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Talson Temptations 3: Talson's Net (2 page)

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He paused, then leaned closer, and she let out a relieved
breath. He’d
to her, falling prey to her special talent.

Heeding the purr of her demand, he moved to release her. She
hadn’t counted on her pull being overly sexual, nor had she anticipated the
close proximity of their mouths when he leaned close.

And suddenly they shared the most incredible kiss she’d ever

He was more than good. Pure sex in its most
heady form. His deep black eyes changed, a silver sheen overtaking his pupils
and the whites of his eyes before he shuttered his lids closed. Lips like red
velvet assailed her, stroking, caressing, stimulating nerve endings within her
body she hadn’t known she possessed.

When his tongue invaded, she couldn’t help the sigh that
left her, a muted plea for mercy he didn’t answer. He groaned and deepened the
intimacy, threading his tongue with hers and stroking with an expertise that
would shame a professional courtesan. He licked at the roof of her mouth,
teased her tongue, and then stabbed with a rhythm that simulated just how
amazing sex with him would be.

The heat of his chest warmed her breasts, making her achy
and wet, despite the clothing between them and her attempt to remain in
control. A few strands of his satiny black hair swept her cheek and she sighed,
wanting to run her fingers through the lustrous mane. She reached for him but
could only tug at her bound hands, instantly reminded of why she lay under a
Talson in a place she wouldn’t have dragged her worst enemy.

Painstakingly regaining her focus and ignoring the cascade
of sensation trying to steal back her will, she molded her
convince Talson to release her.

He groaned her name and reluctantly parted from her lips.
With a ragged breath, he freed her from the wrist restraints tying her to the
bed frame. As he did, she could feel his massive erection pressing against her

Stars, she wanted that hard cock deep inside her.

Doing her very best to remain still, she waited until he
left her side. He stared with such intensity he seemed to see inside her.
Unnerved, she hurried to stand and ignored her protesting body.

“You’re fucking hot, sweetheart. Sexy and so pretty.” His
eyes blazed, a silver inferno of lust and attraction that made her weak in the

Swallowing around a dry throat, she forced a smile. “So are
you. Handsome, I mean.” Truth. “Why don’t you lie back, Valis?”

“Val. Only my mother calls me Valis, and that’s when she’s
mad at me.”

At this moment, she couldn’t think of Talson’s mother,
father or family. She couldn’t take her mind off the impressive cock straining
at his trousers. Her mind faltered, and he blinked and frowned.

“Val, please. I want to make you feel good. Lie
down for me.” Another truth, and one he wanted as well, if the speed at which
he complied told her anything.

He lay back and spread his arms wide. When she placed his
wrists in the fastenings that had held her, he smiled. “I like this. At your
mercy, hmm?”

Her body hummed, and she echoed the sentiment through their
weird mental connection. He sucked in a breath and shifted his hips, drawing
her attention once again to his impressive erection. She’d never in her life
imagined having a man—an Otra—like this under her control. And a Talson? Hell
no. Just the thought of him tied up and hers to play with made her want to
strip naked and do unimaginable things to his incredible body.

Whatever else she could say about Val Talson, the man could
never be called unattractive. He had a muscular frame broader than hers and
stood a good two heads taller. His face, the combination of those killer eyes,
that mouth and stubborn chin put the S in
. She could all but feel
his strength as he moaned and pulled at the bonds holding his wrists tight.

“Wh-what? I can’t move.” Yet he seemed to shift just fine on
the bed. It took her a moment to realize he meant his telekinesis. The
restraints effectively suppressed his ability to move things with his mind.


Except the escape and snotty response she’d planned faded
under another waft of male hormones. And before Rowe realized it, she’d
straddled his waist on the bed and lowered her mouth for another kiss.

Chapter Two


She ripped his shirt apart and traced the muscles bunching
and straining. But she had eyes only for his mouth.

“Yeah. Let me taste you.” He sounded as drugged as she felt.

Rowe kissed him and forgot all about leaving. She nipped and
teased at his tongue, his lips. The male flavor of musk, need and sex flowed
around her like cologne. She’d never in her life wanted anything as much as she
wanted him.

He pulled back, breaking the kiss, and watched her with
silver eyes blazing with hunger. “I want more. Lose your pants. Sit over my
mouth. Let me eat that pussy.”

The harsh request stunned her, because the compulsion to
obey felt vaguely familiar. Yet it didn’t stop her from complying. She quickly
rose and lost her pants and panties, then knelt over Val’s face.

His lips caressed and pulled at her clit with skill, and she
couldn’t help shuddering above him, loving how good he felt.

A Talson kissing her. Stars, talk about a fantasy. “
Yes, please.”

He licked her folds, nuzzling as he strained to delve his
tongue deeper inside her. Then he sucked on her clit again, nibbling at the
taut bud and sending her nerves racing to orgasm.

But she needed more. Much, much more. A masculine hunger
invaded her mind.

Sensing what he wanted without needing to ask, she lifted
and turned around, facing his feet. His mouth settled back over her sex as she
sought his trousers. She rocked over his lips while working to free his

Finally freeing him, she caught a glimpse of a thick, ruddy
cock before she sucked it into her mouth.

He bucked up but didn’t stop licking her. If anything, he
sucked her harder. And she tensed, her body coiled to come.

She bobbed over him, taking him deeper to the back of her
throat, her hunger for his cum both out of place and impossible to ignore. To
her relief, it didn’t take long. She wedged a hand between his spread thighs
and cupped his tight balls. He groaned, drew her clit between his teeth and pressed

She sucked in response and came hard. In seconds, warm,
thick seed filled her mouth and she swallowed the sweet essence without a

Oversensitive, she pulled up from his mouth but continued to
suck and lick him, amazed at how much he released. More astonishing, she liked
it. Liked
and the way he tasted. She’d never before engaged in oral
sex with a boyfriend unless deeply into the relationship. She could count on
one hand how many times that had been.

Yet when Val ceased coming but remained hard, she wanted to
stimulate him to another climax. But this time she’d ride him, fill up her
empty pussy and let his seed coat her womb…

She blinked and came back to herself, as if coming out of a
naughty dream. Rolling off Talson, she nearly fell off the bed. She put her
clothes back on and tried not to blush, though her cheeks felt hot.

He smiled at her, still groggy. His cock twitched, and she
had her first good look at the huge piece of flesh she’d had in her mouth. Good
Lord, had she really taken that monster between her lips? His slit was wet, so
sexy because his honest need only enhanced his sexuality.

Talson. Sexuality.
What the hell did I just do?

Even as she berated herself for somehow falling prey to his
charms, she couldn’t help noticing the strength in his corded arms, in the
breadth of his chest and in the taut power of his abdomen. She had a hard time
catching her breath and backed away.
It’s got to be The Testing. There’s no
other explanation for why I’d go down on a man who tied me up not minutes ago.
Oh God. I
to get out of here.

Val’s eyes cleared, and he blinked in confusion, looking at
his wrists, then at her. “What the hell?”

Rowe forced herself to give him a mocking smile. His
confusion seemed genuine, so she’d work with what she had. No way she’d let him
know she’d been less in control of the situation than he was. “Well,
it’s been a real kick. But I have an investigation to conduct and no more time
to play.” She turned to gather her things, dismissing him as she tried to
remind herself that their clans had been rivals for a long time. Best to keep
it that way.

She heard him swear and knew the daze had worn off.

“I don’t know how you did this,” he growled. “But you’re
going to regret—”

“I already regret my lack of security, thank you very much.
Normally you wouldn’t have been able to get within shouting distance of me
without being detained. Don’t worry. I’m going to fix that.”

After shoving all her things back in her bag, she returned
to his side. To reaffirm his helplessness, she ran her hand over his chest and
this time ignored the flood of heat that pooled between her legs.

He froze under her touch, his cock rock hard, his body tense
all over.

Pleased to finally have the upper hand, she chuckled and
withdrew her fingers from his firm flesh. “I think we’re beginning to realize
who’s in charge here, aren’t we?”

The shine in his eyes flared, and she could feel his anger
as a tangible rush of emotion. Unfortunately, it only made him that much more

“Oh, sweetheart, I am so going to enjoy making you pay for

“You started it,
. So don’t blame me for
playing by your rules. But thanks for filling me in about your supposed
Chartrell saboteur. I’ll look into the matter. Maybe that will help me track
our own problems.”

“You mean cover up your involvement.” He snorted and tugged
at the restraints again. “You Chartrells are all alike.”

“Actually, my name is Trainer. I
for Chartrell
Shipping. I’m not a Chartrell.” Though her father and Fulton had been brothers,
she’d never been one of them. And never would. “There’s a difference, you

“Not from where I’m standing.”

“Don’t you mean, lying?” she provoked, pleased at his quick
intake of breath. “Now don’t you worry, Val. Since I’m sure they rent this room
by the hour, you’ll have help in no time.” She eyed his impressive erection and
marveled that it had yet to flag. “Maybe if you’re lucky, your rescuer won’t
demand quite so
a reward.”

She ran a finger over his cock and snickered to cover up the
tremor of lust building once more. Not sure she could take another second this
close without mounting him in earnest, she clamped down on her wacky libido and
stepped back.

His fists clenched, and she realized she’d actually bested a
Talson. A little half-breed had scored a huge hit against a revered Otra
Serves him right, the handsome bastard
. With a smug grin,
she turned on her heel and made for the door. Before she left, he spoke.

Trust a Talson to need to have the last word.

“Rowe? I’ll be seeing you again, honey. Real soon.”

His husky words, though tinged with anger, held enough
promise to be worrisome. She knew without looking that the gleam in his
inhumanly bright eyes would make her want to run, not walk, out the door.

But Rowe Trainer didn’t run from confrontation. She never
had. So with deliberate slowness, she unlocked the deadbolt on the door, turned
the knob and walked through the doorway. She closed the door behind her and
grinned when she heard him swear long and loud behind her.

He might have had the last word, but she’d definitely won
this round. She could only hope the next time they met, she’d have Quinn close
to guard her. And that they’d be far away from a bed or a horizontal surface.

What the hell had happened to her willpower? To her
self-restraint? Though Otra didn’t suffer from sexual disease, or pregnancy
unless specially prepared, Rowe had been way less than smart with Talson. The
stubborn male wouldn’t let this incident go.

Why that thought excited her, she had no idea. She had her
hands full. She didn’t need the answers he’d wanted. Had he been playing her?
But if so, why let her tie him up and get the upper hand?

His anger salved her ego, but it also worried the hell out
of her. She couldn’t let Talson find her again without protection. She couldn’t
ever afford to look weak at work or at home. A half-human among full-blooded
Otra had to be stronger, better and always appear confident.

Few of her peers supported her presence among them, and none
of her elders liked her anywhere near Chartrell Shipping. But thanks to her
father and his ironclad will, none of them had a say in the company he’d
founded over two hundred years ago.

At the thought, she hastened toward a waiting hovercraft,
paid the transport fee and sat back after programming her destination.

Only as the craft revved in the direction of her apartment
did she let out a sigh of regret. Though he was the enemy, Talson had a body
that could contend with Quinn’s. Yet she’d never looked at her good friend and
bodyguard in the same way she’d seen Talson.

“Val,” she murmured, not liking that she had to think of him
as Talson to distance herself. He’d made her feel so good with his mouth. That
strong tongue, licking her with a sensual skill rumored to exist in Otra warriors.
Her past boyfriends had been human. But she could now put the rumor to rest.
Especially about the size of an aroused warrior’s…sword.

Mentally fanning herself, she increased the speed of the
conveyance and intended to bury this incident forever. Talson might fume, but
as long as she kept close to Quinn, she’d be fine, and no one would be the
wiser of what had really happened between them. No way Talson would ever admit
he’d been bested by a female, and a half-breed at that.

BOOK: Talson Temptations 3: Talson's Net
11.68Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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