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“Please,” she whispered.  “Show me how much you care for me by setting us free.”

“I may entertain such a request, but—I will keep the babe as my prize.”

“No!  She is not yours to toy with.  Give her a chance to grow up and make her own mistakes.  She’ll struggle enough with your influence when she’s grown.  Isn’t that enough for you?”

Kam placed her palm directly over where she assumed Himself’s heart must reside.  If he owned a heart.  Probably not.  How could he?  And yet, he had been gentle with her.

“Yes,” Himself said, “I do own a heart.  It is ancient and adamant.  Perhaps…it lies to me.”

He flicked his wrist, releasing Kam to land on the ground.  Gripping the fingers of one hand tightly, he curled the fist upward and Kam felt something flutter off from her shoulders.  The tattoos soared up and circled Himself’s horns, then landed on the ebony scythes and fixed there, embedding into the darkness.  It was the last part of her he would ever own.  He could have it with her blessing.

Swinging down the hand that cradled the baby, he tipped the infant off, so she tumbled onto the ground before her brother.  The rough landing stirred up wails from the child.  Johnny wrapped her in his arms and began to rock her.

“I will always live within you,” Himself declared.

With a clap of his hands, Himself dematerialized, leaving behind a mist of glittery black ash that hung in the air before sifting to the ground before Kam’s feet and melting into the pavement.

“Believe what you wish,” she whispered.  “But I know the truth.  You are gone from me.”

From behind her, Johnny slid a hand across her stomach and pulled her close.  Summer had stopped crying.  Tiny baby sniffles accompanied her lover’s painful gasps for breath.  His nose nuzzled into her hair and he hugged her tightly to him.  She spread her arms up and behind her head, clutching at his hair.

“I love you,” he said.

“Is she okay?” she whispered. 

“She will be.”

“It’s over.”  And in her heart she knew the words she spoke were true.  Never again would Himself have a hold over her.  But always, she must watch her back. 

Turning to look over Summer, Kam let the baby grasp her finger and she earned a smile from the tyke.  She’d be fine.  With hope, she’d never recall this incident.

Blood dripped onto the infant’s forehead.  “Johnny, you’re hurt.”

“It’s not so bad.”

“Your scalp is torn open to reveal skull.  Your nose is broken.  You’re bleeding everywhere.”

“Like I said, not so bad, eh?”  He even managed the smile.  Oh, that smile.  “I can feel the wounds on my back have healed.  I’m as good as a guy can be after the Old Lad has ripped him to shreds.  Will you hold Summer?  And wipe that blood off her.  I need to call my parents and let them know she’s safe.  Then I’ll have to explain this mess.”

“I’ll go
with you.  If you want me to.”

He leaned in to kiss her, but with the baby between them, he could but give her a brush of his lips.  It was enough for now.

“Of course you can come along.  I don’t ever want to let you out of my sight.  And my mom and dad will want to meet the woman behind all our troubles lately.”

“They’ll hate me.”

“They’ll love you because I love you.”

The baby gripped some of Kam’s hair and squealed joyfully.

“You see?” he said.  “A sister’s approval is the best thing you can ask for.”


Chapter Fifteen

Lyric and Vail stood outside their mansion, waiting.  Johnny marched up the sidewalk with Summer perched on his shoulders, her pudgy hands gripping his hair tight.  She’d giggled and cooed the entire walk home.  Johnny was thankful she didn’t appear damaged from the night’s events.

He’d been run through an industrial grinder.  Despite the blood and torn clothing, he felt much better than he looked.  He was all in one piece, so again, he was thankful.

And he had Kam, his tattered angel, by his side, her heart clean and whole.  He couldn’t ask for anything more.  Except perhaps, some parental understanding.

When Vail spied them, he ran down the sidewalk and Johnny handed over Summer.  Vail hugged the baby, rocking her against his chest, and then he held her out at arm’s length and looked her over.  “Where did you find her?  How?  What the hell have you been through?  Who is this woman?” 

“Dad, Mom…”  Lyric met them at the gates before the mansion and Vail handed her Summer.  They both embraced the giggling infant.  “This is Kambriel Saint-Pierre.”

Lyric looked up from her daughter.  “Blu’s daughter?”

Kam nodded, but remained silent.  Her fingers slipped into Johnny’s hand and he gave them a reassuring squeeze.

“It’s been an interesting week,” he said.  “I think we should all go inside and talk.”

Hours later, everything had been laid out.  Vail was relieved to realize that his descent into addiction had been orchestrated by outside forces.  His efforts at fighting the addiction had been renewed though.  He would never be completely clean. 

Lyric was relieved to have Summer back in her arms.  Both knew Kam’s parents, and had suggested she call them to let them know she was all right.  As well, Lyric had shown Kam to her room so she could shower and put on some clean clothes.

While Kam talked to her parents on the phone, Lyric hugged Johnny.  “I think she may have been worth it,” she said to him.  “She’s beautiful.  And I’ve been watching you.  You can’t take your eyes off her.  She means something to you.  Whatever you two have been through—“  She smoothed a palm over the shaved side of Johnny’s head, tendering careful touches over the streaked blood.  “—it’s going to be good now.”

And with his parents’ blessing, and the need to tuck Summer in for the morning, Johnny (after having showered as well, and borrowed some clothing from Vail) and Kam bid them goodbye and took the Metro to his home.  Kam no longer had a home, or so they guessed.  Either way, she had no desire to return to the apartment gifted her by the dark prince. 

Sunrise teased the horizon, and when Johnny could only think to snuggle up to Kam in his bed and switch on the electrochromic shades to bring darkness to the room, she tugged his hand away from reaching the switch.

“No,” she whispered.  “You’re on the top floor.  Have you a roof access door?”

Unsure what she was getting at, he nodded.  “Just down the outer hall.”

She grabbed his hand and led him out into the hall and up the stairs to the roof.  Johnny tugged her back from the top step, and she landed his arms with a bright smile.  She swiped aside her hair and kissed him.

“We’re going to do this,” she said.  “It’s a new beginning.”

He understood what she intended. 

Johnny swallowed back the strange and sudden fear, because how could a man be fearful of something so pure and bright?  And when led onward by the one thing in this world he loved?  His mother had given her a floaty pink dress to wear, and it had transformed Kambriel to the angel he had imagined her to be. 

She pushed open the door and walked out onto the roof.  Orange burnished the horizon.  Johnny shaded his eyes with a hand, but when Kambriel laughed at him, he lowered it, and let her lead him to the roof edge.  They sat, legs dangling over the edge, and he hugged her close.

“A few more minutes,” she said.  She looked off over the sky.  “Do you think your parents will ever forgive me?”

“There’s nothing to forgive, Kam.  They understand about all this wicked stuff.  No one asks to get involved with the dark prince.  And it’s all good now.  Summer is no worse for wear.  She won’t remember any of this.”


“Promise.”  He tugged her closer and she bowed her head against his shoulder.  “I’ll never be able to give you a sonnet.  I may be a songwriter, but the iambic pentameter thing throws me off.  So this is what I got: tattered angel comes to me/beguiles and shelters me/pretty sexy dark love/eternity will set us free.”

“That was perfect.”

“It’s just a start.  I’ll write songs for you every day,” he said.  “You are my melody, Kambriel.  Together we’re the perfect harmony.”

“But I don’t ever want to go back to Club l’Enfer.”

“Good. I was worried we’d have issues about that.  No girl of mine will ever be seen in that club, onstage or anywhere else.  Got it?”

“I can deal with that.  Your girl?”

“For as long as you like that title.”

“That could be a long time.  Hey, we could start our own band.”

“Already way ahead of you.  You ever hear of Domingos LaRoque? Dude’s a master with the cello.  I’d love to put together some kind of goth rock band with violins, cellos and electric guitars.”

“What if I’ve lost my singing skills?  It was a gift from—that guy.  But I’d be content to stand in the audience and cheer you on.”

He kissed her on the eyelid and buried his face in her long silken hair.  “Let’s chase eternity together.”

“Deal.  Now, close your eyes,” she said, “and feel the new day on your skin.”

It was now or never.  Johnny clasped her hand to his chest and, closing his eyes, turned his face to the sun.  Soon he felt the warmth and saw the light from behind his eyelids.  It didn’t burn him, nor did it make his skin sizzle.  Not yet, anyway.

“Will you watch the sun rise with me forever, Johnny?”

He smiled and tilted his head down against hers.  “Without end.”

# # #


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BOOK: The Dark's Mistress (The Saint-Pierres)
12.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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