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Back in the presidential suite of the hotel Ashley
said she had to run down to the lobby for something. I had no idea what that
could be but let her make her mad dash. There was no danger here, and even if
there was, the men I had on her were more than capable of dealing with it, so I
went and took my shower while she ran downstairs.

She was back when I returned and rushed into the
bathroom as soon as I was coming out.

"I won't be long."

"What's in the bags?"

"It's a surprise."

I just kissed her forehead and left it at that.

I sat up in bed going over some proposals from today's
missed meetings. I knew there wasn’t going to be a traditional wedding night
and I was fine with that. She was mine now and that’s all I cared about. No one
would ever take her from me and anyone who tried will learn fast what it meant
to face the wrath of Gideon Thorpe. With my mind settled where her safety was
concerned it was safe to turn my mind to other matters, anything but the missed
wedding night.

When she first came out of the bathroom I didn't lift
my head right away. I was so caught up in what I was doing that I hadn't heard
her enter. Then her scent drifted to me and I raised my head and almost choked
on my own saliva.

Merciful heavens, she was...she looked...

"Blossom!" I couldn't form the words, she
was stunning, beautiful, astounding, I can't...she was also trying to kill me.
I had to remind my dick that she was still too young and that no matter what we
will not touch her, not yet, not until she was older.

"Do you like it?" I could only nod like a
simpleton form a sentence Gideon if you don’t handle this right you’ll do more
damage than good.

"But what are you doing baby?" She wrung her
hands suddenly back to being shy.

"It's our wedding day silly, we're supposed know." She was red as a cherry and her eyes pleaded with me not
to turn her away. Fuck, fuck, fuck.

"Come here." I held my arms out for her as
she drew closer to the bed. Pulling her down next to me might not have been the
smartest move on my part. Her softness, her beautiful scent they combined for a
heady mix of seduction.

"My sweet girl, we don't have to do that today,
you're still so young..." I kissed her hair and ran my hand up and down
her back hoping that would be enough to reassure her.

"Don't you want to?" Shit, now she looked
hurt, how do I get us out of this mess?

"Of course I do baby, but remember we talked
about this, you're still so young, it's only a few more months, not

"But it's our wedding night." Now you choose
to be stubborn Blossom? Help me out here please I’m only thinking of you.

"I know precious one, and I'll make it up to you
I promise, but please take it easy on me and cover up for now."


I forgot how innocent she really is, should I show
her? Why not, what could be the harm in that? Famous fucking last words!

I took her little hand and led it to my extremely hard
cock so she could feel what she did to me.

." Her
eyes were back to being wide as saucers again and she got a look of wonder on
her face.

"You see, so could you please put something else

"Does it hurt?" She squeezed my cock and a
bolt of electricity ran through my body.

"Ashley stop...don't." She was fascinated by
it and wouldn't stop squeezing. Fuck I’m
embarrass myself any minute if she didn't quit it.

I removed her hand from my throbbing dick and tried to
cover up with a pillow. Right before my eyes my little Blossom turned into an
imp. She wrestled me for the pillow, tickling me to get her way.

We laughed and rolled around on the bed as she tried
everything to get ahold of me while I blocked her every move.

"Fine, I'll leave you alone, go back to your
reading." She smacked me in the head playfully with the pillow

flouncing down on the bed beside me. The short skirt
of the teddy she wore rode up to expose the bottoms of her ass, which was left
exposed by the baby blue thong she wore.

Was it an innate thing with women? Did they just know
at any age how to bring a man to his knees?

"Baby, you forgot something." My eyes were
glued to her body even as I pleaded silently for her to cover it up.

"What?" She turned her head my way rising up
on one elbow, which pulled the material tighter across her breasts. Sweet...I
swallowed really hard as I gestured to her state of near undress.

"I thought you were going to cover up?"

"I'm already covered up." She looked down at
her scantily clad body and then back up at me. The look of hunger in her eyes
was almost my undoing, but I promised myself to hold strong. This was for her
after all, just a few more months and she would be old enough. Yes the law of
our state says she's already there, but for me, I'm not sure.


"It's my wedding night, the only one I'll ever
have, shouldn't I get at least one kiss, please, pretty please with sugar on
Coy, shy, sweet, and so fucking innocent.

Help me.

"Okay, just one kiss but that's it." She
jumped on me before I could finish getting the words out. Her lips were soft
and strawberry flavored this time.

"Hmmmm." I groaned into her mouth as she
tentatively gave me her tongue. Her body wrapped around mine like a vine as she
sought to feel my hardness against her pussy folds.

"Blossom...don't." Even I could hear the
weakness in my voice.

She looked at me with a secret smile before
recapturing my lips with her own. Her little hands played my body as she rubbed
herself gently against me.

I held her close as I realized my young wife was
trying to seduce me. I hope like hell I survived this night with her hymen


Chapter 11


I learned something new about my wife that night, two
things actually she's stubborn as hell and she doesn't like to be told no. On
the one hand I'm ecstatic that she feels so confident with me already that she
can flex her wings, on the other hand she's giving me fits. If I touched her
now I'm afraid I might not be gentle enough, not the way she needed me to be
her first time, her teasing had driven me to the point of no return.

"Baby...Blossom, you're so're playing
with fire." My words held no steam because she’d found my cock under the
sheets and in her innocence was rubbing me up and down with her soft hand.

She grinned as she bit my jaw while rubbing her leg
over mine. I wonder if she knew she was turned on that her rubbing herself
against me was a sure giveaway that she was in heat. I got my answer when she switched
plays on me.

She climbed to her knees and straddled my hips as she
held my head in place so she could kiss me. That just answered my question, her
sensual sexuality is innate, she knew without being told what to do.

"Baby, you're so young please." I was
begging here, all my good intentions would go down the drain if she didn't
stop. A man could only take so much and the fact that I really wanted to get
inside her fought against my better judgment. “Please Ashley help me out here
you’re too young…”

"No I'm not, I'm your wife, I belong to you now,
please don't make me beg, don't you want me?" Fuck, right to the heart of
me. She had that look in her eyes like she knew I would turn her away. There's
no way I could reject her now, not after all she'd been through. How could I
add more hurt to her already tortured existence by denying her on her wedding
night? I took a deep breath and prayed that I had the patience to do this right
already my fucking hands were shaking.

"I'll always want you come here.” I rolled her
beneath me and looked down at her wide curious eyes. “Tell me if anything makes
you feel uncomfortable okay."

She nodded her head and bit her lip as I eased the
teddy off her shoulders. My natural instinct was to tear it away to get at her
but I cautioned myself to go slow. I kissed her skin as each part was revealed
until I reached her magnificent tits that truly were a thing of beauty. They
were high and round with pink tips that just begged to be sucked. I looked into
her eyes before lowering my head and taking her nipple into my mouth making her
arch her body into mine.

The feel of her fingers caressing my scalp made me
bite down until she cried out. Her body was on fire beneath mine and I couldn’t
help pressing my raging cock into her softness that was still covered with

I was gentle and considerate as I licked and sucked my
way down her body pulling the teddy all the way off as I went. My mind warred
against my flesh as I tried to control my baser instincts to plunge to devour
to tame. Her panties were next and I snapped them in half no longer able to
control myself because her fucking scent was unlike anything I’d known.

I kissed my way up her thighs as she made the sexiest
fucking sounds and grabbed fistfuls of my hair. When I reached her core
spreading her legs wider I studied her pink wet pussy. Then I tasted her.

"Fuck...." That's as much as I could put
together. Her taste was intoxicating sweet with a touch of spice. I sunk my
tongue into her trying to get as deep as I could, to take as much of her into
my mouth as was possible. I lifted her to my mouth and went down on her like
she was the last thing I’ll ever have. She came with a scream on my tongue and
I eased off. Didn’t want to overwhelm her just yet we’d only just begun. I sat back
on my heels between her spread thighs and took my time studying her nakedness.

Her body was mesmerizing she was a work of art. All
toned lines and beautiful mounds. Mine.

"I'm going to enjoy loving you my Blossom."
I ran my hands over her body spending more time on her nipples before I worked
my fingers down her middle. Holding her eyes with mine I thrust my fingers
inside her wet pussy and took her lips with mine. She was ravenous, her body
taking over her actions and she seemed to have no inhibitions left. I dragged
my mouth away from hers as my cock throbbed for some action. But not yet, I
needed another taste of her on my tongue.

I buried my
head between her thighs once more and fucked her with my tongue, teasing and
tormenting her in turns. She begged, she pleaded, she whined, but still I held

"When I'm done, there won't be a part of you left
untouched." I pushed my tongue part way into her rosebud.

"Gideon...don't..." She tried pulling my
head away but I wasn’t having it. She’d unleashed the beast now she can see
what it was she’d been after, tonight I will hold nothing back.

"Oh no you don't, this is what you wanted, you
wanted me to take you, we'll do it my way, all or nothing."


"No buts, there's nothing I won't do to you or
allow you to do to me, get use to it." I'm a very demanding lover Ashley,
I will take and take from you, but I promise to give you more." I went
back to licking her, forcing her body towards climax.

She came as I nipped her clit flooding my mouth with
her juices. Lying next to her I ran my hand over her body soothingly waiting
until she’d calmed before going any farther.

"Feel me."

I wrapped her hand around my girth and showed her how
I liked to be stroked.

"Squeeze me baby."

" I don't want to hurt it."

"You won't." So fucking cute.

"He feels so soft and yet so hard...he's so cute
I want to bite him." She studied my dick with wide eyes.

"You don't call a man's cock cute baby that's

"Why?" She kept stroking even as she waited
for my answer.

"Puppies are cute, a man's cock is manly,
masterful." I teased her as she studied me before lowering her head and
tentatively sticking out her tongue for a taste of pre cum.

"Uhmm, salty if I squeeze him will more come
out?" She followed words with actions before I could answer and squeezed
my cock. She squealed with delight and her newfound prowess over my body when
more of my juices overflowed onto her hand.

"Lick it like a popsicle." She followed my
instructions and I was soon using her hair to guide her head up and down as she
proceeded to blow my mind. Her special blend of innocence, sexuality, and
hunger made the job she did perfect almost too perfect I was ready to blow.

"Not too deep baby." She tried to deep
throat me but choked and gagged time and again.

"Ease off, I'll show you how I like it done.
Slide your lips down slowly...just like
that now use
your tongue… good girl, just like that. Fuck yeah." I pushed into her
mouth trying not to go too fast or too deep but she made me feel so fucking
good. She soon got the hang of it and experimented with her technique.
Swallowing me down as far as she could take me then pulling up and tasting my
cock slit with her tongue.

She stalled when her teeth touched me her eyes flying
to mine. She was a sight, her mouth full of cock and her eyes opened wide as if
expecting me to scold her.

"That's okay baby, as long as you don't bite down
too hard on the head a little teeth is good. Take breathe in, hold swallow."

Her throat flexed and relaxed as I felt my cock head
enter her neck. This almost eighteen-year old vixen was throating my cock she
never ceased to amaze me.

"Now work your mouth up and down, don't forget to
breathe." The words barely made it pass my gritted teeth. I let her suck
me off until I was ready to blow, then pulling her off I threw her to her back
and buried my head between her legs. I ate her to climax before climbing
between her thighs and with one thrust, pierced her hymen.

She screamed and bucked as I used my body to hold her

, ssh, it's
okay baby, the pain's over now, I'll hold still until you're ready for me to

"It hurts Gideon." There were tears in her
eyes and I dried them with my thumbs before kissing along their tracks, hugging
my baby close, soothing her.

"I know, but it won’t last long I
I stayed still for the
longest two minutes of my fucking life before testing her readiness by easing
slowly out of her, then sliding back in.

"You feel that?" I went in and out, a little
deeper this time.

"Ummmmmm." She spread her legs wider, her
feet planted firmly in the bed.

She was lost on her own sensual plane as I picked up a
steady pace of in and out, grinding her into the bed with my lower body keeping
her pinned while I fondled one her young firm tits in my hand and sucked the
other one into my hungry mouth.

"How does it feel baby?" I kept stroking in
and out of her some short some long.

"Like I'm going to die if you stop." Her
eyes were fever bright as she strained up against me, her hips going faster and

"Easy, easy.” I didn't want her hurting herself
on my cock it was at least ten inches long and about five across. I didn’t want
to fuck around and tear her virgin pussy. “Slow down Blossom.”

"No." I think she growled that shit before I
felt the sharp sting of her nails biting into my ass pulling me in tighter.

"Do it Gideon, please..."

"Baby...Blossom..." I lost the battle when
she clamped down on me and with her natural sensual instinct curled her hips
up, drawing me in deeper.

She took me over then, covering my hands on her
breasts with hers as her hips moved in time with mine.

I was afraid I was going to finish before her, that
cannot be, but she felt so fucking good wrapped around my cock. She strained
and pleaded beneath me.

"Tell me what you want."

"Harder, please I can't get enough, I need you,
all of you, don't hold back." She said all of that on a breathy whisper.

"Is this deep enough?"

I twisted my hips and plunged to the very depths of
her making her cry out as she came. She collapsed beneath me as I poured my
seed into her sucking pussy my hands holding her close. I came for what felt
like minutes before pulling out and lying replete next to her.

I pulled her body into my arms as my heart raced and I
fought for breath, never in my life...She on the other hand seemed to have
found a new lease on life. Her body vibrated next to mine with repressed

"Oh my, that was so good Gideon. I can't wait to
do that again." She stretched and smiled before kissing me.

"I want to do that lots and lots, okay?"

Oh damn, she’s going to give me a run for my money.

BOOK: The Billionaire
9.29Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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