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Authors: Alison Shaw

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The Earl and the Governess: An Erotic Romance (7 page)

BOOK: The Earl and the Governess: An Erotic Romance
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Johnson pulled
his face from Daisy’s satisfied muff and turned round to grin at
Rafe. His lips and chin were slick with cream, and he looked so
sexy, Rafe’s cock gave a great surge under his hand.

delicious,” Johnson said as he licked his fingers. “Tastes like
clotted cream.”

“Take your
clothes off,” Rafe just about managed to say through a fog of

Johnson grinned
again and standing up, slowly undid the buttons of his shirt, not
taking his eyes of Rafe or losing the cocky grin on his face.

“You like to
look at me naked, don’t you?” he said. “You like it almost as much
as looking at a naked woman.”

sometimes,” Rafe growled as Johnson pulled off his shirt, revealing
his broad chest and the line of hair that trailed over tight
abdominal muscles and towards the yet to be revealed wonder in his
breeches. Rafe’s mouth was watering as Johnson undid his

Daisy, who had
been lying totally spent on the bed roused herself, and sat up to
watch Johnson pull his breeches down. As his arse was revealed, she
stared at it and sighed, “God, I’m a lucky girl.”

“You certainly
are,” agreed Rafe. “Now what’s he going to do to you next? Ram his
cock up you? Or are you going to suck him off?”

Daisy opened
her mouth to speak but Johnson clearly had other plans. Turning
round to face her, he roughly grabbed the tops of hers arms and
spun her around so she was pressed face down on the bed.

“Keep that trap
of yours shut, Daisy,” he growled, his northern accent becoming
stronger. “I don’t want to hear another word out of you,” and he
pulled her arms behind her back and gripped her wrists tightly.

Daisy gave an
excited whimper and Johnson said, “What did I say?” and raising his
free hand he brought it down on her backside with a loud slap.

“Oh Eddie!” she
cried as he smacked her again, her pale cheek turning red.

“I said be
quiet!” he growled as his hand came down on her a third time, and
Rafe mindlessly started to pull at the fly of his breeches.

“Fuck,” he
murmured to himself as he wrapped a fist around his cock.

“You are a
nasty little slut,” Johnson said to Daisy as his fingers slipped
between her legs. “A dirty little trollope who likes it rough.”

Daisy muttered
something into the sheet as Johnson pulled her legs apart and ran a
finger round her puckered hole. “I am going to have you here,” he
said, “and you’re going to love it, aren’t you?”

Daisy managed
to pick her head up and looking back at him whimpered, “Yes

Johnson gave a
nasty laugh and pulling his hand away, smacked her again. “Oh hell,
you are making me so fucking hard, it’s going to hurt when I
finally shove it in.” Then he lowered his head and licked her
firmly, all the way from her arse hole to her clit.

Rafe’s fist
wrapped more tightly round his cock, his hips thrusting upwards as
Johnson’s rough voice seem to wrap itself round his balls. He was
so turned on he was close to coming, his cum already leaking out
and dripping down his shaft.

“You should see
his lordship,” Johnson said. “He’s as hard as I am, Daisy and he
wants to see me fuck you hard.”

“Do it now!”
Daisy squealed.

With that
Johnson gripped Daisy’s hips and slid straight into her wet pussy.
“Just getting some lubrication,” he said as he slid in and out,
making a sucking sound as he covered his prick in her juices, then
he pulled out and wrapping a fist around his slick shaft, he lined
it up against her tight arse hole.

“Ready for a
good arse fucking?” he asked but clearly didn’t require a reply
because he pushed inwards in one hard thrust, the muscles of his
bare backside clenching as Daisy cried out. “Fuck and damnation!”
Johnson yelled as his balls slapped against Daisy’s wet lips.
“That’s tight!” Then he slowly pulled out and Daisy cried out in
ecstasy this time, grabbing handfuls of the bed sheet.

“Give it to
me!” she grunted, and Johnson gripped her hips tighter and slammed
into her with a great surge.

“Not going to
last long,” he muttered as he withdrew and slammed into her again.
“It’s too good.”

But Daisy was
already coming again. Rafe could see her back arch and her legs
tremble, and then Johnson’s arse quivered and he gave one last
thrust and cried out, managing to pull his cock out just in time so
Rafe could see the thick cum oozing out and running down his shaft
and over his hand.

Rafe stared at
the mess dripping onto the floor and licked his lips and gripped
his own cock tight. “Daisy!” he said a little desperately to the
girl who was now spread eagled on the bed, panting. “Daisy! Come
and suck me. I want to see your lips wrapped round my cock.”

Daisy dutifully
got up on wobbly legs and kneeled at Rafe’s feet, and taking his
cock in her soft little hand immediately closed her pink lips
around the bulbous head.

Rafe dropped
his head back and gave a long shuddering sigh. The relief of
feeling her hot mouth on him was indescribable and soon he was
shooting his seed into the back of her throat in several pulsing
loads, thoughts of Charlotte momentarily banished.






The Governess Struggles


In which the
governess wars with her desires.



days were spent with vocabulary and arithmetic and her nights,
tossing and turning with fevered images of Randall and
Johnson plaguing her body. Both merged into one virile,
stallion of a man who came to her in her sleep and took her
brutally with no mercy, big rough hands grabbing at her, enormous
cock stretching her to the limit, and she would awake unbearably
aroused but unfulfilled, promising herself once again to not give
into temptation as she had that night in the stables. Letting
Johnson fuck her against a wall had been a mistake, a wonderfully
satisfying mistake, but most definitely a mistake. She tried to
convince herself that it was merely a slip in her resolve, one she
was determined not to repeat.

It was all the
Earl of Langham's fault. If he had never looked at her with those
indigo eyes, she would not be battling with out of control desires.
If he were simply a profligate, selfish rake as his reputation made
him out to be, he wouldn't be causing such confusion. But there was
something about Rafe and the way that he held her that she just
could not ignore. He held her firmly and possessively, as if he had
every right to her body. It was the way she liked to be held, if
she were honest, but there was a tenderness in his touch, a passion
in his gaze that Randall had never shown her. And now he was
ignoring her and she hated to admit it, but it made her horribly
disappointed and bereft.

Of course,
despite all her best intentions, she allowed Johnson to have his
wicked way with her again. There was no emotion involved with him.
The man was merely a walking erection, and a breathtakingly
gorgeous one at that. She resisted for a few days, in which he
tormented her with salacious winks whenever their paths crossed,
even when she was with William and Arthur, or he was with the Earl.
He would give her his slow, sexy smirk as he sauntered past her and
her eyes would watch his tight backside, stretching the seat of his
close fitting breeches and remember how it felt to have him
thrusting inside her. The Earl may be out of bounds, but Johnson
was not and he was a constant temptation.

One afternoon,
when Charlotte had a moment to herself she went for a walk and
Johnson followed her, catching her up by the folly on the hill. No
words were exchanged between them. He merely loomed towards her,
his big body enveloping her in its heat, his hands going straight
to her bodice, tugging it down to free her breasts. After so many
nights of writhing frustration and days of Rafe's burning gaze and
silent treatment, she did not have the energy to refuse him, and
certainly not when he ripped at the opening of his breeches and
pulled out his cock, already engorged.  If that erotic sight
was not enough, the growling noise he made in his throat made her
instantly wet and she sank to her knees in supplication and lapped
at the head of his cock until his hands gripped her hair and his
hips pushed his rigid shaft deep into her mouth. His whispered
urges not to stop, to suck harder, to make him come, had her
squirming on the dusty ground and he soon shot hard into her,
holding her head in his tight grip so she was forced to swallow the
full pulsing load.

He repaid the
favour a surprisingly short time after by leaning her against a
ledge on the crumbling wall, pulling up her skirts, spreading her
legs and ramming into her, fucking her roughly until she came round
his thick cock in wonderful waves of release, all the tension of
the previous days pouring out of her and mingling with his urgently
spent seed.

Afterwards she
watched him wipe the mess away with his discarded necktie, and
leisurely button himself up again, but before he had finished she
could not help reaching out and running a hand under his untucked
shirt to feel the smoothness of his skin and the rippling muscles
of his hard abdomen. It had been so long since she had been naked
with a man, flesh against flesh and she missed it. Maybe they
should fuck in bed next time, she thought until she realised what
she was thinking and abruptly pulled her hand away.

“What would
happen if the Earl found out?” she couldn't help asking.

Johnson grunted
as he did up the final button. “I would be a dead man, I should
think.” Charlotte gaped at him in shock and he laughed. “Not
literally dead,” he said. “But it wouldn't be pretty. He's used to
getting what he wants and he wants you.”

“And if he
found out you had me first?”

“You're not
thinking of telling him are you?”

“No,” she said
sadly. What would be the point of that? It was not as if there was
any need to make him jealous when they could never be together.

Johnson said casually as he turned away from her. “We're going back
to London in the morning, and he'll forget you once he dips his
wick into some willing whore.”



That night,
Charlotte spent a lonely hour or so in the library, vainly
searching for a novel that might distract her gloomy thoughts. On
her return to her room she stumbled across Johnson pressing one of
the maids against the wall and pushing his hand up her skirt. His
shirtsleeves were rolled up giving Charlotte a mouth-watering view
of the tendons in his strong forearm as he worked on his task.

She froze in
place, a few steps below them, but Johnson sensed her presence and
turned his head towards her. His eyes gleamed devilishly in the
gloom and he shook his head slowly, his meaning clear. Then
withdrawing his hand from beneath the maid's skirts he slowly
licked his fingers, his hooded eyes not leaving Charlotte's.

Her mouth fell
open in a silent gasp and Johnson grabbed hold of the girl's hand.
“Come on Daisy,” he said. “His lordship's waiting for us.”

The girl gave a
giggle and he pulled her towards the closed door of Rafe's room.
They both disappeared inside, the door sliding shut behind

It seemed the
Earl was already doing his best to forget her.






The Earl's Remedy


In which our
regency rake attempts to distract himself with some expensive



The Earl of
Langham lay back on the bed, his arms behind his head watching the
luscious red head suck his cock. She had her pale little hand
wrapped around his thick shaft and he moaned as she rhythmically
squeezed him at the same time as sucking him into her hot mouth. He
smiled down at her and rested his hand on her silky curls as she
took him further into her mouth. Her free hand snaked up his hard
abdomen and played with the hairs that lightly covered his muscular
chest. God, Madam Bella chose her girls well.

She pulled her
mouth off him with a loud sucking noise and looking up at him with
heavy lidded eyes said, “You have the loveliest cock, Sir. Fancy
fucking me now?”

“I most
certainly do,” he growled at her, grabbing at her and pulling her
up his body. “I’ll give it to you alright,” he said thrusting his
throbbing cock against her soft belly. “But no faking it, you hear
me. I want you coming round my cock for real. I want to hear you
screaming out loud because you can’t help yourself, not because I’m
paying you to do it.”

“Oh don’t you
worry, Sir,” she purred, her hard nipples scraping across his chest
hair. “You always make me come so hard I almost pass out. Every
single time.”

With that he
grabbed her hips in his big hands and lifted her onto his cock,
standing hard and proud ready to thrust deep into her wet

“Ready for
this?” he asked her, digging his nails into her flesh and teasing
her swollen entrance with the tip of his cock.

“Oh God yes!”
she cried. “Fuck me hard! Shove that huge prick into my needy
little puss! Stretch me wide.”

And he pulled
her down onto his cock and bucked his hips so he was deep inside
her with one violent thrust, bottoming out so his balls slammed
against her.

She cried out
and arching her back, thrust her perfect little tits forward so his
mouth was able to clamp over one rosy nipple. He sucked at it as he
pulled her down onto his ramrod hard cock. He slid in and out of
her slick heat, his cock hardening even more, his mouth greedily
sucking and licking her tit as she yelled and screamed above him,
and when he felt her spasm in his hands and the walls of her cunt
grip him tight he finally let go and with a loud moan shot his cum
inside her, fired it into her in shuddering ecstatic streams.

BOOK: The Earl and the Governess: An Erotic Romance
9.38Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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