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Just Breathe

Volume One





By Kendall Grey
Published by Howling Mad Press at Smashwords
Copyright 2012, Kendall Grey







Copyright 2012 by Kendall Grey



Published by

Howling Mad Press, LLC

P.O. Box 660

Bethlehem, GA 30620

United States of America


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Cover design and additional art by Renee Coffey


First Ebook Edition: August 2012


This short story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.



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noun, plural.

Items designed to be useful or important for only a short time, especially pamphlets, notices, tickets, etc.









Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

Sinnder took a long pull from his beer and closed his eyes as the alcohol lazed its way down his gullet like the slow-kicking legs of an exotic dancer shimmying on a pole. The Fire flirting between the couple hundred anxious Just Breathe fans at Shaggy’s snagged his attention, but it wasn’t hot enough to distract him from Scarlet’s incessant, Gavin-obsessed chatter. His last remaining nerve seized and sizzled in a pitiful death throe.

“There she is. My informant was right. Keep that bitch out of Gavin’s line of sight. Take her to the toilets and fuck her stupid if you have to—or strangle her. I don’t care. Just don’t let her near him.” Scarlet’s coy smile reminded him of a snake testing the air with its tongue. Deadly intent hidden under the guise of a seemingly innocent gesture.

Sinnder turned to check out Zoe and raised a brow. Form fitting purple shirt with a couple buttons undone, tight jeans, make-up. What got into
? Last time he saw Zoe, she’d been a total Plain Jane yawn-fest decked out in shorts and a tee shirt, limp hair tied up in a ratty ponytail. Tonight? Downright edible.

Fire stretched and pushed at his corporeal boundaries, a pacing lion growing weary of its cage. Fire needed freedom. Something to feast on. It needed to explore.

Zoe might be a good place to kick off tonight’s expedition.

After all the time he’d spent studying her and Gavin in the Dreaming, he’d never thought of her as anything more than a curiosity. But something about seeing her in the flesh rattled his chain. Subtle confidence with an underlying note of duty. Would she be as committed in bed as she was to the whales she studied? His cock hardened. He would soon find out.

Yeah. He wanted her. Not so much
, but her chemistry. It was a fascinating study in contrasts. A mixture of red and blue—hot and cool, passion and emotion, naughty and nice.

He preferred naughty.

She would too when he finished with her.

He took two steps into the sweaty swell of silicone and hairspray, then paused to soak up more Fire. Breasts grazed his chest, propositions bandied, hands with bejeweled nails groped. Inhaling deeply, he embraced the heat, stored it at the tips of his fingers for easy access. He bulldozed a path through the crowd, leaving a trail of pheromones in his wake. While the Wyldlings swooned behind him and clawed at his leather jacket, he tracked Zoe’s path to the drink line and got there just after she did.

“Let me know how it goes.” Scarlet. What was she still doing here? She trailed fingers down his arm, flashed a smile at Zoe, then blended into the Wyldling throng. Zoe’s gaze followed her ass for a moment. She turned around and stumbled upon Sinnder. He barely covered his surprise at the shocking blue of her irises. That shock triggered the release of more pheromones—this time without his permission. He squared his shoulders as she did a glassy-eyed double take.

Hook. Line. Sinker.

His mind sent him on a short detour from reality into the very near future…


I want to fuck you.” He licks his lips. His cock throbs.

Zoe blushes and smiles. Hands land on her hips. Sweat glistens on the tops of breasts peering from the inside of her shirt. “Gavin wouldn’t like that.”

His weight shifts as he readjusts to accommodate the growing erection in his jeans. The discomfort arouses him further. “Then, I’ll fuck him too.”

She glances to the stage. Gavin tosses his guitar aside and steps down. He winds his way through the crowd, eyes only for her, glittering under the shadows. Stalking.

In slow motion, her arm extends toward Gavin. Fingers spread and meet his, accepting his silent offer to dance. Fire ignites at the intersection of flesh. The air between them ripples and bends. Clutching his hand, she faces Sinnder. Gavin steps behind her, palms her hips, and presents her as an offering to the Fire god Incendius.

Saliva floods Sinnder’s mouth. He caresses the soaking wet crux between her legs. The scent of her sex blossoms, fills him with divinely inspired motivation. He licks her off his fingers. Rips open her jeans button and zipper one-handed. Coats his digits with hot spit, then dives through the opening, yanking red lace panties to the side. Zoe gasps as fabric catches sensitive skin. He smoothes the wet folds surrounding her core, coaxing more liquid from her tap with firm, deliberate strokes.

Gods, he must fuck her.

Zoe leans into Gavin’s chest behind her and parts her legs. Sinnder’s fingers drown in the growing puddle pooling in the denim cage. More saliva jets into his mouth. He wants to taste Gavin’s girl. Gavin’s tattoos dance over muscle, the fiery red ones blazing like neon lava. Those Sentinel arms cross protectively over her breasts. His metal-looped lip skids up her neck. He grasps her throat, diminishing her air supply just enough to increase the pulse racing under her flushed skin. Urgent breaths.

Dripping with her juices, Sinnder’s fingers grind to a halt. He draws his tongue up the length of his pointer, slowly so they can both watch. As his tongue meanders north, a milky droplet trickles down to greet it and plops into his mouth. He kisses her, forces her to taste herself. Her eyes glaze. “Share some of that with Gavin.”

Grinning, Sinnder diverts his gaze to the bloke staring at him over Zoe’s shoulder. Gavin’s fist kneads her right breast, now hanging free of the bra. Her shirt is unbuttoned. Gavin’s eyes still sparkle as they did when he first came off stage. His other hand slips through the opening of Zoe’s plundered zipper. She struggles with the jeans and tangled panties until they bunch around her knees. With a swift shimmy, she frees herself of the constricting mess and kicks the clothing away.

I said share.” Her low, throaty voice commands Sinnder. Her Fire owns him. He cannot disobey.

But he obeys on his own terms. Sinnder smiles. Let’s see if Gavin can keep up.

He drops to his knees and spreads her glistening pink cunt with a thumb and forefinger. Fucking her with his tongue, Sinnder inhales the rich scent of her sex. She moans long and full, head falling back to rest on Gavin’s tense shoulder. The singer looks on through sex-drunken lids, lips parted. He unbuckles his belt, releases his big, hard cock, and strokes it slowly. Its head bumps her ass with each flick of his wrist.

Zoe’s hips twist in a circular rhythm, grinding against Sinnder’s tongue. Her Fire rises, nearing its full height, and he stops. Depriving her of the orgasm she craves, he stands and leans against her heaving tits. He centers his lips on Gavin’s. He licks the metal loop, coats it with Zoe’s heady come, then smears it across the singer’s tongue with his own. Dueling nips turn into more aggressive bites. Fire sparks. Sinnder’s dick gets harder. Zoe grabs it.

You’re going to fuck me now.” She tosses a glance over her shoulder to Gavin. Her fingers trail down his cheek like a slow-falling tear. “Both of you.”


Zoe cleared her throat and fanned her face.

Sinnder climbed out of his nut-busting reverie. “You like their music?” His mind focused on Gavin, it was the only thing he could think of to say.

She checked him out, her Fire blazing a visceral trail down his chest where she lingered a second or two, then headed back to his eyes. The things he would do to her in a few short minutes. Once the band started playing, the toilets would be empty. He’d take her to the men’s room, shove her against the wall, and fuck her from behind. Maybe someone would come in and watch. Or join them.

Her breath waxed and waned in short bursts. She waved a hand to cool her face again. “I’m sorry?”

“You like the band?” He stepped closer. Just enough to get a whiff of the sex saturating her jeans. She could think of Gavin while he fucked her. Hell, he might do the same.

“Ah, no. Well, I don’t know. Who’s playing? I just came for a drink, to be honest. I have no idea what’s going on here tonight.” Her nervous laughter stoked his Fire. Made him harder. Hungrier.

Poor stupid Wyldling. She had no clue what sort of trouble she was in. He almost felt sorry for her.

“Just Breathe.” He lowered his voice and puffed his pheromone-laden breath toward her nose.

She licked her lips and inhaled softly. Her lids fluttered. “Yeah, I need to. Kinda hot in here.”

He laughed. So gullible. Sexy. “I meant Just Breathe is the name of the band.”

She must not have known about Gavin’s occupation outside of the Dreaming. That would make for interesting revelations shortly.
Sinnder had his way with her in the bathroom.

He lifted his beer to his mouth and sucked down a couple of long swallows. Zoe’s gaze fell on the Fyre brand behind his ear, and her demeanor stiffened. Fear mingled with desire. Uncertainty. Warning. The combination was utterly intoxicating. Sinnder’s Fire tripped to pulsing red life.

Dangerous. Not just for her, but for him too.

“Afraid I’ve never heard of them,” she said. Conflict consumed her rounded, wide eyes.

“Oh, you’re gonna like ‘em.” He caught her in the crosshairs of his Firesight and sucked the red from the very air between them. The rich bouquet was divine. “All the women do.”
And Fyres too.
He looked away and took another pull off his beer.

“Who’s next?” The bartender derailed his dark thoughts.

Zoe ordered and paid for her drinks. She didn’t look at Sinnder while she waited, but he watched her. This close, he understood what Gavin saw in her. Beautiful in a different way. Intense. Smart. Wise. None of those qualities made a shit of difference to Sinnder, but the romanticism wasn’t lost on him. Though Gavin and Zoe probably only knew each other in the Dreaming, he imagined Gavin saw beyond the obvious, past the harsh walls she built to protect her fragile emotions from harm.

BOOK: Stifle
7.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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