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Abel is so cocky and arrogant that he thinks he can control my life.  But he doesn't own me. I already have a boyfriend and I don't need Abel breathing down my neck every second. So why can't I stop thinking about him?





After conquering a sea of women, I still can't get Kate out of my head. She's the ultimate conquest. I'd do anything to protect her—even if it means getting my fists bloody.






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Chapter One


Being a nerdy girl didn't help much growing up. My stepbrother, Abel, constantly teased me about reading books and staying indoors. He was the type of guy who played every type of sport and wasn't shy around the opposite sex. I couldn't help myself, there was just something about crawling up with a good romance story on a rainy day and delving into the characters. My mom always told me that they were unhealthy for someone in high school. She said I needed to go outside, put myself out there. I agreed, I needed a change—I had to find “Mr. Right”...





“Hey Kate,” Jordan said, running down the hallway, carrying a load of books.


“Hi,” I replied, closing my locker door. “How was Mrs. Gringish's class?”


“Boring as usual,” Jordan said. “She had us write poems and then present them to the class.”


Jordan had been my best friend ever since we were kids. She was the “popular” one, being the head cheerleader and class president. For some reason she always stuck by me even though I made it difficult for her. She also had a huge crush on Abel.


They had a one-night stand a couple summers ago in the back of Abel's lifted truck. He took her virginity and never looked back—that's just how he was. Abel was never into committed relationships. Jordan was upset and heartbroken, but her feelings for Abel never went away even though she tried to hide it.


We left school and walked home like we did every day. Trees blew sideways and leaves soared through the air on the perfect Fall day. We strolled along the sidewalk, telling each other about our school days.


“So, I'm throwing a party tonight with some friends. I know it's not your thing but do you want to come?” Jordan asked.


I always hated telling her no. She tried so hard to fit me in with her group of friends but it never took.


“I think I'll just stay home tonight. My mom and stepdad will be happier that way. Plus, I'm halfway through this romance novel and it getting really good.”


“You still read that junk!” Jordan exclaimed.


“No you don't understand, this one's different, it's a fantasy book. The damsel is taken by a dragon and the prince comes to her rescue, slaying the dragon and falling in love with her. The problem is, the damsel isn't of royal birth so they have to be secretive.”


Jordan stared at me with one eyebrow arched. “Kate, I think you really need to come out tonight. You'll have fun, I swear.”


Time to change the subject. “Did you invite Abel?”


Jordan blushed. “I texted him but he hasn't gotten back to me. Do you think you can find out.”


“Don't worry, I'll ask him. Have fun at your party.” I waved to her as I walked up the driveway to my house.


“Have fun with your
” Jordan said.


I walked through the door to find my mom and John, my step dad, sitting on the couch and watching TV. My mom met John only a few months after my real father left us. It was a complete shock to me and even more of a shock when I got a new stepbrother.


“How was your day, honey?” my mom asked, never losing focus on the television.


“Oh you know, fun like always,” I said, running up the stairs and straight to my room. I closed the door behind me and let out a long sigh. The school week was over and I could finally relax over the weekend.


I jumped on my bed and grabbed the fantasy romance novel from the nightstand. The spine was creased and the corners bent. I took out my bookmark that stated in big letters: Reading is FUN! A smile crept across my face as I began where I left off.


The prince had saved the damsel from the terrible dragon and taken her back to his castle. They were alone in his private chambers and the tension was thick. My heart pounded as I grasped onto every word. They were just about to kiss when the King interrupts them. The prince tries to explain but the King takes the girl away and throws her in jail.


I set the book down, breathing hard and trying to calm down. It's just a story, I told myself. In the end, they'll be together like they always do. I glanced out the window as dark clouds rolled in and rain began to patter against the glass.


It was going to be a
Friday night.

Chapter Two





Abel opened my bedroom door and strolled in, wearing a tight t-shirt and pair of jeans.


“Abel, what the fuck! Don't you know how to knock?”


He grinned and grabbed my book off the bed. “What's this one about?” he asked, flipping through the pages.


I snatched the book from his hands. “What do you want?”


“Are you going to Jordan's party tonight?”


“No, I was going to stay in.”


Abel stood up and looked at photos of my friends pinned on my wall. He was probably counting how many of them he had slept with. “Yeah I figured. You should really get out more, Kate.”


“If you're done annoying me, then leave.”


Abel chuckled and his stomach and chest muscles flexed under his shirt. “Have fun staying in.”


I stuck out my tongue at him as he closed my door.


Why was Abel such a cocky asshole?


I returned to my book and was whisked away back to my fantasy world. Jordan's party would probably be fun but not as fun as reading this book.








I sat at my desk and opened my laptop, wanting a break from the intense romance story. I checked my Facebook, looking for any photos that had already popped up from Jordan's party. I noticed I had a new message and clicked the envelope icon.


Derek: Hi Kate, you don't know me but I'm friends with Jordan and I think you're hot.


My heart skipped a beat.
What was this?


I relaxed when I realized it had to be a joke. Jordan probably made someone do it at her party to get me to come. It wasn't going to work. I quickly wrote back:


Kate: Very funny Jordan, but I'm still not coming to your party.


I was about to leave the computer when I got a reply back instantly.


Derek: Sorry, I don't know what you're talking about. Jordan told me about you a few weeks ago and I finally got the courage to message you after staring at your Facebook page for days.


Maybe this wasn't Jordan?


I clicked on his profile and saw that he lived two hours away, which meant that he probably wasn't at Jordan's party.
Why was this guy messaging me?


Kate: How do you know Jordan?


Derek: We met at a party a couple years ago and we hang out every once in awhile. I figured she had mentioned me at some point.


Jordan probably did mention Derek but I usually tuned her out when she droned on and on about boys.


Kate: Well you know Jordan, she kinda lives in her own little universe.


Derek: LOL


Derek and I talked all night about all sorts of different subjects.
I told him how I loved to read and  found out that he loves science-fiction books. We talked about movies, video games, and our schools. It felt so natural, like we had known each other for a long time. I went to sleep that night dreaming about what it would be like to be with him.


I awoke to a knock at the door.


“Kate, what are you still doing asleep?” my stepdad called.


I looked over at my clock and realized it was noon. “Sorry! I'm getting up now.” I sat up in bed and looked over at my laptop and smiled. I couldn't wait to see if Derek sent me a message.


I flipped open the computer and went on Facebook. No new messages.


My heart sank but then realized that he probably slept in too.


I wrote him a quick little message:


Kate: It was fun talking to you last night. Hope you slept well!


I closed the laptop and got dressed for the day. My romance novel was staring at me from the corner of the room. I was so close to finishing it but I had other things on my mind.


“How did you sleep?” my mom asked as I walked downstairs.


“Very nicely,” I said, yawning.


“I left some pancakes for you,” Abel said.


“Thanks!” I slapped a couple pancakes on a plate and drizzled syrup all over them. “How was Jordan's party last night?”


Abel rubbed his tired eyes. “Pretty crazy. Hooked up with a couple girls, but can't seem to remember their names.”


I rolled my eyes. Classic Abel.


I sat down at the table and zoned out,fantasizing about Derek.
What do I do next? Should we meet?


Meeting sounded scary but thrilling. What if he was a murderer or something? Or what if he was exactly who he said he was? There was an easy way to find out—call Jordan.


I finished up my brunch and went to my room to call her on my cellphone.


After a few rings, her voice mail popped up: “This is Jordan, leave a message if you want but I probably won't check it.”


Her voice mail was pretty spot on. Jordan never took the effort to check her inbox. I settled for a text message saying that I met a guy named Derek and he said he knew you. I waited for a reply and got none. I figured she had partied way too hard and was probably passed out with a guy in her bed.


I went back to the computer and saw a reply from Derek.


Derek: I slept very good. I had a lot of fun too last night.


Before I knew it, I found myself sending this message:


Kate: Do you wanna meet?


My hands were sweating as I waited for his response. Minutes went by that felt like an eternity. I paced back and forth and even screamed into a pillow. I felt so stupid for sending him that. We had only talked for one night and I already wanted to meet him.


Derek: Yeah let's meet!


I let out a big sigh of relief. Then the adrenaline started pumping through me again.
I was going to meet Derek.


Kate: That's great! When do you want to meet?


Derek: How about tonight?


I was giddy as I typed back to him.


Kate: Tonight works for me. Where should we go? I don't think my parents would be cool with a strange boy coming over.


Abel: Same with my parents. How about somewhere in between? I know a nice hotel we can hang out at and chat.


A hotel? Isn't that getting a little presumptuous? Oh who the fuck cares!


Kate: Sounds perfect!


Abel gave me directions and the room number he'd be in. I couldn't believe I was going to do this.



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