The Color Of Love: A BWWM Billionaire Alpha Male Romance

BOOK: The Color Of Love: A BWWM Billionaire Alpha Male Romance
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Color Of Love
A BWWM Billionaire Alpha Male Romance

complete story, brought to you by popular author Alia Thomas.

Ledger is an aggressive businessman busy living in the lap of luxury.

blonde and a flirtatious playboy, he routinely breaks the hearts of
beautiful women most men would pay to have.

That is
until Victoria came along.

owner of a small food artistry and catering business, the two soon
hit it off despite their vastly different backgrounds.

with social prejudice and even racism directed at this new
interracial couple, will their relationship crumble under the
pressures of outside influence?

Or will
they be able to prove that love really does conquer all?

out in this Saucy new romance book by Alia Thomas of BWWM Club.

suitable for over 18s only due to interracial sex scenes between a
billionaire alpha male, and a curvy African American beauty.

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Chapter 1

Sitting in the
emergency room on a busy Thursday night was not Victoria’s
intention, but it was kind of necessary. The accident happened
because she was fatigued and exhausted. Exams were on, and because
the safety of teenage life was about to expire, she had no choice but
to work harder to boost her savings.

The tuition to Le
Cordon Blu was a hefty sum and the extra hours at Sammy’s put
her a step closer to the necessary digits. World history was her
enemy and she studied it all day yesterday before pulling an all
night shift at the little greasy spoon called Sammy’s. All
these factors combined led to the careless mistake of slicing off the
edge of her thumb.

Her eyes had begun
to close as the sharp blade diced the tomatoes and before long her
blood was mixed with the pieces on the chopping board.
Because Victoria passed out they called the
paramedics and when she came to she thought they had made too much of
the matter. The doctor in the emergency room, apparently agreed with
them and was taking great care in fixing her finger.

It scraped the bone
he said, and Victoria was lucky. She would now have a thumb slightly
shorter than the other when it healed. The sun had risen when the
young woman
finally departed the hospital, leaving the
maimed and injured to wait for the doctors now tired from their all
night life saving ventures.


Victoria had tried
without success to follow her family’s plans for her life. Yes,
she understood the stability that an office job brought, but it just
seemed boring and routine to her. Despite a rough and tumble
beginning, she was always thought to be the academic in the family,
and Victoria agreed. With an understanding of numbers like no one
else, her family hoped for her to get a scholarship and attend
college where she would study accounting.

What a surprise when
her mother received the acceptance call from Cordon Blu Culinary
Institute announcing that her daughter, Victoria Jones had been
accepted into their prestigious school.

Having slaved in a
kitchen herself for years, Marjorie Jones was not pleased that she
had passed on her love of food and creativity to her only child. Yes,
it was satisfying to see people enjoy your food, but the hours away
from your family, and the sometimes inadequate pay were not worth it.
Accounting was a better job in a nice air conditioned office with a
decent salary at the end of the month.

Marjorie often felt
guilty that her sixteen year old daughter Victoria worked in hot
kitchens in most of her free time, just to make ends meet. She was a
single mother and poor. The extra income was necessary. Victoria’s
father had died from a gunshot wound to the heart just before her
eleventh birthday. An innocent bystander waiting for the bus to his
factory job, unfairly taken from his family by the stray bullet of a
thug who would never be named or brought to justice.

Having worked for
the same company for all his life, Johan Jones, Victoria’s
father never missed a day of work until the day he passed. Supposedly
covered by company insurance, his death became a matter of contention
as the company decided the way he passed was not covered by his
policy. The matter dragged on for years and caused his financially
strapped wife and child much distress. This was why Victoria had part
time jobs in kitchens.

Unfortunately, just
like Marjorie, her daughter Victoria was stubborn and could not be
convinced that the humdrum of office life was for her. Then there was
the issue of just how this course of study would be paid for.
Victoria filled out the necessary forms and registered online for
several activities, but there was no money to concrete her enrollment
at the school. She prayed for a miracle daily while her mother
lamented on the lost opportunity to apply for a scholarship in a
different field - any field except food.

When the agent
knocked on their weathered apartment door on a gloomy Monday evening,
Marjorie was more than surprised. In an unusual display of remorse,
the insurance company representing Mr. Jones’s employer came by
to personally apologize for the length of time it had taken to settle
the matter. After depositing a plain white envelope in her hand and
asking that she call if there was anything else she cared to discuss,
the man in the dark suit and turtle shell framed glasses disappeared
down the stairs of the government owned apartment building.

It took a minute to
balance the gravity of this life changing cash injection in
Marjorie’s head, but eventually she opened the adhesive paper
lip keeping her from seeing her new financial future. The zeros after
the number one were more than she had ever seen assigned to her name.
Mouth agape, she sat down on the faded couch to read every detail of
the letter accompanying the check. Maybe someone was playing a cruel
joke on them.

As it turns out,
everything was legit and the next day, the paper ran a review of the
insurance industry and the length of time it took to settle claims.
Below the article was a list of companies that had recently settled
old claims. Johan’s
employer’s insurance company was among
them. Marjorie was reading it as Victoria entered from the night
shift on her second job at The Island West Indian cook shop. Time was
ticking and she was working hard and saving as much money as
possible. She needed to pay the good folks at Cordon Blu.

Her mother looked up
from the table with her six am face full of tears. Hurriedly Victory
dropped her purse and bounded to her mother’s aid.

the matter mom? Did someone die? Tell me what’s wrong!”
She pressured. Her mother turned to her and with a mixture of sadness
and joy before saying, “It looks like you are off the culinary


Graduating at the
top of the class, Victoria thought she had arrived at the pinnacle of
her life but this was the calm before the storm. At five feet four,
she had become accustomed to making her bite just as vicious as her
bark and despite all odds, she decided to open her own business.
Reluctantly, her mother used a large portion of the remaining
settlement money to help her ambitious daughter open ‘Palette’,
a small catering company whose tagline was, ‘food is our art
and your taste buds are our canvas,’ a motto she held true to.

As a black woman in
a city like Florida, it was sometimes challenging to be recognized as
a competent business owner and chef. Added to that, her mix of
flavors and techniques were sometimes criticized as being too
colorful and dramatic. Secretly, Victoria considered this a

Moving to Florida
from New York was necessary to spread Victoria’s culinary
wings. The mix of peoples from the nearby Caribbean islands gave her
inspiration to create works of art out of simple food. It was hard to
leave her mother, but she believed in the very near future, that she
would be able to add to the small nest egg left after her studies and
business venture were paid for. Failure was not an option.

What was life
without color and drama anyway? Because she felt it an injustice to
live under the rules of other people, Victoria pushed the boundaries
at all times and her dress and appearance was no exception. For a
long time she wore thick braids and skinny jeans with bright, loud
printed blouses and equally loud wedges. Her handbags were always
something of a spectacle and daily women gave her approving nods or
simply stared and smiled at her individual style.

Unlike her mother
who she sometimes teased for her yellow skin, Victoria was a
chocolate tone, and often joked that she was just as sweet. Chocolate
had indeed been her weakness and it showed in her plump figure. Her
famous quote was ‘thick is the new sexy’ and Victoria was
just that. With breasts that came in before the other girls in her
high school class, and a figure that made most people look twice, she
should have been snatched up long ago.

Somehow that was not
the case and at twenty eight, she found herself free, single and
disengaged to anyone or anything - she pretended to be married to her
business. Today, however, was an off day - she was going to the spa
with Abby, her best buddy and partner in crime. They met at culinary
school and the odd girl was immediately befriended. She was
straightforward, but often reduced to giggles at the slightest hint
of humor. The two counterbalanced each other and it was often needed
when Victoria’s anal retentiveness kicked in. Order, structure
and precision were the rules Victoria lived by and it took a silly
friend to mellow that out. Sometimes chaos was needed.

The day was sunny
and hot, stinging Victoria’s skin as she stood outside Happy
Daze Ice cream shop waiting on a notoriously late Abby. Her frozen
yogurt was half gone by the time her freckled faced friend arrived
looking like she was right on time. She stopped apologizing for being
late years ago - it just wasn’t her thing to be early.

Abby was a mixture
of Irish and African-American. Her skin was pale and freckled and her
red lips were full. The race combination gave her a very distinct
look, and her naturally red afro was something people stared at in
curiosity. Much taller and thinner than Victoria, Abby considered
modeling and was still approached to this very day by agencies. Like
Victoria though, food was her love and she stuck with her passion.

Victoria had a
surprise. And the way her speechless friend was staring at her, she
wasn’t sure if it had been well received. Lately Victoria was
feeling bored. At first she considered a tattoo and even a piercing,
but eventually she settled on the big chop. The hairstylist all but
carried out a counseling session after Victoria announced she wanted
the hair all gone. Half an hour later it was Victoria who took the
scissors from the hesitant stylist and chopped the first fat braid in

BOOK: The Color Of Love: A BWWM Billionaire Alpha Male Romance
2.61Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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