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Tave leaned toward the microphone. “Good morning. As you know, I am Tave and this is my mate, Rina. I am sure many have questions for us both, but I have a short statement to read before we address your inquiries.”

If the male in the second row did not stop staring at his female’s legs…

Rina squeezed his hand gently, forcing him to focus on her. “Do you want me to read it? You can’t glare at him and talk at the same time.”

Tave snorted. “I can. I will hold these papers in my left hand and stab him with my trident in my right.”

Nervous laughs tittered through the room and he realized his words were broadcast aloud. Before he could halt her, she nudged him aside and took his place.

“Sorry about that. Let me just say that mated Ujal males are
protective and possessive. So, if you have shots of my legs or cleavage, now’s the time to delete them or you’ll end up with him at your door.” More than one photographer stared at his female in disbelief and remained frozen.

Unacceptable. He leaned forward and growled into the mic. “

Rina sighed. “You’re not putting on a very good show, you know.”

Tave shrugged, and she just shook her head.

That drew a few real chuckles. “As I said. Possessive. I’ll go ahead and read this and then we can move forward.”

His mate went over the prepared statement, highlighting their brief—very brief—courtship and her subsequent transition.

Then questions were posed.

“So you can still breathe air?”

She was standing on the podium and breathing air, was she not?

“And you don’t grow a tail?”

She had answered that question in their statement. He almost gutted that male for stupidity. The human race would thank him later.

“How’s the sex?”

Tave growled low and snarled at the male as he took a step forward, which had Rina nudging him back as she spoke to the impertinent reporter. “How about we keep the questions PG-rated? It’ll keep you alive a lot longer.”

The male would not live past the press conference, but he didn’t tell his mate that.

“Are all Ujal in the dating pool?”

No. Just as all humans were not.

“And you’ll be ruling together? You have the same rights?”

That was the third time some version of that question was asked and answered by his
. It was his turn. Tave carefully eased his mate away from the microphone. “Any mate of any Ujal, regardless of original race, has the same rights as a born Ujal. Quit asking these questions. We do not subjugate our citizens as the people of your past.”

“But you have a monarchy.” The offensive reporter snapped back.

“Some are born to lead, they are trained from a young age and groomed to think of nothing but their people. But should I fail, I do not doubt that my subjects would rise against me and remove me from the throne. The V’yl rule because we have always ruled. For millennia, we have been responsible for Ujal. A monarchy does not translate to suppression. That is a human trait.” He knew it was the wrong thing to say, but he couldn’t remain silent.

“Okay then.” Rina chuckled and retook her position. “Any other questions unrelated to our government and citizens’ rights?”

A female in the back, her hand timidly raised as she stood, drew his attention. Rhal stiffened and he glanced at his guard, noting the male was focused intently on this woman. It was not a look of concern or impending danger, but… something he could not identify.

“Rhal?” he murmured.

“I have a question?” The woman finally spoke. At Rina’s nod, she found her voice once again. “What about children? Are previously human Ujal mates capable of carrying hatchlings?”

Tave touched his mate’s hand, cutting her off anything she might have said. Vados’ mate was due to present him with a younging soon. It was time the world knew the truth. As he stepped closer, easing her from behind the podium in a dance they seemed to be repeating, he cupped her lower stomach. Tave ensured all could see where his palm rested as he spoke.

“Yes.” Rina stiffened, her attention swinging to him, but he continued addressing the crowd. “And you shall meet our youngling in six months’ time.”

“Six…” Rina whispered and now his entire world centered on her.

“Yes, my
. In six months, we will have our young one.”

Shouts rose, echoing through the room, and he growled low. He didn’t like so many excited humans close to his carrying mate. He glared at them all. “Enough questions. You can submit further inquiries to the UST public relations office. Any questions about our matching should be directed to the Population Ministry and the Intergalactic Mating Agency. This press conference is through.”

But our life is just beginning…


The End


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BOOK: Tave Part 3
9.35Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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