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Discomfort radiated up his arm and brought a new challenge
to the process. He paddled Jen and watched her asshole pucker. He couldn’t wait
to see his cum leaking from her sweet hole.

She came again.

His resolve broke. Dan ripped his hand out of her hair,
chucked the paddle and shoved his thumb into her dark channel.

She took him to the first knuckle and moaned. Dan used his
free hand to give her cunt a hard slap.

“Oh God, Master, please.”

Dan fingered her pussy. “You dirty whore.”

“I can’t help it, Master.”

He slid his thumb all the way into her ass and dipped two
fingers in her cunt. “You like it when I treat you like a dirty whore.”

“Yes, Master.”

Not able to hold back any longer, Dan removed his hands from
her body. He grabbed the lube, flicked the top open, coated his hard cock and guided
himself to her hot little hole. He pressed against the tight fragile skin and
moaned. “Fuck.”

Her body denied his entrance.

“Come on, baby. You know you want this.”

Whimpering with need, Jen bore down.

The tip of his erection slid in an inch. Pure, undiluted
ecstasy filled him. “That’s it. Take me.”

“Oh yes, Master.”

Dan thrust into her butt hard and fast. A pain-filled scream
echoed through the space as she clawed into the air, fighting her restraints.
For a second he thought he’d really hurt her, but then she mewled and pushed
against him, her body contracting around his hard cock.

Love, pure and deep, filled Dan. “God, woman, you’re fucking

Jen wiggled her ass and arched. “Please. Fuck me. Please,
Master. I need you.”

Smiling, he took his time. Dan knew she wanted him to move
and relieve the burning they both felt.

Jen tensed around him, her inner muscles grabbing his dick
and fueling the beast inside him. “Easy, bitch. If you’re not nice, I’ll be
forced to fuck your hot cunt instead of this ass.”

“No, Master. I’m sorry. Please.”

Dan pulled almost all the way out.

“No, Master, please!”

Licks of ecstasy ran up his spine. Dan slammed back into
her. “I’ll fuck your hot little pussy later.” He dug his hands into her hips
and held on tight as he took them for the ride of their life.

Ramming into her tight asshole one last time, he splintered
into a million pieces. Hot cum jetted into her body, filling her.

“Yeah, baby, you’re the best.”

“Oh Master. More. Please.”

“You’re an insatiable little slut, aren’t you?

“Yes, Master. I’m your dirty whore.”

He would have given her more, but now he needed to show her
who was the boss. “That’s right. Don’t you ever forget that you’re my whore and
that I can take what I want from you when I want.”

Dan pulled out and a pearl of cum emerged from Jen’s hole. He
swatted her ass. “Don’t let any of my cum leak out.”

Jen’s sphincter puckered and sucked the little white pearl
back into her body. “Yes Sir.”

“Good girl.” He knelt to unfasten her legs and rubbed at the
marring on her ankles. He moved to her wrists and unbuckled the straps. Then he
removed the nipple clamps and soothed her with his tongue. He would never tire
of the way she tasted.

Jen arched into him. “My pussy feels empty.”

“Oh no you don’t.” He slapped the tips of his fingers over
her left tit. “What have I told you about topping from the bottom?”

She jumped and whimpered. “Please, Master. I need to feel
you inside of me.”

“I will fuck your dirty little hole when I decide to. Now
get dressed, honey, and meet me at home.” He used their end word to indicate
playtime was over, and a spark flickered in Jen’s eyes.

Dan loved to make her mad. He ambled over to her desk,
lifted his clothes off their perch, shrugged into his shirt and pulled on his

Jen stood and walked over to her clothes. Dan watched her
shimmy into her skirt, slip on her camisole and slide into her jacket. Newfound
desire pooled inside him when she transformed into his boss again.

“I have some work to do. I’ll be home in an hour or so,” she
said in a cool tone that told him he would pay later.

His balls drew up in need again. “I’ll pick up dinner.”


He couldn’t wait to defrost her icy demeanor. “Any

“No. You know what I like.”

Dan slid his feet into his shoes and made his way to Jen. He
lifted her into his arms and kissed her hard and fast.

Pulling back, he stared into her ice-blue eyes. “Yes, I do.”
Dan set her down and smoothed back her hair. “I’ll see you later.”

Chapter Three


Dan watched Jen stomp up the front steps and the animal
inside him roared to life. He wanted to feel her body give way under him. His
palms itched to run free over her lush curves and slip through the damp curls
between her legs. He would make her surrender to him fully tonight.

He opened the front door. “What took you so long?”

Jen sent him her most steely glance. “Some of us have work
to do.”

“Bitch much?” He knew when he’d stopped their session before
she was done it would piss her off. He loved her mad. There was something so
freeing about taming an irate woman.

“Fuck you.” She pushed past him and tossed her briefcase and
purse to the floor.

“Maybe later.”

“Not if I have anything to say about it.”

The scent of their earlier passion filled his nose and drove
his semi-hard cock to full staff. “Not today you don’t.”

Jen’s cheeks reddened and she snarled at him. “You’re an

In one swift move, he pinned her against the door and took
her mouth with his. The taste of him on her tongue drove him to the brink. He
dug his fingers into her thighs and pushed his hard-on into her pelvis.

Jen bit down on his tongue and the slight nip of discomfort
fueled his fire. Dan slid his palms under her skirt and fingered her asshole.
His juices smoothed over his finger.

He pulled back and gazed down at her. Jen’s frigid demeanor
melted under his scrutiny. He pressed a kiss to her lips. “I told you to hold
in my cum.”

Her ass flexed. “I tried.”

Moving his hands to her butt, he squeezed. “Not hard enough.”
Dan’s body yearned to fuck her, but she’d disobeyed him and she needed to pay. “Go
take a shower.” He turned her and pushed her toward the stairs.

“You cocksucker.” Her excitement radiated off her like heat
off asphalt on a summer day. Dan could almost hear her skin sizzle.

He’d never been with a woman who liked sex as harsh and
dirty as she did.

A couple of minutes later, he jogged up the stairs and
walked into the master bedroom. He stripped off his clothes, pulled open the
bathroom door and yanked back the shower curtain.

Jen’s lips twitched up ever so slightly. “Get out.”

“You’re talking too much.” He grinned at her. “I think I
need to shut you up.”

“Fuck you,” she spat.

His cock growing even harder, Dan stepped into the hot
spray. “Bend over and grab your ankles.”


He grabbed her waist and pushed her down, forcing her head
between her legs. “Fucking cunt, do what I tell you.”

Jen moaned and wrapped her arms around her ankles.

The sight of her marred ass filled him with an unnamed
emotion. “Don’t you come until I tell you to.”

He knew she would disobey him. It was all a part of the
game. Dan glided his hardness to her pussy and slid in slowly. “Yeah, bitch, your
pussy’s so fucking tight.”

Jen’s channel gave way around him, surrendering to his
invasion. “Fuck, you feel good.” He slammed in all the way to the hilt.

Her cunt rippled around him. He wanted to tell her she could
explode, but Dan wanted to punish her later. They both enjoyed the punishment
the most.

“Don’t you come, bitch,” he ordered.

Her body contracted and gripped him like a velvet vise while
hot water from the shower sprayed down on them and drowned out her screams.

Pushing himself past mind-numbing pleasure,
he continued to pummel her body. She went over again, making him feel superior.
How did he get so lucky?

Dan held on for a few more moments and rammed into her willing
body one last time. His orgasm clawed at him from deep inside. Dan bit back his
own cry and gave her all he had.

When they were done, she shuddered and stood. “I am so
sorry, Master.”

Her sly look told him she was no such thing. “You’re going
to be. You know what needs to happen now.” Dan twisted the knob to shut off the
water and grabbed a towel off the rack.

“Don’t dry off,” he instructed her. “I like it best when you’re

“Yes, Master.”

She was a drug to him and he needed more. Dan led her to the
bedroom. He drank in every nuance of her body. Jen was built for sin and she
was all his.

Droplets of water slithered down her long neck and trailed over
the swell of her left breast to drip off a taut nipple. The cool water landed
on his knee and slid over his calf like a lover’s lick. He pulled her between
his knees and lapped at her right nipple. She bowed into him and buried her
hands into his hair, pulling him closer.

Sensations of pure delight slipped down his spine and blood pooled
in his lap. He suckled and nipped the hard bud, reveling in the sounds she
made.Ever since the first time he and Jen had been together, she’d
seemed to know what he needed from her. Dan had searched for a woman like Jen
for years.

She was his perfect match.

What he liked most was she was a bossy bitch at work. It
made her surrender even more rewarding. No one in a million years would ever
believe she was a submissive.

He moaned, kissing and licking his way to the other ripe breast.
Dan feasted on her like a starving man at an all-you-can-eat buffet. He ran his
tongue over her soft skin. She tasted like the most decadent French dessert.

Dan could sense the power of Jen’s need. She gripped his
hair and pulled none too gently. He nipped hard on her nipple while she bucked
and cried her satisfaction.

Willing himself to stop, he released her nipple with a pop
and tugged Jen over his lap. Her soft damp skin cooled his. He ran his palm
from her shoulder blade to her buttocks. Jen shook and her skin seemed to heat
under his palm.

“I’m sorry I was a bad girl.” Jen’s words pulled him back to
his task. He traced a faint line from his earlier flogging as she wiggled
against his hard-on. His blood threatened to overheat.

“Don’t move,” he demanded.

“Yes, Master.” Jen jiggled one last time before she stilled.

He pinched her hard and willed away a chuckle. She surely
kept him on his toes. Dan raised his arm and brought his palm down onto her
luscious rump, sending a sting up his arm.

Jen bucked. “You cocksucking son of a bitch.”

A new flash of hunger filled him. “The only cocksucker in
this relationship is you,” he said and lavished five fast swats on her burning ass.

He continued to spank Jen, shutting out the world around him
and concentrating on every little move and sound she made.

Every time his palm landed on her heated flesh, euphoria
filled him. It wrapped his soul in a sexual haze. As Dan flew high in topspace,
Jen didn’t move or make any noise. She’d found her own subspace and was
somewhere in oblivion. Dan continued his rhythmic spanking, the beast inside
him consuming Jen’s growing weakness.

She had finally fallen under his total control.

The more vulnerable she became the stronger he felt. Nothing
else mattered. His arm no longer hurt and his mind emptied. He pulled every
ounce of power away from her and fed the beast inside him.

The need to experience a new level of topspace had him
almost losing his restraint. He teetered on the edge of total destruction and
played with the animalistic urges inside him. The more he toyed with those
needs, the more power Jen handed over to him. At this point she was no more
than a rag doll.

The knowledge of that sent him higher. Dan stood with one
foot off the cliff into the abyss. With every hit to her ass, the monster roared
and breathed fire, threatening to burn them both. He warred with the beast
until he could no longer draw power from Jen. He continued to spank her and in
doing so tamed the dragon inside his soul.

Dan wound down and brought them both back to earth. He gazed
at Jen’s raw, swollen flesh. He had never been so aware of another human being
before. He cleared his throat and smoothed away the hair hanging in wet tangles
across her face.

Her defeated expression sent panic washing over him. Had he
gone too far? She blinked and looked at him with cloudy-blue eyes.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

A small satisfied smile crossed her full lips. “I’ve never
been better.”

Letting out the breath he held, Dan rolled Jen over. She
glowed with love and trust.


Chapter Four


Jen snuggled into Dan’s lap. His soul filled with love and
tenderness for the woman who gave him so much. He ran his hands from her
shoulders to her butt, where he stroked her tender flesh. Her skin burned
against his palm. She whimpered and he felt her tears against his chest. Even
that made him feel good. To bring a woman like her to tears was a powerful

Helping her stand, he gazed into her eyes. The total trust
in their watery depths humbled and excited him. Dan rose and lifted her into his

She trembled. “Thank you, Master.”

The slight amount of anxiety he didn’t know he had
evaporated. “No, baby, thank you.”

Dan moved over to the side of the bed and placed Jen facedown
on the cool sheets. He opened the bedside table and retrieved a tub of salve,
twisting off the top. He dug out a generous amount of the soothing ointment.

“You’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” Dan
said, rubbing the cream on her marred skin.

Jen turned her head and her lips twitched. She rewarded him
with a catlike purr. Before her, he’d never known what to say to the women he’d
dominated, but now Dan let his heart do the talking.

He continued to massage the marks he’d left. After Dan
soothed away the worst of Jen’s pain, he lay down next to her and wrapped her
in his arms. She turned and settled into his chest. This time when he took her,
they would be equals.

There would be no domination or pain. It would be soft and
gentle because he needed it. Dan often wondered if the hours they spent to get
to this point were just foreplay. He rolled onto his back and pulled Jen on top
of him.

Cupping Jen’s face, he took her mouth. She went lax against
him. Even here, she gave him what he wanted. Her tongue probed his lips for

Opening to Jen, he let her take what she needed. She eased
herself over his hard dick and he willed away the urge to grip her hips and
take her.

She moved over him as desire pulsed through him. It took
everything he had not to slam into her sweet cunt. Dan knew she needed to take
him over the edge. She moved slowly and built his ecstasy, giving them both
what they needed with her tender sighs and quiet whimpers—which filled him with
a love he didn’t know was possible.

Rising on her haunches, she impaled herself fully on him.
Her body convulsed as she tumbled into orgasm.

Dan waited for Jen to recover. He wouldn’t take his due
until she was fully satisfied. To have the woman you love take her pleasure
from you and not fall off the cliff with her was pure agony. His fingers dug
into the mattress and he gritted his teeth when she came again.

Jen pinched his nipple. He jerked and cursed. “Fuck, if you
keep that up, I’ll flip you on your back and drive into you.”

Her cunt clamped down around him. She stilled and rested
against him. Dan’s cock ached to be sated. He ran his hands over her rib cage
and his fingers traced her spine.

Jen eased off his now pain-filled cock. “Baby, you’re
killing me,” he said and smiled into her joyous face. “I see you’re almost back
to yourself.”

“Not quite.” She cupped his balls.

Dan’s toes curled and air rushed between his teeth. Blood
pounded an erotic beat through his veins. He rolled Jen onto her back and used
his body to pin hers in place.

Her giggles fueled him on. “Oh Dan. Yes please.”

“Wrap your legs around my hips.”

Jen’s thighs slid around his waist.

“How do you want it, baby?”

“Slow and easy.” The lust-filled rasp to her words told Dan
something was different. She was testing him. He slid into her inch by painful
inch and moved slowly. Her body opened for him and hugged Dan in the most
intimate way.

“Oh Dan.”

“Fuck, Jen. Tell me what you want.”

“More.” She bit his shoulder. “I want more.” She clasped at
his back and writhed under him, urging him on. He lifted his head and cupped
her tit to bring it to his mouth.

“Tell me what I need to hear.” Dan milked the soft tissue
and nipped at the rosy tip.

“I’m not ready yet.” She cried and climaxed again.

He yearned to hear what she needed to say. Dan knew how hard
it was for her to let this part of her go. He stilled and waited for her to go
lax under him. Dan was too fucking close. If Jen held out much longer, he would
fail her.

Pressing his lips to hers, he poured everything he had into
the kiss. He seated himself high and deep, just the way she liked it, and
twisted his hips.

“Yes,” she sobbed.

Cold sweat covered his skin. He moved again. Jen’s eyes flew
open and her body convulsed.

“I love you, Dan.”

“Oh God.” He drove into her giving body, spilled himself
inside and fell on top of her. They had come so far in the year they’d been
together. She’d finally taken what she needed, giving them both what they

* * * * *

Hours later, Dan lay in bed listening to Jen’s breathing.
Even her snoring was sexy. She rolled into him and sighed. He filled his hands
with her silken hair and traced the strands over her shoulder. A low moan
rumbled in her throat. He should stop and let her sleep, but spanking her was
just not enough.

Dan knew the moment Jen woke. Her palm roamed over his chest
and down to cup his penis. Lust flowed over him like warm water soaking the
sand on a Caribbean beach. With every wave, more of him got damp.

“Is everything all right?” Her sleepy voice washed over him.

“I’m sorry.” He pressed a kiss to the top of her head. “I
can’t seem to keep myself from touching you.”

She rolled onto her back and opened her arms. “Come here.”

Moving over her, Dan maneuvered himself between her thighs.
Jen infused his body with need. He grabbed his cock, poised over her entrance
and slid home.

Her fucking hot body slid under his. Jen’s pussy washed his
dick with her excitement. She didn’t demand an orgasm. This was only for him.
Dan slid his arms around her waist and moved his hands to her ass as the satin
feel of her cunt clasped around him.

Jen’s soft whimpers and moans stroked his ego and infused
him with a sense of well-being. Dan buried his face into her hair and let the
sensation move into his body before rolling them both over.

She rose over him like a goddess. Her perfect tits jiggled
above his face and brushed his cheeks. He stuck his face deep in her cleavage.

Ecstasy pooled in his genitals. He gripped her waist, his
fingers digging into her toned abs. Her muscles flexed with excitement and she
leaned back.

Sweat dampened Jen’s skin. “What can I do for you?”

“You’re doing it,” he grunted. Her body gave to his and
asked nothing in return.

“Come for me, Dan.”

“Later.” He placed his hand under his head and took what she
gave him.

Jen’s hips worked in a perfect rhythm. He loved when she
moved her sweet pussy over him slowly.

She slowed and came to a complete stop.

“Don’t stop,” he said.

Jen spun herself to reverse cowgirl. Dan almost lost it as
her body turned, her inner muscles rippling around him. He wished she could
spin on him like a top. To feel every bit of her pussy surround every hard inch
of his prick would bring him to a new level of rapture.

“Spread your legs, please,” she said.

He obliged her by widening his thighs. Jen moved her hand in
front of her pussy. He jerked when she stilled and fingered his asshole.

“Do you like this?” Jen stuck the tip of her finger into his

Electricity shot to his balls. “Holy fuck, yes.”

Rotating her hips, she slid her finger into his forbidden
hole. Jen stretched him with a second digit. Fire burned in his ass and
exploded all over him.

She worked her ring finger in. Hot burning pain moved from
his ass and settled in his gut. Dan gripped her hips and moved her up and down
on his cock. She worked his asshole. Every nerve in his body seemed to fire at
the same time. He came so hard he thought his head was going to blow off. A
moment later, Jen’s body stilled and she cried out.

Yes, there are definite benefits to spanking my boss


BOOK: SpankingMyBoss
13.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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