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1 - Because She Can


2 - A Good Man


3 - Love Lies Bleeding


4 - Ellen’s Dungeon


5 - The Jaguar


6 - Her Andrew


7 - Wheels


8 - The Last Blood Moon


9 - A New King













Chapter 1

Because She Can




     It was the end of a busy three days at the Capitol. The new president would be sworn in later this month. The city was vibrant and frantic with inauguration preparations. Earlier she completed her debriefing with the sitting president, explaining what he could expect once he left office. Reflecting on how he seemed at the meeting, she wondered whether he was relieved because his term was over or because of what she told him about his future. Didn’t matter to her anyway, she was focused now and in a hurry. Reaching in the glove box where she kept the black marker, she carefully and deliberately wrote down three words.

     Two hours was all she had today. She had to be home back in the Colony tonight to prepare for her daughter’s math workshop at the village school. Her next visit to the Capitol wasn’t planned for another three weeks. This coffee shop was the best place to make these two hours count.

     Her favorite corner table was already taken as was the rest of the inside. The veranda it was then. Settling for a small table outside against the front wall, she lowered the sunglasses resting on the top of her braid over her eyes and carefully scanned the area. Outside was always more of challenge, you never knew who might stumble into seeing the exchange. Plus, there was wind and passing cars to deal with as well adding more even variables to her probability calculations.

     Tucked together near the railing was a cute grad-school aged couple practicing parenthood on their dog. “Whatever,” she thought to herself. She noticed a horrible hipster who looked like he jumped from a roof and down into his jeans. Seated behind him, were four Moms in black yoga pants refilling themselves with sugar and carbs after their workout, “Over educated under-sexed, frustrated,” she noted silently. Behind the women, a grey baby boomer struggled with the coffee shop wireless. Letting go of a deep breath, she told herself not to panic.

     This is getting close to ten though, she thought. In her previous probability calculations for this location, anytime you reach the number ten, there are at least two within that larger number worth the effort. Given two separate 1 in 5 ratios her success rate would hit 99.9%. Over time, and as the data sets she built grew larger, each of her favorite locations in the Capitol took on different probabilities. The hotel bar was actually the worst odds. She chalked that up to the fact that bars and hotels meant travel and being away from your family. Unlike her, for most people in the Capitol being away from your spouse meant more personal vigilance and discipline. The diner on 5th street actually had the best at odds at 2 out of 5. No one goes out for fried eggs and toast and ever expects to encounter anything other than fried eggs and toast. So, the diner was always a great hunting ground.

     She knew from the jaguars in the Colony that location did matter, but having these secret probability algorithms, made her even more efficient. They gave her an edge, and the ability to do as she pleased in the Capitol. Being gifted with mathematics and applying it to master the environment meant life and death in the Colony, but here today it was only a byproduct of her other life. It was just a tool to help get what she wanted.

     She now found two good looking men that would be worth the effort. One man who looked to be in his late 30s sat down at the table directly in front of her. The other, maybe 22 at the most, was at a different table to her left. Age-wise either one would be fine, and mentally she crossed out the too old or two young variable that they might apply to her. The one directly in front of her gave her a quick glance over the top of his laptop. The initial glance began to linger, and like most men the glance turned to a long stare. An acknowledgement really, her beauty was too much for them to turn away from. The common once over that people give each other in public places always attached much longer to her.

     Once his eyes were on her body, she ran the palm of her hand along the back of her neck turning her cheek in order to give him some time. She was not striking, or overly thin, or or taller than usual. Her shoulders weren’t too athletic or too narrow, her breasts weren’t too big or too small, and hanging from her hips was a small layer of health making her curves even more dramatic. The top strap of her sandals were the only thing wrapped around her ankle, there were no bad judgement’s engraved in permanent ink there for everyone to decipher. Even her eyes weren’t a feature on their own. They weren’t piercing blue eyes, just light brown eyes perfectly positioned above full pink lips on a palette of clear unblemished skin. Resting down her neck was a long blonde braid. After letting him take her in, he came to the realization that he may be looking at the most complete picture of feminine beauty he’d ever seen. Unlike the Colony, where every woman had equal the beauty she had, here in The Capital perfect beauty was rare and important. There was no ratio for comparing her beauty, and she reveled in the feeling of being the random variable in his equation.

     After a few minutes, she noticed the younger guy to the left dragging a chair out of the way enabling his friend to join him. Briefly, she considered moving to a new table away from the laptop guy in order to pursue these two. As appealing as two sounded right now after a long few days, there just wasn’t enough time. Getting two of them on board just takes too long.

     She focused her plan now on the laptop man across from her. He was talking to his wife on his phone now, explaining he thought he’d already paid the bill for the day care. They then moved on to his grocery list she was building for him. She could tell from the list that they probably lived the nice neighborhood around the corner and they had two or three children. Either way, it didn’t sound like a great life to her, but he did seem full of potential for her today.

     While still lingering on the phone with his wife, she took the opportunity to notice the heat building underneath her and then propped her foot against the bottom part of the chair to her right. By twisting her left foot at a 45 degree angle and tugging her red sundress slightly, her thighs parted giving him a view down her fleshy path.

     He let himself imagine being at the end of it. Looking at the sun, which was directly above them, she knew a shadow was coming into play, but that was OK. She wanted to let him warm up a little, after all he was still on the phone getting instructions on which yogurt to buy. His glance was now frozen under the hood of her skirt, still chatting away, he wasn’t paying attention to what he was doing. By now he was hypnotized by her beauty and the playful scene she provided. After a long minute of another uncontrollable stare, the attention to his phone call trailed off. He caught himself and moved the conversation about yogurt to a close. After hanging up, he immediately turned his eyes away to give himself time to adjust his thoughts. After a minute of reassuring himself that he was in no way initiating this and wasn’t some coffee shop peeping Tom, he justified that there was no harm in admiring her beauty.

     Making sure the rest of the veranda was fully engaged with themselves, she watched him fumble with his thoughts. She knew she had gained full control him. He was now ready for her next step. Sliding her right foot off the bottom of the chair she shifted the weight of her right leg to her toes and then with a slow deliberate flex of her toes raised her right knee higher giving him a full view of her moistening panties. Letting him have this for a few minutes, she looked away and sipped her coffee. Waiting and giving his eyes even more time to drink her in she picked up her phone and pretended to scroll through her email. She had no email, and only used the phone for calls to and from one person. But, it looked legitimate to him.

     By this time, he thought she must know what’s going on with her legs and clothing issues. Still not convinced she was in on it though, he looked away. Taking notice that a few drips of fluid had emerged and began sticking his boxers to the side of his leg, he took another break. He was rock hard.

     Now it was her turn again, she took her sunglasses off and in one motion pressed her back against the chair, this raised both knees opening up even more area to him. She stared straight ahead at him, waiting to provide him with confirmation, just needing his eyes to return and meet hers. While she waited she let herself admire his toned legs and broad shoulders. Wondering silently whether or not the meaty hand gripping his thigh was the only large thing that hung off him. Only one way to know she thought, keep going.

     Still ready for his eyes to meet hers, it just felt like this was taking a little too long, “I hope he doesn’t bail”, were the words her head spoke to her. Finally, after what felt like years he jerked his strong jaw to the side and brushed his shoulders forward and cracked his knuckles against the small of his back, blinked and then opened his eyes up straight into the new view she provided. Allowing himself to look, he could clearly see the area of flesh her panties covered. Wedged in between the curves at the end of her fleshy hallway he could make out what were parts of black letters. “She wrote something on her underwear?,” he thought as another drip involuntarily squeezed itself onto his boxers.

     The situation was all kind of closing in on him. Intrigued enough and at the same time trying to keep calm, he decided to cut to the chase. He now looked up deeply into her receiving eyes. Her gaze back lasted long enough for him to know he had a decision to make. Ten minutes ago he was talking to his wife about low fat Greek style yogurt. Now he’s got a beautiful major life decision staring at him.

     She moved quickly, knowing from experience that the thought of consequence could easily overtake him. Then whatever his jeans contained for her would be left to her imagination. With the thought of him jacking off to the scene she’d just arranged instead of jacking her up right now provided even more motivation. She straightened herself and maintaining eye contact, stepped to him and sat down at his table. Knowing the answer already, she bowed forward and whispered, “Do you have a place we can go?”

      Taking a breath and holding it, he replied “No.”

      “Then follow me,” she commanded.

     They went to a location she’d used before. The security camera behind the coffee shop in the alley didn’t bother her. Her only concern was for him, but he was not in a frame of mind to notice. She’d ran probability calculations on this security camera many times, and determined that there was virtually no chance of anyone ever replaying the saved part of what the camera was about to record. If she was wrong, which she never was, then there might be an entire stack of DVDs devoted to the her and the men she’d brought here over the years.

     Now standing face to face tucked in between the brick wall and the metal bin, she lifted up part of her flowing sundress. She teased him, skillfully using the dress and the full sunlight the way a Matador sweeps his cape to drive his bull into a frenzy. She needed him growing to his full potential and desperately hoped she wouldn’t be disappointed this time.

     The last several times were very average, even when compared to other men at the Capitol. There was no formula for finding thick long cocks to bury inside of her here. This was really the true random variable. The only way to control for this variable was with quantity. Unlike the perfectly built and well endowed men in the Colony, the men in The Capital came in all shapes and sizes.

     Now it was time for one of her favorite parts to the coffee shop spot, knowing how turned on the men from the boxy suburban houses became once she revealed her written take on life to them. She was ready now to give him the written instruction she carefully scrawled on her panties in the front seat of the car. Grasping and holding the sides of the her sundress she pulled her arms to her breasts. He could see all of her now and read the message. It was shocking. Not so much the jet black words, but the sight of seeing a woman so beautiful, her bright yellow cotton V so perfectly proportioned nestled on the tops of her thighs - defaced. Almost violated. His shock turned quickly into a rush of ecstasy.

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