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I knew him. If the situation were reversed, he would have handled it the same damn way. That didn’t mean I didn’t wait until I was done, dressed, and my bag packed before dropping the biggest bomb on him.

“Oh, and it’s Aurelo, Director Fabian’s lieutenant coming with us and I’m sleeping with him still. I like him,” I blurted out before booking it out the door.

?” Seattle bellowed after me. I raced to the main receiving area where we had originally met everyone when we arrived to the coven, figuring that’s where we’d say goodbye. Sure enough, there was a group already waiting.

“There’s the lazy pup,” Boston teased. “Aren’t we just becoming quite the brat? Passing off responsibilities to Milwaukee, not checking everything went okay, sleeping in, and holding us all up.”

“Blow me. If it was so important, you would have woken me up and then let me sleep on the drive later.” I didn’t even spare him a look as I flicked him off, walking right up to Aurelo and Daniel. I glanced between them and felt my cheeks heat up.

“Good morning,” they said, but it was Daniel who went on. “What is it, dear Chicago?”

“I wasn’t sure if things went back to the way they were when we met now that the night is over,” I answered quietly, staring down at my feet.

“No, of course not,” he chuckled. “Act as you wish. We are past formalities.”

“Then I have only one question.” I bit back a smile as I looked up to their perturbed faces. “Whichever of you should I greet first?”

“Well, Aurelo saw you last and will be journeying with you, so I vote me,” Daniel purred. “Plus I think you will be quite pleased with the changes I made to the deal you struck in your favor.”

“That’s not why I want to greet you, Daniel.” I frowned and moved away, but he was quicker, wrapping his arm around me waist.

“Of that I have no doubt, dear Chicago,” he muttered as he dipped me as if preparing for a movie-style kiss. “But you are leaving me, and I had nothing else to give you to show how much last night meant to me. Flowers would be of no use to you and more supplies would keep you safe so I might see you again. And food your brothers told me you like seemed better than mere flowers.”

“That is sweet.” I smiled up at him as I slid my hands into his hair and pulled his mouth down to mine. We kept it pretty calm—mostly calm at least—before breaking apart.

“What I wouldn’t give for another time or twenty with you,” he breathed in my ear.

“We could have a quickie somewhere,” I offered, completely breathless as we straightened up.

“Wow. The vampires have turned our baby bro into a skank in one night,” Phoenix drawled. I turned to look at him, completely embarrassed and blushing now.

“No one says
anymore, asshat. He’s a
,” Milwaukee corrected. “It’s a slut and a hussy.”

“Yeah, I got that. Thanks. I’m not slow in the head.”

“No, that’s special needs.”

“Oh for fuck sake. I’m not stupid, Milwaukee!”

“Stupid isn’t a nice word, Phoenix, and you’ll have to be more specific if I’m going to correct you. Stupid is too broad a term.”

“I know. I’m a damn teacher! I’m a
special needs
teacher, you douche!”

“I know,” Milwaukee huffed. “You think you’d know the terms better.”

“Oh, you’re getting a beat down now, fucker,” Phoenix snarled before launching himself at our brother. He never made it, Boston snagging him around the chest with his arms in time.

“Are they always like this?” Daniel asked me as I realized he’d been watching the interaction like a tennis match.

“Yes,” half of us answered as the other half said, “no.” I was of the
half, so I explained.

“We quibble a lot being related, but this is a specific Milwaukee special. He and I are the shortest, small for malamute shifters, and the geeky computer guys. He knows I’ve not had, um, much,
you know,
and he’s immediately picking on Phoenix to take the attention off me after his comment.”

“So don’t get pissed at either of them then?”

“No,” I snickered. “Milwaukee was being a good brother, and Phoenix was just being a jealous bitch.”

“Maybe,” my brother grumbled in agreement. “More shocked and uncomfortable at how all the vamps are staring at you like they’re pissed you turned their leader mushy.”

I flinched and then slowly looked around at the vampires in the room I didn’t know… Who were all
looking anywhere but at us now. Curious, huh?

“They’ll get over it,” Daniel growled. “Chicago and his brothers shared information with us that probably just saved
of our lives. Eric, Max, and I are going to set up a new location we will be moving to since the humans know we’re here, and the shit will be hitting the fan. Show some damn respect. And as to my being tender with this shifter? Challenge me if you think it’s affected me one bit. I dare you.”

“I’m sorry,” I whispered as I wrapped my arms around my stomach and stepped away from him. “I didn’t mean to start this by greeting you.”

“You have nothing to be sorry for. You would have hurt my feelings by
coming to me.” He pulled me right back and actually lifted me up so that I had to wrap myself around him, arms and legs, or I would have fallen. Then he mashed his mouth back to mine, kissing me senseless. “You reminded me that there is more to this life than cold, calculated maneuvering and what it was like to feel something again. That tenderness can be a strength.”

“Compassion can give you grateful and useful allies later when you need them,” Seattle agreed, shooting Julus a look.

“Exactly.” Daniel gave my ass a firm squeeze before letting me go. I slid down him slowly, letting him feel every inch of me. He let loose a guttural groan and smacked my butt hard. “Not nice, dear Chicago.”

“Always leave them wanting more, right?” Giving him a wink, I spun and sauntered towards Aurelo, smacking the other side of my ass even harder knowing he was watching.

There was a twinkle of mirth in his eyes as he intently watched my approach. “Aren’t you just saucy this morning?”

“Apparently great sex with four gods of vampires that wanted more of them will make someone shed their doubts about their looks and abilities to please,” I admitted before I could stop myself. I almost tripped over my own feet when it sunk in what I’d said, and I started to turn to retreat into a dark corner instead of being center stage in front of all these people.

I didn’t make it.

Aurelo snagged his arm around me and pulled me up and back against him. “I’m sorry all the mirrors were broken in your house and men lied to you about how wonderful you were, but I’m glad we set you straight. I will make sure to remind you of that the entire trip.” He nuzzled my neck and then I felt his fangs against my skin. “I assume that’s satisfactory?”

“Yes,” I moaned as I rubbed against him. Maybe I was a slussy? I couldn’t believe I was responding like this in front of everyone. Mostly I didn’t care. I loved the way they made me feel and it was like everyone disappeared. “I told Seattle we were sleeping together, and I liked you. I didn’t want to try and hide if we were taking a trip together.”

“And we’re not done with that discussion,” Seattle ground out.

I had an eloquent reply for him… I flicked him off.

“Nicely put,” Aurelo chuckled.

“Okay, we need to get on the road,” Boston quickly said before a fight broke out. “We appreciate your hospitality, Director Fabian. If you just show us what vehicle and weapons we’ll be taking, we’ll get out of your hair.”

Julus let out a loud bark of laughter and everyone stared at him. I felt a pit in my stomach as my eyes went wide. Uh-oh. Aurelo let me slid down him as if realizing we were in for another upset as well.

Fabulous. I didn’t think the vampire was going to tell us the files and information we’d found were all a joke. So what was going on now?



“You okay, buddy?” Seattle asked nervously when Julus wiped away a tear as his laughs started to die down.

“Oh yes. I just realized I couldn’t wait to see your reactions, and that they would be amusing, which I found amusing it seems.” He waved his hand, signaling he was fine and then sighed to dispel the last of the laughs. “You’ve got a lot more than a vehicle and some weapons.” Julus glanced at me and clucked his tongue. “You must be something, Chicago. I’ve never seen Director Fabian exceed a deal like this. Yes, he’s fair, and when one party gives more than promised, so will he.”

“You’re saying Chicago gave more than promised?” Boston surmised and glanced at me. “What did you give?”

“I don’t kiss and tell,” I growled, pissed off we were even discussing this.

“His blood was the best I’ve ever tasted for one,” Eric praised. “And I can’t remember ever having a lover so responsive and open. Both are practically addictive. So it’s not just he carried out the deal, he was exceptional in all ways. That’s why.”

I felt my face heat up. “Thanks. I had a wonderful time too. You guys gave me the perfect fantasy.”

“Does that mean you’ll come back to visit?” he asked hopefully.

“I’d like to.” I shrugged. “We’ll see what the future holds, but I told Daniel I would try. I won’t separate from my brothers.” Everyone dropped it after that, mostly because Daniel shot everyone a death look when they opened their mouths.

“Okay so what did we get besides what we agreed on?” Seattle asked as Daniel and Aurelo gestured for us to follow them. “Besides one of the men bonking my baby brother?”

“Me,” Julus muttered. “You get me, which I find hysterical.”

“I didn’t know you would object so,” Daniel sighed. “I can assign another, Julus. You knew them well enough to vouch for them. I thought no one would rather aid them in their journey than you. Now that Aurelo is going, it makes sense to have two vehicles of four, one vampire in each so you can use your mists if need be.”

“No, of course I am honored for the assignment and that you have such faith in me, Director. I am simply reeling. With the news they have brought and the turn of events, this isn’t quite how I saw my week going.” I saw him shoot Seattle a look. “Nor had I thought to even see them again. I will endeavor to do my best to aid them in their quest.”

“Of that I have no doubt.” Daniel switched gears then, whereas I would have pressed a little more. But then again, I wasn’t boss of a whole coven. He didn’t have time to get involved in every personal problem. “So, as I said, two vehicles with Aurelo and Julus joining you to help.”

“I assume, as your lieutenant, Aurelo has skills that are at least the level of Julus’s, which are of the highest caliber, so a welcome addition,” Seattle said carefully as we reached the end of the hall. “Having two rides might be good. We can tail each other and have more eyes that way.”

“And more leg room,” Orlando joked. Too true though. We walked out the doors, and I gasped as my eyes practically bugged out of my head.

Those weren’t SUVs… Those were tanks. Drivable, legal tanks.

“I was
good of a lay?” I whispered in awe.

“Yes,” all four men I’d been with last night agreed.

“I might swoon. This is
better than flowers. I’m actually hard.” I let out a playful whimper, trying to ignore my embarrassment at what they’d announced to everyone. Then again, I was an idiot for asking but it just came out.

“I’m going to end up fucking you in front of all your brothers if you don’t fucking watch it,” Daniel bit out before stomping down the stairs. I blinked after him a moment before racing after him.

“I’m sorry. I was embarrassed and I’m not good at this. I’ve never done the morning after—”

He cut me off by kissing me again as he pushed me up against the tank thing, inserting his leg between mine and helping me ride it until I was ready to blow. Then he stopped. “Neither am I, but that should leave you wanting more from me at least and my other faults won’t scare you away.”

“No but I might have blue balls the whole trip.” I gave him a smile to let him know there weren’t any hard feelings. Though this dancing around was killing me. I really just wanted to have some hot and sweaty sex.

He rolled his eyes as he patted my groin. “I’m sure Aurelo will take care of them the moment you pull out of the coven.”

“With my brothers in the tank,” I drawled.

“Or not.” He bit his lip and moved away. Bastard. “And they’re not tanks. They’re tricked out H2s.”

“I’ll say.” Boston gave an approving whistle. “I’m hard and I’m not even the car whore in the family.” I glanced towards Seattle and realized he wasn’t where he had been and I wasn’t the only one who noticed. “Seattle?”

“He’s over here,” Julus called out, amusement in his voice. We moved around the one Hummer to the other only to see my oldest brother rubbing up against it. “He’s got more than your hard-on, Boston.”

“Should we give them a minute?” Aurelo drawled.

“Yes, leave me to my new love,” Seattle moaned. “I lost my last one and didn’t get to say goodbye properly. I loved that Expedition. Now I have a new girl to take her place in my heart.”

BOOK: The Coming Storm
8.25Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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