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Tears wanted to spill from Erin’s eyes and she buried her face against his chest. She squeezed her eyes shut for a moment, letting the loss weigh her shoulders down.

Dave rubbed her back in slow circles and his voice was low and soft. “We can make up for lost time and get to know one another again. If you want to.”

She opened her eyes and tilted her face to look at him again and smiled. “I’d like that.”

Dave trailed his fingers down her spine to her buttocks and up again, causing her to shiver. “I’d like to ask you out on a date.”

Erin laughed. “You don’t think we’re already beyond that point?”

The corners of his mouth tipped up in a grin and he brushed his knuckles over her cheek. “This doesn’t mean our dates are going to be anything like high school.” He leaned down and kissed her before drawing back. “Although you have to admit, some of our dates were pretty damn hot.”

“Two horny teenagers.” Erin returned his grin. “Now two horny adults.”

He brushed his knuckles across her cheek again and his expression softened. “I’m serious. Dinner and a movie tomorrow night?”


Cheyenne McCray

The sweetness of his proposal made her melt. “You’re on.”

* * * * *

Erin couldn’t believe how nervous she was as she prepared for Dave to pick her up for their “date”. Lots of those crazy butterflies flew rampant in her belly as she slipped into a little black sleeveless dress with a scoop neckline, the hem of the dress hitting her mid-thigh. She usually didn’t wear heels over two inches, but she’d gone shopping and bought three-inch heels, the dress and a sleek little black purse.

She’d twisted her hair up into an elegant style and clipped it, and applied makeup as well as wearing her favorite jewelry—which included a gold interlocking heart necklace Dave had given to her in high school. A lump formed in her throat as she clasped it around her neck. It had been nestled in her jewelry box all of these years. She hadn’t been able to let it go, just like she’d never been able to let the memory of Dave slip away.

After a night in each other’s arms, Dave took Erin to her to her car and gave her a soft kiss before she left for her condo. She hadn’t wanted to leave him, but she was excited at the prospect of actually going on a date with him. It made her feel giddy and girly, and she couldn’t wait.

When the doorbell to her condo finally chimed, Erin made it to the front door in record time. When she opened the door, she wanted to fling herself into his arms, but restrained herself.

He looked so damn hot in a pair of black dress pants and a white shirt that complemented his muscular figure without being tight, and it tapered down to his waist. His brown hair was so sexy she wanted to run her fingers through it and mess it all up. She’d save that for later.

And he was even holding a bouquet of red roses with baby’s breath and a bottle of champagne.


Taking on the Law

Dave looked her over from head to toe and she noticed a definite bulge in his slacks. “I don’t know if we’re going to make it out of your place, as gorgeous as you are,” he said before brushing his lips over hers.

She smiled and used her finger to wipe away the light smudge of lipstick at the corner of his mouth from kissing her. “You look pretty great yourself, Officer,” she said as she let him in.

When the door closed behind him, he caught her in his arms, crushing the bouquet between them and kissed her hard. Erin fell into the magic of his kiss, giving soft moans of pleasure as his tongue explored her mouth and she explored his. It was such a sensual kiss that it made her heady. This time he drew away and she managed a smile when she wanted to swoon like a heroine in one of those romance novels. She grabbed a tissue and dabbed his lips with it. He was wearing much more of her lipstick this time—he had to have kissed it all off her.

She crumpled the tissue in her hand as he brought his fingers to the heart pendant at her throat. His voice sounded hoarse as he lightly touched the hearts. “You still have it.”

“Of course I do.” She brought her hand to his. “I’ve never forgotten the night you gave it to me.”

“Your seventeenth birthday.” His eyes met hers. “We made love in my bed.”

“And almost got caught.” She laughed. “Your parents came home a little earlier than we expected.”

Dave drew his hand away from the pendant. “Those were good times.”

Erin whispered, “Special times.”

He placed the bouquet into her arms and held up the champagne bottle. “Where’s your fridge?”

She led him to her little kitchenette that had a homey feel to it with a spring flower décor and a breakfast nook in a bay window. After she tossed the tissue and put the 45

Cheyenne McCray

champagne in the fridge, she found a vase for the roses and put them in the middle of her table.

“They’re so beautiful.” She touched one of the velvety buds with her fingertip then looked up at him. “Thank you.”

“I’m going to take you right on the table if you don’t stop looking at me like that,”

Dave said with a dark look in his eyes.

For a moment Erin considered it, but then shook her head and smiled. “That would make us late for our dinner reservations.”

He drew her to him. “Then we’ll just save it for dessert.”

Those crazy feelings stirred in her belly again as he took her by the hand, his fingers large and warm in hers. She grabbed her purse and a wrap to keep the chill off her shoulders on the way out before locking the door behind them. He’d parked his truck in front of her condo’s walkway, and she got a good look at it for the first time—she vaguely remembered seeing it when they were in the garage, but she’d been rather, er, preoccupied.

It was a king cab custom truck with a lift and was metallic tan and brown. Because it was so high, he had to help her into the passenger side, and he took advantage of it by placing his palm on her bottom to help her into the seat. Unfortunately, her bottom still ached from last night’s spankings and she winced. She looked at him and he winked before closing her door, going to the driver’s side and climbing in.

Ignoring the stinging pain in her ass, Erin used the lighted mirror to put a fresh coat of lipstick on. “I’m just going to kiss it off again,” he said as he glanced from the road to her.

She gave him a teasing smile. “The better the excuse to wear it, then.”

The restaurant Dave had chosen was elegant with a romantic atmosphere. They were seated in a secluded corner, his chair close to hers, and he ordered a bottle of chardonnay. She breathed deeply of his spicy, masculine scent that had away of seeping inside her and making her feel so good.


Taking on the Law

“I thought you were strictly beer and pretzels,” Erin teased. “I don’t seem to remember fine wines and romantic restaurants.”

He glanced up from his menu. “I don’t remember having any money back then. My job as a ranch gofer didn’t pay a whole hell of a lot.”

She smiled and returned her gaze to her menu. “Hey, you never heard me complain. Pizza and sodas were perfectly fine with me.”

Their gazes met as she raised her eyes again. “Yeah,” he said. “Perfectly fine.”

Erin shivered from the look he gave her and she had to fight to focus on her menu.

So many memories bombarded her, from dating in high school to the erotic things they’d done last night.

She wondered exactly what he had planned for tonight, sore ass and all. She couldn’t wait.

After they ordered their appetizer, Dave held out his hand. “I got you something I want you to use tonight.”

“Use?” Erin raised an eyebrow and took the small black cylindrical object in her palm. “What is this?”

It started to vibrate in her hand and she jumped. The vibrations tickled her palm before they stopped. Her eyes met his and he held up what looked like a remote control.

“Go to the bathroom. You’re going to enjoy this night more than you expected.”

Her pulse skipped and heat rushed over her. “I’ll be right back.”

It didn’t take long to insert the remote-controlled vibrator in her core, and she returned to her seat. She expected it to start vibrating immediately but Dave just looked at her with a glint in his eye.

“Half the fun is in the anticipation.” He took a drink of his wine before setting it down. “You’ll never know when I’ll use this little remote.”

She squirmed. She felt the vibrator inside her and she was already hot and wet and ready for the fun to begin.


Cheyenne McCray

After a few moments, the waiter approached them. Just as he started to take her order, Erin gave a little cry of surprise and jumped in her seat as vibrations went off inside her—much more intense than when she’d held it in her palm.

Heat rushed to her cheeks as she looked up at the waiter, embarrassment flooding through her at having yelped in front of him. God, she hoped he couldn’t tell what was going on. The waiter just looked at her with a questioning expression.

“Um…” She tried to get her voice and her senses under control as the vibrations continued. “I’ll—I’ll take the petite filet, the baby potatoes, with broccoli for the vegetable. And make the side salad a Caesar.”

Dave ordered the cowboy steak along with his choice of sides. When the waiter walked away, the vibrations stopped.

“Are you out of your mind?” Erin placed her palms on the table. “That waiter probably knew exactly what you were doing to me.”

With a grin, Dave leaned close. “Are you going to need another spanking for misbehaving?”

She blinked then tried to keep a smile from her lips. “What do you consider misbehavior?”

She quivered as he placed a hand on her thigh and slowly moved it up to the hem of her dress. “Climaxing without my permission. Questioning anything I do or tell you to do.”

Erin’s panties were already damp from the vibrator, but grew even wetter from the sensuality in his voice, along with his commanding tone. “Yes, Officer,” she whispered, and he smiled.

She was on edge all night. The next time he used the remote was when she took a drink of her chardonnay, and she almost choked as she swallowed. That one earned him a glare, but he just acted like nothing had happened.


Taking on the Law

He left it turned on the entire time they ate dessert, and she was certain she was going to climax right in the restaurant, and she wasn’t going to be able to hold back the cry building in her throat. She didn’t know whether to be relieved or disappointed when he stopped the vibrations.

The dinner had been sexually nerve-racking, yet at the same time, one of the nicest evenings she had ever enjoyed. The chemistry between her and Dave was so strong that Erin wanted to just take him home and be with him all night long.

When he wasn’t making her squirm from the vibrator, they talked about the past and the present and even what they were each working toward in the future.

He was sorry to hear that her father had passed away—Dave and her father had always gotten along well, especially when it came to watching sports. Erin’s mother was ill and Erin did everything she could for her. She told Dave about her life on the East Coast and her marketing career. She now worked for a marketing firm in the downtown area of Tucson—she’d returned to help take care of her mother.

Dave talked about his parents, who had moved to Florida for their retirement. His brother Craig was a college English professor at the university and was engaged to one of his former students. Drew was a personal trainer, and John was the CEO of his own corporation in Tucson.

At the mention of John, a flush stole over Erin. She still couldn’t believe John had watched her giving head to Dave while she was handcuffed in a cage with the harness holding in the butt plug and the dildo. She wasn’t sure she’d be able to look him in the eye again.

When Dave noticed how embarrassed she looked when he brought up John’s name, he took her hands in his and kissed her fingers. “Angel, that will never happen again.

You belong to me.”


Cheyenne McCray

Chapter Six

Dave watched the flicker of wariness mixed with desire in Erin’s gaze. He didn’t care if she felt a little skittish about his claim on her. This time he wasn’t going to let her get away.

While the waiter took care of their bill, Dave put his hand on Erin’s bare thigh beneath the table. He raised the hem of her dress higher, until it barely covered her mound.

“Dave, stop,” she hissed and put her hand on his, trying to keep him from going any further.

“Remember what I told you.” He pushed his hand a little farther until his fingers touched the leg band of her underwear. Bikini underwear, if he wasn’t mistaken.

“Questioning anything I do will get you a punishment.”

Even in the dim lighting he could see her cheeks turn pink and he held back a grin as he rubbed the damp cloth between her thighs and turned the remote on. Erin startled again, jerking against his hand. She bit her lower lip, as if trying to hold back a complaint or a cry, he wasn’t sure which.

The waiter returned and Erin looked positively mortified as he let the vibrator continue and he stroked the panties over her folds. Dave didn’t think the waiter could see, and he enjoyed seeing Erin squirm.

When they were ready to go, he turned off the vibrator and removed his hand, and she practically slumped in her seat. “You are so naughty,” she managed to get out in a breathless voice.

“You haven’t seen anything yet,” he said and she gave him a sensual look that told him she was ready for anything he had in store for her.


Taking on the Law

The movie he took her to was an action-adventure. Neither one of them had ever enjoyed watching chick-flicks or anything sappy. They were action junkies and Erin was definitely pleased with his choice.

“I feel like a teenager again,” she said as she took a delicate bite from the bag of popcorn he handed her. “I haven’t done dinner and a movie in forever.”

“We should try the drive-in.” He walked close to her as they carried their popcorn, sodas, and red licorice. Her surprised gaze met his. “Lots of old memories there,” he said.

BOOK: Taboo2 TakingOnTheLaw
4.58Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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