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Authors: Ronald Wintrick

The Alien Agenda

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The Alien Agenda

Copyright 2013 by Ronald Wintrick

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The story of Human evolution is a long and convoluted one, yet Humans are aware of little of it that is actual fact. Their myth is steeped in incomplete science, supposition and religious credo to help account for the absence of hard fact.  To help them deal with the unknown. 

umankind's scientists, historians, philosophers and others of learning proclaim a body of knowledge as fact.  Mostly they are correct.  Life evolved on Earth in the same manner as it must evolve everywhere.  It started with simple protein combinations and over billions of years through single-celled organisms into complex, through reptiles, into mammals and finally Human's stone tool using predecessors.  That is where the story gets a little fuzzy.  How Humans made the leap from tool using apes to today's Human, in an evolutionary blink of the eye.

The truth is not as humanity sees it.  They cannot see it.  They would be destroyed.  Humans would not be able to face it if it were cried from every street corner.  If they faced the truth of it, the tenuou
s fabric of their nebulous make-believe reality would unravel around them and they would be left with nothing but the stark unbearable horror of their own futility.  Of humanities doomed place in destiny.  The oblivion Fate had decreed them.

watched humanities transformation with my own eyes.  Had I
seen it with my own eyes I know that even I would have had a hard time facing the truth of it, so foreign is it to nature and common-sense!  So abrupt and radical has been humanities transformation.  Once
much different than they are now, Humans have been made
to evolve into beings that would in the end of the process be much like myself genetically but fully evolved to live on Earth- while I was not.  It was an induced evolution in which the Human race had been elevated from and above the rest of Earth’s native fauna.  Our two species had also once been very much different, Vampires and Humans, from one another though now those differences weren’t quite as noticeable as they had been thirty-four thousand years ago.  Not quite so different now that the Human race had come so far in the process.  I had been at that time the evolutionary advancement, they the half formed beasts only barely cognizant of the differences between them and the other animals within the forests, jungles and savannahs of their primitive world.  The Human race had come a long way but had almost reached the end.

That was then and this is now.  Humans have
been changed radically.  They have been induced to evolve.  They have had no more say in what has happened to them than I have had in the life I have lived, except that their change occurred gradually, over long eons, the transformation more controlled, more scientific, while my own was… a mistake.

Yet Humans are still ruled by
those basest of animal needs.  They had been induced into an accelerated evolution that changed them too quickly for the hardwired instinctual reactions of the Human animal to form an equitable balance between new and old resulting in a race both civilized and barbaric at the same time.  Like myself and all Vampires, Humans are a mix of contradictions.

All Humans are not ignorant, however.  There are many enlightened souls who see through the fog of misinformati
on the unequivocal truth that lies in front of all humankind, but that most yet refuse to acknowledge because the truth is too ugly, too vicious.  There is nothing that can be done about it so it is simply best not to believe.  The Other's technological advantages are too far in advance of humankind.  To maintain mass sanity, Humans unconsciously accept the inescapable certainty of the inevitableness of their circumstances.

What other choice have they had?

The sun would soon be up and I would have to retreat indoors.  The old myths of Vampires and sunlight are true.  We cannot tolerate it.  Not Sol, anyway.  Not Earth's life-giving star.  We Vampires suppose there is a star somewhere more tolerable to our divided natures.  To our half which is not Human.  The Others must have evolved under a star somewhere, but a star in some way intrinsically different from Sol.  Or possibly it is that they have traveled so long within the black depths of space, or have not lived on the surface of any world, under any star at all, for so long that they may not be longer able to tolerate any such emissions as Sol or any star gives.  It is my belief that the Others travel across the vast gulfs of interstellar space at will. I presume at many multiples of the speed of light. But yet is not the Universe so vast that even at these velocities it may take generations to make crossings?  Why else would they spend such time and resources stealing what belonged to others?

In either case or if neither is true all that
really matters is that the Others have passed on to Vampires their inability to tolerate the sun.  This the entire point of the Other’s interaction with humanity in the first place.  Their genetic manipulations of humanity are to steal humanity itself.  Slowly infuse humanity with their DNA to acquire humanity's tolerance to Sol and when entirely infused slowly remove humankind from the picture, one snip of deoxyribonucleic acid at a time, until the final result is a population one hundred percent the Others, yet tolerant of Sol. 

Vampires are also genetic manipulations.  We are Breeds.  Half Hu
man and half the Others except created without the slow indoctrination which has occurred with humanity.  Mayhap the very first experiment, I am unable to tolerate the sun any more than the Others.  Given too much of their DNA at once, I became the first Vampire. I was the only one of my kind for many eons until I discovered how to propagate my species.  By then humanity had undergone drastic changes.

Different than I genetically Humans still possess all of their humanity, all of their genetic heritage, the Others DNA added to the entire helix where it could be fitted in
and nothing yet removed while my own is the product of a split; I am half Human and half the Others.  A being of both worlds yet of neither!

This is the genetic inheritance I pass to Humans I transform to Vampirism as well as my own offspring.  My blood is parasitic.  It attacks the host's cells, reproducing quickly, feeding on what it destroys.  It infuses every cell within the Human host, rewriting the DNA, destroying everything that is different,
leaving only copies of itself in its wake. It was a side effect of the Others' evolutionarily superior regenerative abilities I do not believe they could have foreseen.  They did not foresee.  I am the only mistake the Others have ever made that I am aware of.  I was an attempt to rush a process that cannot be rushed.  Despite all of their technological advantage, there were still limitations to what they were capable of doing.  I was the proof of that.

“Marcel.  You had better come in.
”  Sonafi said from the rooftop-entrance doorway.  I had triply felt, heard and sensed her approach.  A Vampire is perceptive in many unusual ways, but my focus was elsewhere.  This was pre-dawn.  If not my favorite time of the day, it was at least that portion around which I had built a certain routine.  If I was not so fond of this particular time of the day, I was at least fond of the ritual which I had constructed around it.

I liked to pretend that I would stand and watch the dawn.  Watch the sunrise.  Of course I could not.  It would cook me.  Burn me to a crisp.

Not that there had never been occasions when a prolonged delay left me exposed, unprotected from the sun's brutal rays.  The memories of those incidents remain fresh in my mind no matter how much time has passed since they occurred.  I could not forget them.  It had been nearly fifty years since the last and I could remember those excruciating moments as if they had happened only yesterday.

Painful but
yet alluring the sun held a fascination for me that I could not describe.  I could not describe the fascination having never actually gazed into the sun, but it pulled at me as much as it pushed.  I would give almost anything to be able to walk under its warm rays- those beautiful, deadly rays.  It was a dream which could never be.  It could never more than the twisted fantasy of a delusional night walker.  It could never be real.

I seemed to delay longer every day, edging farther and farther towards that steep precipice.  To have
lived an entire life denied of its warmth, the energy, the driving force which had fueled the birth of life on Earth, was to me the most unbearable aspect of my entire existence.  The bane of my long life, but the Eastern horizon was pinking now with the ambient light of sunrise and I retreated before it.  I could not force myself to remain.

“Another day.”
  I said as I turned to my wife.  “The last is yet too vivid.”

“I feel it already.”  Sonafi said, near haunted eyes staring Eastward at the deadly beauty of the lightening sky.  There was little of Earthly origin that a Vampire might fear, but a Vampire was deathly afraid of the sun.

Our fear of the sun is a learned fear, not an instinct.  It wasn't instinctual for Humans to fear Sol, certainly, while the Others had not evolved here under Sol, so they would have no cellular memory of our star, but it became near instinctual rapidly when the aversion was this powerful and this painful.  This painful when even its indirect ambient glow burned with a fierceness that could not be denied.

This tableau had become ritual.  Nearly every morning I stood on our roof and awaited the coming of the dawn.  Every morning Sonafi came up to remind me to return indoors.

“How many thousands of times have you come to see me safely indoors?”  I asked as I retreated to the safety of the roof access doorway.

“Millions,” Sonafi said, “and you have been cutting it closer every day, again.”  She shut the door behind us and, standing so close we were nearly touching, stared up at me with her liquid, almond eyes.  Of Egyptian lineage, olive skinned, the straight black hair and muscular figure of her race, plus the flawless beauty, power and symmetry of movement of the Vampire kind, she seemed a Goddess temporarily transformed to Human kind.  She had nearly the powers of
One, the beauty and the intelligence, though not necessarily the pure intentions.  Vampires are carnivores with an instinctual drive to kill that went far beyond what their Human halves brought to the union.  Though Humans are carnivores, as well, their addition was by far the tamer of the half.

We still possessed our Human consciences, after all, though if humanity was aware of that fact, it was unclear.  They feared and hated us. 
Despised us.  Loathed.  Both wanted us dead.  Both Humans and the Others and for good enough reason.  We were a threat to both.  We preyed on one while our continued existence threatened the other.  The Others.  The Others obviously had a lot riding on Earth.  They could not afford to be exposed.

“Don't you ever miss it?”  I asked as I linked my arm in hers and we walked down the stair to the second story.  Her fingers were like mobile bands of iron on my arm. 
Her grip like that of a vice.  Those hands had the strength to rip a Human limb from limb, had done so, yet they could also be very comforting.  They were comforting to me now.  Sonafi was the one being whom I knew with absolute certainty that I could trust with my life.

Sonafi knew what the sun looked like
whereas I have never gazed upon it.  She had grown up Human.  Normal.  At least she’d had that.

“I do miss it, but not the same way as you.”  She replied and I could only smile.  We had repeated this conversation many tens of thousands of times, yet Sonafi answered me each and every time as good-naturedly as every time before.  I
nstead of continuing the ritual as usual however, I paused to look deeply into her eyes.

“What is it?”  I asked.  This was not telepathy.  I had not read her mind.  This was simply body language.  She had something on her mind.  I led her onward to the sofa.

“We have been here a long time.”  Sonafi said as we sat, in the parlor in front of the television.  Though I was a creature of long habit, enjoying the old pursuits, Sonafi was quite modernized.  She and all the members of our latest brood, now all departed the nest.  The television, computer, phones, the electronic gadgets of every sort which were all just meaningless noise and static to me were her greatest comfort.  It had brought amusement to our latest brood as well, which had been a relief in itself.

“We have been here a very long time.”  I agreed.  “It has been a good time.”

“We've been here too long.”  Sonafi said.

“Have you felt something?”  I asked quietly, knowing she would not have been so calm if she had, yet my hand strayed to the hilt of the weapon resting on its stand behind the sofa, anyway.  It was a Japanese katana of such antiquity that were the Japanese to become aware it existe
d, they would assuredly insist on its return as a National Treasure.  It had been the gift of a Human with whom I had spent long years of intellectual discourse.  One of only few Humans I had ever entrusted with my secret and a man whose memory I would carry with me always.  He had been a Human whose honor and integrity had been above reproach and he had been a good friend to me- a man I had learned much from- and a very enlightened man for his era.

Others are both telepathic and technologically superior to humankind, but Vampires are not Humans.  We cannot be taken against our wills through the telepathic suborning of our conscious minds.  We Vampires are too sufficiently similar to the Others to be manipulated in the same ways they manipulate Humans.  The very same way Vampires manipulate Humans- through a direct interference with the Humans' cerebral cortex.  Both we and the Others could interact with Humans without leaving a memory of interaction through subconscious telepathic suggestion.  The way a hypnotist can if the subject is suggestible enough.  Except that Vampires and the Others do not need a suggestible subject.

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