STEEL TEMPTATION (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novel)

BOOK: STEEL TEMPTATION (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novel)
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A romance novel by
London Casey


London Casey is
the pen name for bestselling romance author Karolyn James


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A Back Down Devil
MC Novel


was told to get close to them. But now she's in way over her head.
Broke and desperate, Mia has no choice but to spy on the MC for her uncle. But
when the MC realizes they've got their now most hated enemy's niece in their
hands, nothing can save her....
Except one man.


has sworn off women altogether...and this girl's the niece of the man who'd set
him up and left him for dead. He should hate her. He should want to take
revenge on her, just like the rest of the MC...but he finds himself drawn to
protect her by an attraction he can't control.
The only time Mia feels safe is in Nate's hands...but can she really love the
man she's been positioned to hate? Nate knows he needs to be with her...but how
can he do that while protecting her innocence from the dark world he inhabits?
As both sides prepare for war, the couple are about to find their loyalties
tested to the limit...




Night had finally settled upon the
town of Frelen, but there had been darkness inside Nate for much longer than a
night could provide. Standing in the lot to the Back Down Devil MC clubhouse,
he looked out to the only town he knew as home. From the depths of hell to the
most beautiful days at the beach, he

seen everything the town had to offer. Hell, even recently with the MC needing
to take out a business man and deal with some backdoor dirty deals, this was
worse than anything Nate knew of.

A rival club was smuggling drugs in
and around Frelen. That was honestly just normalcy for the club, always someone
wanting in to fuck things up. Then Back Down Devil would find out who and have
to dig some holes for fresh bodies. This time it was Coast Road MC, a club that
belonged on the beach in their cut off shirts,

up muscles, and pathetic images.

They were suddenly smarter, able to
move product.

But they weren

t alone.

Nate had seen it.

The judge that tried to put Jace
away for a long time had his hands in it. But even he wasn

t alone. The guy who was
supposed to be the contact for Back Down Devil -
Chief Jerry
- had his
hands in the mess. The betrayal was hard to comprehend.

Not to mention, the second Nate saw
what was happening he had been attacked. Something metal slammed to his head,
knocking him out cold right on the beach.

When Nate came to, it took him a
few minutes to stand up. People had gathered around to help him. Most people
were afraid of the guys in the MC. Rightfully so. After all, they were all a
bunch of wild, murdering bikers. But without Back Down Devil doing what they
did, Frelen would have been a shit hole of a town. Overrun by dealers, pimps,
and whores, bodies showing up everywhere. The police department completely corrupt.
Everyone in town with their lives on the damn line.

People didn

t understand it. And that was fine.

Nate touched his head and it
fucking hurt. When he blinked, he still saw a little white spot at the right
side of his eye. Gaige and Blaine forced him to the hospital where they told
him he was lucky. His skull was unusually thick, meaning nothing broke. If
whoever hit him had been an inch lower, Nate would have been dead.


how far away death was for Nate and the guys in Back Down Devil MC.

Literally a fucking inch.

With his hands balled into fists,
Nate tried to figure out how to do this. How to make things right. He had
watched Jace try to tell the Back Down Devil MC President, Miller, and the guys
about Coast Road MC, but they were preoccupied. Now he was supposed to tell
Miller that Chief Jerry was working against the MC? After all they had gone
through with that businessman, Strokner.

night out here, brother.

Nate didn

t realize Griffin had snuck up on him. He was
holding two beers, both full.

are you doing out here?

Griffin asked. He offered a beer to Nate.

Nate pushed it away.

No need for that bullshit in

You don

t want to see
Blaine play pool with his dick?

Nate raised an eyebrow.


heard me. He

s having the
keep him hard. So he gets behind the cue ball and thrusts forward


Nate said.


never playing pool again.

Griffin laughed a rough laugh.

Brother, you know how much stuff
that guy

s dick has touched
in there? We

re better off
burning it down than cleaning it.

Nate grinned.

Good to know.

gotta shake this one off,

Griffin said.


re just getting done with this
Strokner shit. We have to make sure there

no fall out from it, okay?

make it sound so easy,

Nate said.


re not the one who was attacked.


ve all been attacked,

like this, man. There


Griffin touched Nate

s arm.

What? You remember something?

Nate gritted his teeth. When the
guys were hounding him about what had happened he made a comment that he didn

t remember much. That he saw the
white seafood van and then someone attacked him. They said,


re fucking dead

and so is your entire
then it was all darkness.

If there was one thing Nate knew
about life - in and out of the MC - was that sometimes dumping too much
information at once could cause major problems. Griffin was right, the club was
trying to get over the Strokner stuff.

But this was worse.

This was betrayal right in town.
This could end the club.

Nate shook away Griffin and went
for his motorcycle. Some people had church, Nate had his ride and the open
road. But tonight wasn

about going out to find a religious experience or anything like that.

you going?

Griffin asked.

the beach.

do you remember anything?

want to see.

Nate started his motorcycle and
gave Griffin a few seconds to decide what he wanted to do.

Griffin dropped the beer bottles,
letting them fall over, foaming out of their skinny necks. He hurried to his
motorcycle, put on his helmet, and fired it up. He gave the thumbs up and Nate
started to move.

They left the compound and went
right to the beach. Right to where Nate had parked his motorcycle that day, when
he broke away from the guys. It was always risky and dumb to travel alone. Nate
paid the price for that. Hell, going out tonight like this, there should have
been more than just the two of them.

But whatever.

Nate turned off his motorcycle and
just sat there. The moon bounced off the ocean with the waves.

on, brother,

Griffin said.

What is this? There

s naked women at the clubhouse.
Waiting for us.

Nate climbed off the motorcycle and
walked to the sand. He crept forward and stopped right where it happened. Of
course he knew where it happened because he remembered every goddamn detail of
it. He remembered the cocky grin on Chief Jerry

face when he got out of his vehicle. They were all working together, behind the
backs of Back Down Devil MC. Moving drugs around Frelen.

is where it happened,


Fucking jacked in
the head, man.

Griffin patted Nate on the back.


figure it out.


s not that. Sometimes the truth


re holding back, it

s going to piss everyone off.
Miller will take your cut, Nate. You know that, right?

Nate looked at Griffin.

You know where I came from,
right? Never needed a cut before to survive.

man, I don

t know what

Nate saw something move. Something
in shadows, near the water. Damn near under the pier. Before he could process
what it could possibly be, he was on the run. Charging through the sand,
Griffin trying to stay with him. Face it, Griffin was a little portly and had a
limp thanks to a motorcycle accident ten years ago. In other words, Nate could
run in the sand and Griffin could be on flat pavement and he still wouldn

t have caught up to Nate.

When Nate saw movement again, he
took out his gun. His brain screamed at him, warning him not to do anything
stupid. Christ, if it was the judge or the chief working a deal and Nate shot
them, this would be a disaster for the MC.

Nate held the gun tight but kept
his finger off the trigger.


a voice yelled as
Nate got closer.

He saw two figures start to run and
growled, demanding his body to keep up with them.

Under the pier through wet sand,
the ocean trying to lick at his heavy boots, Nate kept running. He made out the
figures and closed in even more. One was faster than the other. Just like a
lion claiming its prey, survival of the fucking fittest for sure.

Nate lunged forward off his feet, and
brought the gun down to the neck of the closest person. The guy hit the sand,
rolled, and Nate was on top of him. He came down with a right fist, smashing
into the guy

s face.

the fuck!

Nate looked up and pointed his gun,
stopping the other guy in his tracks. He then punched once, twice, three more
times to the guy on the sand.

are you?

the second guy

Nate gritted his teeth.

The second guy then made a daring
move and kicked sand at Nate.

Well fucking played.

The sand covered Nate

s face and eyes just enough for
the second guy to make a move at him. Next thing Nate knew, he was the one on
his back, in the sand, getting pummeled by two guys now. They were skinny
little punks and Nate

tree trunk like arms were able to wrap around them like two hungry boa
constrictors. He absorbed their punches as his eyes burned and watered from the


one of them said.

You gonna die now.


when a gun went off.

It stopped the entire scene.

The two guys jumped off Nate and
stood up, putting their hands up.

the fuck is happening?

Griffin yelled, out of breath.

Nate hurried to his feet. He shook
his head and blinked away sand filled tears.

are you?

one of the guy

s asked.


Nate said.


re not them.


the other guy asked.

were you doing down here?

Griffin asked the guys.

the hell are you? The police?

the first guy asked.


Nate said.

Answer the question.

fuck yourself,

the second
guy said.

Nate came forward, without
hesitation, and socked the smart mouth right to the jaw. The guy turned and
dropped right into his friend



the guy yelled.

You knocked him out!

the fuck out of here,



ll shoot you,

Griffin warned.

Got that?

The guy dragged his friend away,
mumbling something the entire time.

Nate found his gun in the sand and
tucked it away. He turned and watched as Griffin came across with his own gun,
hitting Nate in the face. Nate stumbled back and Griffin stayed with him. He
put the gun to Nate

s head.

stupid fuck,


Tell me what you
goddamn remember. Or I

blow your brains out right now.

BOOK: STEEL TEMPTATION (A Back Down Devil MC Romance Novel)
7.92Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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