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Authors: Vincent S. Tobia

Tags: #zombies

The Dead Divide Us (Book 1) (24 page)

BOOK: The Dead Divide Us (Book 1)
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First the sounds and low tones started to fill the air; yet another thing riding along with the breeze. Kirsten had heard it too, she slowly stopped crying. Paul turned around, with his back to the cabin, facing the now deeply ominous woods.

He heard people.

He heard a lot of people.

They all sounded like they were in great pain, moaning and almost whining. Twigs were snapping and leafs were being brushed aside. The chaos was heading their way. A chaos that was large in numbers.

Kirsten grabbed her daughter and ran into the cabin, slamming the door behind them. Ruth, now frantic with the fear of infectious army heading their way, called out to Paul.              

“Come get inside, before they see you!” Ruth half-yelled, half-whispered.

Paul stood perfectly still, with the axe still at his side.

“They already know we’re here. We can’t hide from this.” Paul said, confident in his words.

Ruth shook her head and began to cry, and then she ran into the cabin and locked the door behind her.

The sounds of oncoming death began to climb in level. It was purely maddening.

“We can’t hide from this. We can’t hide from our ultimate destiny.”

Paul finally accepted his fate; he finally accepted the fact that this was the way he and his family were to die.

The first of over one hundred infected people shambled out of the woods in front of Paul and all of them noticed him immediately. Countless pairs of dead eyes locked onto Paul’s own. But something else had occurred to Paul just then, almost causing a sense of relief to wash over him.

He was living his nightmare from before.

He could no longer divide the lines of reality and fantasy. Daydreams and Nightmares were now all just as real as reality used to be.

What is real? What was real? Are we awake or are we sleeping?

Paul Landry had one final thought that forever broke his now fragile mind:


“This could all just be a dream.”



BOOK: The Dead Divide Us (Book 1)
10.75Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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