
rippling of the muscles in his arm and the slight furrow of concentration on
his brow as he covered every inch of her bottom, thrusting his finger into her
hole with gradually more force and coating her insides with the lube.

When he settled
between her legs, Holly felt the panic bubbling up again as his head prodded
her anus experimentally. As he rubbed it over her arse, lubing up his cock, he
kissed her, tangling his tongue wildly with hers and drowning out her fears
once more.

“It’s not my
intention to hurt you, Holly. I am going to take your arse hard and fast
eventually, but you will enjoy it. I’ll make sure of it.”

She nodded her
understanding. Would she really enjoy it? She couldn’t see how, but she knew he
wouldn’t intentionally hurt her. That was enough for her.

With another fierce
kiss, he drove his cock forwards, pressing until she was sure her arse would
split. It finally opened up for him and she held her breath as his head
stretched her tight hole wide. She waited for the pain, but his earlier preparations
must have made it ready for him as none came. Her eyes widened as he inched his
way in, his own blue eyes watching her reaction carefully as her mouth dropped

The lube meant he
sunk in easily and she uttered a choked cry as his huge shaft claimed her
virgin hole. God, she’d never felt anything like it. She couldn’t tell whether
she liked it or not, the sensation was so exquisitely alien but when he
withdrew almost to the tip before easing back in once more, her cunt pulsed
with need.

Thrusting again,
Daniel took her arse with more force as her body relaxed around him and Holly
took what he could give with increasing eagerness as he told her how hot she
was, how tight she was. His solid thighs slapped against her bottom as he
quickened the pace and spikes of gratification shot through her arsehole.

Daniel groans
increased and before long, he was fucking her arse like a soaking pussy. With
her legs restrained, Holly could do nothing other than cry out as the new
sensations tightened her whole body into one trembling mass of pleasure. With a
guttural cry, Daniel’s spray spurted into her arsehole, triggering a climax so
powerful that the Velcro around her ankles ripped open as her body strained
against the restraints. His hot jets continued to fill her arse until he flopped
against her.

Flinging aside the restraints,
he eased down her stiff legs and slipped his cock from her pulsing hole. Holly
sighed as he rested his head against her neck and she stroked her hands up and
down his back. As the world slowly drifted into focus, her heart became heavy.
That was it then. He’d got what he wanted from her. And she would have what she
wanted soon.


Holly snuck out in
the early hours as Daniel slept heavily. Once he had cleaned her up again, they
talked and ate. He asked her about her interests and her life. She answered
what she could honestly, but her stomach curdled with every bit of information
she kept hidden from him. He ran a huge software company, she discovered. He
didn’t say, but she knew his wealth ran into the billions. She smiled slightly
to herself. She’d never expected to be sat having a pleasant conversation with
the man that just bought her anal virginity.

And then he made love
to her. At least to her, it felt like that. Tender and slow. Her heart squeezed
as she recalled curling up in his arms. She should have stayed - you were meant
to stay with a client the whole night if they paid enough - but she just
couldn’t. How could she face being dismissed by him after their night was over?

By the time she had
changed back into her office wear, the club was slowly closing down for the
night. It shut officially at 3am but because guests stayed over, the music and
bar often remained open for the last few guests.

BOOK: Sold for Sex
12.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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