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The Alpha's Cat

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The Alpha's Cat
Carrie Kelly
Carrie Kelly (2014)

Elise, a lonely thief and cat shifter, plans to steal from one of the wealthiest men in Central, Tate Wilson. However, Tate’s not an ordinary man. He's an alpha wolf, and he wants Elise as a mate.

But wait! Who ever heard of a cat and wolf becoming mates? Not to mention the fact that Elsie is chubby, and clearly no match for the dozens of other beauties the man must see everyday.

Still, Tate’s feelings for her are strong, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make the cat his own. Can Elise escape or will she succumb to the wolf’s desires?

This 8,900-word story includes graphic love between a plucky bbw and a gorgeous alpha werewolf.

Alpha’s Cat

2014 by Carrie Kelly

by Carrie Kelly


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up by the author
. They aren’t based on any real people.

Tate Wilson was a rich man. Every woman wanted to marry him
and every man wanted to be him.

He was the typical ideal of perfection. A man of many talents,
but I knew something the world didn’t.

Hiding somewhere in Mr. Perfect’s house was a rare diamond. One
worth millions. One that could set me up for life. No more shitty jobs. No more
scraping by. It was time to live the high life once again.

However, there was one problem. The man was a wolf. Strong
and cunning. Cracking into the CPD’s computers, I found eight other burglary
attempts. Attempts and failures. He had a pretty damn good security system, but
not good enough to keep me out.

I twitched my whiskers and sniffed the air from underneath a
small coffee table. Tate wasn’t the only shifter in Central.

It’d been two hours since I found a way inside the mansion.
Being small, I was able to squeeze under an opened window in the attic. Took a
while to explore. It was pretty ridiculous actually. All this space for one

I could hear him moving about in his lavish entertainment
room. His television was an eighty inch which threw me off. Guess him having
his own theater inside the place was a rumor.

Hurry up and get to
! I thought. It wasn’t like I could snoop around while he was awake.

I curled up into a ball on the dusty wooden floor and

It had to be at least three in the morning when the brute
finally went to bed. I twitched my tail back and forth. Two security cameras in
the hallway. One in the kitchen. Too bad they weren’t going to be working for
the next couple of hours. Not with a good timed loop on them.

I trotted up another set of stairs. Lots of fancy carpets
and paintings. Whew. Some of them looked authentic. Worth a good penny, but I
had my heart on set on something sparkly.

I froze in my tracks as I heard a cough. My fur stood on
end. Shit! Maybe the brute wasn’t asleep yet. I crawled slowly, and peeked
around a large oak door.

Tate was getting undressed. I blinked my large blue eyes. Guess
he was getting ready for a shower. I sat down and watched. I never would’ve
considered myself a peeper, but damn oh damn was the man gorgeous. Definitely
an image of perfection.

He tossed his shirt into a hamper followed by his pants.
Then he scratched at his chest and turned his head abruptly. Sniffing the air

I took a few steps back. Still lost in all his manly glory.
Long chestnut brown hair that hit just below the shoulders. Olive skin, taut
over his muscular body and wild green eyes.

His strong jaw tensed as he kept taking in deep breaths. His
nose appeared to have been broken before, but it only added to the charm.

I shouldn’t be lingering around. Not with a damn wolf this
close by, but I couldn’t help it.

Come on wolfy show me
the goods
. I thought. Then I shook my head and hurried across the room and
into a guest bedroom. What the hell was wrong with me? Get it together. Find
the diamond and get the hell out of here.

When I heard the sound of running water, I finally relaxed
and cleared my head.

It didn’t take long to find where he kept his hiding place.
Stashed under a single tile in the middle of the piano room. Typical.

I shifted back into a human and touched my collar. A nice
accessory for any shifter thief. One that adjusts its size with the change. Thank
goodness for magic users. I barely had time to study the diamond when I heard
footsteps echo behind me.

I shoved it into a small container on the collar and slunk
back into my cat form, but it was too late.

Tate Wilson stepped into the room with a towel wrapped
around his waist and chuckled. “Thought I smelt a cat,” he growled.

I stopped abruptly and arched my back, fur on end. I glanced
around the room. No open windows in here. I was going to have to outrun him, an
incredibly hard feat with a wolf, but it wasn’t as if I had any other choice.

Leaping forward, I shot out from the side of his leg.

“Oh no you don’t!” he shouted. Then he jumped and nearly
grabbed me.

Crap! Adrenaline kicked my body into super speed, but
everywhere I ran he was right there behind me.

Clawing up a bookcase, I waited from the top. Trying to
catch my breath. My little heart beat like a jackhammer.

Tate’s body twisted and cracked. He hunched to all fours
until I stared down at the largest black wolf I’ve ever laid eyes on. Shit!
Shit! And more shit! This guy was an alpha. How the hell was I supposed to get
away from the brute?

I hissed. Long and threatening.

Tate threw his head back with a snort, almost like a laugh.

! I
See if you’re still laughing
with my claws inside you
. I leaped off of the bookcase and nearly got
snared by sharp teeth. Then I skidded on the floor and rammed right into an old
grandfather clock.

Snipping, Tate kept his head low. Almost catching my tail in
between his teeth until I leapt on the stair rail and slid down.

Come on! Were there really no other windows opened it the
damn place? Swore there were some earlier. Did the son-of-a-bitch close them?

My muscles
burned. Thirty minutes of dodging the mutt seemed to whiz by. I didn’t know how
much more I could take.

Tate shifted back into a human. He leaned against the wall
and took two sharp breaths. “You’re slippery. I’ll give you that,” he said.

I took the opportunity to try and get back up to the attic,
but something large smashed against my head. A fowl smoke misted around me
making me hack and sputter.

Then I laid still. It took a few moments to realize I was
human. And very naked. Oh crap! How the hell did that happen?

Tate walked up to me slowly. Eyes wide with surprise.

With a few heavy coughs, I backed away. Painful jolts shot
through my body as I tried to shift back. What the hell was happening?

“Don’t bother. It’s a useful drug I acquired by a witch. You
won’t be able to shift for a few hours,” Tate said. Then he squatted down in
front of me. His enormous manhood on display.

I tried to move, but he grabbed my wrists and pulled me
underneath him. His muscular thighs squeezed my hips and his cock pressed
against me. Holy crap! All I had to do was open my legs a little wider and he
would be able to….

“A bit close for comfort don’t you think?” I asked, trying
to keep the shake out of my voice.

He smirked and eyed me like a predator. “But if I get up.
You might get away,” he said in a husky voice. “So, kitty. What are you doing
in my house?”

I licked my lips and smiled. “I’m, um, homeless and I ran
into your place. I swear I was just going to steal some food and leave in the
morning,” I said and leaned up. “I mean you have a lot to go around right?”

He didn’t move. Our faces stood inches apart. The wolf musk
was heavy and I had to admit kind of arousing.

“You’re lying,” he said and raised an eyebrow. “Oh and what
have we here?” He yanked my collar off and out fell the diamond.

“Oh, well how did that get there?” I asked and chuckled. No
good. I needed to come up with something fast. Before the man ripped me apart.
Wolves were notorious for their short tempers.

Tate picked the diamond up with one hand and put it to my
face. “Not many people know about this. How do you?”

I shifted my weight and rubbed on him in the process.

He groaned and narrowed his eyes.

“So many questions,” I said. Then I turned my head away and
yelped when he chomped his teeth in my face. Those razor sharp fangs could do a
big number on a cat. “Okay, I’m not working for anyone. Truth is I’m supposed
to be a retired thief, but I snooped around and found out a lot about you. This
job would set me for life. I was curious to see if I could pull it off.”

“Curiosity killed the cat,” he growled.

I looked back at him. “You know if I could get five bucks
every time I heard that line, I would be rich by now…Um, what are you doing?”

He sniffed my hair and took a deep breath. His green eyes
glowed and pooled with hunger. “You smell pretty good, kitty. You got a name?”

I bit my bottom lip. The heat from his body scorched my skin
making tingling sensations flow through my nerves. “Okay, I hope you don’t mean
to eat me, and usually Cat is what people scream at me when they see me.”

He snorted. “Sarcastic and beautiful,” he said.

“I’m not…wait what? I asked. Did Mr. Perfect call me

“You know what I smell, Cat?”

Now the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. “What?”

He moved closer. So close our lips brushed. “I smell a
potential mate.”

My eyes widened. He couldn’t possibly be serious. Wolves mated
for life and who ever heard of one mating with a cat shifter? “Oh, you don’t
mean that!” I said and struggled. That just proved a bad idea on account that
his cock stiffened from it.

With a soft moan he leaned to the side and ran his sharp
teeth across my neck.

Muscles tightened while every nerve ignited with sexual
need. A tremble surged deep inside my cunt as I stared up at the ceiling. Was
this all really happening? Was Tate Wilson, billionaire extraordinaire,
actually trying to fuck me? I mean it wasn’t as if I was going to complain.
It’s been awhile for me in that department.

However, the fact remained that the man’s a wolf and wolves
can never be trusted. Who’s to say he wouldn’t have his fun then teach me a
lesson for trying to rob him?

A moan escaped my lips as he suckled the skin. Getting a
pretty good taste there. He could bite my neck out and in seconds it would all
be over.

“You like that, kitty,” he breathed.

I bit my bottom lip. Eyes like big orbs.

Putting his knee between my thighs, he nudged them wider
apart. Slowly, the tip of his cock pressed against my entrance.

My gasp was stifled as our lips met and locked. His tongue
parted my mouth, gliding against my own. Tasting sweet with a slight hint of
alcohol. Funny I would never peg the man to be a wine drinker.

I gripped his shoulders. Drops of sweat meandered down his
smooth skin. The muscles in his back shifted under my shaky hands. Oh, how I
wanted to give in so badly, but…

In one quick move, I head-butted him as hard as I could.

“Fuck!” he growled and reared back.

Taking the opportunity, I punched him in the gut and stood
up on wobbly knees. Then I leaned down and grabbed the diamond from the floor.

Tate jumped up and nearly caught hold of my ankle.

There was only one quick way out of here now and that was
through the window. Running at top speed I braced myself and crashed through.

Shift! Come one shift!
I thought. My body twisted as I was falling through mid-air. Urging that part
of me to fight and wake up. I closed my eyes. Bones snapped as I shrank. I
cried out. The change had never been painful, but now it felt as if every bone
was breaking over and over again.

Landing on all fours, I dug my claws into the muddy earth and
twitched my whiskers. Then I jumped around, looking for the diamond. Couldn’t
be too far away.

“Cat!” Tate yelled from the broken window.

Finally found the damn thing nestled into a thick bed of
grass. I wrapped my mouth around it and ran up the tree closest to the front gate.

On a high branch, I looked back. Even from the distance I
could see the golden glow from Tate’s eyes.

He leaped from the window and landed firmly.

Crap! Need to go. I paced the branch. In order to get away I
would have to make a pretty good leap.

A howl broke through the silence and chilled me to the bone.
Tate transformed and was coming at me fast.

Oh, please let me make it over the wall. I shook my body and
finally jumped. Soaring in the air. Closer to freedom. Make it! I can make it!
I…crap not going to make it.

I scratched at the top of the brick wall and hanged on for
dear life. Muscles burned as I pulled my weight. This would be easier if I
hadn’t of gained thirty pounds in the last couple of years. Gotta lay off of
the tuna sandwiches.

“Meourgh,” I choked. Keeping the diamond safely between my
teeth. It took all my strength, but I finally made it up the wall. Panting, I
looked down to see Tate sitting at the edge. Staring.

A low growl emanated from deep inside his throat. He jumped.

I stifled a hiss. Fur standing on end, I fell over the side
and this time didn’t land on all fours.


I managed to stand and shake the dirt away. Then I hurried
away. Zigzagging around like a drunk.

It took forever to finally get home on account I took as
many different routes back. Trying to hide my scent as best I could. Wouldn’t
want him trailing me, but then again a man like him would never be caught in
the slums.

I sat down on my bed after a nice long bath and stared at
the diamond. “You are quite a beauty aren’t you?” I said and chuckled. After I get
my money where should I go venture off to first? Maybe Italy or Ireland. I
shook with a big smile plastered on my face. I knew a lot of fences in town, so
it wouldn’t be hard selling something like this off.

I clicked the light on to get a closer look and gasped. A
knife twisted in the pit of my stomach and grazed harder with each glance. The
cut was all wrong. The cloudy mass inside. It was a fake. Nothing but glass.

My hand shook uncontrollably. Fire ignited my entire being
as I threw the thing against the wall. Then I glanced around the studio.

The cracked walls seemed to close in as a breeze whistled
through the broken window.

This is what trying to be a good citizen got me? Nothing but
misery. Now my one chance at being happy again sank down the drain. It wasn’t
like I could go back and try again. Not now that he knew what I looked like.

BOOK: The Alpha's Cat
6.4Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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