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A surge of ownership wrapped around Val and refused to let
go. Quinn didn’t bother him as much as Romy currently did. His
flashed, and his emotions fluctuated from desire to rage to joy and back again.
“I’m so fucked.”

“Right you are.” Romy’s eyes returned to Otra black. “Now
it’s time for me to go. Damn, Val. I thought you’d hold out at least. Instead,
it’s another of us down. I’m not liking my odds. At this rate, I’ll be mated by

“Hell, I’m hoping to see you get yours by May at least.”
This was really happening. An
. He glanced again at Quinn—his

“I’ll be sure to pass the good news if Z hasn’t already had
a vision and told Mom and Dad. Best of luck, Val. I have a feeling you’re going
to need it.”

Val watched his brother leave, nervous, agitated and
sexually frustrated. He wouldn’t have made it to Rowe as soon as he had if his
brother hadn’t had a vision of his own and carted Val’s ass to her apartment in
his personal shuttle. But he couldn’t help being glad his brother had gone. He
didn’t want to share this time with anyone but his
Territorial feelings entwined with the building lust in his body, and he rubbed
at his aching cock, wishing he could let this mess go and focus on his
investigation and nothing else.

He still didn’t understand how his inquiry had degenerated
into him entering The Testing. He was a year younger than Z and not at all
ready to find himself a mate. His brother had been having weird dreams of his
destined i
for months before he’d actually met her. Val slept
soundlessly through the night. No dreams, and no nightmare futures planned out
for him.

Quinn moaned, and Val decided to finally get some answers.
He leaned down and hauled the guy over his shoulder, staggering under the
weight. Only his telekinesis saved him from falling on his ass. He quickly
carried Quinn into another room, what looked like the spare bedroom. Once
there, he stripped Quinn down, searching for weapons, then looked around for
something to restrain him.

Val did his best to ignore Quinn’s body while he tied his
wrists together over his head and knotted them with an electrical cord to a
spindle in the bed frame.
Probably won’t hold him, but it’ll do for now.

Sprawled out on the bed, still groggy, Quinn was an
intimidating picture of brawn and power. His
swelled and faded
in time with his heartbeat, a rhythm that increased as Quinn regained
consciousness. Like all Otra, he had no body hair, only the short hair on his
head and his sculpted eyebrows.

Val couldn’t help noting the clear definition of muscle that
hinted Quinn was much more than an idle threat. He already knew Quinn acted as
Rowe’s bodyguard. But did he occupy her bed as well?

Another groan, and then Quinn slowly opened his eyes. He
visibly tensed when he tugged at the bonds around his wrists. A glance down his
body clued him in to his vulnerability. The sheer rage on his face had Val
steel-hard in a heartbeat.

Quinn yanked at his wrists and Val kept him firmly in place
with a thought. No matter how hard Quinn pulled, he couldn’t budge from the
force holding him down.

He finally stilled, and Val felt him reach out and inquire
with his

“Damn telekinetic.” Quinn blinked several times. He shook
his head. “I know you.” He narrowed his eyes. “Wait a minute. You’re a Talson.
Not Roarke. One of the brothers who work offworld.”

“Val.” The blunt introduction felt surprisingly intimate,
and Val inhaled Quinn’s scent again, dying to know why this male turned him on.

He’d served as Z’s
but hadn’t felt an inkling of
lust for his brother, thank God. Nor had he ever heard of a sexual relationship
and the male partner before.

“What the hell are you doing here?” Quinn’s eyes flared
silver, and Val locked his mind down tight. But as they stared at one another,
something happened between them, an exchange of psychic power, a sense of
recognition. A healthy case of lust.

Quinn’s cock rose strong and proud, so thick. Val had the
unbidden urge to lean down and taste him.

Quinn shifted his hips, clearly uncomfortable. “You’re here
for her, I can taste it.” Horrified awareness dawned. “Fuck me. You can’t be
.” He quickly looked around, worry darkening his gaze to an
iron gray. “Where is she?”

“Rowe’s safe, she’s sleeping peacefully in her bedroom.”
Tied up the way she’d been not too long ago. Once again his body lit with
carnal fire. The material constraining his cock and balls literally hurt, and
he stripped out of his clothes without much thought behind what might happen
next, only concentrating on easing himself.

“Shit. What are you doing?” Quinn’s husky voice wasn’t lost
on Val.

“You’re Quinn Larsen ‘Or Ryi, Chartrell Shipping’s security
advisor, right?” Val stood with his arms crossed, his muscles no longer aching
for a fight, but for something much more pleasurable.

Quinn’s gaze locked onto Val’s erection for several seconds
before shooting back up to his face. For the life of him, Val couldn’t read the

“Correct. In addition to being Chartrell’s security advisor,
I’m also Rowe’s personal bodyguard when needed.”

“Doing a bang-up job there, Quinn.”

“Fuck you. The woman’s in Selection. I was lucky to get her
somewhere safe before I lost it.”

He had the right of it. A female Otra’s Selection could be
overpowering, her hormones demanding satisfaction before lessening. And if a
prior bond before her heat existed, then the connection was that much more

“Selection, yeah. I figured that out when I saw your tongue
down her throat.”

Quinn flushed. “Hell. I grew up with that girl. It wasn’t
like… I didn’t mean to… Fuck.” He shot Val another considering look. “You don’t
seem too upset with me about that. You should be trying to rip my head off.” He
closed his eyes and swore again in their native tongue. “I’m your

“Must be.” Val didn’t know when he’d begun to enjoy himself,
but making Quinn uneasy amused him. Especially because he wasn’t the only one
affected. Quinn’s cock thickened, and his slit filled. “I’ve never heard of a
three-way bond, though.”

“It won’t be.” Quinn clenched his fists, and Val had to
strengthen his mental restraints to keep the male down. “I’ve known Rowe since
she and my younger sister turned six. I’ve always thought of her as another
annoying sibling, or at least I did until she came of age. Hell. You’ve seen
her body.”

Val’s concentration splintered when the desire in his body
flared to astounding proportions. “I’ve seen more than that. I tasted that
sweet pussy two weeks ago when she and I had a little talk about your company’s
attempts on our ships.”


“She claimed no knowledge of the incidents.” He frowned.
“And in retrospect, I’m starting to believe her. I was close to tracking down
more information on Keilor, her cousin, and then this.” He pointed to his cock.
“I can’t think of anything but how good she tasted. How perfect it was with her
lips wrapped ‘round me.”

Quinn’s face flushed. “You and Rowe?” He closed his eyes and
muttered something under his breath. Then he opened his eyes, and Val wasn’t
surprised to see them completely silver. “No wonder the woman’s been so
unnerved lately. She’s as jumpy as a scalded cat. Because of you.”

“Because of me.” The satisfaction her unrest afforded made
him hungry to have her again. He needed ease. A glance at Quinn showed the male
in the same state.

“Look, Talson—”


“Val.” Quinn took a deep breath then let it out. “I fucking
hurt. You’re doing this to me. We’re connected, so I know how much you want

“But why this—with you?” Val gripped himself tight and
couldn’t stop himself from pumping his cock while Quinn watched. “Because I
sure as hell never wanted a man before. But I want you.
you,” he
growled, the image making him angry, hungry and frustrated.

Quinn grinned, surprising him. “
This might be
more fun than I’d thought.”

Chapter Four


Val had the feeling Quinn knew more than he’d said. “What
aren’t you telling me?”

Quinn raised his chin and beckoned Val over. “Come here and
I’ll share.”

Val frowned but leaned closer to hear Quinn’s whispered

a little different than yours.” He
licked the shell of Val’s ear, and Val’s entire system went haywire.

He jerked back to see Quinn’s sly satisfaction. “What the
fuck did you just do?” A spark of fire lit his body, ending at his balls. The
sensation was like a giant roll of pleasure exploding inside him, and Val was a
breath from coming.

“It may not be telekinesis, but it has its uses.”

“I— What?” Val’s
pushed out in defense,
battling the seductive lure of Quinn’s energy.

“It’s called temptation, Val. Rowe controls minds. I control
bodies, but I need touch. Let me touch you again.”

Quinn wanted to fuck him. Val could feel it.

Oh yeah. I want to do a lot to you
, Quinn said.
mental pathway between them opened as if it had always existed.
And then I
want to take it to Rowe, to lap up that sweet cunt while you fuck her ass.

Dammit. How are you doing this?
Val could communicate
telepathically with his family and his brothers’ new mates. But typically other
Otra had to be invited to join the private mental pathways between and among
clans. Yet Quinn stepped in as if he belonged there.

Val didn’t like the notion and knew he needed to reassert
control. Rowe was
, and if Quinn wanted any part of it,
not, he’d bow to Val. Here and now.

Fuck. That’s hot. You’re strong, Val. A lot stronger than
I thought.
Quinn arched up as Val tightened his mental hold all over
Quinn’s body. He intentionally stroked along Quinn’s cock, gripping tight
enough to cause a bite of pain. Apparently the big guy liked it, because his
breathing grew rougher, faster.

And Val wanted more.

He’d never done a guy, never thought to. But he had to show
Quinn the pecking order, that Quinn belonged on the bottom. “Spread your legs.”
Excitement spurred him, the need to control this larger, aggressive male.
female belongs to me. My
. And my
needs to know his

“Doing this for Rowe and you,” Quinn whispered and spread
his legs, his cock flush against his belly, thick and hard. “Just this once.”

Val couldn’t think. He didn’t figure on the technical
aspects of the taking. He only knew he needed to come, to spread his scent and
his seed over the male. So that when Quinn fucked Rowe, it would be as an
extension of Val, with no threat to claim Rowe as his own.

He gripped himself and positioned his cock head at Quinn’s
hole, using his mind to tilt Quinn’s hips and spread his legs wide for better
angle of penetration. Then he pushed. Lights flashed behind his lids as the
pleasure overwhelmed him. He’d nearly seated himself fully before he stopped,

Panting, he said, “Shit. You’re hot. And slick. How’s that
possible?” He felt bad he hadn’t thought to lube up. He hadn’t thought about
anything when he’d thrust forward.

“I’m not like the others,” Quinn teased, his voice rough,
his cock like iron between them. “More, Val. I need to feel it deep— Ah!”

Val surged, unable to keep still. It felt odd, awkward yet
arousing to feel Quinn’s balls against his belly with each push. “So tight.
Need you…to know this…” He punctuated his thrusts with words, ramming harder
and faster, the need to control and contain his
everything. “She’s mine. My fucking
. And
mine until I
say we’re through.”

Quinn grunted with each shove, his face contorted in
pleasured agony as Val fucked him. The male’s power grew, threading through
Val’s as their energy entwined, recognizing and accepting one another, until
both men could feel the truth in the other. The affection Quinn had for Rowe
mixed with the sheer need Val had for his mate. The confusion, the tension, the
uncertainty faded as if it had never existed. Val rocked into Quinn in a
frenzy, his balls throbbing, his cock near to bursting.

Quinn yanked hard at his arms, his muscles bulging with each
tug. Yet he couldn’t get free, worked over by a warrior in his own right. “Oh
fuck. Yes, fuck me. Oh yeah, Val. Grind me, man. Harder.” Quinn swore and
arched into Val. And then he shouted.

Warmth slid between them, Quinn’s climax making their
bellies slick. The friction undid him, as did the release of Quinn’s
aggression. The Otra’s willing submission flooded Val’s energy like a spark to
tinder, and Val came hard on a yell, pouring his energy and cum into Quinn. He
shook from the force of it.

Moments became minutes as they remained joined. Their
breathing calmed, but parts of them remained tense. Val started. “Oh fuck.
You’re still hard. I’m still hard.” He flexed and pulled out, no longer
desiring Quinn, but someone softer, smaller. Prettier.

“There you go.” Quinn sighed and thrust his hips up,
brushing his cock along Val. “If you weren’t her
, I’d fuck you
until you couldn’t walk.” The electric promise in his eyes made Val edgy all
over again. “I like men. A lot. You’re lucky you’re not my
,” Quinn
teased, seeming not at all upset about this turn of events. “I’d fuck you
blind. You’re sexy. But then, so is Rowe.”

Val blinked, shocked at all that had happened. But mention
of Rowe had his blood humming and his
searching. To his
disappointment, she had yet to wake.

BOOK: Talson Temptations 3: Talson's Net
9.44Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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