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June whimpered. “Henry…I can’t… Oh, my God.”

Hearing June’s gasps of pleasure, the beast inside him began to rear. He wanted to fuck her, feel her walls wrap around his dick. Damn, his balls were rock-hard. June’s restlessness told him she felt the same way. He needed to be inside her. Quickly, he shucked his jeans.

“Nooo…come back to me.”

Henry chuckled. “Impatient wench. Hon, I have to protect you.”

“No. No. I’m safe. I’m on pills. Please, Henry. Come to me. Now.”

“You sure?”

“Yes. It’s safe. Henry, I want you.”

Henry smiled. “You got me, hon.” He covered her with his body, his cock nestling on top of her pussy. “God, you feel so good.”

Once again, he feasted on her breasts before claiming her mouth. Henry snaked his hands in between them. His dick throbbed fiercely as he rubbed himself up and down her slit. “Honey, you make me burn.”

“Yes…” June wrapped her legs around his waist.

Aiming his cock on her entry, Henry slowly eased inside her. “Fuck, hon. You’re tight.”

“Oh… Is that good?”

“Definitely good.” She may not be a virgin, but she might as well be. Jesus. “Baby, I’m not hurting you, am I?”

“No. Love me.”

Henry looked at June. Her eyes were shadowed with passion and her lips bright red from his kisses. “That’s what I intend to do, baby.”

Thank God.
Henry thrust deeper, eliciting a low, sexy sound from June. He pulled back until only the tip of his cock remained inside her. It felt so good that he didn’t want it to end. Picking up his rhythm, he groaned from the pleasure of her walls around his cock.
Fuckin’ A.
June met him thrust for thrust. She clutched his shoulders tight.

“Henry…I… Oh, my.” She bit his shoulder then cried out his name.

With a satisfied grunt, he followed her to the apex then let go. “Damn, baby.”


Henry pillowed her head with his arm and pulled her against him. Their bodies still naked and her heart still thrumming from their lovemaking, June placed a hand on Henry’s chest. Feeling the steady heartbeat beneath her palm had suddenly made her so emotional she wanted to cry.

Only virgins cry on their first night. I’m not one of them. But why? Is it because after tonight I won’t see Henry again?

Dine and dash. That was how Vivienne had described their plan. After tonight, Henry would be just a memory.

Please, please. I hope this one time is enough to get me pregnant.

Tonight would be one of her fertile days. If she conceived, her baby’s heart would beat like Henry’s—strong and steady. A boy or a girl with blue eyes and a mischievous smile running around her parents’ house? She hoped so. The thought of having Henry’s baby should lift her spirits, but it only made her cry.

“You’re quiet.” Henry lazily ran his fingers on her arm. “What are you thinking about?”


“Food? Not how amazing we are in bed?”

She wiped her tears with her fingers. “That too. I should get dressed.”

Henry turned to face her. “What’s this? Was I rough with you? If I hurt—”

“You didn’t. And you’re not. I’m just happy because we did a marvelous job.”

“A marvelous job?”

“Now, you’re laughing at me. You probably want to go back downstairs.”

“I’m not laughing and I’d rather we stay here and pig out. Would you like that?”

“Yes. That would be nice.” Any extra time that she could spend with Henry would be marvelous.

When Henry sat up to reach for his phone on the bedside table, June took the opportunity to assess his body. He was sinewy and strong, but not burly like the weightlifters. His almost-bronze skin rippled with muscles each time he moved. So fascinating to watch.

June tattooed Henry’s image in her mind. She wanted to remember everything about him, about tonight. Feeling melancholy beginning to set in, she decided to go to the bathroom. Wrapped in a bedsheet, she stood up. But Henry hung on to the edge of it. He looked at her with his eyebrows arched. June grinned then yanked hard on the sheet, leaving Henry nothing with which to cover himself. Still on the phone, he stood up, facing her in all his nakedness, his cock half erect.

“Oh, Lord. Wow.” Embarrassed, heat singed June’s cheeks. She quickly tried to walk past him. He caught her by her waist.


“Let go,” she whispered.

Henry shook his head. While hanging on to her, he gave his order over the phone.

“Yeah. Shrimp Louie, house salad and…hang on. Hon, what about lobsters?”

“Sure,” she replied, trying to wriggle out of Henry’s hold.

“Okay. Add the lobsters. Crème brûlée and a bottle of white zinfandel.” He looked at June again. “Anything else you want to add?”

“What’s a zinfandel?”


“I don’t drink alcohol. Lemonade would be great.”

“And a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade. Yeah, thanks. Sure. Bread would be nice. That’s about it. Thanks, man.” Henry hung up the phone.

“Sounds like you ordered everything on the menu.”

“You said you’re hungry. Where are you going?”


“Well, you don’t need this, then.”

Before June could react, Henry had the bedsheet back on the bed.

“Henry…” She tried to cover her breasts with her hands. Good Lord, she’d never stood in front of a man without a stitch of clothing, ever.

Henry laughed. “You blush like a schoolgirl.”

“I shouldn’t… I’m naked…”

“Don’t hide from me. You’re beautiful, hon.” Henry pulled her against him. Slowly, he glided his hands up and down her body, leaving hot imprints on her skin.

“Thank you.”

Henry’s cock throbbed against her lower belly. A sweet ache traveled down her pussy. God, she wanted him again. As if he’d read her mind, Henry lifted her.

“Now, that’s better.”

June wrapped her legs around his waist. The position left her open with the length of Henry’s cock resting against her wet cleft. It was delicious.

“Damn, honey. You’re ready.” He took a few steps until June’s back was against the wall. Slowly, Henry began moving his hips, rubbing his cock up and down on June’s slippery folds.


“Yes, honey. Fuck…you make me so hard.” He lowered his head to capture June’s erect nipple. Then he sucked like a hungry man.

June whimpered from the pain mixed with pleasure. “I want you again, Henry.”

“Me too.” Henry reached down between their bodies. The tip of his cock teased June’s sensitive opening before he thrust deep inside her.


“Yes. Hang on to me.”

With the wall supporting her back, Henry made love to her. June’s thoughts spun as the pleasure of having him inside her pounded the blood through her heart. She hung on to him while he drove his cock inside her fast. Then he spun around, taking her back to the bed. Still fully embedded inside her, he lay her down.

“Baby, I don’t know what you did to me. Can’t get enough of you.” He pulled out.


“Patience. You’re gonna like this.” He kneeled at the foot of the bed, pulled June’s ass closer to the edge then spread her legs wider.

“Henry…please. I want you.”

“And I want to taste you again.” Henry gave her pussy one long lick before he sucked her clit.

June screamed.


In between licking and sucking, Henry used his mouth to pleasure June until she thought she’d lose her mind. “Henry, I can’t… Oh, God. Don’t stop.” Her climax began to peak. June speared her fingers through Henry’s hair while she lifted her hips to get his mouth even closer to where she throbbed. Then she shattered. “Hmmphh…”

Feeling as if her bones had just melted, she relaxed her legs and arms. But Henry wasn’t finished with her. He placed his hands behind her knees and pulled them back. It exposed her and, dear God, she loved it—the way Henry was looking at her. He made her forget about modesty and think of nothing but the pleasures of being in bed.

“Yeah. Stay that way, hon. Now, we fuck.” He rubbed the tip of his cock on her pussy then he fucked her. “Like that, baby? Like that?”

“Yes, oh yes.” June felt the tip of his cock touch her cervix.
Oh, my God.

The bed creaked and his sac slapped her ass as Henry rammed against her over and over. The harder he pounded her, the higher she soared until she felt the beginning of another orgasm.

“Look at me. I want to see your eyes when I come inside you.”

June met Henry’s gaze. His eyes were almost half-closed while he ground his hips then thrust repeatedly. Lord, he was thick, stretching her pussy to accommodate his size.

The rough way that he made love to her caused a mixture of pain and pleasure and triggered another orgasm.

“Come again, honey.” Henry reached down between their bodies to help her. A few more quick thrusts and June screamed Henry’s name.

Henry groaned as he spilled his seed inside her. “Jesus, mother…damn.”

They found the peak of delight their bodies were searching for at the same time. Still trying to catch her breath, she smiled as Henry lowered her legs then kissed his way up her body. With a sigh, he lay down and wrapped his arm around her. “That was fantastic.”

Tired, happy and satisfied, she replied, “It was magic.”


* * * *


The clock showed it was four in the morning. He had been awake all morning contemplating whether to get up or not. For some reason he couldn’t bring himself to leave the soft woman beside him. Weird, the effects of alcohol had left his system the moment he’d laid his eyes on June.

Last night was by far the most unforgettable time in his life. He’d made love to June as if he were still a teenager with raging hormones, not wanting each union to end. It had made him beyond happy to please her, as if she were his. But it was what they’d done after that had painted their night wonderful. They’d eaten, narrated their childhood stories, and talked like lovers sharing their dreams and building their future. She’d told him to live his dream but not to cast aside his parents, that the fulfillment of his dreams would never be completed without his parents standing by him to share it. She’d laughed about his antics as a young boy and cried and gotten mad on his behalf when he’d told her about going to bed without food in his belly. He’d listened to her girly dream of having little children and a house to clean—something that he’d never done with any other women. Not even with Stacey, who hated listening to maudlin stories.

What had made him open up to her, he had no idea. Was it the fact that everything wouldn’t matter once they said their goodbyes?

She was his gift—a gift that he’d slowly unwrapped all night. He’d made sweet love to her, taken his time learning every inch of her body, listened to her moans and pleas, and enjoyed her gentle touch.

For someone who had been with a man before, June lacked in bedroom skills and blushed as a woman touched for the first time in her life. Her admission that no one had pleasured her the way he’d done with his tongue surprised him and had inflated his masculine pride. Vivienne had said that June had been mishandled once. He wondered what had happened. The thought that someone may have hurt June had him scowling.

Numerous women had shared his bed in the past, but no one had made him feel as though he held a precious thing in his arm—someone special, someone he didn’t want to let go.

Henry wrapped his arms tighter around June’s middle and pulled her even closer. Closing his eyes, he kissed her bare shoulder, loving the feel of her sweet ass pressed against his cock.

Spooning. Fuck, when was the last time he’d spooned with a woman? Stacey had never been interested in after-sex cuddling, and neither had he. Not like this.

What the hell was wrong with him?

This woman was a stranger, hired by someone to sleep with him. A one-night stand. But damn it to hell, he wanted more of her.

June stirred. She placed her hand on top of his then tried to get up. “I should go. It’s already morning.”

“Don’t care. I want us to stay here longer.”

June shivered when he blew the soft hair on her nape.

“Aren’t you tired of me yet?”

“No.” He moved his hand down to cup her pussy. She was still wet. As he slid his fingers through her cleft, his cock pulsed repeatedly. “I want you.”

June moaned. “Henry…we’ve done this many times already.”

“Three is not many, hon.” Anchoring her leg on his thighs, he positioned her so she was wide open for him to touch. He rubbed the tip of his cock between her pussy and ass. “You must be a siren who rose from the depths of the ocean to torment me.”

June arched her back, raising her butt and pointing it toward him. “Henry…”

“Yes, hon. Fuck, I want to do this over and over.” With the tip of his cock, he teased her pussy. “Like it?”

“Yes.” June pressed her ass against him. “More…”

“I’m all yours, hon. All yours.” He gripped her hip then, slowly, he buried his cock to the hilt. All night, he’d imagined fucking her from behind, feeling his balls slapping her clit. He knew it would be good and he wasn’t disappointed. Henry’s blood pounded hard and traveled down to his engorged cock. “Where have you been all my life?”

“Living in Edmonds.” She breathed the words. A local. There would be a chance they’d see each other again. The thought had him smiling. “I’ll ride you hard.” He shifted from his position to his knees. “On your hands and knees.”


Henry laughed. He gripped June’s small waist and helped her position herself the way he wanted her.


“June…” he mimicked. Running his hands over her smooth ass, he wanted to nibble each cheek. “I want to take you like this.”

June’s pillow muffled her groan.

“One of the best positions.” He spread her cheeks, placed his thumb on the little rosette of her ass then licked her pussy.

June tried to move his hand. He guessed no one had touched her there either. “It’s okay, baby. Just my thumb.” Since she felt so good, he pressed his thumb deeper. He smiled as she purred her pleasure.


She was hot, wet and tasted so fucking sweet that his pre-cum dripped on the sheet. He knew he wouldn’t last this time.
Enough foreplay.
He rubbed his dick on her pussy, teasing her. “You’re mine,” he growled, then he thrust, hard.

BOOK: The Best of June
3.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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