The Billionaire's Bet #3: A Risky Raise (Erotic Romance with alpha male) (2 page)

BOOK: The Billionaire's Bet #3: A Risky Raise (Erotic Romance with alpha male)
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“Oh … oh, master
,” I stammered.

His kisses and licks became more agile as he swiveled sideways.
He grabbed the weights and jerked them down, making me scream. He muffled a growling laugh into my pussy, the vibrations sending me into total ecstasy.

Oh, the deliciousness is just too much.

“Yes, Julie. I need you to come again,” he said, coming up for air.

He sucked on my knob while pulling on the chains, stressing my nipples. The combination of the pain and stimulation became too much. I yelped and moaned at the same time as the waves crashed into me again. My muscles clamped
, and I could feel my moisture flowing into his mouth. He licked me even more voraciously.

“Hmmm,” he muttered, as he rose up again.

“Look, Julie.” His cock was fully erect again. “Time for another go.”

He ripped loose the tie that was around my chest, smearing his cum everywhere. Then he freed my wrists and ankles with a tug
, and he lifted me off the seat. The weights swayed more than before, pulling and twisting my nipples. I opened my mouth, but he silenced me with a kiss. His lips were rough and devouring. His tongue slipped inside and circled around mine, as he pushed me against the red wall of the playroom.

“I need to be inside you … now,” he whispered, leaning his head against mine.

Dominic lifted one of my legs as he crashed into me.

I squealed from the sudden entry, his member thick and forceful. He thrust inside me, the slickness of his cock giving me more pleasure. I wanted to k
eep the weights from thumping up and down, but Dominic pulled my hands away. “Don’t touch them.” He placed my arms around his neck, and continued to pump me.

With my back scraping against the wall, my hands on his sweat back, my chest covered in his seed, I
made love with this hungry wolf a man. And it was the best sex I could imagine.

He strengthened his grip around my butt, squeezing his fingers into my flesh. His eyes flicked back and forth from my bouncing boobs to my lustful eyes. He drove into me a couple more times, groaning louder every time, before exploding inside me. I cou
ld his member pulsating inside.

He panted
, and rested his head against my forehead, his eyes closed. My legs fell down to the ground, and he let his head slip to my shoulder. His arms brushed mine as his hand slipped up to my back and pulled me into his embrace. I could hear his heartbeat, feel it against my chest, as he slumped against me.

“Jesus …”
Dominic muttered.

I snorted. He started laughing.
He held me tight and buried his nose into my hair. We were a hot mess, but neither of us cared. We loved each other’s company and affection. That was all that mattered.


Chapter 2


Dominic cleaned off the toys we’d used with a special sanitizer. He asked me to wait in the hall, right in front of the bathroom, while we were both still naked. I knew we were out of the playroom, but I had trouble figuring out when he was still my master
, and when he was just Dom.

When he was done, he turned on the water in the bathtub, threw in some oil
, and let it fill completely.

“Come,” he said
, and he held out his hand. The look in his eyes was so soft and genuine, as if he was infatuated.

I stepped forward and took it. He led me into the bathtub
, and when I sat down, he nudged me a little forward. He sat down right behind me, and I could feel his warm body pressed against my back.

He grabbed a bottle and
rinsed off my body with a luscious soap. It was nice to feel his hands on me in such a loving way. I didn’t want it to end, but of course, we couldn’t stay in the tub forever.

He put his head on my shoulder and wrapped his arms around me. The water
soothed and comforted my still sensitive skin.

“I have a surprise for you,” he whispered into my ear.
I turned around to look at him, searching his eyes for a clue.

, ah, keep your head straight, or I won’t give it to you,” he said.

I rolled my eyes, but turned around again to face the wall.
Always teasing me.

“I know you said you wanted to be loved more. To be in a relationship. Well, to me, as a dom, a relationship is define
d by a mark.”

Did he just say ‘a mark’?
I’d read about this in the contract I’d signed with him, about him being able to mark me. To make me completely his. Was this it?

reached over the tub and pulled out something from underneath. I tried not to peek. He pulled out a leather strap with rings attached to it and a small heart shaped diamond. He showed it to me and then strapped it around my neck.

“It’s a collar. I had it custom made for you.”

I swallowed when he fastened it with a click. My hand instinctively went to the leather collar, feeling the material that was closed around my skin. It was soft, the rings were cold and the heart shaped diamond locket hung down my neck like a necklace.

“It fits beautifully,” he murmured
, and he kissed my shoulder. “Here, take a look,” he pulled open a small cabinet standing beside the bathtub, and pulled out a tiny mirror, which he gave to me.

I held in front of me and stared at the piece bound around my neck. Now I was truly his. This was a token of possession. Bound by him, to him.

“Does it scare you?” he said.

I shook my head
, and I could feel the material move with me.

“You don’t have to wear it permanently. Not yet, at least. I want you to get used to it, but only when you’re comfortable with it. You can take it off any time you want, but remember to push yourself to your
limits; otherwise you’ll never experience being a true sub.”

I nodded.

He kissed me on my cheek and put his arms around me, just below my breasts. “I hope you like it. Giving you this means a lot to me. I wouldn’t give this to just anyone. It means—”

That I belong to you,” I interrupted him.

“Exactly.” He buried his head into my shoulder and left tiny pecks on my skin. It felt strange to wear this thing, a collar,
because I knew it could be used as a way to subdue me, to force me into submission. But I also knew it meant love. It was his way of loving me, of showing me he wanted more than just sex. I was really becoming his.

When we came out of the bathtub, Dominic led me to the playroom again and told me to wait.
He was already fully dressed, but I was still naked and shivering. He grabbed something out of the drawer and held it up for me.

“I want you to wear this today, underneath your clothes,” he said. It was a bra with thick patches on the inside that weren’t noticeable on the outside.

“What’s that?”

“It gives pleasure to your nipple
s whenever I use my telephone.”

I flushed and bit my lip hearing that.
He handed me the bra, and I put it on.

“Here, wear this too,” he said
, and he gave me an elegant black dress. “I want you to always look your best.”

When I was fully dressed, he
kissed me on my temple. “I’ll be off to work now. You have my permission to write your books.”

I chuckled. “Great. Finally some alone time,” I said with a wink.

“Oh, don’t count on it, Julie. Alone time is sparse when you’re living with me.” He winked. “Anyway, I’ll see you later,” Dominic said, and he ran down the stairs and closed the door behind him.

I spent the rest of the day writing my books, sipping tea and eating expensive cookies like a rich guy’s housewife. Sometimes I couldn’t help gloat from that thought. And even though we had our ups and down
s, I still thought I was lucky to have Dominic all to myself.

Suddenly my boobs started vibrating.

I squealed and almost knocked over my tea. I looked down at my bra, and felt the patches underneath buzz against my nipples.

Oh dear lord.

The phone rang, and I had trouble picking it up as the titillation on my breasts was sending shocks down to my privates.

“Hello?” I said, my voice wavering.

“Where are you?” The sound of his dark voice was all I needed to recognize him.

“I’m in the living room,” I said, my cheeks glowing from the vibration still going on against my boobs.

He chuckled. “Do you like the vibrator against your nipples?”

I flushed. He was in his office and he
felt the freedom to talk like that? Did he have that much privacy that he could just call me up and have phone sex with me?

s,” I said. “It’s … different.”

“Hmmm …” he said. “I like different. Makes life much more exciting.
Now, I want you to caress yourself.”

I swallowed. “What? Where?”

“Julie. Don’t forget to call me master. Just because I’m gone, doesn’t mean the rules change.”

“Yes, master.”

“Good. Play with yourself down below. I have one rule however; you must not come unless I tell you to.”

I bit my lip and let my hands sink down my body. I
stared at the laptop screen in front of me, while my hand dove between my legs.

“Are you fondling with yourself?” he asked.

I let my fingers slide up and down my labia. The feeling, mixed with the vibrations against my breasts, was exhilarating. “Yes, master.”

He chortled. “Let me hear it. L
et me hear you enjoy yourself.”

My cheeks got redder by the second. I moaned into the telephone as I stroked my clit. My panties were still in between, but I could still feel it
, and it was quickly turning me on. Moisture built up between my folds.

Dominic groaned. “Nice. You know, I’m playing with myself too, right now.
Just thinking about you makes me want to come.”

My eyes widened
, and the mere thought of him jerking himself sent shivers down my spine.

“Go upstairs. To the playroom.”

“Okay, master.”

I did what he asked and went upstairs, using the banisters to keep myself from slipping. The delicious humming was throwing me off balance.

When I reached the playroom I looked around. “Okay, now what, master?”

Grab the pink vibrator and use it on your clit, but remember, you can’t come.”

I took a deep breath and grasped for the vibrator lying on the table. I nudged my dress up and pushed the vibrator against my pussy.

My breaths became faster and faster as it worked my sensitive spot.

“Yes, Julie, pleasure yourself. Come on, let me hear you,” he said with a growl.

I moaned at the sound of his voice and the humming against my folds. The buzzing in my bra became more intense as he upped the volume. I panted, feeling my core heat up. The moisture slowly dripped down my legs as I circled the yummy thing against my knob.

“Bring yourself to the brink, but do not come or I will punish you,” he commanded.

I had trouble not climaxing right at that time, but I forced myself to do what he asked. I wanted to give him what he wanted and I wanted to show him that I could do it. My breaths became hisses and I couldn’t stop the moans escaping my mouth.

groaned, and I could hear squishy sounds on the other end of the line. I imagined he used lube and was rubbing himself quite harshly.

“Now stop,” he said.

The vibrator dropped to the floor. My muscles were strained. I could feel my nub pulsate, and I wanted to come so badly, but knew I couldn’t. He quit right before I exploded.

Oh, the sweet agony.

“Insert the vibrator. Then go downstairs and put on your coat. There will be a limo waiting for you.”

“What?” I muttered.

“Do what I say, Julie.”

I flushed, knowing that I had to get into a car with a vibrator inside me.
“Yes, master.” This would surely be embarrassing.

“And turn on the vibrator. I don’t want it off.”

I swallowed away the lump in my throat and pushed the vibrator deep inside. Then I turned it on and I could feel my body aching to release itself.

I gasped and stood up, feeling woozy from the vibrations that came from all around.

“Now, when you arrive at the casino, I want you to sit down at a slot machine somewhere and enjoy yourself, both physically and mentally. Put the phone back in your purse. I’ll see you at the casino. I can’t wait to get my hands on you …”

“Yes, master.”

I clicked the off button and put the phone back into my purse. The vibrations in my nipples had stopped. Shuddering, I patted my dress, went downstairs and put on my coat. Dominic was right; when I opened the door, a limo was already waiting for me. The driver held the door open, as I scooted inside and tried not to look stupid, while the vibrator moved up and down inside me.

The buzzing kept me on a strange high. I could barely keep my legs together as the car drove downtown. Sometimes I little gasp or moan escaped my mouth
, and I knew he could hear it. Still, I tried to keep quiet and pretend everything was okay. Of course it wasn’t; on the inside I was begging to be released.

When we arrived at the casino, he let me out of the car
, and I wobbled toward the entrance. I stepped inside and noticed people looking at me. They probably saw my red face and the awkward way I walked.

Oh, dear God, that b
uzzing between my legs makes me want to come right here, right now.

I was on the
brink of just doing it, only I knew I wasn’t allowed.

I sat down on the nearest stool of a slot machine and opened my legs a little to give it more room. I was trembling, my body wanting to push me over the edge. Closing my eyes, I forgot about all the people next to me and focused on the feeling itself.

Then I felt a strong hand on my shoulders and fingers digging into my skin. “I give you permission now. Come for me, Julie. Do it with only the sound of my voice.” His warm breath near my neck was all it took.

I let out a gasp, and my mouth opened by itself as the shockwave crashed into me. I knew my body was convulsing, but he kept me in place with his hands on me. My head
leaned against his chest, and he supported my back as I came harder than I ever had. This delaying of my climax had made it so much more powerful, much more intense. It was almost the best feeling in the world, and for a moment I was oblivious to everyone around me except for him.

The vibrator
still went on inside me, but it ached much less now that I had finally released. I let out a huge sigh as he turned me around in my seat.

“How was that?”
Dominic asked.

“Hmmm …” was the only thing that came from my mouth.

He laughed. “Delaying an orgasm always makes it better,” he whispered, close to my ear. “And doing it in plain sight makes it so much more exciting.”

He took my hand and left a quick peck, before pulling me up from the seat. “Come.
I have more in store.”


Dominic laughed and smiled wickedly. He dragged me to a corner where there was a locked door. Fishing the keys from his pocket, he opened the door, pulled me inside and closed it behind us. We were in a huge bathroom, and Dominic turned the keys in the lock again, locking us in.

“You did wonderful back there,” he said.
“Letting the world see your beautiful orgasm without being ashamed.”

He wrapped his arms around me and kissed me with passion. He became more fiery and bolder, licking my lips. It quickly turned into a
devouring kiss, and I could feel his cock springing up against my dress.

BOOK: The Billionaire's Bet #3: A Risky Raise (Erotic Romance with alpha male)
11.02Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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