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Sweet Satisfaction

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Sweet Satisfaction


Becca Dale

Book 3 of the Sweet Series

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, business establishments, events, or locales, is entirely coincidental.

Sweet Satisfaction

COPYRIGHT © 2013 by Becca Dale

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Publishing History

First Scarlet Rose Edition, May 2013

Digital ISBN 978-1-61217-926-1

Published in the United States of America


To the man who gives me space to fly

and catches me when I fall—thank you.


Becca Dale



“Ms. Dale captures the reader right off the bat with her mouthwatering descriptions, and from there on out, you’re hooked.”

~Two Lip Review


“Wow, the passion, the romance, the way that Gavin makes Savannah feel is just wonderful. This is my second read of Becca Dale and I can say I will continue reading more of her books.”

~The Romance Review


“Becca Dale does an excellent job of compounding a whole lot of “spice and sizzle” into a short story.”

~The Long and Short of it Reviews

Chapter One

Ignoring the besotted groom at his side, Connor Wallace glanced around the crowded dance floor searching for Katelyn Hastings’s sleek blonde head. Almost everyone at the wedding reception towered over her five-foot frame so finding her would be a challenge, but one he never tired of facing. He found her beside his cousin’s new wife. All decked out for the wedding, the two of them were gorgeous. The bride’s slightly shy demeanor emphasized Kate’s sparkle and drew his attention to her petite yet curvy body. The form-fitting bridesmaid dress covered one shoulder, dropped to cup her full breasts, then nipped in to follow her narrow waist and flare with the swell of her hips before it curved inward again to hide her tiny feet.

“Why don’t you ask her to dance instead of standing here gawking at her?”

Connor looked up at Gavin. “I’m not her type.”

“How do you know?”

The three-year ache returned with vengeance. “She’s told me. Repeatedly.”

“Maybe but Savannah thinks her friend’s in love with you.”

Kate looked up and smiled at him before turning to flirt with a strange guy beside her. What had she said she wanted—tall, outgoing, and sexually adventurous? He read the last as submissive since she didn’t date men she couldn’t manipulate. Still, all characteristics she failed to see in him. Maybe it was time to show her the flaws in her ideal man.

“I’ll talk to you later, Gavin.”

“Where ya going?”

“To fulfill Kate’s fantasies.”


“May I have this dance, Katelyn?”

The rich cadence of Con’s voice rolled across her in a sweet caress. Kate turned to tell him no, but instead of his too cute smile, she found a starched white shirt. She had to crane her neck to see his face. “Do I know you?”

“No, but I’d like a shot at getting to that point. I’m the groom’s cousin, and you’re the maid-of-honor, right? I think you know my little brother.”

“Connor?” He had her friend’s sandy brown hair with just the slightest tint of red and eyes so pure green they reminded her of sliced kiwi without the seeds. The stranger even sported the same boyish grin to go with his sexy voice, but how could the near giant in front of her be Con’s brother? “You’re a lot taller.”

“Yeah, he’s sort of the runt in the family. Took after Mom. So you wanna dance or not?”

“Of course.” She allowed him to lead her onto the floor. His long legs seemed to go on forever. “I didn’t catch your name.”


The music pulsed around them, too loud for polite conversation. She rose to her toes but still stood a good foot from his ear. “I asked your name!”

“What?” He bent down to her.

Had the music gotten even louder? “Your name!”

“Oh. Don’t have to shout. I’m Kurt.”

The oversized man pulled her into his arms without another word. He caught her right hand and laced his fingers through hers then draped a long arm across her shoulders. There was really no place to put her left arm except around his waist, inches above his high, tight ass. Kurt tugged her closer, pressing her cheek to his ribcage. His belt buckle gouged into her breasts. The awkward height difference made dancing almost impossible, and her hand began to itch in his. She tried to step back, to put some distance between them, but he would not relax his hold. Their combined body heat made her sweat. She could almost feel her make-up melting to stain his white shirt.

“I need to breathe.” When he didn’t respond, probably didn’t hear her, she twisted desperately to escape. Her boobs rubbed above his cock.

Suddenly, he bent and picked her up like a child. Her feet dangled off the floor as he hoisted her to eye level. She grabbed his shoulders to keep from falling. He really was cute as hell, but his superior attitude destroyed any hope of attraction.

“You can’t be doing that, tiny. You’ll give me a hard-on in front of all these nice people.” A slow smile spread across his full lips, and he wrapped an arm around her waist to press her against him, holding her suspended. “Unless you like the idea of getting caught.”

His free hand wandered from her waist to hip, and he actually winked at her.
Did he think he was sexy with that smarmy shit?

“We could slip off somewhere a little less obvious, like the handicapped bathroom. How about it, Katie?”

Good God!
Had he suggested sex in a public restroom? The idea repulsed her for more than sanitary reasons. Considering their height differences, the logistics alone would be a nightmare, not to mention he was a good friend’s brother. “Put me down.”

“Why? I like having you up here.” He cupped her ass and squeezed.

The rude hand disappeared almost as fast as it had arrived. “May I cut in?”

Kate looked down into her friend’s beautiful green eyes and wiggled to get free. “Yes!” Did humor dance in his gaze? She didn’t care. She only wanted away from his brother. When Kurt put her down, she practically fell into Connor’s embrace.

While a delicate waltz flowed around them, she rested her cheek on his solid shoulder. His left hand closed around her right, palm pressed to palm. His other hand settled at the small of her back, guiding her through the crowd while the sexy scent of his cologne teased her nose. “Are you having fun tonight?”

“In general. The last few minutes sucked though.” She lifted her head so she could see his reassuring smile. “Thanks for rescuing me.”

“From what? Kurt?” He shook his head and shrugged like he didn’t believe her. “Women love my brother.”

“Yeah, well, I don’t.”


Mischief quirked the corners of his mouth. Had he set her up?
. He was too nice of a guy to do something manipulative. “He picked me up and called me Katie.”


“Besides the fact no one younger than my grandma calls me Katie and lives, nothing much.”

Connor spun her, dodging an older couple with a polite nod, then he grinned. “You have to admit though, Kurt is tall. Isn’t that one of your requirements in a guy? You’ve told me more than once you intend to put some height genes in your family.”

“Not freakishly tall.”

With a chuckle, he swept her past the bride and groom. “He’s only six-five. Not excessive in today’s world. Gavin’s about the same.”

Yeah, but Savannah didn’t look like a little girl in his arms. “How tall are you?”

“Five-eight. Too short, remember?” He leaned down and pressed his lips to her ear. “Think of how much fun you could have with a guy like Kurt.”

He surely didn’t mean sexually. Connor had never even made an off color joke around her. His good-guy mind didn’t run along those lines, but hers unfortunately did. The image of her and Kurt trying to do
caught her off guard and a laugh burst out before she could stop it. They wouldn’t even be able to kiss while he was inside her and mutual oral would definitely be out unless one or both of them were double jointed, and she sure as hell wasn’t.

Connor hugged her closer. “What’s funny?”

“Nothing.” How had she missed the way his body fit to hers? His groin nestled against her lower belly, and if she rose to her toes…
Shit, knock it off!
But the image of lying with him while she sucked his cock, and his gorgeous mouth did delicious things to her clit would not fade. Fucking him would be easy, like he was custom built to pleasure her. A shiver raced up her spine, and she snuggled closer.

“Cold, Katelyn?’

She shook her head but did not back away from the warm comfort of his chest. His strong arms cradled her, protective and solid, making her feel safe but needy. The last thought spiraled through her, triggering unease. The man was dangerous. Controlled and persuasive with a sense of humor, good qualities for a lawyer, a killer-bad combination in every other way. He stopped moving, simply holding her until she lifted her head. “What?”

His eyes teased. “I thought you’d fallen asleep. The music ended.”

She hated when guys laughed at her. It pissed her off. But Connor never seemed to make fun, only enjoy life in general. Still, she pushed from his embrace and walked off the dance floor.

Catching her arm, he pulled her to the side. “Want a drink?”

The man had too much animal magnetism most days, always restrained but never far from the surface despite his easy smile. Drinking, eating, or any other
with her favorite hottie other than hiking or talking was off limits, and even those had potential hazards. He’d get ideas she wasn’t strong enough to handle. “I have to find Savannah. Talk to you later.”

Chapter Two

Connor’s cock tightened as Kate moved through the crowd with her usual pushiness. Someday, he intended to show her she didn’t need to be in charge all the time, no matter how smart and adorable she was. He paused to talk to Gavin but took off when his uncle’s bitch of a wife slithered through the crowd. He had a mission, and it didn’t include talking to the empty-headed woman. He scanned the room for the perfect guy to fulfill Katelyn’s second requirement—fun. His cousin Alonso stood at the center of a crowd, all eyes on him. The man could entertain a wall.

After grabbing a couple beers, Connor wove among the tables until he reached the outer orbit of Planet Al.

“Hey!” He lifted the bottles high enough to get his cousin’s attention.

“Con!” Alonso excused himself and quickly came to his side. Grabbing one of the bottles, he took a swig before looking around. “Didn’t I see you with a little cutie a minute ago? Did she leave?”

“Over there.” He pointed to where Kate was trying to get the bartender’s attention but failing miserably since everyone around her stood far taller. “That’s what I came to talk to you about. I need a favor.”


“I want you to show her some fun.”

Al glanced toward the bar again and scowled. “Are you pimping her out? She’s not really my type. Too short.”

Kate stomped her foot and crawled on top of a stool despite the narrow skirt on her dress. She stood on her knees, balanced precariously in an attempt to be taller. Her cute, curvy ass nearly undid him until he noticed how many other men checked her out. Then it pissed him off she would put herself on display.

His cousin cleared his throat. “On second thought, I’d tap that. What’s her name?”

Connor spun and grabbed Al by the tie, jerking his face down to eye level. His cousin’s beer spilled over his hand. “Touch her and die.” A bark of laughter broke through the anger, and he stepped back, feeling foolish. “Sorry. She just—”

“Makes you horny and protective at the same time?” Al smoothed his tie and chuckled sympathetically. “You’ve got the Wallace curse.”

Wiping his wet hand on his tux pants, he fought down a groan. “That obvious, huh?”

“Yep. So why are you here when she could evidently use a hand?”

BOOK: Sweet Satisfaction
4.39Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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