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“What?” She half sat up before he could gently push her

“More naked, remember?”

She grumbled as if she were irritated but still slid her
skirt and panties off. “There. Better?”

He couldn’t answer for a moment. Not with her lying naked in
front of him. She was everything he’d fantasized about and more. He wanted to
run his tongue through her pussy. Inhale her scent as her flavor filled his

“Are you trying to kill me? Do it already.”

He smiled at the impatience in her voice. “Are you peeking
at my thoughts?” He crawled down her body until he knelt between her spread

“You’re practically yelling them at me.”

“Can’t help it. I’m dying to taste you.” He licked his lips
in anticipation before leaning forward. He slid his arms under her hips so he
could tilt her up to give himself the best position. With his thumbs he pulled
her lips apart and took a second to admire the beauty of her pussy. It really
was one of the sexiest things he’d ever seen.

“Killing me, Parker.”

“Patience, Harlow. You aren’t going to die and you know it.”
He swiped his tongue gently over her clit. “Still, no point in testing the

“Thank god.”

“He’s not the one with his mouth on your pussy, sweetheart.”

She didn’t seem inclined to respond, though, as he lapped at
her clit again. Not that he cared. Once her heat surrounded him he didn’t
really care about anything else. Not even the bite of her fingernails against
his scalp bothered him. Actually the slight sting of pain only served to
ratchet his desire higher.

“Oh god, Parker.”

He chuckled against her. “Getting closer.” He slid two
fingers into her channel as he continued to strum her clit with his tongue.
Deep inside her he found the walnut-sized patch of skin he was searching for
and started to tap lightly on it. She immediately started to buck against his
face. Yes, she was very close. And he wanted to see her when she did finally go
over the chasm and fall into her orgasm.

Working up her body, he left a trail of kisses until he made
his way to her breast. Lying down next to her, he lavished kisses on her pert
nipples as he slid his fingers out of her pussy and concentrated on stroking
her clit. It only took a couple of strokes before he felt her muscles tense.
Then as he flicked the pad of his thumb over her one last time, he sucked her
nipple into his mouth and she started jerking under him. Her hands wrapped
around his neck, pulling his head down closer to her breast and keeping him pressed
to her.

Her display of passion and abandon was so complete he had a
hard time not coming on the bed next to her. The woman was a goddess. Her eyes
closed and her body coming down from the climax, she radiated sensuality.
Relaxed sensuality. But it was there. And he wanted to stoke those embers until
she burned again. Before he could, though, she opened her eyes and threw him a
smile that could only be called dangerous.

“My turn.” She rolled him over so his back was flat on the
mattress. As he gazed up into her eyes he saw a look that scared him ever so
slightly. “Don’t worry, I don’t bite.” She winked at him as she wrapped her
hand around his dick. “I would, however, consider spanking if you’re into that
kind of thing.”

Chapter Four


Harlow loved the look of concern on his face. She actually
loved everything about him right then. Including how he made her feel. He was
sexy and a little bit tortured but funny. She couldn’t remember a time when she’d
felt so light and free. Probably because it’d never happened.

She leaned over and kissed him softly. She liked gentle. It
was a nice contrast to the way most people treated her. They only cared about
what she could do for them. People didn’t seem overly invested in discovering
what she wanted. Even Prime Minister Lee was too focused on his own goals to
notice she wasn’t a child who needed to be protected.

Parker didn’t think of her like that though. He didn’t see
her as an experiment to be exploited or safeguarded. She was a woman to him.
And she loved that most of all. She kissed her way down to the scar on his
chest. “How did you get this?”

“I was running with a sharp object. My mom was so

She laughed at the obvious lie. “It was scissors, wasn’t it?”
She trailed the tip of her tongue along the puckered skin. “She probably told
you not to run with those damn things a million times.” At every social
gathering she’d been at with her crew at least one mother had told her children
not to run with them so she figured it must be a parenting phenomenon.

“At least.”

She looked up to catch the faint twitch of a smile on his
lips. “Don’t worry. I won’t tell the others. We’ll make up some fantastic story
about how you were injured during the war. They’ll never know the truth.”

“That’s mighty considerate of you, Captain.”

She kissed his nipple and then flicked her tongue over the
hard bud. “Thanks for noticing.” She skimmed her hand down his body until she
reached his hard cock. “But we can worry about that later. Right now I think
you have a more pressing issue that I should be attending to.”

“That would be greatly appreciated.”

She slid down the bed until she was positioned in front of
his dick. “And I believe I should start here.”

“Sweetheart, you started the moment you walked through my

She winked at him and then ran her tongue over the head of
his cock. “Then maybe I should finish here.” She sucked him into her mouth.

He groaned and grabbed the blankets in his fist. “Keep that
up and it won’t take you long.”

She stopped sucking on his cock so she could say, “Turnabout
and all that.”

As soon as she starting licking his dick again he moaned but
didn’t voice any more arguments. Which she appreciated. So much so that she
decided to see how quickly she could inspire that finish he spoke of. She
wrapped one hand around the base of his erection and then took him as far back
in her throat as she could. While she was sucking on him she slid her other
hand back so she could rim his anus lightly with a fingertip. It only took a
few minutes and he was coming down the back of her throat with a loud shout.

She licked him clean as he started to relax from his orgasm.
And when he was finished she crawled back up the bed to lie down in the crook
of his arm.

“So… Have you gotten me out of your system yet?”

She couldn’t believe he’d asked that. It wasn’t the question
she was expecting. It didn’t even make her top-ten list of most-probable
questions. And it was insulting. She punched him in the chest. Of course she
hadn’t. They hadn’t even had sex yet. Not really. “What? Are you trying to tell
me you’re a one-and-done kind of guy?”

“Really? One and done?” He sounded irritated as he moved her
hand so it was on his dick. It was already starting to harden again. “Does that
answer your question?”

“It does.” She rubbed up against him.

“I just didn’t want to overstay my welcome.”

He really made no sense. “But I’m in your quarters.” Unless…
She felt sick at the thought. “Am I overstaying my welcome?” Social cues were
not her strong suit. Never had been. It was one of the biggest drawbacks of
being created fully grown. She’d never had those awkward childhood years to
teach her how to deal with her peers.

“No.” He dropped a kiss on the top of her head as he
caressed her rib cage with his thumb. The touch kind of tickled—but in a good
way. “You’re free to stay however long you like.”

She relaxed as the knot in her stomach eased. Despite his
permission she couldn’t stay as long as she wanted. She didn’t have much
leisure time as captain. But that he wanted her to stay and had invited her to
made her happy. More than happy, really. It was a bubbling kind of giddiness
that started in her chest and spread throughout her body until it begged her to
collapse into a laughing fit in order to give it some sort of release. But she
couldn’t give in to the urge. How would she ever explain collapsing into a fit
of giggles?

“Are you okay?”

She hadn’t realized how odd her reaction must have been
until his voice broke through her thoughts. “Of course.” Only she didn’t really
know. Captains didn’t get giddy. Okay, maybe they did over ships and
assignments but not over boys.

“Are you sure?”

She looked up and smiled in an attempt to reassure them both.
“I’m sure.” Then she kissed him to silence any further questions. He was still
for a moment but then his body relaxed and he pulled her to him tightly. Relief
filled her at the embrace. That only lasted for a moment however. As soon as he
deepened the kiss, desire overwhelmed any other emotions she was feeling. He
was so large and so strong that he filled her senses.

He rolled over so her body was pinned under his. “Am I
crushing you?”

“Not at all.” His weight was comforting. And she liked that
he’d taken the dominant position. She spent so much of her day in control that
she enjoyed the change. “This feels good.”

He quirked an eyebrow at her. “Really?” He slowly raised one
of her arms until it was resting above her head on the mattress and then
repeated the process with the other one. When he was done he wrapped her wrists
in his palm. “And now?”

She tried to pull free but found his grip held. Instead of
feeling trapped, however, she felt liberated. She didn’t have to do anything
but lie back and enjoy his touch. He’d just taken sole responsibility for her
sexual experience. “Feels good.” She rubbed her body against his and the
friction made her nipples harden. “Really good.”

“Hmmm.” He lowered his head to kiss her slowly. “Then I want
you to stay just like this. No moving.” He released her wrists and started to
kiss her neck.

“What happens if I do move?”

“Are you asking out of curiosity or are you actually hoping
for a consequence?”

That he made the distinction turned her on even further. If
she said curiosity he would probably shrug off any movement on her part. But if
she wanted a consequence he was willing to give her one. So which was it?

“Actions should always have a consequence, don’t you think?”

His breath tickled her as he blew on the skin he’d only a
moment ago dampened with kisses. “I like the way you think.”

“And I like the way you lick.”

He chuckled but then trailed his tongue down her collarbone
to trace the top curve of her chest. “Like that?”

A shudder racked her body. “Yes. Just like that.”

He continued over the underside of her breast and her heart
skipped a beat. She wanted to run her fingers through his hair and cup his head
in her hands as he made his way to her nipple. But she wasn’t supposed to move
her hands. So she rocked her hips impatiently. “You never told me what you’re
going to do if I move my hands.”

He caught her nipple between his teeth. It didn’t hurt as
she’d expected though. Instead it sent a jolt of fresh desire through her that
made her want to move even more. “The options are limitless.” He sucked the
hardened peak into his mouth for a second and then released it. “I could tie
you down. Or I could roll you over and spank you. Or I could blindfold you and
tease you with a feather until you begged for mercy.” With each new image her
body warmed until it was scorching. “But I don’t think I’ll do any of those

Why the hell not? She wanted to ask him that question but
couldn’t. Her breath was coming in harsh gasps and she couldn’t get any words

“I think instead, if you move, I stop and turn the reins
back over to you. You want control? You’ve got it. All you have to do is take
your hands down.”

She whimpered in despair. It was a real consequence. She
didn’t want to be in control anymore. Not with him at least. Not in this

“Not to your liking?” He rolled her nipple between his
finger and thumb. The touch electrified her nerve endings.

She shook her head.

“Then don’t move.”

“And how do I get you to blindfold me and run the feather
over my body?”

He leaned over and whispered, “All you have to do is ask.”

“Next time.” Her words stunned her. This was about getting
him out of her system. There shouldn’t be a next time. But the thought of never
having this with him again hurt. And not in an emotional sense. She couldn’t
breathe and her chest cramped at the thought. She guessed it was just that she
wasn’t done with him yet. She told herself she would get her fill of him
eventually and then they would part ways. But what if she was wrong?

“Then what do you want to do this time?”

That question was easier for her to answer. It didn’t
require any thought or rationalization on her part. “I want you to fuck me.”

“Yes sir.” His weight disappeared for a moment but she kept
her hands where they were. More than anything she didn’t want him to stop. She
didn’t want to take over. Thankfully he just pulled away to get a condom out of
his uniform pocket. Within mere moments he’d opened the package and rolled the
sheath over his cock. Then he lay over her once more. “Spread your legs.”

She did as he commanded. “Remember, no moving your hands.”

“How could I forget?”

He slid into her slowly, his cock stretching her with each
inch. When he was completely seated in her, he paused and gave her a moment to
savor the feeling of him deep inside her.

“You feel amazing.” He smiled down at her as he said the

“Back at you, Parker.” Yes. It was a trite thing to say.
Even she knew that. But she couldn’t think of anything witty or profound at
that moment. She didn’t want to say anything. She only wanted to feel. And as
he started thrusting inside her she got exactly what she wanted.

There were several times she almost forgot to keep her hands
above her head. She desperately wanted to scratch her nails down his back. But
she always remembered in time. And after she wrapped her thighs around his
waist she no longer cared about what her hands were or weren’t doing. He rocked
against her clit with every move. Brushing and pressing against it as he slid
through her channel. She continued to climb the spires of desire until he thrust
harder and deeper inside her then she fell. She heard someone calling out but
it took her a second to recognize her own voice begging for more. She rocked
against him as she clung to him and rode out the waves of climax that crashed
against her.

Parker held her close as he whispered into her ear. She wasn’t
sure what the words were. They didn’t make sense. But she knew what it meant
when his voice became harsh and low. He was with her. Flying with the help of
the endorphins and hormones pumping through his blood. And damn did it feel

When the tremors finally stopped and her breathing returned
to normal she lazily ran her fingers down his back as he collapsed on top of

“You moved your hands.” His voice was muffled against her

“Did I?” She ruffled his hair before giving it a tug. “Well,
look at that. I guess I did.” She turned her head so she could kiss his ear. “I’ll
do better next time.”

His body shook against hers as he laughed. “Damn straight
you will. There’ll be a blindfold and a feather. I can’t imagine that’s
something you’d want interrupted.”

“You remembered.”

“Those are images a man doesn’t easily forget. Hell, I’m not
sure why he’d even try.”

“Engineering to Captain.” Her com badge startled both of
them. But she regained her composure quickly. As soon as he moved off her she
lunged for her cami on the floor and then sat up with the small piece of metal.

“Captain here. Go ahead, engineering.”

“The level-seven diagnostic is finished, sir.”

“Good. Don’t release that information to anyone. I’m on my
way to retrieve it now.”

“Understood, sir.”

“Captain out.” She looked over at Parker and smiled. “Guess
our time is over.”

“See. I told you it would be as soon as you moved your

She got dressed quickly and clipped her com badge back onto
her top. “Until next time.”

“Until then.”

She leaned over and kissed him lightly before leaving. Even
with the stress of the diagnostic hanging over her she felt carefree. The walk
back to engineering was so quick she felt as if she were floating. But as soon
as she opened the hatch she forced herself to settle. It didn’t help that she
came face-to-face with her favorite person when the door opened.

“Rowe. How are you today?”

Rowe smiled as her eyes glazed over in an absent way. “I am
doing well. But the ship is sick.” She ran her hand along the wall as she

“Yes. It is. But we’re trying to find out what’s wrong. We’ll
get her fixed.”

She leaned forward to whisper, “She’s being poisoned.”

“Have you seen something?” Rowe was a Sub Type Five. A
prophet. The only one who’d ever been allowed out of the government facility
where they were kept.

“I don’t know. Have I?” Her eyes widened and she cocked her
head to one side as if she were trying to search through memories. It only took
a moment for her brow to crinkle with disappointment though. It was an
expression Harlow was overly familiar with. Rowe never remembered no matter how
hard she tried. That was the kicker. Prophets couldn’t recall what they saw. It
was why they were usually kept locked up in military hospitals where they could
be monitored. And it was why Rowe was only a consultant. She’d never wear a

BOOK: Subservience
6.72Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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