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“No?” I glanced at each of them in turn and saw the same burning lust. Okay, I was totally missing something here.

“I would have given you an armed escort the entire way if I had known you were so innocent,” he moaned as he pulled on my legs so my hips were up on his lap more. Then his fingers fondled my hole, driving me crazy and making it hard to focus on what he was saying. “The blood of an innocent is very alluring to us. And an innocent shifter? Oh, dear Chicago, I had trouble stopping.”

“So should I be glad you’re happy or worried you four are going to drain me while you fuck me to death?” I asked with a whimper.

“Thrilled that we’re going to treat you like the prize you are and a rarity we might never get to indulge in again.” I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant but I got a hint when he turned to Aurelo. “We went too fast with someone with so little experience. You’re better at the foreplay than I am. Tease and please him while he recoups from my overindulgence.”

“Yes, Director.” Aurelo moved to take the director’s place when the man pulled away.

“You make me sound like I’m some idiot right out of puberty who doesn’t know his cock from his ass,” I muttered, my hard-on and excitement deflating. “You don’t have to baby me. Everyone always baby’s me. I’m a grown man.”

“That’s not what he meant at all,” Aurelo assured me quickly. He ran his hands over my legs and opened them again before moving between them. “Director Fabian simply meant if he’d known more about your level of practice, he would have taken things slower. Not chuckled when you went to kiss him. This is his way of apologizing.”

tease me?” That didn’t sound like much of an apology to me.

“And please you, which would be
my pleasure
,” he moaned as he lowered his massive frame over me. Wow, he really was a big boy. At least six-eight to my five-ten… And did he ever fill out that size nicely. I hadn’t really taken the time to notice before with the way his leader’s flashy looks distracted, but now, when he was on top of me, it was impossible not to.

“It sounds like the boss calling in his assistant to take care of the details he doesn’t want to be bothered with,” I muttered to myself.

“No, not at all,” Director Fabian said from my left. I snapped my head in his direction and blinked up at him with wide eyes. I hadn’t seen or felt him move there. He gave me a soft smile as his hand moved to my hair, running his fingers through it tenderly. “I’m very,
old, Chicago. There’s a certain level of jaded that comes with it, and I simply don’t remember how to be kind or gentle as you deserve. Aurelo is wonderful at that, so see it as sending in a star player.”

“You’re being gentle now.” I let him see the honesty of my words in my eyes but then got distracted with Aurelo’s lips on my collarbone as his hands slid under my body to my ass. He grinded our bodies together as I moaned in pleasure.

“I have never had the desire to simply
someone else’s enjoyment as I do you, dear Chicago. You are an amazement and surprise. At my age, there are so few of those left in life for me,” Director Fabian whispered almost to himself.

“Life shocks the shit out of me all the time.” I wrapped my legs around Aurelo and tried to remember what I was saying. Oh, right. “I was just going to download the NSA’s illegal phone taps for the PP tonight. Look what happened with that? Part of what keeps life interesting, even the scary parts, is the not knowing.”

“You’re reminding me of that.”

Aurelo nipped my earlobe, and I was officially done talking. I turned my head and found his lips, whimpering when he immediately thrust his tongue into my mouth. The director hadn’t been kidding that the man knew how to please. Just kissing set my body on fire in ways I’d never felt. And his hands…
his hands! They were everywhere and knew exactly where to touch at the right moment.

It took only minutes until I was rubbing against him like a slut willing to offer him anything for more. “Please, Aurelo, take me. Please, please,
. I want to feel you inside me. Bite me too. Just like this. Fuck me with this passion. I want to experience that.”

“I love begging,” he groaned so deeply I felt the rumble in my chest. “Soon, I promise. Director Fabian first again while Max drinks from you as well. Suck him off good, Chicago, and I will be back to get you all wound up some more.”

“Why not you now? I thought all of you were the deal?” I knew I was pouting, but he didn’t get mad, giving me a bright smile that lit up his light green eyes. I think it thrilled him that I wanted him so much.

“I am the newest lieutenant, so I am the lowest man on the totem pole. I get any rewards last. We will have our time together.” His eyelids drooped slightly with lust as his fingers moved to my hole. “I will fill you here, and we will fuck so passionately you will never forget it as I know I will not.”

“Okay,” I breathed, moving my hips to try and take his fingers into me. It didn’t work. Instead, seconds later, I was flipped over, and the director mounted me again, showering me with praises. I was so wound up I didn’t want him to let my body adjust this time, trying to move right away.

“Not yet.” He stilled my hips and I glanced at him. “Max.” I spun my head back around and found the man leaning down in front of me. He gave me a brief kiss and cupped my cheek.

“I thank you for this gift, young wolf.”

“I’m not a wolf,” I corrected. “I’m a dog.”

“You have the heart of a wolf,” he said approvingly as if praising me.

I narrowed my eyes at him and bared my teeth as I let them extend. “I know you think you’re being nice and paying me a compliment, but you’re not. You’re insulting me as if to say there’s nothing valiant about having the heart of a malamute so better to be compared to a wolf. It’s like me blowing off that you’re a vampire and saying you’re really more like a demon. You’d be pissed. I’m proud to be a malamute shifter. It’s who I am.”

“You’re absolutely right.” He blinked at me in stunned silence a moment. “I apologize. I always thought that dog shifters wished and aspired to be more like the wolves, but hearing you now, I realize I got that from wolves. Malamutes are loyal, gorgeous creatures who work hard and are fierce in all things. There is nothing to
be proud of.”

“Okay then.” I let my teeth go back to normal and took a calming breath. “Now you can have your blow job.”

“And I’d like sex,” Fabian drawled. Whoopsies!

“Sorry,” we both muttered. Max gave me another quick kiss before sliding under me. Huh. I hadn’t seen that coming. We ended up in the sixty-nine position, and while I sucked on him, he didn’t return the favor because I was so primed. It seemed Max really just liked to drink from the inner thigh of his partners so that was why we were doing it like this.

That and I could tell watching Fabian’s cock pierce me so closely just flat did it for him. I wondered if there was more than just a simple boss/employee relationship going on there.

I pulled off his cock and warned them when I was coming. The director bit my neck as Max sank his fangs into my thigh. I came all over his chest as Fabian filled my ass. It was a monumental orgasm but didn’t last anywhere near as long as the first one because there were two of them, and they were ready for the kick my blood had, I guessed.

Seconds after my orgasm ebbed and they were done drinking, I was moved and bouncing on Max’s cock with Eric on the bed behind me. It was a Chicago sandwich and I was in heaven. As Eric’s dick rubbed between the cheeks of my ass and lower back, it made me wonder what it would feel like to be double stuffed. Something to think about later because I knew I wouldn’t have enough guts to try it during my first ménage.

Realistically it would probably be my only one.

Then it was Eric’s turn with me while Aurelo played supporting teaser and then drinker. I was starting to get
tired at that point. Sure, we had crazy fast healing but my body wasn’t used to that level of sexual fun and ferocity much less constantly recovering from blood loss and replenishing it.

“I think I need a time out,” I slurred as I slumped against Aurelo. “Sorry. I don’t meant to be a baby or break our deal but I feel light-headed and thought I should say something. My brothers will go fucking livid if I get hurt. What a way to go though.”

“No, we were going to take a break already, but well, you’re just so sexy,” Eric mumbled, sounding completely embarrassed. Seconds later there was a sports drink being held up to my lips. That helped, and so did the food they fed me next. More to drink and eat… And then back to being fed cock.

That’s how it went for the next several
. One would fuck me while another would get in on the action and both would drink from me when I came. Then they’d rotate out. After two rounds, I’d get a break to rehydrate and eat before doing it all over again.

I honestly lost count of how many rounds we all had by the time we were done.
I could have walked, very bowlegged, but I was wobbling all over the place.

“Allow me,” Aurelo said smoothly as he swooped me up into his arms.

“Thank you,” I sighed and snuggled against him. “I need one thing before I leave though.” I glanced over at Fabian. “A moment alone or just off to the side?”

“Of course, dear Chicago. After sating and pleasing us so completely and thrillingly all night, I can’t think there isn’t much I wouldn’t give you right now,” he chuckled. “And yet you ask for more time alone with me. However will I survive such a hardship?”

I actually appreciated him more like this, relaxed and almost playful. He took me from Aurelo and carried me into the huge bathroom off his room, shutting the door behind us.

“What would you have of me?” he asked in a hesitant but husky voice. He sat me down on the counter of the double sinks and stood before me.

“It’s what I want to give to you,” I answered hesitantly worried I might be making a mistake. “Just promise not to laugh at me again.”

“Never, dear Chicago. I’m sorry for that.” He cupped my cheek, and I saw true regret in his eyes. I nodded and undid the robe they’d given me, first taking out the lube I’d snagged. “You can’t possibly be up for more double teaming of you.”

“No, not double teaming,” I whispered as I reached for the belt of his robe and pulled him between my legs. “Just you and me, face to face instead of you mounting me. Make love to me, Fabian. You don’t have to
me, just make love to me.” I pulled his head down and brushed my lips over his as if waiting to get pushed away.

He leaned back and simply stared at me a moment. “Daniel.”

“What?” I shook my head. “Huh?”

“Daniel is my name.” He cleared his throat nervously. “Daniel Fabian and I accept your kind offer. No trading, no deals, no favors, just your gift to me. It warms my ice heart, Chicago. I will treasure this moment always.” Then he mashed his mouth down to mine as if not wanting to know what my reply would be because he’d said too much already.

After that it became a flurry of movements though nothing rough or “fucking” like. It was passionate and needy like good making love should be. Not just scratching the itch even if we were doing it in the bathroom. Daniel kissed me or stared at me the whole time as he took me right there and didn’t even bite me. It wasn’t about the blood.

It was about the connection he never had with people anymore.



When we were done I couldn’t help but smile that it was Daniel that seemed hesitant to pull away and let me go. It appeared I might have changed the man’s mind about kissing and having more than grunting fucking. Or just reminded him of what else was out there more likely.

“Director Fabian, I think it wise I go with the Niskas when they depart our coven,” Aurelo said as we stepped back into Daniel’s room, all cleaned up and me lounging in Daniel’s arms.

“Yes, he is addictive,” the coven leader chuckled as he glanced down at me. “But your place is here, Aurelo.”

“Um, no, not because of Chicago, though yes, being around him would be a wonderful bonus,” he hedged, looking worried he’d hurt my feelings.

“Dude, just spit it out. I’m sleepy.” I shot him a wink. No hard feelings. I wasn’t going to stay for him either. We had our own lives after tonight.

“Of course, my apologies.” He dipped his head towards me in acknowledgement before focusing on his boss again. “Once our fun and feasting was over, Eric and Max retired while you had a private moment with Chicago, and I was left to my thoughts. I realized we’ll have the information they learned from the humans but that’s it. Our phones are tapped as they found.

“Yes, they have a few burner phones they will use and could call us on some of our own but what if those are found out or damaged? Then we are without any line to the situation. Would it not be better to have someone we trust and who will not only advocate for the vampires but keep our coven’s best interest at the forefront of any planning and decisions that might be made? I feel very strongly that this is why you made me a lieutenant recently, Director Fabian.”

“How so? What does one have to do with the other in your eyes?” The man stared curiously at Aurelo now as I did. I wondered the connection as well.

BOOK: The Coming Storm
2.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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