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Authors: Shayla Black

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With a dip of his head, he covered her mouth with his own, a firm press, a gentle demand. She opened to him, and Hunter sank in with a groan that lit her up and sizzled all the way to her toes. His tongue curled around hers, holding her a willing captive to his seduction.

Just as she opened wider, he edged away, nipped at her lip, drizzled kisses down her neck so sweetly that she moaned and shuddered, clung to him and arched.

Suddenly, Kata realized Hunter was far more dangerous than she’d believed. He would use his knowledge of her body and her pleasure to lure her deeper under his spell. Control her. Apprehension burned a hole in her belly.

“Wait, Hunter, I—”

“An hour.” The intensity in his gaze made her tremble. “I’m not wasting another minute of it arguing.”

She couldn’t do a damn thing without breaking her word. As much as he alarmed her, she refused to show fear.

Another part of her couldn’t stand for him to stop touching her. He rubbed the pad of his thumb over her lip. “You’re so fucking gorgeous, honey. It’s going to be my pleasure to prove to you that an hour isn’t nearly enough.”

A mix of thrill and foreboding zipped through her. God, he made her shiver.

Hunter eased down her body and latched onto her nipples. Kata gasped. They’d always been sensitive, but now? He nipped, sucked, licked, scraped, laved until she threaded her hands over his head, frustrated that his hair was too short to grab in her fists. She wailed, the sound high-pitched and desperate. Hunter didn’t stop, just worked his palms farther down her body as his mouth worshipped one nipple, then the other, over and over.

The ache between her legs ramped up again. She arched toward him as more moisture seeped from her core. He must know how wet she was. Surely, he could feel it. But he merely continued his single-minded, voracious devouring of her nipples. They swelled, turned tingly-sore, felt so, so hard that it was a pleasure in itself. Still, he didn’t let up, didn’t veer.

With every lick and nuzzle she fell a bit more under his spell. “Oh God. Damn! Hunter . . .” She clamped onto his bulging biceps, her nails digging into his skin.

He shuddered and sucked harder. “These are incredible.” He lapped at the stiff points, taking turns making them even more rigid, more sensitive. “I’m never going to get enough.”

“You’re killing me.”

“But you like it.” It wasn’t a question; he knew. “They will be sore tomorrow,” he murmured like that pleased him. “But every time your shirt brushes these beautiful, swollen nipples, you’ll think of me.”

Shit, she would. And given how devoted he’d been to the two little buds, she would be thinking of him often. That gave him a whole new level of power over her. Still, she didn’t want him to stop. Foolishly, she bowed her back in offering, settling her nipple deeper into his mouth . . . knowing she’d pay for her weakness tomorrow.

Hunter smiled against her skin and cradled the mound in his hand, thumbed its side in a slow stroke. Then he bit down tenderly on the rigid tip. And her arousal surged, so close to the edge . . .

Kata panted as lightning pulsed between her legs, leaving her on the edge of orgasm. “What are you doing to me?”

“Making a good first impression.” He grinned.

She wanted to hate him for forcing this surrender on her, but she needed this climax more. He’d made sure of that, pressed and pushed and tempted her until she had nowhere to hide, nothing to do but beg with her body and incoherent words.

Lips parted, breath held, she waited for Hunter to suck her nipple into his mouth again. But he didn’t. He stared instead, his eyes gleaming like a predator about to move in for the kill.

Apprehension jammed in her throat. No matter how much her body wanted this, she couldn’t lie back helplessly and allow him to call all the shots. He’d overwhelm her. Consume her.

Kata swallowed down her need and reached out to him, wrapped her fingers around his thick cock. His whole body jolted as if he’d been shocked. But surprise charged through her as well. He was so big and alive in her hand, full of life, pulsing. Velvety hard. Addicting.

He gritted his teeth. His shoulders tensed, fists clenched. Oh, yeah. She’d put him on the edge, and a thrill shivered through her. But damn, driving him to the brink was driving her closer to her own.

“Kata . . .”

“You wanted to see me, feel me. I want to do the same to you.” Slowly, she stroked her hand up and down the long shaft, thumb brushing the slightly slick tip, then cascading down the sensitive underside.

His strong jaw worked, as if trying to speak was beyond him. She smiled. This was more like it. Now
was in control. After all, why should she be the only one undone tonight?

“That feel good to you?” She sat up and purred against his chest. Then she slid her free hand under his testicles, cupping, rubbing, gently kneading. She definitely had his attention, especially when she spread kisses across his collarbones, down his pectorals. He tensed. Kata tongued his nipple, turning up the heat. “Yeah. It does, doesn’t it?”

In her hand, his cock stiffened even more—along with his whole body. “Fuck.”

Kata gave him a throaty laugh and pumped him faster in her hand, licked furiously at his nipple, reveling in sweet victory rippling through her. But it was short-lived.

Hunter grabbed her wrist and thrust it away from his cock, then drew in a shuddering breath. Threading his fingers through her hair, he wrapped the thick strands in his fist, tugging just hard enough to snap her head back—and force her to take his heavy stare. His expression was nothing short of a silent, sensual warning.


Hunter reached to the floor and grabbed something that disappeared into his hand. A second later, he ripped open a small foil packet with his teeth. Single-handedly, he rolled a condom on, starting at the angry tip of his heavy cock prodding at his belly insistently, all the way down to the root surrounded by dark hair.

Anticipation and anxiety lanced through Kata, tightening her stomach. God knew how far Hunter was going to push her. Yet she was beyond aroused, ready to feel him stretching her, getting deep, stroking slow, giving them both mind-bending pleasure.

With a growl, he pushed her on her back. She bounced against the mattress once before he was on her, sliding against her wet folds, his lips at her ear. “I’m going to get so deep inside you, honey. You’ll give me all of you, and I’ll give you everything you need.”

His words made Kata fear he’d settle for nothing less than her soul.

She looked him in the eyes and shook her head. “You’ll fuck me. I’ll let you. End of story.”

“We’ll see,” he said cryptically.

Then her thoughts scattered as Hunter began to penetrate her, scraping along every one of her throbbing nerve endings with a molasses stroke in, designed to devastate. No way she could stop herself from lifting her hips greedily to him. She threw her arms around his neck, biting her lip to hold in her moan. She knew it would sound like surrender.

They’d barely started, and it already
too much like surrender.

Hunter stopped his endless glide into her suddenly, and her entire body tensed in denial. Kata lifted her gaze to him, questioning, hoping like hell that he couldn’t see her silent begging.

“You’re holding back. Open that pretty mouth. Give me that moan, honey.”

“Just fuck me.”

He eased out of her weeping entrance. “Are we going to have this conversation again? You know what I’m going to say.”

Yes, she did. And she already knew he was patient and controlled enough to withhold his own pleasure to prove a point. Damn it.

“You promised you’d give me everything for an hour,” he reminded. “You’ve got forty-four minutes left.”

Hell, she
promised, and she wasn’t the kind of person to renege. She always let it all hang out with Ben, never had an issue if he wanted to take the lead. But Hunter? He was more potent. A frightening thrill. He got to her, and she wanted the pleasure he gave her so desperately. The decision to give in should be easy.

But in the back of her mind, she kept wondering . . . If she surrendered, could he take some part of her that she’d never get back? No way was she walking a mile in her mother’s shoes.

Hunter stared, waiting for her response. Either she had to shut up and put out or walk away now.

She’d split as soon as it was over. No after play, no cuddling or conversation or round two. She’d get up, get dressed, and get out—before he could do more damage.

With a sigh, she trailed kisses along his hard shoulder, nipping at its bulging cap, dragging her nails down his back.

“Good.” With a fist in her hair, he brought her face within inches of his and fused their gazes together. “I’m done talking now. I’m just going to show you what I want from you.”

Hadn’t he been doing that already with his lips, his fingers, his molten touch?

Kata drew in a shaky breath as Hunter lowered himself to her again and began sliding his cock inside her, one torturous, hard inch at a time, reigniting her need.

Her fingers tightened on him. A little gasp escaped her as he pushed his way in slowly, awakening more tingles. They shivered down her spine, boiled her blood.

When Hunter shoved the last few inches into her ruthlessly, reaching deeper into her than any man ever had, her gasp became a moan—in the sound of his name.

“That’s it, honey. Feel me.”

As if she could do anything else . . .

He swiveled, rotating and flexing his hips, catching a bevy of sensitive spots inside her, connected like a chain. Touching one ignited the others, and suddenly, she was on fire. Unable to stop herself, her fingers curled into his flesh, nails digging. He tossed his head back with a groan she felt all the way to her pussy.

“Perfect.” He bit the sensitive spot where her neck and shoulder joined, nipped her lobe, kissed his way to her mouth, and devoured her.

Even as her mind railed against it, her body unfurled to him. Her lips parted further to taste him again, her back arched up to invite him closer, her legs spread wider to welcome him deeper. He took her up on every unspoken invitation, cementing the connection of their mouths until she knew his intrinsic taste, until he flexed his hips and her nails dug urgently into his back, until he gripped her hips so he forged even deeper.

Hunter was everywhere, every sight she could see, every scent filling her nose, every flavor on her tongue. And as he tunneled down again to the hilt and he filled all her empty space, he became every sensation she felt. He was every
she’d ever thought of, ever fantasized about.

Like a force of nature, he overwhelmed.

With a hot palm, he caressed her face, his lips pressing with finessed demand. Mindlessly, she opened, and he captured her mouth. Hiding was no longer an option, so she threw herself completely into the kiss, into meeting each spine-melting stroke into her aching pussy.

“Hunter,” she panted.

Sweat broke out along his forehead, at his temples, across his back. His body tensed, his cock hardened. And still he consumed her at that controlled pace that drove her mad.

“You feel perfect, Kata. So slick and tight. I’m never going to want to leave.”

At that moment, she could never imagine being without him. That fact would scare the hell out of her at some point, she was sure. But now, she just drowned in pleasure . . . and wondered how she’d ever forget a man who’d so thoroughly jacked up her pleasure—and gotten inside her head. After her earlier killer orgasm, she’d expected to find reaching climax again somewhere between difficult and impossible. Losing control once was hard enough for her, but twice? With Hunter, that wasn’t a problem. Already need clawed through her until all she knew was that little spot he prodded over and over with the tip of his cock and her own impulse to hold him closer.

God, everything inside her was awake and attuned to him. The salty-musky taste of his skin coated her tongue as she laved his shoulder. His husky murmurs filled her head as he encouraged her every response. But the most potent? The way he looked at her as if she was the only woman in the world while he filled her to burning capacity stroke after slow stroke.

“Faster,” she demanded, almost not recognizing her own voice.


His pace didn’t change. He continued to slide his way in, angled against the spot guaranteed to send her reeling. Her mind fought it even as she craved it, until she didn’t know what to want. Until her body took over.

She bucked under him, doing her best to take him deeper, faster, harder. “Now!”

“You’re not controlling this, honey.”

“But I need—”

“I’ll give it to you, as soon as you’re ready.”

How could she be more ready? She was breathing fire, her heart pumping lava. Right behind her clit an inferno of an ache burst, threatening to singe her alive.

“I’m ready now!”

He shook his head, balancing his forehead on hers so that she had nowhere to look except into his eyes. “No, honey. Put yourself in my hands. I’m going to take care of you.”

With her flat on her back and Hunter covering her completely, her anchor to the bed, it wasn’t as if she had much choice. Kata bit her lip as both anger and arousal surged wildly.

The head of his cock scraped just the right spot again and again and again. The storm brewing in her body became a hurricane. Vicious need rushed through her. She clamped down on him. And the friction only grew more mind-boggling as he fought his way deep with every plunge.

As she gasped, her world spun out of control. Her stare clung to his. She knew he could read the panicked need in her eyes.

“Now you’re ready.”

Hunter turned on the jets, his thrusts into her a rapid rush of fire deep over her skin. Her body jolted, tightened, bucked. And the pleasure multiplied exponentially, zipping fire through her entire body. She clawed, screamed, begged.

And orgasm was still beyond her reach. Still in his hands.

Panting, Kata dug in her nails, desperately clutching what little she had left of her composure. She was giving Hunter too much, and he was eating it up—and with every stroke demanding still more. Yes, she’d promised him an hour of candor, never imagining he’d work
deeply into her body and her psyche and take over. Her mistake.

BOOK: Surrender to Me
12.23Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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