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“Enjoying being butt-fucked by a policeman’s baton?” Dave asked as he slid it in and out.

Erin nodded. “Yes, Officer.”

He withdrew the baton and she sighed. Everything he was doing and had done to her body was ramping up her desire. More than anything she wanted
inside her.

Her mouth grew dry as he set the baton on the bench and returned to take the flogger off her back. “Don’t cry out,” he said as he rubbed her ass cheeks with his palm again. “Or we’ll go for punishment number six.”

“Yes, Officer.” Her heart rate picked up again. She was going to have a heart attack as many times as her heart had been pounding the whole night. “Is this punishment number five?”

“No.” He kissed one of her globes. “That’ll be after your flogging.”

What did he have planned for her final punishment?

The first lash fell on her ass and she almost screamed. It stung! But then Dave trailed the flogger over her back and ass and thighs in a sensual tease, and she felt the sting blend into a pleasant burn. Everything he was doing to her made her want to 35

Cheyenne McCray

climax even more. She couldn’t believe how much she enjoyed the pain and pleasure of it all.

Dave flogged her again, catching her off guard, and again she barely restrained a cry. He struck the other ass cheek, each thigh, and under her ass, close to her folds. Her eyes watered and her desire to reach orgasm had her entire body shaking.

Finally—or was it too soon?—he stopped and tossed the flogger aside. He got down on his knees and rubbed her ass, then trailed kisses over the hot flesh, easing the burn.

Erin sighed as she relaxed into his mouth and tongue on her ass and her thighs, but tensed when he neared her pussy. She wanted his mouth on her so badly she was quavering from the desire.

“I haven’t tasted you in so long,” he murmured, and she silently agreed that it had been way too long.

Butterflies danced in her belly as he positioned her to be even more spread out for him and moved himself so that he had his mouth close to her pussy. She could feel his warm breath on her folds and she shivered in anticipation.

“Remember,” he said. “Don’t come without permission.”

The first flick of his tongue would have sent her straight off the bench if she hadn’t been restrained. She cried out and squirmed as he laved her folds and dipped his tongue into her core. She didn’t know if she could take much more without climaxing—

she’d been on the edge all night and it had been a fight to keep from losing it.

When he sucked her clit, she thought she was a goner. She cried out and clenched her belly and tried to still her trembling thighs. Dave chuckled and moved away from her and she whimpered.

“Now for punishment number five,” he said as he came around to where her head was resting on the leather padding.

“I don’t know how much more I can take, Officer.” Erin was breathing hard and her voice quavered. “I’m so close to coming.”


Taking on the Law

“But you’re not going to.” His voice was firm, a definite command.

“Of course not, Officer,” she said through gritted teeth. God, it was so damn hard to hold back!

He unfastened her restraints at her wrists, ankles and her belly. When he helped her to her feet, she was trembling. All the sensations were almost too much. Everything he’d done to her made her nerves and her entire body feel raw. She needed him so dam much.

“Time for number five.” Dave grasped her around the waist, and before she knew what he was doing, he flung her over his shoulder.

Erin squealed in surprise. Her hair fell over her face, all the blood rushed to her head, making her lightheaded. Her bottom was right up in the air, her pussy pressed against his shoulder. He swatted her on the ass and she squealed again.

“Dave!” she cried out. “Er, Officer. What are you doing?”

“You’d just better be on your best behavior,” he said and swatted her bottom. She managed not to cry out, but her butt cheeks smarted from the flogging and now the swats.

She had a good view of his tight ass as he started walking toward the dungeon doors and she took advantage of her position and grasped both cheeks in her hands and squeezed through the material.

“Hey.” He rubbed her stinging flesh with his hands. “No touching.”

She giggled and he gave a laugh and she imagined him shaking his head.

The living room passed by in a blur as he walked through it to a hallway on the other side of the house. When he reached the bedroom, her tummy did a little twist. She laughed when he slipped her off his shoulder and let her drop to the bed so that she bounced on the mattress.

He stood and looked at her for a long moment, a serious expression on his face, and she sobered.


Cheyenne McCray

His eyes were dark and intense. “Undress me.”

With pleasure

“Yes, Officer.” Erin held back a smile as she got up from the bed and approached him. She reached up to his shoulders and ran her palms over his uniform shirt to the top button. Slowly she unbuttoned his shirt, brushing her knuckles against his naked flesh as she revealed it, inch by inch. When she reached the waistband of his uniform slacks, he sucked in his breath as she purposely stroked his taut abs.

She pulled his shirt from where it had been tucked into his slacks. “Teasing me just got you another punishment,” he murmured as she pushed the shirt off his broad shoulders. He slid it the rest of the way off and tossed it aside.

“Sorry, Officer,” she said, but knew she didn’t sound sorry at all. She paused to run her hands over his hard chest from his shoulders to the planes of his abdomen. “You must work out a lot.”

“You’re taking too long,” he said in a warning tone and she tried not to smile.

“We need to get your boots and socks off, Officer.” She pushed him toward the bed and he sat with a grunt.

Dave watched as she crouched and took one of his boots in her hands, unlaced it and tugged it off then flung it to the side. Next went his sock, followed by his other boot and sock.

When he was left only wearing his slacks, he stood. Erin unbuttoned them, purposefully brushing her knuckles over his cock and felt his erection twitch. She unzipped his pants and his large cock and balls slipped out, and she couldn’t resist running her hand over its length, feeling its hardness beneath the soft skin covering his erection.

In a fast movement, he dropped his pants, kicked them off and had her in his arms.

He kissed her hard before leading her to the bed. This time he sat, and to her surprise he pulled her down and laid her across his lap, her ass in the air, her belly pressed against 38

Taking on the Law

this erection. She gave a little cry as he draped her over his thighs and rubbed her ass.

Once again her hair was around her face and blood rushed to her head.

“This is your final punishment,” he said in a deep voice, thick with lust. “This one is for leaving me, angel.”

The huskiness and the meaning behind his words made her breath catch.

But then she gasped and cried out when he slipped the fingers of one hand into her pussy and stroked her clit. Her whole body trembled and her mind spun with the need to climax. When his other hand landed hard on her ass, she almost lost it.

He was spanking her!

Dave continued to swat her ass with his palm while he fingered her pussy. In between each swat he leaned over and kissed the place he had spanked her.

Erin thought she was going to die if she didn’t come. He thrust his fingers inside her, kissed and spanked her ass. The more he did it, the more she needed to climax. She whimpered and squirmed on his lap.

“I’m so close to coming, Officer.” Her tone was breathless. “Please let me come!”

“Bad girls have to earn their orgasms.” He swatted her again. “You’ve almost earned yours.”

She grew lightheaded from the blood rushing to her head from hanging over the side of his thigh, not to mention the swats and the need to climax.

When he finally stopped and raised her up so that she was sitting on his lap sideways, her body pressed against his naked chest. The depth of his desire for her was in his eyes, and she was sure were in her own as well.

“You’ve served your time.” He brushed his lips over hers. “Now for your reward for good behavior.”


Cheyenne McCray

Chapter Five

Erin held her breath as Dave carefully moved her so that she was settled on his bed sheet, his pillow beneath her head. The other covers were already tossed aside, his bed unmade. The sheets had his masculine scent that filled her, made her want him more.

She released the air in her lungs as he eased between her thighs, his eyes focused intently on hers. She spread her thighs wide, taking him fully against her so that his cock was pressed to her belly and he was real and solid in her arms. He braced one hand on the bed and used his other to guide his cock into her channel.

Inch by heavenly inch he slipped inside her. So different than the fast and hard fucking he’d given her on the side of the road. That had been incredible, but this felt…special.

When Dave’s cock was fully inside her, Erin gave a soft moan and wrapped her legs around his hips to take him even deeper. His ass flexed beneath her legs as he started to move in and out.

His lovemaking was slow and deliberate, his eyes never wavering from hers. She brushed her palms along his powerful back to his waist and up again as he pushed in then pulled out.

When he kissed her, it was soft and sweet. He never stopped the rhythm of his strokes as he tasted and explored her mouth with his tongue and nipped at her lower lip. The kiss was so sensuous it made her already dizzy mind spin even more.

All the sensations she’d experienced tonight heightened the sensitivity in her body and she felt it in every fiber of her being. When Dave raised his head, she couldn’t take her gaze from his. All night it had been like that. As if they couldn’t get enough of looking at one another.


Taking on the Law

Every part of her started to tremble and she fought back the need to come. “Please, Officer, I need to climax.”

“Dave.” He brushed his lips over hers. “Right now we’re Dave and Erin.”

His words sent a burst of warmth inside her that did nothing but raise her level of need higher.

“Please, Dave.” Her skin tingled from head to toe as she came closer and closer. “I need to, so badly.”

“You can come,” he said softly. “Come now.”

Erin let loose with a cry that probably shook the walls. A hundred explosions seemed to go off in her body at once. She bucked against him and her entire being shook. Lights even flashed behind her eyelids, and the dizziness never stopped. She felt like she was in a whirlpool—or more like a hurricane with thunder and lightning.

Her climax seemed to go on forever and she barely heard Dave’s murmur, “That’s it, my beautiful angel.”

He started to thrust harder and faster and spasms continued to rock her body.

Perspiration had broken out all over her skin, and she saw beads of sweat on his forehead as his jaw clenched and his strokes increased.

After several thrusts, Dave’s entire body tensed and he shouted as he came inside her. His cock pulsed, causing more contractions in her channel that clenched down on him. He pressed his groin tight against hers and he actually trembled between her thighs.

With a loud groan, he lowered himself so that most of his weight was on her, pinning her to the bed. It didn’t hurt her at all. She enjoyed the solid feel of him against her, reveled in it even. He felt so comfortable, so real…like he belonged right where he was. And that she belonged right where she was, too.


Cheyenne McCray

His chest rose and fell against hers and she almost laughed as she thought about her “heaving breasts” like what she’d read in old romance novels. They were heaving all right.

He gave one last shudder, rolled onto his side and drew her into his arms. He held her tight, her head under his chin. His cock was still inside her, still making her feel full and setting off little spasms in her core. Having her face pressed up against his chest slowed the dizziness in her mind until she felt the world gradually slow and her breathing calmed.

For a long time they just cuddled, like they had once upon a time. Right now it felt like the years had fled by as if they’d never been separated. And at this moment she wondered how she could have let this go—let
go. Sure, they’d had their arguments when they were in high school, but in a healthy relationship that was normal.

She’d just been so young, and so scared.

Erin had always believed that things were meant to happen for a reason. Maybe they weren’t meant to be together until now.

Whoa. She had to stop that train of thinking. This was one night, and could very well be just a good fuck to him.

Their gazes met, and he pulled her closer to him so that his naked body was flush to her sensitized skin.

“You can stay right here with me,” he murmured into her hair, “or you’re free to go.”

She tipped her head up, looking at him in surprise. “Free to go?”

He brushed his lips over hers then kissed her softly. “Only if you want to.”

Dave’s words echoed in Erin’s head as their eyes met and held. Right now, even after one night, she felt so firmly his that it was difficult to imagine the world around them.

She took a deep breath and smiled. “We’ll see,” she said.


Taking on the Law

A serious look was on his expression and he pushed a lock of her blonde hair over her shoulder. “It doesn’t seem like so much time has passed.”

“No, it doesn’t.” An ache deep inside her rose up. Again she wondered—had she thrown away something real, honest and true? Something that couldn’t be replaced?

So many emotions whirled through her as she met his chocolate brown eyes. And so many memories.

The first time they’d made love—beneath the Christmas tree, while his parents were at a holiday party, and Dave’s brothers had been out with some friends. It had been so magical, so special. The pain of that first slow entry had faded into the most incredible pleasure as they both lost their virginity. They fumbled, they laughed, they explored, but the love they had made had been true.

BOOK: Taboo2 TakingOnTheLaw
4.3Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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