The Aphrodite Sisterhood Collection 1 (12 Futa Stories-Massive Bundle!)(Futa-on-Female, Hot Wife, Menage, Cheating, Bride, Erotia) (25 page)

BOOK: The Aphrodite Sisterhood Collection 1 (12 Futa Stories-Massive Bundle!)(Futa-on-Female, Hot Wife, Menage, Cheating, Bride, Erotia)
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Futanari Massage
(Futa-on-Female, Cuckolding, Cheating)

My First Futa Massage

My Futa Job Interview

My Futa Massage Training

My Futa Nuru Massage

My Futa-Loving Girlfriend

My Futa Massage Parlor

Futanari Coeds
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, College, Orgy, Cheating)

My Roommate's Futa Lover

Futa's Broken Heart

Saving My Futa Lover

Flying the Futa Skies
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Bride, Menage, BDSM)

The Blushing Bride

The Futa Mile-High Club

The Captain's Stick

Futa Surprise

Futa Hawaiian Surprise
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Menage)

Futa Subway Surprise
(Futa-on-Female, Public Sex, Molestation)

Futanari Cheerleaders
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Cheerleaders, College)

Futa Shakes Her Pompoms

The Venus Squad

The Cheer Captain's Reward

Futa Struts Her Stuff

Futa's Honeypot

The Futas' Cheer

My Futa Mistress
(Futa-on-Female, BDSM, Spanking)

Maid to Serve

Maid to Tease

Maid to Love

Futa Marriage Counselor
(Futa-on-Female, Menage, Cuckolding)

Cuckold by the Futa

The Lesbian Wife

The Cuckolded Lesbian

Futa Cowgirls
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Public Sex, Virgin)

Midnight Ride

Cowgirl Delight

Futa Rodeo

Futa Gender Swap
(Futa-on-Female, Gender Swap)

Honeymoon Surprise

Becoming the Wife

Husband to Wife

Futa Airlines:
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Cuckolding, Orgy)

Red Eye Delight

Futa's Remedy

Chartered Flight Fun

Futa Subway Express
(Futa-on-Female, Public Sex, Nun, Menage)

Double Delights

Sinful Delights

Voyeur's Delights

Miss Mary's Futa Harem
(Futa-on-Female, Gender Swap, Cuckolding, Domination)

Gender Bent Newlywed

Gender Bent Studs

Gender Bent Groom

Futanari Convent
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Orgy, Nun)

Sinful Passions

Charity of Sins

Convent of Sin

Maid for Futas
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, BDSM, Spanking)

Disciplining the Maid

Servicing the Futas

Dominating the Maid

Futa Dairy Farm
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Lactation)

Creamy Surprise

Creamy Delights

Creamy Treats

Futa Honeymoon Surprise
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Domination, Orgy)

Futa Brides

Bridal Gift

Cowgirl Delight

The Cowgirl's Wife

Futa Relief Squad

Futa Cheerleaders

St. Futa College
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, College, Virgin, Nun)

Dress Code

Hands-On Lesson

Volleyball Fun

The Futa Church
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Public Sex, Church)

Seducing the Faithful

The Futa Preacher

The Deacon's Wife

Pledging the Futa Sorority
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Virgin, Gender Swap, College)

Pledging Obedience

Sorority Fun

Initiating the Futa

The Futa's Maid
(Futa-on-Female, BDSM)

Bound to Serve

Bound to Please

Bound to Love

Futa on the Beach
(Futa-on-Female, Public Sex, Cuckolding)

Hawaiian Treats

Seducing the Cougar

Lifeguard on Duty

Futa Wife Seduction
(Futa-on-Female, Hot Wife, Cuckolding, Menage)

Hot Wife Fun

Hot Wife View

Hot Wives Party

Gender Swapped Coed
(Futa-on-Female, Gender Swap, Orgy, College)

Shopping with the Futa

Teaching the Futa

Assisting the Futa

Dominated by the Futa Boss
(Futa-on-Futa, Menage, Exhibitionism, BDSM)

Submissive Interview

Trained to Please

Submitting to the Futas

The Futa Academy
(Futa-on-Female, Virgin, Menage, College)

Futa's First Day

Dorm Mistress

Naughty Lesson

Futa Dairy Gym
(Futa-on-Female, Lactation, Public Sex)

Creamy Drink

Thirsty Workout

Delicious Cream

Futa Fertility Research
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Gender Swap, Impregnation)

Seducing the Futa Patrons

Gender Bending Experiments

Fertile Patient

Dominated at St. Futa College
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Menage, BDSM)

Dorm Submission

Discipline by Cop

Spanked in the Chapel

The Futa Seed
(Futa-on-Female, Pseudo-Incest, Impregnation)

Teasing the Futa

Spanking the Tease

The Teasing Cheerleader

Queen of Futa Academy
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Orgy, College)

Futa Teacher's Pets

The Headmistress

Futa Teacher Surprise

The New Queen

Naughty Futa Students

Futa Discipline

Futa in the Forest
(Futa-on-Female, Virgin, Shifter)

Claimed as the Futa's Mate

Futa Guide

Passion in the Woods

Aphrodite's Devils
(Futa-on-Female, Domination, MC)

Dancing on the Futa's Pole

Futa Beach Party

Dominating the Lawyer

Futa Massage Service
(Futa-on-Female, Cuckolding, Menage)

Massaging the Married MILF

Servicing the Boss

Massaging the Bride

The Futa Cop
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Domination, Cuckolding)

The Naughty MILF Speeder

The Futa Squad

Cuckolding the Speeder

Fertile Futa Menage
(Futa-on-Female, Menage, Breeding)

Eager for the Futa

Seducing the Futa MILF

Eager for the Futa's Seed

Taken by the Futas
(Futa-on-Female, BBW, Gangbang)

Taken by the Futa Firefighters

Taken by the Aphrodite's Devils MC

Taken by the Futa Cops

Taken by the Futa Soldiers

Taken by the Futa Builders

Taken by the Futa Loggers

The Passion of Selene
(Futa-on-Female, Werebear, Virgin)

Claimed by the Futa Werebear

Taken by the Futa Werebear

Mated by the Futa Werebear

Futa Fertility Treatment
(Futa-on-Female, Gender Swap, Pregnancy, Lactation)

Gender-Bending Medicine

Futa Lamaze Class

Futa Nursing Coach

The Futa HuCow
(Futa-on-Female, Lactation, BDSM)

Nursing the Futa Boss

Creamy Discipline

HuCow On Display

Fighting the Futa's Fires
(Futa-on-Female, Voyeurism, Orgy)

Taken on the Subway

Dousing the Futa's Flames

The Futa's Big Hose

The Futa and Her Big Tool
(Futa-on-Female, Cuckolding, Gender Swap)

Handling the Futa's Tool

Fixing the Wife's Pipes

Gender Swap Fix

The Futa Gynecologist
(Futa-on-Female, First Time, MILF, Medical)

Patient Menage

Examining the Married MILF

The Doctor's Big Probe

Queen of the Futa Dorm
(Futa-on-female, BDSM, College)

Serving the Queen

Extra-Curricular Fun

Cheering the Futa

Taboo Futa Desires
(Futa-on-Female, Swinging, PI, Taboo)

The Futa's Bed

The Futa's Mistake

Caught in the Futa's Bed

The Futa and the Brat

The MILF's Desires

Taboo Futa Menage

HuCow Extra Credit
(Futa-on-Female, HuCow, Lactation, College, Spanking)

Disciplining the HuCow

HuCow Submission

Futa's Submissive HuCow

The Futa Boutique
(Futa-on-Female, Voyeurism, Seduction, Menage)

Shopping Menage

Eager for the Job

Teasing the Futa Shopgirl

Cafe Futa
(Futa-on-Female, Voyeurism, Creampie)

The Special Spice

Curiosity Aroused

Cherry Delight

Futa College Exhibitionism
(Futa-on-Female, Futa-on-Futa, Public Sex)

Innocence Displayed


About the Author

Reed James is a thirty year-old guy living in Tacoma, WA. “I love to write, I find it freeing to immerse myself in a world and tell its stories and then share them with others.” He's been writing naughty stories since high school, furiously polishing his craft, and finally feels ready to share his fantasies with the world.

“I love writing about women who want to be a little (or a lot) naughty, people expressing their love for each other as physically and kinkily as possible, and women loving other women. Whether it's a virgin experiencing her/his first time or a long-term couple exploring the bounds of their relationships, it will be a hot, erotic story!”

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BOOK: The Aphrodite Sisterhood Collection 1 (12 Futa Stories-Massive Bundle!)(Futa-on-Female, Hot Wife, Menage, Cheating, Bride, Erotia)
8.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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