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It’s been at least twelve hours since I last showered… I’m wearing an old white bra that’s been washed so many times it’s gray… and, oh lord, when was the last time I shaved my legs…?

“You feel so damn good.” His muffled whisper brushes against my skin as he trails a kiss lower. “I want to…”

Then a sense of restraint goes through him as he slows the explorations of his hands and mouth. He lifts his head to look at me, his hand resting loosely against my throat, his eyes filled with heat.

I reach up to brush his disheveled hair away from his forehead, stroking my palm over his cheek.

“What?” I whisper, still throbbing despite my concerns about my current neglect of personal care.

He shifts away from me with a groan, rolling onto his back. He throws his arm across his eyes. His chest heaves.


“We’re not going any further.” His voice is rough.

“We’re… we’re not?”

“I’m stopping with a kiss tonight.”

“What? Why?” I’m bewildered. Even with my hesitations, I’d just assumed he’d be pounding into me like a jackhammer by now.

My whole body goes weak at the thought, and inwardly I’m screaming,
“Oh God, yes, fuck me harder, faster… more… oh, please…”

I squeeze my thighs together. I’m on the edge. I’m so far over the edge I’m about to go crashing over it into pure bliss.

Dean swears, scrubbing his hands over his face. “We’re dating again, right? That means we’re not having sex yet.”

I push up to my elbows and stare at him. “At

And I’m staying here at the hotel.”

“For your whole visit?”


I’m not sure whether to find this proposal sweet or disappointing. In addition to being so hot I’m about to go up in flames, I’ve also been having all sorts of sexy, romantic images of what we’d do together once he comes back home and my legs are shaved.

“So you’re going to stay at a hotel because we’re dating again?” I ask, convinced I misheard something.

“Like how it was when we first met.”

I can’t help smiling. That’s what I wrote in my manifesto:
I will remember how it was when we first met.

I shift onto my side to look at Dean. The candlelight flickers over his strong features, creating a pattern of light and shadow and emphasizing the golden flecks in his brown eyes. The lines of stress that once bracketed his mouth and eyes have eased, his tension replaced by the Dean who is sure of himself and his place in the world.

“What about all that sexy talking we did over the phone?” I ask.

“Doesn’t count. We did that when we were dating, remember?”

“Oh, I remember.” A flutter of pleasure goes through me at the thought of all the erotic things we did in those early months. “We did a lot more than that when we were dating.”

Back then, I’d been both so nervous and so comfortable around him—unsettled by how much I wanted him, embarrassed by all the things I wanted to do with him, and yet never had I felt more like myself than when I was with him.

Now after our long separation, I desperately want him to come home, to be back with me where he belongs. And yet…

Dean turns his head to look at me with those eyes that can see right into the center of my heart. He knows exactly what I know—that as difficult as it is to stop ourselves, this new, restrained intimacy reminds us of the beginning. Of

Though my whole body tingles at the thought of stretching out our anticipation, I can’t help glancing at the impressive bulge in his trousers. I battle back a wild surge of desire. My fingers flex with the urge to slide my hand over his thigh, rub all that delicious hardness…

I swallow to ease the dryness in my throat. “Um, so when do we get to…”

Dean puts his big, warm hand against my cheek. “I’m taking you out tomorrow night for a special date. Courting you, like you wanted. And afterward, you’re coming back here and spending the whole weekend with me. Just us. We’re going to watch the sun set over the lake, order room service, take baths together, sit by the fire, and spend a lot of time fucking… fast and slow and good.”

“Oh…” An ache of hot longing fills me. “I love you.”

“I know.” A gleam appears in his eyes, ratcheting my heartbeat up again. “But you’re waiting for me this time, Mrs. West.”

“I don’t want to wait,” I breathe, sinking toward him, desperate for the sensation of his mouth on mine, more of his intoxicating kisses that make my head spin and my body throb. “Dean, we’ve waited for so long… please, kiss me again…”

Lust flares in his eyes again. He grabs the back of my neck and pulls me toward him, crushing his lips to mine with a force that rockets desire through me. With a moan, I sink back against the bed, driving my fingers into his rumpled hair, my own hesitations slipping away like torn silk.

He tightens his grip on my nape and lifts away from me again, his breath hot against my mouth. “Not yet.”

While I know that Dean has an immense amount of self-control and discipline, this is off the charts even for him. I slide my palm over the side of his neck, feeling the heavy beat of his pulse.

“You’re sure?” I can hardly get the question past the heat filling my throat.

Dean lifts his hand and traces my lips, pushing his thumb gently into my mouth. A groan rumbles through his chest when I close my lips around his thumb and suck.

“I promise,” he whispers. “It’ll be worth it.”

I ease away to look at him. “You’re really

“Uh huh. I have a plan. I’m sticking to it.”

“Oh, lord.” Now it’s my turn to groan. I flop back onto the bed and try to will my raging body under control as I stare at the ceiling. “A Professor Dean West
God help us all. Not even the immediate possibility of mind-blowing sex with his extremely horny and lascivious wife will deter Professor West from his

He lowers his head to nip the side of my neck, lighting my skin with shivers.

involves two parts,” he murmurs. “And part two is a weekend filled with raw, hard fucking. I’m first going to strip you naked and kiss every inch of your gorgeous body. Then I’ll rub that sweet pussy of yours and make you come on my fingers before thrusting into you so deep you’ll forget we were ever apart at all.”

I can’t take it. I’m sweating. I’m about to explode.

Dean pushes his groin against my hip before pulling away from me, a shudder coursing through him.

“But you need to go now,” he mutters, the taut note in his voice betraying his razor-thin control. He pushes up from the bed with a wince of discomfort.

Even with this dictate of his, I’m beginning to realize he wouldn’t care if my legs are as hairy as a Wookiee’s. I’m beginning to think I wouldn’t care either.

Not if he plunges that thick cock into me and pumps like a well-oiled machine while rubbing my clit and whispering all sorts of dirty things in that deep voice of his…
“Come on, baby, come all over my cock… gonna fuck you so hard, just the way you like it… squeeze your pussy… tighter…”

I press my hands to my flaming cheeks. I’m in serious danger of flinging myself on him and pulling off his trousers. Sinking down onto his cock and writhing up and down until I scream.

I could do it. Right now. Not even Dean has enough self-control to resist my full-force seduction. Especially not when we’re both burning so hot it’s like high noon in the desert here. He wouldn’t stand a chance.

On the other hand, the love of my life has a
that involves the two of us alone after a long dry spell and over a month of romantic courting. And I have a bunch of sexy lingerie that he hasn’t seen in person yet. If I manage to restrain myself now, I could be
for him right at the cusp of this insanely erotic weekend he has planned.

“Yes, I… um, I’d better go,” I whisper. I can’t believe I just said that.

“Yeah.” He rests his elbows on his knees and shoves his hands into his hair. His whole body is rigid.

“Okay.” I manage to get to my feet. I feel like I’m swimming against a rip current, moving against an opposing force. I don’t want to leave any more than I want to stop breathing. “I guess I’ll… I’ll go now.”

“Okay.” His voice is tight enough to snap.

“Okay.” I step away from the bed, all slippery and tense between my legs. I might come just from walking home. I might come before I walk out the door.

I grab a glass of water from the table and down it in three swallows before I pick up my bag. “I’ll see you tomorrow, then.”

Dean pushes up from the bed and yanks open the door. As I cross to it, he steps forward, as if he’s about to reach for me. Then he stops. Leans forward and presses a hard kiss on my mouth that makes my entire body flame. He lifts his head, his eyes dark as midnight.

“Go,” he growls.

Somehow, incomprehensibly, I walk out the door.








he’s gone. I pound my head against the closed door. She left less than a minute ago, and it’s like someone is squeezing the air out of my lungs. I need that woman in order to breathe.

I slam the locks on the door. Chain and deadbolt. Have to lock myself in or I’ll break out after her. I want to grab her and shove her up against the nearest wall. Rip her clothes off and fuck her until the earth trembles and the stars explode. Until the universe shatters.

I deserve a goddamn medal for my self-control. I can’t think. My blood is on fire. My cock is so hard it’s about to bust my fly open. And I just let my hot, sweet wife walk away from me. I
her to go.

I bang my head against the door again.
Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I can still feel her. Smell her. Taste her.

I push away from the door and get my phone. My fingers flex. She’d run back if I called. She’s as jacked up as I am. I know all her little gasps and squirms. I know how close she was. She’d have come from one flick of my finger on her clit. She’d have come

With a groan, I throw the phone back onto the bed. Grab a towel from the bathroom before shoving my pants and boxers down. I’ve spent the last month jerking off every night like a fifteen-year-old. I’ve got it down to a damn science, but it’s nothing compared to how it feels with Liv.

Right now it takes me about five seconds to come. Still not much relief. I want

After changing into pajama bottoms, I collapse on the bed. I’m still half-hard. I bury my face into the spot where Liv was. The pillow smells like her, fragrant and peachy.

Christ, I missed her. I’d had visions of our reunion—hot, sweaty, naked visions. Liv all damp and lusty, her breath catching in her throat the way it does when she gets too overwhelmed to speak. Squirming underneath me. Full, round breasts with those tight nipples that I want to suck until she begs me to fuck her…

I inhale a few breaths. I’d gotten the idea a week ago and spent the time before my return putting the plan into place. Five thousand miles away, it sounded romantic as hell to stay at a hotel while dating my beautiful wife again and planning a sexy weekend.

I groan. Don’t know how long I lie there on the bed, trying to figure out how I’m going to survive this. Even one day sounds like an eternity.

My phone rings. I shove up and grab it. Liv.

“Hi.” Her voice is breathless.

My cock twitches again. I tighten my grip on the phone.


“Just wanted to let you know I got home okay.”

“Good. Thanks.”

“I’m so glad you’re back.”

“Me too.”

We both fall silent for a minute, the air thick between us.

“So, you never did finish telling me about that underground radar system,” Liv finally remarks.


“You mentioned it during dinner. The radar you might use on the dig.”

“Uh… yeah.” Wondering why she’s interested now, I try to shift my brain to archeology and science. Maybe this will take my mind off the fact that I’m sleeping alone tonight. Again.

“I’m going to make a trip to a Cistercian monastery in France,” I tell Liv. “Valmagne. They’re doing some work with ground-penetrating radar. GPR.”

“What does that do?”

“It’s a noninvasive way of studying the structure before starting a more systematic excavation plan.”

“How does it work?”

“The equipment reflects radar waves off subsurface features and transmits them back to a computer. So before excavation, you first get a geophysical map of a large area of land and whatever is buried underground.”


“It works well, but sometimes it’s hard to get a clear image. The geophysicists have run into some problems in Valmagne because the limestone foundations of the monastery don’t give a good dielectric contrast with the carbonate-derived soil. Now they’re trying an enhanced processing system that’s given them some good images of the subsurface of the church. They want my opinion on the possibility that Gothic piers were built over preexisting Romanesque foundations.”


A thought suddenly hits me.

“Liv, are you touching yourself?”


“You are, aren’t you? You’re masturbating while I talk about ground-penetrating radar.”

“I most certainly am not. What kind of freak do you think I am?”

“You’re my very hot, sexy freak.” I can’t help grinning, even as my prick starts to harden. An image flashes in my head—my wife splayed out on the sofa, her panties tangled around her thighs as she rubs her pussy.

“How close are you?” I ask.

“I am
touching myself.”

“What’re you doing, then?”

“Just… just sitting here. Listening.”

“What if I told you I had to jerk off thirty seconds after you left?”

She inhales sharply. “You did?”

“Uh huh. Couldn’t stop thinking about you. Wanted to rip your clothes off, kiss your gorgeous body all over, lick your nipples, bite your neck, then spread your legs so I could thrust into you and fuck you hard for a thousand days.”

“God, Dean.”

“But you’re not touching yourself.”

“Well, I am

Heat bolts through me. My cock swells into full hardness.

“Are you?” Liv whispers in my ear.

I push my pants down and grasp my erection. “I am now.”

“Oh…” She lets out one of those breathy little sighs that fires my blood.

I tighten my fist on my shaft. “Tell me.”

“Oh, Dean. I want you so badly. I missed you so much. And I love this return to the beginning, but… are you sure you want to wait one second more?”

“I’m sure I’m about to explode.” My cock is starting to throb. I want Liv back where she was. “Uh, transept chapels. Spherical wave divergence. Gothic hemicycle piers.”

She giggles. “Keep going.”

“My sexy wife sitting on my cock. Riding me until we both come like rockets.”

She sucks in another breath.

“Are you naked?” I ask.

“From the waist down. I have a camisole top on.” She pauses. “Um, I just took a quick shower and shaved my legs.”

I have no idea why she told me that, but I don’t care. It’s a crystal-clear picture. She’s on the sofa in our living room. One bare leg over the arm of the sofa, the other foot on the floor. Spread open. Wet. Hungry. No bra. Hard nipples poking against her shirt. Eyes dark and heavy. Hair loose around her shoulders. Skin flushed pink. One hand between her legs.

“You know I fantasized about us,” I say. “Did you?”

“Yes,” she whispers.

“Tell me.”

“I’d press my face into your pillow and get on my knees. Spread my legs and push my ass up.”

I groan. There are few sights I like better than Liv’s round ass slamming against me as I fuck her from behind.

“I’d reach down to rub my clit while imagining you all hot and hard behind me,” she continues, her words punctuated by quick breaths. “Sometimes I’d grab another pillow and push it between my legs. Hump it while wishing it was your cock.”

Damn. I squeeze my shaft, my balls aching. Pressure tightens my whole body.

“What’re you doing now?” I ask.

“Playing with my nipples. Wishing you could lick them.”

“Ah, fuck…” My blood boils. “Touch your pussy.”

“Dean, I’m so wet. I almost creamed in my panties the second you kissed me.”

“Do it now.”

“Talk to me,” she whispers. “The dirty stuff. If I can’t have you yet, I want you to fuck me with your voice.”

Christ. I will crawl over fire and broken glass for this woman.

I shut my eyes. She fills my vision. My mind. Every fucking part of me.

“Soon you’re getting on your knees in front of me,” I tell her. “Naked except for tight cotton panties that rub against your pussy. You’re going to squeeze your pretty tits together so I can push my cock between them and fuck them. Thrusting into that hot, damp valley all the way up to your throat.

“I’ll shoot hard all over you, like a goddamn geyser. My come will drip off your nipples before I make you rub it in. Then you’re going to lick my cock clean, swiping your tongue over the shaft and taking it all the way into your greedy mouth.”

“Oh, my God, Dean…”

“Your clit will be throbbing, and you’ll gasp and squirm and try to get yourself off, but I won’t let you. Then you’re going to turn around and bend over the arm of the sofa so I can pull your panties down and spank your gorgeous ass.”

She moans. I’m about to shoot all over my hand, and I’m just warming up.

“You’re going to spread your legs to show me your wet slit.” The images flash in my brain like fire. “I’ll let you finger yourself, but you won’t be allowed to come. You’ll writhe around, pleading with me, rubbing your nipples against the sofa cushion. You’ll be so turned on your juices will drip down your thighs. Then I’m going to spank your ass until your cheeks are red and burning. You’ll be gasping, hungry, begging for my cock.”

“I want it. I want

“I’ll put my cock right at your slit and ease slowly inside you, watching my shaft disappear into your sweet, tight hole while you push backward and fuck yourself on me…”

“Oh, Dean, let me,” Liv gasps. “I’m… I want to come. Please, I…”

“Do you see it?” I work my prick faster, the urgency at boiling point. “See yourself bent over the sofa, legs spread wide with my cock plunging in and out of you while your ass slaps against me and you tighten your pussy around my shaft…

I spurt all over my hand and stomach, an explosion of heat. Liv moans heavily against my ear. I see her shuddering, quaking, her thighs clamping around her hand as she works all the sensations from her clit.

The air fills with the rasp of our breathing. My heart pounds against my ribs.

“I…” Liv pulls in a breath. “I’m really enjoying dating you again.”

I struggle to grab a coherent thought. “Just wait until I get you back here.”

“But I
wait.” Though she groans the words, there’s a smile in her voice. “You know I love you like peanut butter loves jelly.”

“You know I can’t wait to get you all sticky again.”

Liv laughs. After we end the call, I lean back on the pillows and close my eyes. Though I’m still aching with the need to bury myself deep inside my wife, there’s also a heavy sense of satisfaction. The feeling that I’m finally getting it right.


BOOK: Spiral of Bliss 03 Awaken
5.82Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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