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Stepbrother's Kiss

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Stepbrother’s Kiss

By Penny Blake


Chapter 1

“Happy Engagement Blaze and Lisa!” declares the sign on the front door. 

It’s now or never,
I tell myself as I take a deep breath and push it open.
Let’s get this over with so you can go home, put on sweatpants and cry into your ice cream. 

I walk into the party and as if a record scratches, all eyes turn to me, the same look of surprise on everyone’s face.

“I didn’t think she’d come,” someone whispers.

“How long’s it been? Nine years?” someone whispers back.

“At least,” is the reply. “Probably more than that.”

Ignoring the attention, I wave casually and go in search of Mirabeth, the old friend who invited me here.  And because the universe hates me, that’s precisely when I collide with a broad chest wearing a finely tailored black suit jacket.

I don’t have to look up to know who it is. I’d know him anywhere by the feel of his arms and his broad chest, the rhythm of his breathing, and the restless male energy radiating from him.

.                Blaze.  My first love.  The one man I’ll never, ever have.


Ten years earlier…

My mom and my stepdad were having one of their drunken brawls.  This one was epic, even by their standards, probably on account of it being Christmas Eve.  The holidays always brought out the worst in them.

No one would ever guess that the Everly’s, the perfect family who lived in the biggest house on the best block in town, members of the country club with enviable good looks and powerful social connections, were wildly dysfunctional drunks. 

There was a crash and the wall shook.  “And the next time you fuck your secretary,” my mom screamed. “Don’t buy her lingerie from our checking account, you pencil dicked pile of shit!”

  I buried my head under my pillow, not wanting to hear any more about my step father’s private parts. 

What does it matter, Madeline?” my stepfather bellowed. “Your old twat is dried up anyway. You just want me to be as miserable as you, and I refuse!  Do you understand? I refuse!”

              I threw my pillow at the wall, pushing myself out of bed and plodding out of the room.  A moment later, I knocked softly on my stepbrother’s door.  He didn’t reply, and a glance under the door told me that his light was off.  I figured he was sleeping but I didn’t want to go back to my room.

              I cracked open his door and peeked in, just in time to see a frantic pumping motion under his blanket, which stopped abruptly a second later when he saw me at the door.  I froze, surprised and confused.

              “Jess, is that you?” Blaze asked softly. “Are you okay?”

              “I’m sorry to bother you.”  There was a quiver in my voice I hadn’t expected.  “I just…they were fighting, and—“

“Yeah, they’re really going at it tonight,” he said.
“I hate Christmas,” I said. “They do this every year.”             

“They do this every week,” he said.  As always, the deep rumble of his voice put me at ease.

“I can’t stand them sometimes,” I said, walking in and joining him under the covers. I was careful to keep a safe distance between us in case he’d been doing what I thought he was doing when I walked in, but didn’t want to think about.

I was only a sophomore in high school, but I wasn’t completely innocent. I had two close friends who’d already lost their virginity, and they filled me in on the basic details of the male anatomy. 

I’d never seen an actual penis, but I knew what boys did.  I understood from Blaze’s frantic motions under the covers that he was probably jerking off when I walked in.  I just didn’t want to think about it because it was Blaze.

“Make yourself comfortable,” he joked.

“Sorry, I just can’t stand listening to them.  Will you talk to me until they tire themselves out and go to sleep?”

“Sure, what do you want to talk about?”

“Hmmm.  Well, at my last sleep over we talked about boys we liked.”

“Not applicable.”

“And we played truth or dare.”

“I’m not playing truth or dare, Jess.  Do I look like a teenage girl to you?”

Blaze was a few months older than me and in the same grade, and there was nothing girlie about him.  Last year he’d shot up to six feet tall, and he was still growing. And every time we went swimming, I couldn’t help but stare at the smattering of hair on his chest and the trail between his bellybutton and the top of his bathing suit.

He was a natural athlete—on the football and basketball teams for as long as I could remember—so he had broad shoulders and thick, muscular arms. 

All my friends had crushes on him, but to me he was just Blaze.  The guy my who lived in the house we’d all moved into when my mom married my stepfather three years ago.  And the only normal, sane person in the house besides me.

“Fine,” he said. “But I get to ask you first.  Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” I answered.

He was quiet for a moment.  “Have you ever kissed anyone?”

“Yes.  Billy Chives in the back seat of the bus when we were on a class trip in fifth grade.  And it was wet and gross.”

“That doesn’t count!  I mean…a real kiss.  With a guy who’s been through puberty.”

“That’s all I’ve got.  I guess I’m still waiting for the right guy.  Now your turn. Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” he said.

“I dare you to take off all your clothes underneath the covers.  So you’re totally naked!”

“I’m already naked, Jess.  I sleep au naturale.  Don’t you know that?”

“Ew, you’re naked under there?  Like, no underwear or

“Totally commando. And I’ll have you know that Sophia Marcel has seen me naked, and she can verify that there’s nothing gross about me at all.  In fact, I think she used the word ‘hung.’”
              “Sophia Marcel saw you naked?  When?”
              “When we had sex at her house.  Her parents aren’t home on Wednesdays, so I come over…and well,

“Wow.  So I guess if you pick truth when it’s your turn, I won’t waste my question asking if you’re a virgin.”

“Yeah, that ship has sailed.  Twenty eight times to be exact.”

“Twenty eight times?!”

“With Sophia, duh. Not twenty eight different girls.  I don’t have that much game.”

I laughed, then grew quiet.  “What does it feel like to have sex?”

“It’s the most amazing feeling in the world, Jess.  It’s like…wow…it’s impossible to describe.  You have to feel it for yourself to understand, but it’’s awesome.”

I folded my hands on my stomach and stared up at the ceiling. “I’ve always wondered what a…nevermind.”


“What a guy’s…you know, private parts look like.”

“You mean a dick?”
              “Yeah.  I’ve never seen one, and some of my friends have, so I just wonder, that’s all.”

Blaze was quiet for a long time, and I tried not to think about how hot and swollen my own parts had started to feel, and the odd wet sensation blossoming between my legs.

There’d been times when I was alone that I’d feel around down there and stroke myself with my fingers, and it always felt good.  But this was the first time I’d ever felt so…awake down there. 

We laid in comfortable silence, and soon I felt Blaze put his hand over mine, guiding it to his side of the bed.  And that’s when I felt it.

Impossibly long and hard, smoother than silk.  Slightly furred at the base, and so thick my fingers couldn’t reach all the way around it.  I slowly glided my hand upward and carefully felt the smooth ridge around its head, the slightest bit of slick moisture at the very top.

“Can I see it?” I whispered, surprised by the husky quality of my own voice.

“Okay,” he said in a husky whisper of his own.  Then he slowly lowered the blankets.  The lights were out, but my eyes had adjusted to the darkness.  In the moonlight from the window above the bed, I took him in.

I stared at him for a long time, mesmerized by his tremendous length and size.  Then I slowly touched him again, marveling at the feel of silky skin over an impossibly hard rod.  His hips lifted as I stroked, and he leaned his head back on the pillow, breathing hard, as if he’d just run a mile. 

As I stroked my hand over his flesh, I felt the heat between my own legs intensifying.  I pressed my thighs together to relieve the ache, and felt even more wetness there.  I moved my hand down to see what was happening, and suddenly Blaze was on top of me, pinning me to the mattress. 

His lips were on mine, kissing me gently but firmly.  His tongue slipped past my lips, coaxing my own to tangle with his.

I loved the warm weight of him on top of me, but I wanted more.

I wrapped my legs around him, feeling this hard shaft press against my aching sex.

He groaned and pulled away.

“We can’t…I can’t.” he murmured against my lips.  I thought he was going to pull away, and I didn’t think I could bear it if he did, but instead he pressed his fingers down my underwear, and slowly explored my flesh. 

I thought I would die from the exquisite pain-pleasure as his fingers glided up and down the seam of my sex, then slowly parted the lips.  His fingertip explored my opening, barely dipping inside. “You’re tight, and you’re a virgin. We can’t do anything else.”

And then he was gone, off the bed all together.  He pulled a robe off the chair and put it on.  “I’m sorry, Jess. That was…I don’t know what just happened.  I think you should leave now.”

I could barely think, could barely breathe.  My whole body was an aching mass of need, and what I needed was him.  Giving me more.  Taking away my hunger. 

I couldn’t just leave.

I reached up and pulled my nightshirt over my head, exposing my swelling breasts and the hard peaks of my nipples. I wore nothing but my white cotton panties, and his lips parted as he watched me take them off in the moonlight, baring myself to him completely.

His fingers were on me again, inside me, working me gently. I heard a loud mewling noise and then Blaze said, “Shh,” and I realized the sound had come from me. 

He sat on the edge of the bed with my legs parted wide before him.  He looked at me reverently in the moonlight, sliding his fingers in and out of me.  Caressing my secret passage.  Tenderly exploring my most hidden parts and making my whole body thrum with the most delicious heat.

He lowered his mouth to my neck, kissing a slow trail down my breasts.  Then his tongue was gently stroking my nipples while his fingers continued their intimate dance below.

I felt like time was suspended as the blissful sensations washed over me in slow, glorious waves.  The wet lapping sounds of his mouth on my nipples and his hand gliding over my hungry flesh kindled my desire brighter.

Then the heat and hunger that had been blooming felt like it was about to explode.  There was something bright and magnificent hovering just out of reach. And then his fingers circled me once more, and I felt myself combust, every nerve in my body bursting into pinpricks of color and light.

I heard Blaze say, “Shh.” I realized that I’d been moaning and thrashing, and I stilled my limbs.  Caught my breath.

Then he was on top of me again, but this time he was stroking my hair, kissing my forehead, nuzzling my neck.

I lay there in a boneless heap, wanting to stay like this forever.  Entwined with this beautiful guy.  My Blaze.

Then I looked into his eyes, and realization dawned.  My senses came flooding back, filling me with shame.

“I’m so sorry,” I said. “I just…I can’t….I have to go” I pulled the covers around me, hiding my nakedness, and leapt off the bed.

“Jess, wait.”

I tore open the door and bounded down the hall.  I hadn’t thought about my parents—they were the last thing on my mind—but they weren’t yelling anymore.  I panicked, horrified that they’d heard something.

Then I remembered that they were always far away in their own selfish alcoholic oblivion. 

They had no idea.  But Blaze knew. And I knew.

How will I ever look him in the eye again?

Back in my room leaning against the bedroom door, I slid down the wood and landed on the carpet, wrapping myself in Blaze’s quilt. It smelled like him.  Clean, musky and male.  And even though I didn’t want it to, it brought me comfort. 

BOOK: Stepbrother's Kiss
10.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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