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Rina wiggled and eased toward the center of the bed before holding out a hand to him. “Let’s get mated.”

Tave was not afraid to admit the words made his knees weak. “

The nickname no longer fit, his female no longer shying from him, but embracing him, but it was now burned into his mind. His sweet, gorgeous, adorable

He joined her on the bed, tugging his shirt from his shoulders as he knelt on the soft mattress, and then he collapsed beside her. She pounced the moment he settled and he welcomed her aggression, her desire so great that she lost any hint of hesitation. As she stroked him, her hands sliding over his shoulders, chest, and abdomen, he did the same to her. He tugged on her thin top, encouraging her to shift and allow him to remove the barrier. It was gone in an instant, revealing supple pale skin. So pink and lush, smooth and…

Tave leaned down—mouth open—and lapped at her shoulder, before he traced a line down her breast and flicked her nipple with his tongue.

Smooth and sweet.

He suckled her, drawing it deep into his mouth as he tapped the nubbin. He imagined their youngling nursing, taking nourishment from her body. She would be even more beautiful if that were possible.

His length pulsed and throbbed. His cock impatient to fill her. His pants still held him captive and his fingers itched to attack his zipper and free himself… take his hardness in hand, and reposition them so he could sink…

She seemed to read his mind,
hands and fingers took action as he continued to pleasure her bare breasts. Her wicked digits undid the button on his pants then she tugged and yanked them down his legs. He fought to assist her without losing his prize, the taste of her was addictive.

When she pulled away, taking her treat with her, he growled, which then turned into a moan. Rina wiggled and rocked her hips as she stripped off her own pants. As she fought to bare herself, he quickly did the same, and then they were both nude in the large bed.

They paused for a moment, cataloging their appearances. His mouth watered when his attention landed on the closely cropped curls that hid her femininity from his view. He’d heard human females were salty and musky. Some males detested the flavors, but Tave knew he would never get enough of his female’s taste. He licked his lips, wondering if he could partake now.

Rina encircled his shaft with her hand, squeezing gently, and all thoughts of tasting her fled beneath the pleasure of her touch.

“Rina.” He rasped. He throbbed and pulsed in time with his rapid breathing, body desperate to be inside her. He wanted to sink deep, to claim her with his biological material so none other could have her, could spawn with her.

“Tave,” she whispered in return as she stroked him from root to tip, fingers gliding over his hard length. “So beautiful.”

He shook his head. “No, you are the beautiful one, my mate.”

So very, very beautiful. He wondered what Ujal markings would decorate her once the mating was completed. Would her hair color alter? Would she grow scales? He knew she would adopt enough characteristics so she could dive and reach his home, but nothing more.

“I’m not your mate yet.” She grinned, still touching him gently, maddeningly soft.

He was a male. He needed more. Faster. Harder.

He would take it if she didn’t give it.

“You shall be.” He swiftly rolled, placing her flat against the mattress while he now hovered above her.

He knelt between her splayed legs, exposing her fully to his gaze. Her body beckoned his hands and he stroked her, traced each curve with his fingers. He started at her shoulders and traveled south, cupping and kneading her breasts, squeezing her hips, and finally brushing the moist heat between her thighs.

“I shall enter you here, my mate. Fill you with my cock. Fill you with my cum.” She trembled with his words and he was happy he had suffered through human porn to discover how best to arouse his female. He did not understand multiple pairings, but he accepted that some of what was displayed had to be correct. His mate enjoyed “dirty talk.”

“Please, Tave. Now.”

He shook his head. “No, you are not prepared.”

Though he immediately ached to sink into her, experience her velvety wetness around his sensitive shaft. He ran his fingers up and down her slit, gathering some of her moisture and then he painted his dick with the liquid. He wanted to smell like her, her scent all over him.

“I am. I really, really am.” She wiggled her hips, making her breasts jiggle.


“No perhaps about it. My pussy is wet for you, Tave.”

Now it was his turn to tremble with desire. It seemed he enjoyed “dirty talk” as well. “Let me test this.”

Tave slipped his fingers between her lower sex lips and they easily slid over her plump flesh. She was wet and swollen for him. She moaned and rocked her hips as he stroked her, as if chasing his touch. Yes, she desired him, was prepared for his hardness, and he would give her whatever she craved.

“My mate, my Rina.” He grasped her hips and tugged her closer, encouraging her to place her legs around his waist. He leaned forward, resting his weight on his hands, and stared down at the female who was soon to be his. Her eyes, filled with so much trust and need, met his.

It was time for the words, those that preceded every Ujal mating.

“Do you Rina Zeret desire me above all others?”


“Do you pledge your loyalty to me above all others?”


“Do you pledge your heart to me before all others?”

It was the hardest question for a being—human or Ujal—to answer. Would a person think of their mate before they thought of all others? It was easily answered by Tave. He would toss the crown away if it meant her happiness. He held his breath as he waited for Rina’s reply, praying to the depths that she was willing to take this step.

He did not have to wait long for her reply.


The pure truth lived in her eyes and his heart clenched. He had never felt this way about another. No other female touched him in such a way. “I, Tave fa V’yl, Crown Prince of Ujal, and ruler of all Earth settlements desire you, Rina Zeret, above all others. I pledge my loyalty to you above all others. I pledge my heart to you above all others.”

He did not give her a chance to speak. He lined up his length with her moist center and surged forward, sheathing himself in her wetness in one rushed movement. She clutched him like a glove, encircling him with the most intimate part of herself. He thrust until their hips were flush, his balls resting against her ass and his pubis snug against her clit. They were tied together by words and now it was time for him to cement their bond with his body.

“Now you will be mine.”









Chapter Three

Tave didn’t fill her, he consumed her. He overwhelmed her with his fierce thrust and stole her breath with his firm declaration. She was his. Wholly, totally his. She didn’t know the meaning behind his words, but it was clear they were part of an Ujal mating ceremony. One he’d just shared with her.

Making her his mate in truth.

“Yes,” she hissed and tightened her thighs. She squeezed him gently as she rocked her hips, fighting to take him even deeper.

A light flared in his eyes, the color slowly changing to mimic how he’d looked in the sea. Scales slithered beneath his skin, pressing against the tanned surface and darkening it to a seductive blue. She clutched his shoulders, stroking the silken flesh and smiling widely when his scales became even more visible. She didn’t want just the humanoid part of him, but everything that made him an Ujal. It wasn’t an either-or with her. It was all that he had to give.

“Please.” She rolled her hips, rubbing her clit against him and shuddering when his shaft stroked her inner walls.

Tave growled low, the sound reverberating through her. He withdrew slightly, easing from her body and then he pushed forward once again, piercing her with his cock. It was a subtle, small move, but it was enough to send sparks of pleasure down her spine. It ricocheted through her, skating along her nerves and she moaned with the sensations.

His next retreat and rush forward held more force, more passion fueling his movements. His shaft stroked her sheath and caressed the special part of her that increased her craving for him. With each withdrawal and thrust, he petted that particular spot and she couldn’t suppress her gasps and moans of bliss.

Gradually his pace increased, the force behind his movements doubling as he released his passion, and the bed shook beneath his ministrations. Each thrust pressed his pubis hard against her body, stroking her clit and adding to the rising tide of joy within her. His need fueled her own, sending her closer to the edge of release and she was more than ready to embrace that ultimate ecstasy.

Now. Right now.

The slap of skin meeting skin warred with the heaving puffs of their breathing and they were surrounded by a sexual symphony as they joined their bodies. This was forever, for always, for the end of their days… and she never wanted anything more.

So she tightened her thighs and gave herself over to his ministrations—to the pleasure his body created—and she rode the tidal wave of ecstasy. His pace constantly increased, angles changed as he sought…

” He pressed that one spot, that one delicious place inside her that he’d teased and now she was on the edge, resting at the precipice of ultimate release she was more than ready to embrace.

He kept his angle the same, body adopting the regular rhythm as he tormented her with pleasure. It was a coming together, a mating of bodies and hearts, and he was driving her crazy as they fought toward their ultimate goal.

She dug her fingers into his shoulders, fighting to bring him closer, battling to push him away. She needed. More? Less?

She didn’t know what.

His scales were almost fully visible, his aquatic nature asserting itself, and her mouth watered with the need to taste him, consuming him in all ways. The drive, the desire, hammered at her. It drove her toward him. She tightened her grip, squeezing his shoulders, and finally hauled her upper body higher. Just high enough for her to get her lips on him.

Not like some odd werewolf or vampire, but in passion, in a craving for his flavors.

Rina licked his scaled skin, lapping at the smooth surface, tasting him, savoring him. With the first touch of her lips on him, he released a booming shout. The sound bounced off the walls and cracked the glass in the framed pictures lining the wall.

He cupped the back of her head with one hand, pressing her more firmly against his body as the pace of his hips increased. The rhythm and force pummeled her in an exquisite pleasure that she could easily become addicted to. As she bathed him with her tongue, drawing in his flavors, her ecstasy tipped over the edge, launching off the precipice.

His flesh muffled her shout, but her pleasure couldn’t be denied. Her pussy spasmed and milked him, tightening in rhythmic waves of bliss. It overtook her entire body. Her muscles twitched and jerked due to the joy coursing through her veins.

Joy… and something else.

A sudden warmth filled her from within, bathing her in a new, unfamiliar heat. It pulsed through her veins, sliding from the juncture of her thighs and along her spine, slinking past her lungs and finally wrapping around her heart.

Oh, the pleasure still consumed her, but it was joined by this… by… by Tave. He no longer thrust into her, his hips still as his cock throbbed and pulsed within her. He was frozen, tense and stiff as his own release rumbled through his veins.

He was coming. Filling her.
Claiming her
in the most elemental and animalistic way possible.

She released his shoulders and tilted her head back, pushing against his hold until he let her go and allowed her to meet his gaze. His inner nature was out in full force, face covered in glistening scales, eyes now fully blue and locked on her. His expression was filled with joy and exhilaration from both the claiming and his release, and she had those same emotions consuming her as well.

They were one.

They were…

The first twinge came from her womb, her center twitching with pain? No, not pain, an odd ache. Not pleasure, but not normal. Then another struck her, sliding higher within her and tweaking some hidden nerves. Then another, this one scraping her spine, and she couldn’t withhold her gasp.

“Tave?” True fear pushed forward, unease about what was happening to her body, rushing into her. They really should have talked more about the whole mating process. Thinking it’d change her and the reality of
it would change her were two different things.

Tave eased away from her, gently lowering her to the mattress and then kneeled at her side. He was slick with sweat, scales glistening with the moisture, and his cock had not fully softened. He still seemed ready for her, the semi-hard shaft telling her of his desire and worry in one. He was excited, yet worried.

She just had the worried part in her mind.

Another jerk, this one stronger than the last, and it had her back bowing. Every muscle tensed, tightening and straining beneath… whatever the hell this was.

“Tave,” she whispered.

“I am here, Rina.” His hands hovered over her tense flesh, but he didn’t touch her.

Smart man. If he’d laid a hand on her, she would have screamed. Because now the twitches and pulses of pain were accompanied by a burning sensation, which seemed to consume her. It wasn’t in one place, it was in
the places. Everywhere. Even her
hurt… and what the fuck was up with that?

“Let it come,” he murmured.

Let it come? She let
come and this was where they’d ended up. No coming for anyone ever again!

Rina gritted her teeth against the pain, the pain that was quickly sliding toward agony. It had to be over soon, right? Tave said it wouldn’t take long, and it had to have been an hour already. This was taking forever.

BOOK: Tave Part 3
3.19Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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