The Billionaire's Promise (An Heir At Any Price Book 3) (8 page)

BOOK: The Billionaire's Promise (An Heir At Any Price Book 3)
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“What is this? What are we doing?”


“We’re renewing our vows. I want to re-promise you that this is all for better or worse and for richer or poorer until death does us part.”


“This is so…Thank you for doing all this, it’s so romantic,” I told him.


We shared a kiss and then I went to get ready. I curled my hair and put on my make-up in record time. I was so excited. When I was ready, Aiden picked up Eric and took my hand. Outside, just like the day we’d gotten married almost two years before was a white carriage covered with big, colorful tropical flowers and being pulled by a big, white horse. Eric was fascinated by the horse and Aiden took the time to let the baby pet him and talk to him before they got into the carriage.


We were taken to the spot where we’d gotten married the first time. There were no chairs set up, but a beautiful altar had been erected and covered with flowers and we found the minister who had married us as well as two of the staff who worked for Aiden on the yacht who were there as witnesses.


I was stunned, pleased and delighted and a whole gamut of other emotions. I was especially surprised when we got to the part where Aiden and I had said our vows before. I still had mine memorized, so I said the same ones. Aiden said his then and surprising me further he went on to say, “On our wedding day, I said those particular vows, and I meant them. I never meant to break even so much as one of them. Because that day, I loved you more than I’d ever loved another living being. I thought that was going to be enough to keep me from doing anything that would hurt you. I was wrong about that though. I forgot to factor in the part about being human and making mistakes. You never forgot that though. You’ve accepted my mistakes over and over and you’ve opened up your huge heart and you’ve forgiven me no matter how many times in the past year and a half that I have tested those vows.


In that short time, you have taught me that in love, there is forgiveness and there is something new to learn every day out of every situation. I want to thank you for that and I want to promise you that as we grow together and I learn more about how to be a husband and a man, that I will make less mistakes and you will have less to forgive. I want today to be our fresh start. I vow to you no lies, no secrets, and to never ever give you a reason to believe that you don’t own my heart now and forever…because you do and you always will. Today I reaffirm my love for you.” He turned to Eric then and with a proud smile he said, “And to you too.”
My eyes were brimming with emotion as Aiden pulled me in for a heartfelt kiss. The past year had at times pushed me to my absolute limit, but being on that beautiful beach with my husband, and our son by our side, I knew that things would only get better from here.
We could finally start again
. Hopefully, in time, Aiden would be able to move on from the pain of his past and maybe even begin to heal those old wounds and build a friendship with Jake again. Regardless, I know for certain where Aiden’s heart and loyalty lie and I am determined not to let anything come between me and my family, ever again…



Holly Rayner



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BOOK: The Billionaire's Promise (An Heir At Any Price Book 3)
8.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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