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But no wall would shelter her from a Fyre’s ever-present, insistent hunger. Incendius cared nothing for Wyldlings beyond the Fire they produced, therefore neither did Sinnder. Not anymore.

Zoe picked up her drinks, flipped him a quick smile, and scurried toward her waiting friend.

Sinnder followed her ass along the way. It was just the right size—not too big or too small. Tight from working on the boat every day.

She’d be tight on the inside too.

Another rush of molten saliva flooded his mouth, and his cock woke up with a mighty flourish, stoking fresh Fire into his fantasy…


Gavin spins Zoe around to face him and backs her against Sinnder. He traps her within the frame of his tattooed arms and Sinnder’s taut chest. Her lavender perfume blends with the scent of the wetness brimming between her legs into a heady concoction. Sinnder’s neurons swirl. He’s dizzy from the Fire-high.

Lips parted, lids heavy, Gavin leans into her heaving, exposed breasts. B cup. Natural. Nice shape. Sinnder tracks Gavin’s hand around the curve of her waist, down to her bare ass. The singer readjusts his cock, and the thick hunk of meat peers up at him from Zoe’s hip. A hiss escapes Sinnder as Fire plays leapfrog among the three of them.

What are you doing?” Zoe’s face flushes. Pink gobbles up the tan of her skin. Droplets of perspiration and goose bumps speckle her arms.

Gavin steps closer. His arousal triggers Sinnder’s. “You said you wanted to fuck. I’m taking advantage of you.”

She flattens her backside to Sinnder’s cock and straightens. “I’m not a groupie.”

Gavin’s finger trails up an arm to her neck. He thumbs the defensive jut of her chin and stares into her eyes. “Then why did you come? The rest of them are here to fuck a rock star. What makes you any different?”

Heavy muscles ripple as he shifts his position. Her hand lowers and brushes his erection. Sinnder’s hard-on presses against the crack of her ass. It’s all he can do not to push it in, but she needs lube. He needs permission. The last vestige of his humanity. Silly, but he clung to it.

Zoe swallows. “I’m not easy either.”

A grin scampers across Gavin’s wet face. The stubble on his cheeks glistens. “So, you’re hard? That makes three of us, love.” He glances over her shoulder at Sinnder. “Give me five minutes to soften you up.”

Five minutes isn’t much. I’m not sure that’ll be worth my while.”

I can go longer, but you won’t need me to.” His gaze travels south to her breasts. Sinnder reaches around to squeeze them, pinches her nipples until she gasps. Gavin smiles. “You’ll come in less than three. I might even get you to sing for me twice.”

Wow, that’s quite an ego you have there.” Her fingers wander up the inside of his tee shirt and slide the black fabric up and over his head. “How will it go down…exactly?”

Gavin looks at Sinnder, then melds his body into Zoe’s, from shoulders to knees. He lowers his lips to hers but doesn’t touch. “First, I’ll lick your pussy until you come all over my mouth…”

Zoe’s legs squeeze together and shift. Her eyes flutter shut. Head drops onto Sinnder’s shoulder, exposing her throat. Fucking gods, he needs a nip of that delicate flesh. And another taste of the honey flowing lower. His teeth ache.

Gavin’s fingers drift to her core and stroke her wet folds slowly. Zoe’s breath speeds up. “Then what?” she whispers, eyes glazed and unfocused but aimed in Gavin’s direction. She grips his arms as if to steady herself. Or maybe to hold the building orgasm at bay.

Then I’ll pin you to the wall and fuck you until your head spins.” His abs ripple as his fingers work her clit. Her beautiful scent floods Sinnder’s nostrils, rouses his Fire.

And what about Sinnder?” She reaches up and circles an arm around the back of his neck. Slowly musses his hair. He continues groping her soft breasts. Slaps one as he sends his intoxicating breath across the tender flesh between her shoulder and ear. She’s so delicate. Chaste, compared to his usual prospects.

Reminds him of Eileen.

He clenches his jaw to kill that memory and swiftly burns it with a smidgeon of Fire.

He spits in a palm, rubs his hard-on, and presses the cock between her cheeks. Control fading, he meets Gavin’s eyes. Something passes between them. A mutual respect. It’s clear Zoe is Gavin’s property—and vice versa—but an unspoken rental agreement is struck.

A satisfied whimper. Zoe’s legs seem to melt under her. Sinnder clasps her around the middle, the head of his cock now halfway inside. He twitches with anticipation. Silently begs her to invite him in. If she refuses, he’ll respect her wishes, but he must prepare for a hasty retreat. Otherwise, things will get bad.

Take it.” Her words are little more than breath.

He wastes no time. Sinnder thrusts his cock all the way into her tight ass. She cries out and falls forward onto Gavin’s chest. He levels a pair of concerned eyes on Sinnder, who gropes the singer’s cheek and yanks his lips close. Their kiss enfolds Zoe in a safe cage. Sinnder’s Fire rages at the intense pull of her ass choking his cock. Gavin’s hot mouth plunders his. He loses his mind amid the swirls of erotic sensations—dick, lips, tongue, muscle…

Gavin breaks the kiss to focus on Zoe. He’s been finger fucking her the whole time, and now drops to his knees to lick her clit. Zoe’s frame bounces as Sinnder’s thrusts shove that hot cunt against Gavin’s mouth. Zoe watches Gavin going down on her, bends forward to give Sinnder better access. Her moans grow louder. His tongue sweeps the underside of Sinnder’s balls as they slap her core. Sinnder isn’t sure if it’s intentional or not, but he welcomes the Fire-driven pleasure either way.

A sharp cry explodes from Zoe’s mouth, long and drawn out over countless seconds. Her ass tightens around Sinnder’s engorged cock. Suffocating. Stifling. Gavin grabs her by the hips and buries his face in her cunt while she twists and mewls and hisses and screams her way through the orgasm. At the height of her climax, she knees Gavin in the jaw. A thin line of blood trickles from the corner of his mouth. He spits it out and resumes licking until she goes limp.

Gods, if Sinnder were capable of joining her, he would have unloaded a fucking gallon of come inside her ass. Or all over Gavin’s face.

As it is, he keeps right on going, sucking the newborn Fire out of Zoe instead. He fully intends to give her at least three or four more climaxes—each better than the previous. Gavin stands and smiles, his lips coated with the hot white juice of her labors and a weak trail of blood. Sinnder leans in between thrusts and licks her off him. Zoe pushes the hair out of her eyes and partakes in the feast too.

Christ, you’re fucking sweet,” Gavin whispers to her, ignoring Sinnder’s tongue lapping at his lips.

It’s your turn.” She yanks Gavin toward her by the cock. She mops up the puddle between her legs with Gavin’s length, then uses it to coat Sinnder’s dick in her ass with her own natural lube. Once properly covered, he pumps her from behind again. Gavin slips inside her cunt. The collision of their dueling cocks simultaneously crashing Zoe’s inner walls is breathtaking. Soul-stealing. Immaculate.

Zoe and Gavin lock eyes. A Watery connection builds between them as they kiss and fondle each other. Sinnder fades into the background of their world. Just an observer contributing the gift of pleasure, barred from reaping the associated emotions. Fine by him. He has no interest in love or affairs of the heart. For Sinnder, there is only Fire.

He matches Gavin’s thrusts, pushes Zoe to her limits, bites her shoulder, crushes her tits in his fists. She holds on, refuses to give in to another release. Sinnder wrestles her from Gavin’s embrace and maneuvers her in front of him to the filth-encrusted floor. Lying under her on his back, he drives into her ass again. Gavin drops to his knees, and offers her a taste of his steaming cock, but Sinnder snatches it away from her eager mouth. If they won’t invite him into their private heaven, he’ll take what he needs and revel in the burn of his personal hell.

The lingering Fire in her come on Gavin’s dick feeds him. Gavin’s eyes close. His head tips back as Sinnder sucks him off, pounds Zoe’s ass, and strokes her clit. She writhes and squeals. Gavin growls and pulls out before orgasm overtakes him. Fixated on Zoe, he squeezes the head of his cock for a long moment. He stares into her eyes, and Gavin stuffs her hot little pussy with that thick length…


The Fire Sinnder conjured within Zoe continued to burn after she turned away from him in the drink line. He smelled it rising from across the room. She’d be back to make good on their unspoken deal. They always came back. Wyldlings couldn’t resist Fire like his and Scarlet’s. When she returned, he’d light her up with another whiff of his hypnotic pheromones, and she’d be his to play with, no questions asked.

Zoe stopped on the way to her table to gulp down an entire drink. He must have had the desired effect on her. She faced him as she spoke to her friend. Though he couldn’t hear the conversation, he knew it was about him. Sinnder slipped into the far wall’s shadows and let the darkness cover him. Zoe caught his gaze and fanned herself with a hand. A leg bounced under the table. She looked around the room, but her eyes kept returning to him.

Not much longer.

Emotions warred across her features. He’d witnessed the same inner struggles from a thousand victims before her. She was torn. Nice girls didn’t do slutty things like hooking up with total strangers in filthy bar toilets. On the other hand, she was inexplicably attracted to him, so why not?

She had no idea the passion she felt was artificially motivated by a combination of Elemental magic and biology. Although, if she knew, she wouldn’t care. The sex would be worth it. She’d worry about the guilt of her actions later.

Her features loosened as she made her way through her second drink. Commitment dawned in her half-drunk eyes. Yes, she’d made her decision.

As the band took the stage, Zoe stood and turned Sinnder’s way. Her Fire hardened his cock. In a few short moments, she’d be screaming his name in a bathroom stall while Gavin slashed his guitar and crooned passionate words in her honor. She wouldn’t know Gavin was here until Sinnder finished with her. If he could coax her straight from the bar to a hotel room, she might not ever know. Two or three rides with her tonight might make for a half-filling meal.

Gavin’s guitar ripped to life, emblazoning the smoky air. So seductive. The perfect mood music for Sinnder to bang Gavin’s girlfriend to. The atmosphere inside Shaggy’s erupted with Fire as the crowd rushed the stage and bodies clapped against each other. That Fire was all he needed to wrap up the scene playing out in his head…


As Sinnder pounds her ass, Zoe stares into Gavin’s eyes, holding tightly to the Watery rope binding them together. The Fire dwindles. She reaches for Gavin’s face, pulls his lips to hers. Mouths, teeth, and tongues entwine. His thrusts slow from violent banging to soft love-making.

Their eyes meet. “I love you,” they seem to say, though neither speaks. Sinnder is a separate, non-entity, despite his intimate connection to both. He continues fucking her ass in silence, now an observer more than an active participant.

Sinnder had once been in love, but time and Fire had snuffed that emotion permanently and poisoned his memory—twisted it into an unreliable internal narrator of forgotten histories. Dark thoughts dominated whenever Eileen came to mind.

But there had been good times before Scarlet ruined him. Despite the shadow of death and despair that had held a tight grip on their relationship, he and Eileen really had loved each other.

Sinnder disengages and rolls out from under Zoe. Gavin’s cock darts in and out of her. Her foot rests on his shoulder. He licks its arch and smiles at her. They both wear blissful, contented expressions. Sinnder is invisible—a red afterthought drowning under waves of blue. The fluid emotions filtering between them light their faces. This is love. Pure, beautiful, complete.

Gavin and Zoe love each other.

An overwhelming combination of elation and regret pulses through him. He stands over the two making love, eyes locked, lips curled in sated smiles. He wrenches his jealous, full cock, and the unthinkable happens. Sinnder comes.

Hot white jets stream from the head, striping liquid lines over Zoe’s gushing core. Not looking at him, Zoe rubs the come over herself and Gavin’s lunging cock. Sinnder’s blessing continues to flow. Twelve, thirteen, fourteen strokes…A thousand years of pent-up passion pours out of him onto them.

Gavin’s thrusts speed up. Zoe smears the white fluid into her folds, up her belly, across her hard nipples. She licks her fingers clean, then re-coats the tips in the still-flowing stream. The last spurts of Sinnder’s orgasm fall onto Gavin’s dick as the singer pulls out and shoots his load over her waiting pussy. Low moans peal out of her softly smiling mouth. She’s drenched. She swipes wet fingers across both his and Gavin’s chins. Sinnder sucks the come off his bottom lip.

His legs tremble at the combined Fire searing between them—undetectable to a human, but brighter and hotter than solar flares to a Fyre. Zoe draws Gavin to her mouth. Their tongues mingle while Sinnder drops between her legs once more and laps up the mixture of his, Zoe’s, and Gavin’s erotic escapade. She groans against Gavin’s lips while riding Sinnder’s tongue. She clamps her sex against his teeth and climaxes in a final burst of Water-laced Fire.

Sinnder wipes his mouth with the back of a hand and looks down at his semi-erect dick. A bead of sweat rolls down his cheek and falls onto it. He rubs the salty droplet into the combination of come and spit and ass. Gavin and Zoe fall together in a tangle of arms, legs, and biological fluid. They kiss amid a smattering of giggles as if it’s their first time.

Sinnder is invisible. He wishes he could feel what they feel, but Fire stifles all emotions outside of the red spectrum.

Gavin’s voice lures Sinnder back to reality…


“…Like someone who had forgotten how to laugh

BOOK: Stifle
10.27Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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