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Big Girls & Bad Boys


Thanks for picking up my book, Stone! But you don’t get just one book.  You get two!  That’s right, Stone is a double-feature.  After you finish Stone, be sure to read to bonus novel, Letting Go.  Now go enjoy the stories!

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Hot Damn! - A BBW Stepbrother Romance


“A good old-fashioned Arizona sunset.  I haven’t been treated to one in years.  The sun doesn’t set in Texas like it does here,” I told him.

“Cheap wine out of a solo cup, a pretty sunset with your stepbrother, what’s not to love?” Tyler said.  I laughed.

“Right now, it’s perfect,” I told him.  Tyler pulled a blanket out of his trunk and offered me a hoodie that was in the back seat.  It was spring but already plenty warm in southern Arizona.  I didn’t need it.  We sat down as the sun approached the horizon, a big orange ball in the sky.  Tyler unscrewed the cap and poured us some wine.

“You don’t really like Chablis, do you?” I asked him.

“I’ve had much worse,” he told me.  That sparked a memory.

“Like when you and that kid...what was his name...oh yeah, Bobby, got wasted on NyQuil,” I said.  Tyler chuckled.

“That shit is nasty but I slept like a baby and my sinuses were clear as a bell,” he replied.  I laughed.

“You were such a hooligan,” I remarked.

“Still am,” he said.

“Yeah, I saw that this afternoon,” I reminded him. He shrugged, unable to defend himself.

“I am what I am,” was all he said.  I sipped my cheap wine as Tyler swirled his around in the plastic cup.

“You don’t have to drink it,” I told him.

“Jesus, thank you.  This shit is so fucking gay,” he said.  I laughed again.

“My fiancé loved a good Chablis,” I told Tyler.  He cocked his eyebrow and glared at me.

“Really?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I assured him.

“So, let me get this straight.  He drinks white wine and he left you?  What a fucking moron,” Tyler said.  I wasn’t sure how to take that.  I mean it made me feel good but Mike had left me for a better looking woman.

“I won’t argue.  He’s a jackass.  But he left me for somebody...thinner...better looking,” I said.  Tyler frowned.

“Don’t do that,” he said.

“Do what?” I asked.

“Run yourself down,” he told me.

“I’m not running myself down,” I replied.

“Uh, yeah you are.  She might have been thinner but better looking?  I fucking doubt it.  He left you because he was a shallow prick.  You are a fucking grade A sweetheart Vicky, and any man that can’t see that is...well, he’s a jackass,” Tyler said.  I wasn’t sure how to reply to that.  Instead I just wore a goofy smile and tried to evade.

“Fine but she was better looking.  Definitely thinner and prettier than me.  I couldn’t compete,” I argued but I don’t know why.  I was doing what he told me not to.  I was running myself down as I argued against myself.

“That’s your insecurities talking.  I don’t know anything about the chick he left you for.  For all I know she’s June fucking Cleaver with the body of Kate fucking Upton.  But if that prick left you just because she’s better looking, that’s his issue, not yours,” Tyler said, suddenly monologuing and on a roll leaving no profanities unsaid.

“You, little sister, are smoking fucking hot.  She might be skinny but skinny is over fucking rated.  Personally, I like a girl with curves and shit.  I like big ol’ titties and big round asses.  I like a woman who’s got a little something to hold on to, if you know what I mean.  Don’t you ever sell yourself short, Vicky.  Not fucking ever,” he gently admonished me.

I was taken aback, breathless to be honest, by his frank words and impassioned arguments.  I wasn’t sure I believed it but it certainly made me feel good to hear it.  I knew Mike was a shallow, self-serving jerk.  He never accepted me the way I was.  He badgered me about my weight all the time and honestly, I wanted to live up to his expectations.  I wanted to please him.  I dieted and worked out even though I hated it.  I even considered getting some kind of surgery though I knew it was stupid.  I did it all for him.

But then he left me.  He never said it and I never asked but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out he’d been sleeping with her before he dumped me.  I wasn’t good enough despite everything we shared and all the stuff we had in common.  It wasn’t me, it was him, but I didn’t feel that way.  I beat myself up over my weight and anything else I could think of.  It was devastating to be told the man you love doesn’t love you back anymore and all because of something I couldn’t fix or change.

I wasn’t going to lose weight.  I wasn’t even all that big anyway.  I was hippy and busty and I liked to eat but I hated to workout.  I wished my whole life I could have inherited my mom’s genes and could be thin and lithe like she was, but I wasn’t.  I got my body from my dad’s side of the family, apparently.  Sure, I could have lost a few pounds and gone to the gym but I was never going to be skinny like the woman Mike left me for.  He thought he could change me but he couldn’t.  It was probably the only time I hadn’t lived up to someone else’s expectations and it felt horrible.

“You’re right, Tyler.  I won’t say it anymore.  I hate feeling that way, like I’m inadequate and unworthy.  I’ve always tried to live up to what everyone expected but in that case, I couldn’t.  I don’t want to feel like that anymore.  I want to feel good about myself,” I told him.  I’d never opened up to anyone like that.  Especially not my wayward stepbrother.

“I wish I could be more like you sometimes.  I just can’t see my way to please other people.  Someone tells me to do something, it’s not good enough to ignore them.  Usually I need to do the opposite to prove a point.  I’m not ashamed of who I am but I’m not stupid.  I realize I’m my own worst enemy sometimes.  All I can do is try harder.  Maybe you need to stop trying so hard,” he told me.  That made some kind of strange sense.

I took a gulp of wine as I stared at Tyler.  We couldn’t have been more different and when we were younger, that put us at odds.  But now, as adults, each with our own failures already behind us, our differences seemed to be bringing us closer together.  I remembered what my stepbrother had just said about me and about the kind of women he liked.  It warmed my heart and...well, it was oddly exciting.  I brushed my blonde hair from my face and behind my ear.  The silence now wasn’t awkward.  It was bursting with possibilities and energy.

“You’re so fucking pretty, Vicky,” Tyler said suddenly.  I gasped softly as Tyler leaned closer.

“Tyler,” I muttered.  He hesitated, his eyes searching for something, for some response.  Then he met my gaze again.

“Vicky, I’m not the kind of man that hides what he wants.  I’m impulsive, to a fault.  I want you, Vicky.  I want to tear your fucking clothes off and make wild, animal love to you.  I want to make you scream,” he said.  I didn’t move or even breathe.  I just stared back into Tyler’s eyes and there I found passion and lust and desire.  There I found all of that and it was all for me.  But we couldn’t.  It was wrong, so deviant yet so delicious all the same.

“Tyler...we can’t.  You’re my stepbrother,” I told him.  I didn’t deny him. I didn’t tell Tyler no.  Part of me hoped he would listen to reason, as weak as it was, because I knew at the end of this path there was trouble, maybe more than I could handle.  But another part of me knew Tyler was beyond reason. Part of me longed for him to ignore what I had said and take me right then and right there.  But Tyler, as usual, surprised me.

“I know you’re my stepsister.  I know my old man and your mom would freak the fuck out if they ever found out.  It’s forbidden.  It’s naughty.  Vicky, that’s the kind of shit that makes this miserable life worth living.  C’mon, for once in your life be the bad girl,” he argued.  I was shaking.  That logic didn’t just weaken my defenses, it tore them apart.  Still, I couldn’t bring myself to speak the words I so desperately wanted to say.

But Tyler didn’t wait.  His hands cupped my face and he pulled me close, his eyes locked on mine until his lips met my lips.  I melted as my stepbrother kissed me, forcefully and with a passion I’d never experienced.  I let him do it, unable to respond at first but then I grabbed my stepbrother’s wrists and kissed back.  I felt everything but my desire for Tyler fade away.  My insecurities, my need to meet everyone’s expectations and my sense of failure in both my engagement and my career were gone in an instant, not banished entirely but held at bay as we kissed.

I broke the kiss and gazed at Tyler, the young man that bowed to no one, that did as he pleased and that lived life on his terms. I wanted some of that.  I wanted to be free of my cares and concerns.  I desired to worry about what I wanted out of life instead of worrying about what others thought I should do.  I needed to just give in to my baser instincts for once in my life.  My breathing was ragged and harsh while my heart pounded within my chest.

“Make me your bad girl, Tyler,” I told him.  Tyler grinned, a wicked smile that was full of dark promise and forbidden desires.  That was the green light he wanted but still he wasn’t entirely sure I meant it.

“Yeah?” he asked.

“Yeah, fuck it,” I said.  Tyler pulled me to him and kissed me again.  This time his tongue entered my mouth and I sucked it greedily.  His hands dropped to my breasts and he lovingly squeezed them like it was his first time.  All sense had left me and it felt wonderful, liberating and real.

“I love these beauties,” he told me after breaking the kiss.  The way Tyler looked at me was unlike any man had ever looked at me before.  Mike never had such hunger in his eyes.  I had no illusions.  This was likely to be a one-time thing, an act of desperate passion never to be repeated, but probably regretted, and I didn’t care.  I needed to feel loved.  I needed release.  I needed my stepbrother.


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Hot Damn! - A BBW Stepbrother Romance




Stone – Big Girls &Bad Boys

I’m not sure how I got here.  I mean, I know how I got here but the journey still is a bit of a mystery.  I didn’t set out to become the girlfriend of a biker.  It just kind of happened.  I guess I enjoyed it.  I certainly liked the lifestyle...most of it anyway.  I liked the family atmosphere, the wild times and all that.  I should have been happy but I wasn’t.


I met Bobby at a party.  I was only seventeen, just a month from graduating high school, when we met.  I remember how he made me feel.  No guy had ever looked at me like he did.  No man had ever said the things he said.  My head was in the clouds.  A guy, a sexy motorcycle riding guy, actually found me attractive and I was giddy with excitement.  I still wasn’t sure I was as pretty as Bobby claimed but the things he did to me made me forget about my insecurities.  It also blinded me to who he really was.


I was a big girl.  I got my hips and my breasts from my father’s side of the family.  I got my dark hair and brown eyes from my maternal grandmother, a Latina beauty from Panama.  But I didn’t get her darker complexion.  No, my Irish grandfather passed down his light complexion instead.  Everyone told me I was pretty and I suppose I was.  I wanted to feel pretty but I usually didn’t.  I just didn’t look like all the girls that the boys chased after.


I got over it for the most part, however.  Bobby seemed to like my big bottom and my pendulous breasts.  Most of the bikers I knew seemed to prefer girls of my stature.  Even the skinny and athletic bitches had some junk in the trunk and big boobs.  I guess that’s why I really enjoyed being Bobby’s old lady.  I fit in.  I was always a bit of a black sheep but here that wasn’t just acceptable, it was expected.


“Yo, Maria. Beer,” Bobby shouted.  That was my queue to get up and get him a cold one.


“I’ll be right back,” I told Ginger.


“Yeah, sure,” she replied.  We didn’t have a clubhouse in the conventional sense.  We spent most of our time hanging out in a garage owned by Ginger’s old man, Rocky.  The club wasn’t big.  Half a dozen or so members depending on the day.  Members joined and members left.  Rocky liked it that way, a small bunch of close knit bikers, but Bobby wanted to expand the club, enhance our standing around the area.


“I got it, sweetie,” Rocky said as I stood up.  He walked past and pat my ass.  I smiled at him.


“Thanks,” I replied.  Rocky never made Ginger fetch him beers.  Bobby liked ordering me around and I could tell Rocky didn’t always like it.  But you didn’t tell another biker how to treat his old lady.  That was just how it was.


“Since you’re not doing anything worthwhile, why don’t you bring that big ass over here,” Bobby ordered.  He sat in what the club called the pit.  Mostly leather chairs around a metal table Rocky welded up.  That’s where the men sat.  The women huddled at the old wooden bar one of the past members found at a garage sale.  We only entered the pit when asked to.  At the moment, Ginger and I were the only women there.


“Sure, baby,” I replied and went over to Bobby.  I sat on the arm of the leather chair and ran my hand through Bobby’s hair.  He tapped his lips and I kissed him.  As I broke the kiss, I glanced at the new pledge sitting across the table from Bobby.  He was young, not twenty five yet, and handsome with his dark hair and big beard.  It was his eyes, however, that captured my attention.  He looked into mine and I found it hard to look away.  There was more to this young biker than met the eye.


“Here’s your beer,” Rocky announced as he returned and took a seat in his black leather recliner.  Bobby took the bottle and handed it to me.  I unscrewed the cap and handed it back to him after taking a sip.  “So, I’ve got to ask.  Why join the Knights?” Rocky asked.


“You don’t think I should?” the pledge asked.  Rocky laughed.


“It’s no secret.  We’re not what we used to be.  When you were in diapers, this club ruled the Inland Empire.  But there’s no place for clubs like the Knights.  We don’t do middle-aged lawyers and doctors.  We don’t mind ignoring certain laws but running arms and dealing hard  So, why do you want to join a club in decline, Stone?” Rocky asked again.


“I don’t follow the crowd.  I’m looking for some brothers to ride with without all the bullshit,” Stone replied.


“So you’re looking for a patch without having to work for it?” Bobby challenged.  I looked from my old man to the young pledge.


“I never said that.  I’ll do whatever you want.  I don’t want to be part of a big, soulless club.  I don’t want, like you said...,” Stone began as he looked back to Rocky, “ run with dermatologists and drug dealers.  I respect the Knight’s history, reputation, and your integrity.  You didn’t change with the times, old man.  Some might say the Knights are outcasts.  I say the Knights are true to the spirit of what being a biker is all about.  I want to be a part of that.”


Bobby scoffed as Rocky stared the pledge down.  I was sure he was gone.  Rocky wasn’t fond of being called old man except by Ginger, his old lady.  Then Rocky began to laugh.  Bobby turned, staring at Rocky.  “Son, you got balls and you’ve got the kind of attitude I wish more young men had,” Rocky said and turned to look at Bobby meaningfully.


Rocky was still the president of the Knights but Bobby was hoping to take over as leader of the club someday.  Bobby had become Rocky’s right hand man though they didn’t always see eye to eye.  Bobby was the most dominant member so he naturally filled the position.  I could tell Rocky’s words angered Bobby.


“So, I’m in?” Stone asked.


“I got no time for playing games,” Rocky said, getting to his feet and walking over to the wooden cabinets on the walls.  He pulled out a patch and handed it to Stone.  “We had twenty five members five years ago.  Last year we had ten or twelve.  Today, we’ve got now.  Make no mistake, Stone.  You’ll have to earn that patch and I won’t hesitate to rip it off your vest if you cross me or the club,” Rocky told the newest Knight.


“You won’t have to,” Stone assured the aging president of the Knights.  I looked at my old man and Bobby rolled his eyes.  He wanted this club and he wanted it bad.  It still belonged to Rocky, however.  Rocky was the Knights and the Knights were Rocky, such as the club was nowadays.  I looked at Stone again and caught him stealing a glance at me.  More than a glance, actually.  I don’t know why but I knew Stone was going to stir things up.  Maybe for the better.  In any case, the Knights needed to be stirred up.


“Let’s go,” Bobby said, standing up, almost knocking me to the floor as he did.  I regained my balance and went to give Ginger a hug.  Bobby was in a hurry though.  “I said, let’s go!” he repeated sternly. I looked at him and then at Ginger and shrugged.  She smiled, lending me some support.  I followed Bobby outside without saying a proper goodbye.  We mounted his chopper and roared off.  I turned to look at Rocky’s Choppers, the garage that housed our clubhouse.  The newest member of the Knights, Stone, stood at the edge of the open garage bay staring after us.  I suddenly wished I wasn’t Bobby’s old lady anymore.




Weeks passed and Stone integrated into the club almost seamlessly.  Even Bobby took a liking to him.  Stone enjoyed riding, drinking, smoking cigars and shooting guns even more than Rocky.  But Stone wasn’t loud or rowdy like some bikers, like my Bobby.  Stone was soft spoken but when he wanted to, he could demand attention with just an edge to his voice and a look in his eye.  I wasn’t ashamed to admit I was attracted to the man.


But then again, who wasn’t.  Ginger made no secret of her desire for the bearded biker.  She flirted shamelessly with Stone.  Rocky didn’t mind.  His redheaded wife was ten years his junior and he wasn’t able to keep up with her like he used to.  Ginger never spoke of it openly but I knew she fucked around with other men...and women.  I think Rocky enjoyed watching her do it too.


I found myself at the club, the sprawling garage bay Rocky had turned into the Knights hangout after the club shrank and the members couldn’t afford to keep the old clubhouse.  Bobby sat smoking and drinking along with a few of the other members, Dusty, Little Mike, Enrique and Big Mike.  Dusty had an old lady but they were on the outs.  Apparently, she caught Dusty with another woman.  Third time in as many months but Eve, Dusty’s old lady, would forgive him as usual.  The question was how long it would take this time.


Ginger, Rocky and Stone were nowhere to be found but the garage was open to members whenever they wanted to be there.  I assumed Rocky and Ginger were home or out riding.  Stone came and went as he pleased like most of the members.  So I spent my Saturday fetching beers for Bobby and the boys, drinking a few myself that I liberated from the big refrigerator by the bar.


The garage didn’t look like a garage save for the big roll up door and the concrete floor.  Besides the pit and the bar stocked with booze, there was a pool table, dartboard and pictures of the club’s members, past and present, framed on the wood paneled walls.  It was a giant man cave made just for bikers.  There was a lift and a full set of tools reserved for members too.  I’d spent many a night chatting with Ginger, Eve and a few girls whose boyfriends and husbands didn’t come around anymore while the boys wrenched on a bike or got fucked up...or both.


“Beer!” Bobby shouted just as I got up to go to the powder room.


“In a minute.  I’m going to go pee,” I told him.  Bobby turned and glared at me, angry that I had spoken back to him, but let it go.  He could be so sweet sometimes...usually when I was sucking his cock if I was being honest...but sometimes he was a real jerk. I walked through the door into the hallway beyond.  There was a restroom in the clubhouse but I preferred the customer’s restroom.  Someone cleaned that one now and then.


As I went Stone suddenly appeared from Rocky’s office, backing into the hallway.  Ginger slipped her arms around his neck as she backed Stone out in front of me.  They didn’t see me as they kissed.  “Thanks, baby.  That was wonderful,” Ginger told the bearded biker.  That’s when Stone noticed me standing there, a silly smile on my face.


“Hey, Maria,” he said.  Ginger was shocked to find me there but only for a moment.  She smiled and bit her lip.


“Hi,” she greeted me as she pulled her arms off of Stone’s shoulders.  Just then Rocky appeared.


“Oh, shit...Maria,” he said.


“I didn’t see anything,” I told them, holding my hands up.  Rocky laughed.


“The old lady needs it all the time.  I’m getting old,” he joked though I could sense Rocky was a bit uncomfortable with the idea.  Ginger almost looked proud while Stone couldn’t meet my gaze.  He finally pushed past me.


“Later,” he said.


“Bye, sweetie,” Ginger called after him.  Stone walked even faster after that.  He was clearly embarrassed.


“I was just going to the restroom,” I told Rocky and Ginger.


“I’ll join you,” she said, kissed Rocky and headed down the hall.  I followed as Rocky shook his head.  I liked him a lot.  He was like a father to me, to everyone really.  He chuckled to himself as he followed after Stone to join the boys.  I caught up with Ginger in the restroom.  I did my business as she checked her hair and makeup.  “How do I look?” she asked me when I’d finished.


“You look fine,” I told her.  Ginger pursed her lips and glared at me.


“Look, you already know know,” she said.


“Yeah, I’m not blind,” I told her.  Ginger wasn’t as old as Rocky but she was still twenty years my senior.  She was beautiful, shapely and busty.


“Look, when you get to be my age, you’ll understand.  Rocky’s not...,” she began but stumbled over the right choice of words.


“He can’t get it up like he used to?” I asked.  Ginger laughed, relieved that I understood.


“And the pills give him headaches.  I love him and he loves me but I have needs and frankly, so does Rocky.  He’d rather watch me with a guy like Stone than hear about it later,” Ginger admitted.


“I get it.  I’m not a nun. It’s none of my business and I don’t think any less of you or Rocky,” I assured Ginger.  She hugged me.


“Thanks, sweetie,” she told me.  She called everybody sweetie.  “You won’t tell anyone, right?  I mean, Rocky’s got a reputation.  If word got out...,” Ginger said leaving the obvious unsaid.


“I know.  I won’t tell a soul...swear,” I said.

BOOK: Stone - Big Girls & Bad Boys
8.9Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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