The Arduino Inventor's Guide (54 page)

BOOK: The Arduino Inventor's Guide
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The Arduino microcontroller makes it easy to learn about electronics, but it can be hard to know where to start. The 10 projects in this book will teach you to build, code, and invent with the super-smart Arduino and a handful of parts.

First, you’ll master the basics with a primer that explains how a circuit works, how to read a wiring schematic, and how to build and test projects with a solderless breadboard. Then you’ll learn how to make your hardware move, buzz, flash, and interact with the world using motors, LEDs, sensors, and more as you build these 10 projects:

• The classic first Arduino project: blinking an LED

• A miniature traffic light

• An LED screen that displays animated patterns and shapes

• A fast-paced button-smashing game to test your reflexes

• A light-sensitive, color-changing night-light

• A challenging ball-balancing game

• A temperature-sensing mini greenhouse with an automated fan and vent

• A motorized robot that you can control

• A racing timer for toy cars

• A tiny electric piano that you can actually play!

With each project, you’ll learn real coding skills so you can tell your inventions what to do, like how to store temperature readings with variables, start a timer or spin a motor with functions, and make decisions using loops. You’ll even find tips and tricks to put your own twist on each gadget and take things further.

About Sparkfun Electronics

SparkFun Electronics is an online retail store that sells electronic parts for DIY projects. It offers classes for the public as well as resources, tutorials, and professional development for educators through its Department of Education.


This book uses a durable binding that won’t snap shut.

BOOK: The Arduino Inventor's Guide
12.74Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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