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     He turned her and then back to his body she came.  He moved his hips into her. "Follow me."  Sara was beginning to feel her rhythm go out th
e door.  Her knees were beginning to twitch, she was stepping on his toes, breathing heavy and unsteady, her heart felt as if it was about to break through her chest.  Just as she had found his rhythm, she couldn't keep it together long enough to show it.

     He continued to sway his hips from side to side, almost as if he was grinding himself into her and she did her best to follow, the only following she really wanted to do at this point was him to his room or hers. 

     When the music ended, this time she didn't let go so quickly, he knew exactly what he was doing.  He stared into her eyes and watched as a myriad of emotions danced within them and again was quite pleased by himself.  He had learned exactly what it was that made her want him so.  And he intended to use it against her.

     It was almost as if he was watching her non-life existence sizzle back to life.  And he was going to daringly breach all the barriers that stood between them.

     He leaned his head down to her lips and skimming them slightly, he could feel her body tense beneath his hands, and then he moved to her ear, brushing it gently.  "Let's see your people do that."

     Sara couldn't believe it.  He had hooked her.  That whole show was on purpose.  Is that what he really wan
ted to do?  Because she knew how to fight fire with fire.  "I get it now.  More now than ever.  If it’s a fight you want big boy, then a fight is what you’ll get." 

     Jade didn't quite know what she meant by that but he could tell by the way she walked
out of the room and allowed her hips to sway, this would be one fight he wanted to last.  "Oh, by the way today we do things my way.  You might need to put on some shorts, and you won't need anything else."  And then she was gone.

     She raced up the st
airs hunting for her bathing suit.  "Not the pink one damn it, he's done seen that one." 

     "Why not the pink one, I like it."  She froze in the same position.  She was bent over in her suit case back to him.  "Too bad it
’s not what you’re wearing right now."  And before she could move he had his hands on her hips pulling her backside into his ever hardened groin.  The feeling of his elongated manhood had her both scared and aroused at the same time.  "Today might be your way but first we finish my way." 

     And before she could utter words of hesitancy she was swaying with him, still bent over, he was moving her in a way she had never experienced before, but she liked every bit of what she was feeling.  She could feel him push himself into her harder
and move in a circular motion with her.  Driving her crazy with each move.  Making her body burn with desire. 

     She stood and went to turn, but he wouldn't allow it.  Her small frame was nowhere near a match for his body of loving, hot, scorching mus
cle that was seeking her affirmation of existence. 

     He slid his hands down from her shoulders to her hands and back up to her shoulders still moving his body as he had before, only this time, she was following him move for move.  His touch was leavin
g her wanting him desperately.  A touch that was coaxing her body to do more, so much more.

     Never missing a beat of music that only played in their head, he slid his hands to her waist, and tugged at her shirt until it was off over her head.  She coul
d only speak one word.  "Jade." She whimpered.

     "We are just dancing, so dance."  She felt her body wanting to move more against him and again she tried to turn around and again he wouldn't allow it.  His hands left her body long enough to remove his s
hirt, then they found her wrists, she could feel his chest against her bare back and chills shot through her like a bolt of lightning striking its target. 

     He folded her hands up and across her chest, and continued to press his hardened groin against
her buttock.  Swaying from side to side. He moved his head to her neck and only allowed his breath to touch it.  He was quite amazed as the presence of goose bumps were appearing everywhere.

     Then moving from one side of her neck to the other, he was
intending on winning the fight as she called it.  And it looked as though the first point was his. 

     "Jade."   She whispered his name sounding more as though a plea for his touch.  A plea for the fire that had been ignited to be extinguished.   A desp
erate cry for his help in relieving the aching burn she felt between her legs.

     "Tell me, what is it Sara, tell me what you want?"  Sara couldn't speak the words, only feel what her body wanted.  His touch, she wanted his touch right here, right now, s
he yearned for it.             

     "Jade, I,,,I,,,I"  Sara couldn't say it.  She wanted to, but couldn
’t make the words come out of her


     "You what?"


     Jade turned her to face him, staring at her.  "Say it, tell me you want me.  Tell me you want me to slowly slide the clothes from your body.  Tell me you want me to caress every inch of you.  Tell me when I have found all of your tender spots you want my tongue to retrace the steps my hands had taken. To kiss your nipples, taste every inch of your body.  Kiss and suck you between your legs.  Tell me Sara, what do you want?"  She couldn't speak, she tried but when her mouth opened no words came out.  He pressed his lips to hers and teased her with his tongue. 

     "Do you want to know what I w

     "Yes."  She sighed.

      “I want to do something badly."  The heat in his eyes made her think this was finally happening.

     "What?"  She begged for his answer.

     "I want to ,,,,,,,,, go swimming."  And Jade let go and was out of room. 
That son of a bitch.  How could he do all that and just walk away? 

     Sara couldn't help but to smile, she knew she had egged this on and she wasn't going to lose.  She continued to search until she found it.  She put it on and then went walking down. 
When she hit the bottom of the stairs, she didn't see him. 

     "Where the hell is that man?" 

     "Who me?"  She again could feel his breath on her neck. 

     "Yeah you.  Are you ready?"

     "Never been more ready.  Right now?"

     "Yes, right now
."  She dropped the small tie she had around her waist.  She walked out to the patio.  The view she was leaving was quite disturbing.  To Jades loins anyways.  She had on a solid black bikini and even if she tried to readjust the back side of this one, it was meant to show it off. 

     "What the hell?"  Jade couldn't help but to let her score.  After all, she definitely earned it with her show and tell parade.

     She entered the shallow end of the pool.   Jade however chose to dive right in.  Sara didn't have that option considering she couldn't swim.  She gave Jade a look and with one finger signaled him to her.  He obeyed just like a dog in heat on a lead rope.  She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his neck, then the other side of his neck. 

  "You want to know what I want, Jade." 

     "Mmm?"  He groaned out deep and throaty more than speaking.

     "I want to,,,,,, "  Her tongue slowly licked over her lips.

     "Tell me."

     "I want to learn to swim."  She belted out in laughter and yet he knew she had scored yet again.       "Really, that is all you say after all of this?  You’re going to the death of me yet.  I don’t know how much more of this charade I can take before I bend you over the side of this pool and make you scream my name. I want you Sara.  I know you want me to."

     After several long deep breaths she was able to pull herself back together and get back to the game they were playing.  "You wanted to know."  There was something that was almost seductive in her tone when she
said those words.  He laughed and dunked his head.  But he came up he had a hold of her waist and was pulling her towards the deeper end.  He could feel her nervousness grow. 

     "You wanted this.  Just hold on to me."  When he got to where they could n
o longer touch she hadn't even noticed.  She was lost in his deep baby blues.  Arms wrapped around his neck loosely.

     "It would be some help to me, well if you could kick your feet just a little."  Sara then realized they were near the other end of the
pool, she gripped a hold of his neck tight. 

     "I said kick your feet not choke me until I pass out and we both drown."  Sara loosened her grip and did as she was told.  "Don't just kick them use your feet to move the water."   

     "I can feel it like they are pushing the water out of the way." 

     "You got it.  Now let one hand go free and do the same with it." 

     Sara hesitated momentarily.  "I'm right here, I won't let you drown.  Trust me Sara."  There was something about this man that made her weak in the knees and to do whatever he commanded.  Sara followed the next few steps and low and behold she was swimming.  She was so excited. 

     He could tell with the way she was going from the edge of the pool to him and then back.  When she
had finally tired, she went to the shallow end of the pool.  Jade met her there and sat next to her on the steps. 

     "Sara this isn't any of my business but are you really ok?  I mean, you know, after everything

you have been through.  I worry about you."

     "I wasn't.  I was losing myself and everything in me at an alarming rate.  I didn
’t really know how bad it had gotten until I snapped out of it."

     "What changed?  When you got here you stayed locked up, and now you
’re so full of life and

spirited.  And at the dance, you wouldn
’t dance with me until I forced you to."

     "You did.  I don't know how you did it.  But you did.  I can
’t explain it Jade.  Sometimes I feel

like everything in the world doesn
’t matter.  Then other times, I can’t get it out of my head.  As far as the dance, the only time I feel alive is when I am around you.  I don’t want to grow accustomed to it.  Eventually you won’t be around.  I don’t want to become dependent on you.  Does that make sense to you?"

     Jade fel
t really good about himself in that moment.  “I know what you mean.”  So good in that moment, if he didn't get up and away from her, he didn't know if he would be able to stop what he wanted to start.  "Well I hate to cut 'your way' short, but I have chores to do."  Jade stood and walked in the house. 

     Sara sat there thinking about him.  She knew exactly what it was.  She was falling in love with him.  But what if he didn't feel the same way?  What if it is just because he is the first man that she wa
nted to touch her?  Her mind drifted from that to the past.  She looked down at the visible scar from the bullet.  She remembered what it felt like for that second until she lost consciousness. 

     "Hey, we don't have all day.  If you want to get back t
o your way again, I suggest you change."  Jade was standing there in his levis, his boots and a t-shirt in hand. 

     "You should really work more without your shirt on."  Sara didn't mean to say what she was thinking.  It just happened.  She jumped up a
nd grabbed her towel and tried to walk by quickly but he grabbed her elbow stopping her.

     His touch alone was enough to cause her breathing to increase at an alarming rate.  She really didn
’t know how that was possible when her heart would stop dead in its tracks anytime Jade was close to her much less when he touched her. 

     "You shouldn't wear that swim suit in front of me.  It takes every ounce of man in me to keep from touching every inch of you right here, right now."  Sara felt dangerously clo
se to the edge.  She wanted to say touch me but she held it back and nodded her head in agreement instead.

     She met him at the barn and knew it was best to give this fight a break before something happened that they may both wish they could take back l
ater.  They finished tending to the animals.  It was still early.  There were feelings that were stirring in both of them.  But these were not sexual feelings so to speak.  A deep, much more than attraction, it was love.

     The chores that Sara knew had
to be done, and that she had secretly watched Jade complete daily were done.  She almost regretted getting them completed early.  Would this be the end of their time spent together today?  Sara had used this helping with chores bit, as a way of getting close to Jade and learning about him.

     "I need to go check the fences do you want to come?" 

     "Sure." Sara was relieved.  It wasn’t over yet.

     "Stay here."  Sara did what he had ordered and within moments he was back with a saddle. 

     "I am not riding a horse.  Can we just drive around?" 

     "No we can't, a truck won't go where we are."

BOOK: Southern Romance
10.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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