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He kissed her, not too long, but long enough for Kam’s heart to again quicken in anticipation of the night going well.  It must.  And it needed to begin now.

“Tonight is for us,” she whispered against his mouth. 

“And then tomorrow you return to him?”

“Johnny, why can’t you get beyond that?”

“Because I don’t want to share you with anyone.”

“Then don’t.  Take me away from him.  Make me yours.”

He gripped her by the back of the neck.  Tension tightened his jaw and his blue gaze felt hard, not tender.  “At what price?” he asked.  “I can indulge my desires, take you right now, woo you and pursue you, but if that results in his anger I don’t want to risk the danger to you.”

“He won’t hurt me.  Only—“


Kam didn’t want to agree, but she nodded subtly anyway.

“I don’t care what he does to me.  But you can’t make me believe he won’t hurt you.  Kam, he’s—“

“The more we speak of him, the greater chance we accidentally call him here.  Johnny.”  She took his hand and tugged him out of the kitchen.  “Come with me.”



Kambriel had avoided his suggestion the devil could toss a nasty wrench into this tête-à-tête, yet when she tugged Johnny down the hallway he followed.  Because he couldn’t stop himself.  Kam was the most forbidden of all fruits and he wanted to crush her against him until she was dripping all over his skin, and then he’d taste her, devour her.  Imprison her within him ever after

That she’d changed the interior from black to white was bizarre.  She possessed some fierce kind of wish magic.  He wouldn’t question it, because he wasn’t stupid.  He could guess how she’d gotten her skills.

Had she wished for him to come over tonight?  He had been inexplicably compelled here even as he’d struggled with the rights and wrongs of seeing the devil’s girl.  But such wicked magic wouldn’t work like that, would it?  Allowing the devil’s mistress to invite a lover to her home?

Hell, Johnny, what fuckery are you stepping into?

A smart vampire would turn and walk out and never look back.  On the other hand, running like a chicken wouldn’t win him the hero badge.  Because beyond the innate desire for the forbidden, her beautiful darkness, he truly wanted to help this woman.  She was trapped, and needed him to rescue her.

Both a lover and a hero?  It was a challenge.  And he’d never resisted a compelling challenge.

The low growl of something beastly alerted Johnny as he was led into another dark room.  Something lurked inside.  A creature.  And to gauge the deep growl, it wasn’t one of those little purse puppies the women liked so much.

The room transformed into soft grays and whites as it had in the kitchen.  He took in the sweep of white chiffon from the bedposts to the white marble floor and the elegant curve of white woodwork on dressers and chaises.  Gray velvet softened cushions in the bay window. 

And a big black thing—leaped for him.

Johnny let out a yelp as the massive creature landed its paws to his shoulders, pushing him down.  His back and shoulders hit the hard marble floor.  Fangs snarled and whiskers dusted his cheeks.  That maw could take his head off in one bite. 

And then the six-foot-long beast settled on top of his body, making itself at home as if a pussycat, merely nestling onto its master’s chest.

“Johnny, meet Toad.”

Toad?  Johnny couldn’t breath, and he didn’t want to.  If he moved so much as a swallow the beasty would think him a delicious morsel.  “I’d growl too with a name like that,” he managed through a tight jaw.  “What kind of…  Nice, kitty.  I’m not as tasty as I look.”

“Toad is a hellcat,” Kam said as she stroked the beast’s back and tickled between its ears.  “He won’t hurt you.  Unless I want him to.”

“Yeah?  Let’s keep on each other’s good side, Toad.  I’m all about the bloodshed, but not mine.  Nice, kitty.  You can get off me now.”


The cat pushed off Johnny, forcing out an
from his lungs.  The thing had to weigh two hundred pounds.  It scampered off to jump onto the bed where it filled the entire thing diagonally, crossing its paws and sitting regally.  That was when Johnny saw its eyes were red. 

“A gift from…you know who?” he asked.

Kam jammed her hands to her hips.  “I thought we weren’t going to mention him?”

“I didn’t.  Exactly.”  He sat up and pushed the hair from his face.  “But if I don’t live up to your expectations, do you feed me to the cat?”


She said it teasingly, but Johnny had to swallow down the revulsion rising in his throat.  Definitely a deadly task, this seducing of the devil’s girlfriend.  But he was in it to win her.  Besides, he healed relatively quickly. Hellcat talons to his throat?  Probably have to sip blood through a straw for a while, but then he’d be good in a few days.

Kam kneeled over him, and instantly his fears and horrors subsided.  She smelled like chocolate and cherries.  Her gray eyes twinkled like the moonlight.  And he saw something new in her look tonight—a vixen.

Without a word, she bent to him and he pulled her down, much preferring her body on top of his than that of the cat.  Just as she was about to kiss him, he bracketed her face with his hands and peered into her eyes.  Shadowed yet bright, she smiled at him, and that was all the reassurance he needed.

The kiss landed on his lips but he felt it everywhere.  Sexual heat stirred under his skin and permeated his bones.  He grew lax beneath the gorgeous seductress and yet she invigorated his desires and quickened his heartbeats.  Her kiss tasted sweet.  He wanted to taste her forbidden blood.

Willing down his fangs, he teased them across Kam’s lips.  She didn’t balk.  For two vampires to share blood was the ultimate intimacy.  Usually didn’t come until sex, but he knew they were headed that direction, and it was difficult not to race toward the ecstasy.

Kam suddenly pulled away and pressed a finger to his mouth.  She tapped his fang.  “You’re in a hurry.”

Mmm, if she would slide her finger along his fang...  It was akin to her touching his cock.  Seriously.

“Just a taste?” he managed in a wanting yet gentle tone, still aware of the hellcat, watching over its mistress. “Don’t you want to taste me?”

“I do.  But you promise we’ll make love?”

“Of course.  Kam, I want to make love to you all night.”

“And stay until after the sun has risen?”

“I think I can manage that.  Do you think, er...Toad will mind?”  He said it, but he wasn’t referring to the hellcat.  Rather, the dark menace that loomed over this whole evening.

“I do as I like,” she said.  Smiling, her fangs jutted down and over her bottom lip.

That was an image he would never forget.  It stimulated every functioning part of him.  Made him so hard.  Ready.  Wanting.  Johnny slid a finger along one of Kam’s gorgeous incisors and she moaned at the intimate touch.  He stroked the other fang slowly, admiring its whiteness and pin sharp point.

“I can feel that everywhere,” Kam said.  She swept a palm down the front of her dress.  The silky fabric conformed over her tight nipples

Johnny leaned up onto his elbows and mouthed one of her nipples, being careful not to bite through the fabric—and then he wanted nothing more than to bite.  To sink his fangs into her cherries and chocolate skin and drown in her deadly darkness.

“Me first,” she said, and pushed his shoulders back so he lay on the hard floor.

Responding to her demand, Johnny thrust up his hands and crossed them behind his head.  The woman wanted the first bite?  He had no argument against that. 

She bent to kiss his mouth, tonguing him teasingly, and then trailed her tongue down his throat where she paused over the vein.  He clutched her at the hips, wanting to thrust up into her, to encourage her to enter his neck, but his heart stumbled when she trailed her tongue lower, away from his pulsing carotid.

Pushing up his tee shirt, she kissed his skin, walking tiny kisses to his nipple, where she suckled him into a moaning frenzy.  He was usually the one in control, the one who pushed down the woman and took as he desired, yet always paying utmost attention to her desires as well.  For pleasuring a woman fired him on all cylinders.  He struggled to keep his hands at Kam’s hips, and not move them to her breasts.  In good time.  He just wanted the bite…

Kam’s breasts moved over his chest, the hard nipples electrifying his skin and making it ultra-sensitive to every brush of fabric, every skim of her long, silken hair across his body.  Oh, that hair.  He plunged his hands into the soft clouds and gripped and teased at it.

Without warning she lunged upward.  Fangs pricked his neck.  Johnny sucked in a breath, and cried out in pleasure as her teeth slid in deep, puncturing his vein.  Blood spilled over his skin and painted her lips.  Her body pressed tight against his, breasts crushing his chest and legs tangling with his.  He rocked his hips, nudging his erection against her mons.  Kam moaned, the vibrations humming a tune against his neck.

Drinking blood from mortals was divine, but it was also sustenance.  A means to survival.  Two vampires giving blood to another was all about the pleasure.  The erotic hum rocketed through his veins from the entry point and vibrated through his system. 

As Kam’s fingers moved over his chest, tracing his subtle tremors, Johnny clutched her hair, gripping it as if to pull up into her, to surrender into her abyss.  The sucking at his neck commanded he succumb, to release and trip away from reality and into the vivid red bliss.

So he did. 

A guttural moan preceded the tremendous orgasm that flooded his system.  It wasn’t focused in his loins as sex did for him, but it shivered and shuddered and tumbled and vibrated under his skin and in his bones and took out his thought process.  And it was all good, and like nothing he’d ever experienced before, and then it was familiar, and sweet, and soft, and…slowly he began to settle back to earth and into reality.

Kam lifted her head from his neck that tingled as if it had been zapped by lightning.  A spot of his blood dropped onto his chest.  She smiled and a line of crimson creased at the corner of her mouth. 

“Fuck.  That was good.”  He pulled her to him and kissed the blood away.  “Now let me do the same for you.”

Slipping the strap from her dress down her arm, the fabric slid over her skin.  Kam thrust back her shoulders and lifted her bared breasts to his mouth.  He suckled them, one then the other, carefully, lovingly.  She tasted soft and not-dark. He dragged a fang along the mound of her breast and her moan encouraged him. 

“Yes,” she whispered.  “Taste me.”

Dizzied by her acceptance and eagerness, and still riding the aftershocks of the orgasm, he kissed around her nipple, marking her skin everywhere, leaving not a portion unmapped.  And when he determined the plumpest part of her breast was below her nipple he tilted his head and grazed the tips of his fangs against the succulent mound.

Kam’s fingers glided down his back, pulling up his shirt. 

He pressed his fangs into her skin, feeling resistance.  The moment he always took before biting to decide if the intrusion was worth the risk of discovery.  But she was not a mortal victim whom he’d tracked down in an alley and had persuaded into submission.  She was vampire, and she would enjoy this bite as much as he had enjoyed hers.

Piercing the thin skin, he moaned as his fangs cut in deep and blood spilled onto his tongue.  Hot and thick, it swirled against the back of his throat and he swallowed, inhaling the richness as he consumed her life.

Clutching her other breast with his fingers and pinching the nipple, he withdrew his fangs and sucked out the blood.  Like no wine or exotic drink, this was his water.  His life.  Her heartbeats pulsed on his tongue and pounded down his throat.  She spilled inside his skull and filled his nostrils with cherries, chocolate, and blood.  The being he knew as Kambriel entered him and tickled his insides, igniting nerve endings and sending signals to his every pore to react to the erotic moment with yet another giddy, impending orgasm.

Drinking deeply of her, he pressed his hips against hers, grinding his erection in a wanting thrust. 

“Yes,” Kam gasped.  “Make love to me, Johnny.  Now.”  She panted, nearing orgasm.

To plunge his cock deep inside her at this moment of oblivion would be the ultimate.  It would set him free.  It would bond them. 

It would win her from the dark prince.

              Johnny unzipped and shoved down his leather pants.  His cock sprang out, eager for attention.  He shoved up Kam’s dress, gliding his fingers over her silken legs and through the soft nest at the apex of her thighs moist with want and desire.  He fingered her softly, seeking the swollen clitoris that toggled slickly under his touch.  And still he lapped at her blood, filling himself with her life.

Now to completely fill her…

“Yes, Johnny, please.”

Sliding the head of his cock between her folds, he met resistance and so he hooked a hand under her thigh and readjusted their positions.  Maybe she wasn’t as ready as he’d expected.  That was cool.  She needed more stroking, so he slid his slick fingers along the swollen borders of her pussy, eliciting gasps from her.  She pumped her hips toward him, seeking the pleasure.

BOOK: The Dark's Mistress (The Saint-Pierres)
9.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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