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The woman in front of Vance was more than she seemed on first glance. She could set fire to an igloo with those legs of hers, the tiny waist with the slight swell of hips, and an ample but not overly voluptuous chest. Her face had all the right angles and curves to make her an ideal candidate for photographing, and Vance would bet his life she was a model. It was a form of marketing, wasn’t it?


And her hair…he was willing to bet she’d walked out of the salon this morning with the perfect waves that framed her face. The gold and amber highlights in the rich cherry brown of her locks begged him to fist his hands in it and tilt her head back so he could devour those luscious lips of hers.


But looks weren’t even the most erotic thing about her. Maya was intelligent, witty, strong, and adventurous in an out-of-the-box sort of way. She was hardened to chauvinistic comments, probably because of her chosen career, and yet, she was still soft enough for her cheeks to flush slightly when he let his eyes lick up and down her body.


Women like this didn’t come around here, and he planned to memorize every inch of her. He wanted to recall the exact image any time he needed a little motivation. “I like your style, Maya.” He motioned to Joe to bring another round of drinks, giving him a warning look. He wasn’t to say or do anything that might affect Maya’s opinion of Wheelie or Vance. He meant to have a pleasant evening with Maya, holding intelligent and intriguing conversation before convincing her to continue the chemistry back at his place—in his bed.


“I think so,” she answered. “It’s not every day I stumble into a biker bar in the desert, a hundred miles from anywhere. How’d you pick this place? Is it even a real town?”


Vance couldn’t answer that. It was incorporated, but not as a town. Wheelie wasn’t even recognized by the U.S. Census Bureau. The population here was transient, but the vague guess was that the population was around 102—between the few retailers they controlled around here, his Mojave Boys brothers, and their families. They planned on keeping Wheelie their little secret.


When someone wandered through by accident, they usually left as fast as they arrived. However, Maya seemed different. It was almost like she purposely sought danger, and Wheelie had called to her. Vance was definitely up for showing her just how dangerous he could be. “It’s a privately-owned community,” he finally told her. “Several of us are investors.”


She crossed her arms and gave him a judgmental look. “Does that mean the citizens are their own law force?”


Vance didn’t respond. It wasn’t her business. He changed the subject to something that very much was her business. “Look, Maya, why don’t we stop playing games? I know what I want, and I think you’re looking for the same thing.”


She leaned in and gave him a seductive smile that had his crotch throbbing and aching. “We just met, Vance. How do you know what I want?”


He leaned in, too, so their noses were inches apart. She smelled delicious, like some sort of citrus fruit blended with spearmint and a feminine musk. “Because it’s written in your body language and the way your pupils are dilated so far I almost can’t see the beautiful hazel green of your irises.”


She blushed, but she didn’t break eye contact. Vance liked that. He didn’t meet many women as brazen and confident as Maya. She had to be a model. There was no other profession he could think of that would give a woman that sense of empowerment, no matter how gorgeous she was. “Do you want to get out of here, Vance?” she asked in an airy tone.


Vance celebrated his success in silence. It never took much to get what he wanted out of a woman, but he’d thought Maya would be a difficult catch. Fortunately, she seemed to be a very sexual person, which would make him a happy man for the night. “What do you propose we do, grab a bite at the grease pit next door? Is the brotherhood intimidating you?” That had been a problem on multiple occasions. He’d had to leave the bar because his conquest was terrified of the surroundings, as if saying the wrong thing would bring down the wrath of the entire club on her.


Vance knew something like that only came up if it turned out the woman was a danger to them, so he was careful never to give details about their club business to any bed buddy he had. He doubted that was a problem for Maya, but he had to know for sure.


She scoffed. “I told you, nothing about an abundance of testosterone intimidates me. And I’m not hungry. I stopped in the gas station and got a quick bite before coming in here.” She looked up at him from under her long, dark lashes in invitation. “The only hunger I need to satisfy requires a private feeding. I happen to have the perfect place to feed my hunger; I already booked my motel room.”


Vance shook his head. “That’s too bad,” he told her. “The motel is private, but not nearly as cozy as my house. Why don’t you come back to my place and let me show you a little desert hospitality?”


Her lips parted slightly, and he could hear the change in her breathing pattern at the offer he made. “I think that might be just the welcome I need from this little one-horse town.” She smirked. “Tell me you have at least one horse around here, with all those hogs out front.”


Vance rolled his eyes at the bad joke, but he couldn’t help but laugh anyway. He motioned over his shoulder to the poker table that was getting louder as the game became more intense and the beer flowed freely. “See that guy in the black cowboy hat with the tinted glasses and gray hair? That’s Doc, and he’s got two mares, so I guess you could call it a two-horse town.”


“Ooh, what an upgrade,” she teased in a deep, sarcastic voice. Standing and reaching into that little clutch purse she carried, she asked, “Would forty foot the bill?”


“Are you paying me for my services or trying to pay for the drinks?” Vance chuckled, waggling his eyebrows.


“Listen, sparky, I don’t need to pay an escort. There are plenty of men who would pay a fortune for nothing more than a kiss from me.”


Her indignation was hysterical, and Vance had to hold back his laughter in fear of her throwing a tantrum that riled everyone else up. “Then, if you’re trying to pay the tab, I warn you that your money’s no good.” She seemed to grow angrier, and he was waiting for the smoke to start coming out her nostrils and flames from her mouth. She’d be the sexiest damn dragon lady he’d ever met. “It’s not a line, darling. I think I’ve already accomplished my goal with you.”


She crossed her arms and tapped her foot impatiently, and Vance sighed. She really could cop a big city, high maintenance attitude. “No one pays here. Our club owns the bar, and we pay for it. If a stranger wanders in, they’re either welcome to drink with us, or they’re ushered out the door.”


She looked at him strangely, but as he took her arm and led her to the door, she didn’t pull away. “If I came in here again in two weeks, and you weren’t here, would I still be welcome? Or would I be kicked out?”


Vance gave her a broad grin. “We remember faces. If someone tries to show you to the door, you drop my name.” He didn’t want to come right out and say that Maya would be labeled ‘his’ from this moment on. That was too permanent a term for their intentions tonight. Yet, it was the truth. Some of his brethren may get a hard-on for her, but they wouldn’t touch her without his permission, and they sure as hell wouldn’t throw her out.


He could tell from the look on her face that she saw right through the politically correct wording. She threw back at him, “Do you have a lot of faces for them to remember?”


“No,” he replied honestly in a sharp tone. When he sent women on their way, he got them lost, or he sent them away hating him. He made sure none of his women came back to haunt him. “But I can’t figure out why you’d come back through here again.”


“Wow, I would have thought you’d tell me how good you are to entice me back,” she chuckled. “Maybe I’ve made a poor decision.”


Vance didn’t miss a beat. “Not at all. I just think you’ll decide you can’t handle something this good and never come back.”


“You wish!” She stared at his bike and down at her dress. “I can’t ride that in this.” She jabbed her thumb over her shoulder. “The motel’s right there. Would you mind following me so I can change and leave my car?”


Vance wasn’t in a hurry. He didn’t have a care in the world beyond satisfying his sexual hunger. “Not a problem.” He threw his leg over, pulled on his goggles, and waited for her to pull out of the parking lot. The sexy little convertible matched her perfectly, and he watched her hair blow in the soft wind as the cool air began to roll in.


She rushed into the ground floor room as he pulled into the parking space next to her and let the engine rumble. He was impressed again when she came back out in less than five minutes in a pink tank top, a jean jacket that accentuated her breasts, and a pair of skin tight jeans with sneakers. “You have sunglasses in that sportster?” he asked, and she pulled them out of that damned clutch she carried.


“What are these for?” she asked.


“Eye protection,” he answered shortly, pointing to his goggles. “I don’t ride like a Sunday driver. I’m a road warrior, and my house isn’t two blocks down a residential street. It’s twenty miles of desert highway without a speed limit.”


“Do I need to put the top up on the car?” She eyed the convertible warily.


“If anyone screws with it, they’ll have to answer to me, and no one wants to answer to me,” he promised. “Hop on, and let’s go.”





By the time Maya walked into Vance’s house, she was breathless and windblown, and she had found a new level of resplendent contentment through the rumbling vibration of the beastly bike beneath her, as her arms wrapped this sexy man’s waist and felt the hard abs beneath his shirt. The sensations had her body begging for release.


Apparently, Vance wasn’t exactly nonchalant about his libido, either, and almost instantly, after locking the door, he was on her. His kiss was ravenous, and his taste delectable. He was a blend of whiskey, tobacco, and cinnamon, and Maya ate him up. She shoved the vest from his shoulders and yanked at the hem of his shirt until he drew it over his head for her. She couldn’t reach; he stood at least six inches taller than her.


He made fast work of her jacket, followed by her tank top, and then he swept her into his arms and carried her halfway across the house to his bedroom. Though she was enthralled in his kiss, her tongue tangling with his, Maya saw a richly decorated living area and at least three closed doors as they passed through the house. She closed her eyes again, diving back into the sensation of his lips and arms just before he dropped to the bed.


Maya was on her back with Vance over her, and she explored the ridges between the taut muscles on his chest and abs. He was cut like a bodybuilder without the excessive bulk, and as she wrapped her hands around his back, she could feel the movement of the muscles and tendons, smooth and in perfect sync with each other. For a biker who had to be at least six-foot-two, he was graceful, and his weight felt like a feather as he rested above her.


She wanted their bodies to touch from head to toe without a barrier, and Maya worked to make it happen. She wasn’t one to be passive in bed, choosing to take what she wanted rather than wait to see if it was offered. She reached for her own jeans first, knowing they would be harder to peel down her legs, but with Vance’s help, they were off in record time. And he kicked his off as well, giving her the first glimpse of the erection that had been digging into her thigh.


He was straight and thick, and he had a perfect length for her personal needs. The hard-on stood tall and ready against his stomach, and she reached out to wrap a fist around it, meeting Vance’s eyes with her naughty intent. As she stroked him and squeezed gently at his base, Vance hissed and gasped in contentment.


She stroked harder and faster, knowing she brought him closer and closer to the edge, and he finally shoved her hand away. Lowering his head, he licked circles around her nipples before drawing each one in turn into his mouth and suckling at them. Maya couldn’t hold back a moan of pleasure, and as his tip teased at her folds, the first wave of passion rolled through her. Maya’s body bucked and writhed with the intensity, and Vance chose that moment to pierce her, thrusting deep as she came with greater force.


He found a suitable rhythm, one that didn’t drive her too hard but that kept them both on the edge of an eruption of Mount St. Helens proportions, with tremors here and there keeping Maya on top of the world. She gripped him with her fingers, kissed him as often as she could with his head dipping down intermittently, and rocked her hips to meet each thrust and pull him in as deep as he could go.


Maya wrapped her entire body around him, nearly lifting herself off the bed with arms around his neck and ankles locked at the base of his spine. Vance certainly didn’t seem to mind, pumping fast and gritting his teeth, as he moaned and panted his way towards the impending climax. She wanted this so much, and that only made her orgasms more potent, she realized.


He came with little warning, and unlike with other exploits, Maya didn’t have a moment’s rest with that culmination. Rather, her body exploded again, and she screamed Vance’s name as she joined him in the heavenly peak.


Exhausted, she didn’t even push him away as he collapsed on her, enjoying the feel of him and the way their sweat made their skin slippery and sticky at the same time. She felt like they melded for a moment, and Maya suddenly didn’t feel ready to leave Wheelie just yet. Certainly this was a no-strings-attached sort of relationship. A one-night stand, really.


However, she wanted to make it more like a three-night stand, or maybe four. Unfortunately, as she thought about it, her eyelids grew heavy, and Vance’s breathing became shallow and even above her. She had no problem staying the night; she just wished they would both have been able to talk before tomorrow morning.


Vance’s soft breath on her neck lulled her to sleep, and the next thing she knew, bright sunlight shone through the window, and Vance was stirring awake. “Good morning,” he said in a gravelly voice, muffled by her hair. His face was still buried in her shoulder, though he was no longer on top of her but to the side.


“Good morning to you,” she yawned back, stretching her arms over her head. Neither of them were covered, and she glanced down at the evidence of a male’s early morning excitement. She smiled, thinking hard about making use of that particular equipment, but she thought better of it. Instead, she forced herself to her feet and collected her jeans from the floor. The rest of her clothes would have to wait; they were still in the foyer. “From what I saw, you have a lovely house,” she told him.


“Thanks, I designed it myself, with a little help on plumbing location,” he told her, sitting up and looking around. He seemed a bit disoriented but blinked several times and corrected it. “Give me about fifteen minutes, and I’ll get you back to your motel.”


Maya hesitated and then told him, “I’m not in a rush. I think I’m going to stay another day or two. It’s nice to be off the grid.”


Vance went still, locking gazes with her. Finally, he said, “If you’re going to be around, maybe we could meet up tonight.”


She definitely liked that idea and wondered if maybe she was projecting her own desires so Vance spoke them aloud. After all, she didn’t want to seem too forward and brazen. This guy was all male, and she was afraid it might hurt his pride if she didn’t let him think all of this was his idea.


Standing there topless, she nodded. “I can meet you back at the bar.”


“Let’s do that.” He stood and reached for his pants, yanking them on but not closing the fly as he gave her a strange look she couldn’t quite read. “This is a one-time deal, right? You aren’t looking for anything beyond sex, are you?”


Maya chuckled. “I don’t mind making new friends, but if you think I’m giving up my career to stay here, you’re mistaking me for some meek little girl who doesn’t care about success or independence. And I’m not going to brag about my lover out in the desert who is probably shagging every single woman he can get his hands on while I’m away, either.” She realized how harsh that sounded and added, “Don’t get the wrong idea. I don’t care what you do. I just won’t be a party to it.”


He seemed to take that in and find it acceptable. “Fair enough. And if I was going to settle down, I wouldn’t want my old lady traipsing around the world shooting whiskey with a bunch of other guys. So, I guess we have an understanding. I’ll meet you at the bar at eight.”


She assumed that was going to give him time to do…whatever it was he did with his biker boys. Honestly, what she’d seen of the Mojave Boys didn’t equate in her mind with seasoned criminals, but she knew most of them carried guns under those Sidewinder vests, and they had to do something to pay for their bar.


In the meantime, with her cell phone getting no signal, Maya figured her agent was probably going crazy trying to get in touch with her. And she had no idea how many other calls and texts weren’t coming through. She’d take a few hours to call everyone from the landline in her motel room and let them know she was alright and that she was going to be a little later than scheduled getting to LA. She didn’t care if they asked questions or urged her not to change her plans.


Another night in Vance’s bed was worth it.


“That sounds like a plan. Do what you need to do. I’m going to find the rest of my clothes, be nosy, and take the tour of the house. I may even delve into your kitchen and whip up some breakfast.” He seemed perfectly okay with that, so she left the room. As she got to her clothes, she heard water running. He was either shaving or showering, and Maya was tempted to strip back down and jump under the spray with him.


However, that was too intimate for a fling. She sighed and trudged into the kitchen, which was outfitted with expensive stainless steel appliances and a cappuccino maker that might have been nicer than hers. She shook her head. She couldn’t see Vance sipping a mocha or latté. She thought she might just make one for him so she could see the sight with her own eyes.


First, she was going to make good on her word and tour the house. She wanted to know how a badass biker like Vance, who presumably lived alone, made himself comfortable in the middle of the desert.


BOOK: Tease: Mojave Boys MC
7.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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