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The Bucket List


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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Chapter One

"Man, you are such a dick! That girl has been in love with you for ages and you took advantage of that," John said.

"Hey, all I ever offered was one night and she took the deal,"
Corey said as he sipped a beer. "It's not my fault she thought her pussy would be special enough to change that!"

"So you just fucked her and threw her out?" Adam asked.

"Of course," Corey answered, as if Adam had just asked the most stupid question on earth. "What, did you want me to give her a medal?"

"You are so full of yourself,"
Ricky laughed. "One of these days you're going to fall in love so bad and that girl will rip your heart out."

"Quit talkin out of your ass! There's no such thing as love,"
Corey frowned. "Peyton is fine. In fact, I know this dick right here was the first one to console her."

Adam laughed at the accusation.

"Hey, I saw a damsel in distress and I did what I could to make her feel better."

"Yeah. But if she'd really been in love, she wouldn't have jumped straight into your bed."

There was a knock at the door and, frowning, Corey got up to answer it.

"If that's her now, I'm slamming the door in her face."

His cold expression turned into a big smile when her saw who stood in front of him.

"Well, well, well," he said, leaning his body against the
door frame and crossing his arms. "The prodigal returns. And still looking good enough to eat."

"This right here," Rae said, indicating her face and body, "doesn't just go away. It's a curse."

Laughing, Corey pulled her into his arms for a fierce hug.

"I've missed you so much, you wouldn't believe it,"
Corey said, his voice muffled in her thick curtain of golden curls.

"Of course I'd believe it. What's not to miss?" she laughed as
Corey gave her a twirl. "But I missed you, too."

"It's only been two months!" John called out.

Rae looked over Corey's shoulder to see the other guys in the room. See, normally, this would have been her playground; a room full of hot, muscular men that looked like they could handle their business. But all that had changed now...

"Johnny boy," she said, using the
nickname he hated so much. "I see you've still got that stick up your ass."

"Trust me, it gets thicker and thornier everyday,"
Corey laughed as picked up her bag and led her into the room.

"Come over here and give me some love," she laughed. "And I'm glad you've been counting the days, it shows you have missed me."

John laughed as he made his way to her.

"I always count Rae-free days," he said as he also gave her a big hug. "They're like vacations."

"Speaking of which, where have you been this time?" Corey asked. "You couldn't call anybody?"

He knew about her 'Bucket list' and thought it was a bit silly. How could anyone live when they expected to die any minute? But he humoured her because he knew it had helped her through one of the most difficult times of her life. He had felt completely useless when faced with her overwhelming grief when her mother had died and she'd suddenly realised she didn't really have anyone else but him.

"I went somewhere in Columbia. I've actually been back a while. I just needed about a week's sleep to function properly. You wouldn't believe the size of the spiders I saw in that jungle, I couldn't sleep at all!"

All the men looked at her as if she was crazy.

"You went to Columbia?! By yourself?" Corey asked. "Why would you do a shit crazy thing like that?"

"They have excellent drugs!" Rae teased. "And I had plenty of company. Relax, I was never in any danger."

Shaking his head, John led her to the seat he had just vacated and offered her a drink.

"What, you don't introduce people where you come from, John?" Adam asked, his eyes on the incredibly gorgeous woman who had just walked in.

"Oh, sorry. You guys have never met, have you?" John said. "This is Rae Taylor, Corey's other half."

Ricky and Adam turned to look at Corey then.

"Not like that you
twits!" Corey said. "We've been friend since forever, that's all."

couldn't be sure but he thought he saw a look of relief in both the men's eyes. He had to laugh at that. What, did they think they stood a chance because she wasn't his woman? Compared to her, these men were just little boys. She would chew them up and spit them out without even blinking an eye!

"You're just in time, Rae. John and I were just about to go out,"
Corey said.

"Well, in that case, let me slip into something more comfortable. I'm in desperate need of a bit of loud music and plenty of booze."


"Mmm mmm mmm! Look at the butt on that one," Rae commented as she took a sip of her drink, her piercing blue eyes never once leaving the beautiful brunette grinding on the dance floor.

Corey turned to look as well and nodded his head.

"She'll do."

"She'll do? Is that the best you can come up with? Come on, look at her. She's the picture of perfection," Rae argued.

"Yeah, but she looks a bit like she's trying too hard,"
Corey put in.

True, most of the girl in the exclusive club, having noticed
the  superstars drinking at the bar, were trying their best to be noticed. It always amused Rae, how some of them would do anything to be the next notch on the fighters' bed posts.

"Ain't nothing wrong with trying too hard,
Corey. The harder they try the better they please," she chuckled.

"Will you guys just stop,"
John snapped with a disgusted look on his face. "Besides, Rae, she don't look like she swings that way."

"Correction, John. She probably thinks she doesn't swing that way. Just wait till I get my hands on her," she laughed.

"What are you guys up to, anyway?" John questioned.

He'd known his friends long enough to know when they were scheming, which was almost all the time.

"Threesome," Corey answered without skipping a beat, his eyes still on the brunette.

John almost choked on his drink.

"Huh? Sorry, I don't think I heard you right," he said. "For a moment there I thought you said you're looking to have a threesome tonight."

Rae looked at her very moral and proper friend and chuckled.

"We could always stop looking and take you back to our room instead," she said seductively as she wickedly ran her foot slowly up John's leg under the table. "I know I'd enjoy that very, very much."

This time John did choke, causing both Rae and
Corey to laugh.

"I'm very flexible and know quite a few tricks, and I'm an expert with my tongue," Rae continued, her foot still going up his leg until it found the huge bulge it was looking for.

His eyes widening, John caught her foot and pushed it off.

"I think I'll pass," he frowned.

"Come on Rae, little John doesn't want to play with us tonight," Corey said as he got up from the bar stool.

"Tonight or ever!"

Laughing, Rae put her little strappy, high heeled sandals on and got up too.

"Time to reel her in,"
Corey said to her with his trademark melt-your-panties smile.

Shaking his head, John watched as the same smile appeared on Rae's lips. These two were so alike it always freaked him out. They were like the same person; they had the same tastes, same dislikes and both were cocky as hell. They even shared the same taste in women, a fact John had got used to even though he knew Rae had a big appetite for men, too. To her sex was sex.

Ordering another drink, he watched as the two descended on their prey. The girl never stood a chance really, sandwiched between them as they moved against her to the music. It was like watching hardcore porn, the way they used their bodies to excite the girl; Corey behind her, his hands holding the girl against him and moving her sensually to the music; Rae in front of her winning and grinding, moving her gorgeous butt up and down the poor girl. And she was gorgeous, make no mistake about that! If he didn't know her so well, he would have been on her so fast... But she was a love 'em and leave 'em type just like Corey, while he valued relationships. It would never work.

To date, she was probably the most beautiful woman he'd ever met. Tall, about 5
ft. 8, silky golden hair, deep blue eyes, curves in all the right places and then some! To say she was very experienced would be putting it mildly, she had absolutely no room on her bed post for anymore notches. The girl was very sexual and was not afraid to show it. They had a name for women like her, and she wore it proudly like a prized badge. John firmly believed it was Corey who had made her who she was, having had an influence on her since they had both been in diapers. Honestly, talking to Rae was like talking to Corey. They knew each other so well they could finish each other's sentences and seemed to know what the other was thinking and feeling without any words spoken.

He watched them some more, thinking how well they worked together; like a
well oiled machine. Every movement they made was calculated to drive the girl wild. It almost seemed rehearsed as well, how they seemed to know which moves the other was doing and perform a well executed counter move. Eventually they led the poor girl back to the table, like a sheep being led to the slaughter.

"We're heading off now, John,"
Corey said, his eyes still on their catch. "You coming with us?"

John quickly shook his head.

"I'll catch a ride with Dave, or someone," he said, indicating the man who was sitting at a table nearby with Paul and Kendrick.

The men were looking over at them as if they could not believe what they had witnessed. Yeah, the crazy things his friends did always brought them attention. He was used to it now.

Rae bent over, aware that Dave and his friends could probably see up her slutty little skirt.

"Don't stay away too long," she whispered in his ear as she picked up her bag from the floor. "I meant what I said. You can join the party."

John swallowed hard as he tried his best to remember his reasons for not taking her up on her offer. Oh, it wasn't because she was a slut or that she was one of his good friends. It was because she was Rachael Taylor, spawn of Irving “Crusher” Taylor. The biggest, meanest, and the most deadly fighter the world had ever known.

Watching them walk away with their catch, one hand in Rae's and the other in
Steele's, John shook his head again and prayed their little stunt would not bring an angry Crusher’s to their door the next morning. Getting up, he picked up his beer and headed to the other men's table, seating himself in one of the vacant chairs.

"What the hell was that?" Dave asked.

"Trust me, you really don't want to know," he answered as he took a sip of his beer.

"Who was that?" Brian asked. "She looked familiar."

Yeah, he'd probably seen her in the papers or magazines hanging off the arm of this musician or that athlete. If he was to guess, he'd say she'd slept with everyone she had ever photographed! He knew the only reason she had taken up this profession was so she could look at beautiful people all day. That fact that she took perfect photos every time was an added bonus. He and Corey had sat in on one of her shoots once and figured out her secret. She was probably the only person he knew who could take the atmosphere in the room from normal to sizzling with sexual tension in one second. She used that to her advantage, using the sexual anticipation as the perfect tool to produce excellent shots. It showed in her photos and that was what made them sell.

BOOK: The Bucket List
13.59Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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