The Complete Adventures of Curious George (7 page)

BOOK: The Complete Adventures of Curious George
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Luckily George was close to a door. He ran out as fast as he could. After him ran the two painters, then the elevator man and then the woman who lived in the place.



"Oh, my lovely room, my lovely room!" cried the woman. "Don't let him get away!"

George headed for the fire escape.

George reached the end of the fire escape.

The others had not caught up with him yet.

Here was his chance. They could not jump!

But George could easily jump down and escape.

In a moment he would be safe!

Poor little George! He had forgotten that the pavement was hard as stone ... not like the soft grass of the jungle.

Too bad! The fall broke his leg and an ambulance came to take George to the hospital.

"He got what he deserved!" said the woman "making my apartment into a jungle, indeed!"

"I told him he would get into trouble," the elevator man added. "He was too curious."

George had to lie in bed with his leg high up in a plaster cast. He was very unhappy.

And it had all started out so nicely! If only he had not been so curious he could have had a lot of fun. Now it was too late...

But next morning George's friend, the man with the big yellow hat, was buying his newspaper. Suddenly he got very excited. "This is George!" he shouted when he saw the

picture on the front page. Quickly he read the whole story and then ran to a telephone booth to ring the hospital.

"I am George's friend," he said to the nurse who answered the telephone. "Please take good care of him so that he will get better quickly. I want to take him to a movie studio and make a picture about his life in the jungle. Don't let him get into any more mischief until I can take him away."

Finally the day came when George could walk again.

"Your friend is going to take you away this morning," said the nurse. "Just wait right here for him and don't touch anything!"

As soon as George was alone he looked around at all the strange hospital things. "I wonder what is in that big blue bottle," he thought.

George was very curious.

It smelled funny!

Suddenly his head began to turn.

Then he felt as if he were flying.

Then rings and stars danced before his eyes,

then everything went dark...

And this is how the man with the yellow hat found George when he came to call for him! They picked him up and shook him but they could not wake him up. He was so fast asleep that finally they had to put him


How surprised he was when he woke up!

George said goodbye to the nurse and the kind doctor. Then he and the man with the yellow hat got into the car to drive to the movie studio.

BOOK: The Complete Adventures of Curious George
9.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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